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2017-06-29 15:59:15 UTC









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• Current activities in calendar:[view all]

Event Call: OZ44C Memorial for 70th Annivers…

2017-01-01 06:00:00 - 2017-12-31 23:59:59

• Most active users on site now (10):

flag of dxcc 223 G8CYK

image of g8cyk

William Poel

flag of dxcc 248 IU4FIT

image of iu4fit

Armando Di Marti…

flag of dxcc 223 G-13038

image of g-13038

Pete Rayer

flag of dxcc 269 SP8OBU

image of sp8obu

Iwona Wiktor

flag of dxcc 291 WB6EWM

image of wb6ewm

Richard Clare

flag of dxcc 291 K7THM

image of k7thm

James Fuller

flag of dxcc 100 LU7DH

image of lu7dh

Claudio Alejandr…

flag of dxcc 230 DL8MAE

image of dl8mae

Uwe Heinrich

flag of dxcc 291 N4LDF

image of n4ldf

Robert (bill) Bo…

flag of dxcc 291 WK3T

image of wk3t

Mike Quicker

• Our users on DX Cluster now:

Date / Timesort descFrequencyDX CallSpotterRemarks
2017-06-29 15:57:297060.0 kHzflag of dxcc 281 EA9UVflag of dxcc 248 IZ1UIAIV Diploma Fal
2017-06-29 15:57:0314225.0 kHzflag of dxcc 464 V51WWflag of dxcc 521 Z81D
2017-06-29 15:57:0314013.0 kHzflag of dxcc 291 KW7Dflag of dxcc 1 VA3ZBOP Paul CQing.
2017-06-29 15:57:0014289.0 kHzflag of dxcc 230 DB125PTBflag of dxcc 54 R5DAtnx QSO
2017-06-29 15:56:3314035.0 kHzflag of dxcc 54 RG7Fflag of dxcc 54 RN4I
2017-06-29 15:55:0214069.4 kHzflag of dxcc 269 SP9CVflag of dxcc 40 SV9CAFTNX FB QSO BPSK63
2017-06-29 15:54:3314029.9 kHzflag of dxcc 438 5R8UIflag of dxcc 291 W3LPLHeard in PA
2017-06-29 15:54:0214018.0 kHzflag of dxcc 288 UY5ARflag of dxcc 324 VU2JXLTNX QSO
2017-06-29 15:53:4714205.0 kHzflag of dxcc 462 ZS5DCFflag of dxcc 462 ZS5DCFCQ EUROPE
2017-06-29 15:53:307005.9 kHzflag of dxcc 7 ZA1EMflag of dxcc 248 I1YTOYL ELVIRA
2017-06-29 15:53:2414052.9 kHzflag of dxcc 339 JH1MDJflag of dxcc 209 ON4KNPCW
2017-06-29 15:52:3714053.0 kHzflag of dxcc 339 JH1MDJflag of dxcc 227 F8BDXTNX
2017-06-29 15:52:0114025.0 kHzflag of dxcc 207 3B9FRflag of dxcc 257 9H1AEtnx 73
2017-06-29 15:51:507060.0 kHzflag of dxcc 281 EA9UVflag of dxcc 248 IZ4AFMdiploma hogueras san juan
2017-06-29 15:51:377137.0 kHzflag of dxcc 514 4O/IK3GESflag of dxcc 248 IK2UIG40ff-005
2017-06-29 15:51:297043.0 kHzflag of dxcc 54 RA3QH/Pflag of dxcc 54 R6AACQ CQ CQ
2017-06-29 15:50:5914220.0 kHzflag of dxcc 269 HF90GOTflag of dxcc 281 EA5DNO
2017-06-29 15:50:4350276.0 kHzflag of dxcc 79 FG8OJflag of dxcc 291 K1TOLJT65A -1>Maine
2017-06-29 15:50:3114013.1 kHzflag of dxcc 318 B7CRAflag of dxcc 288 US0CDtnx QSO
2017-06-29 15:50:3014220.0 kHzflag of dxcc 269 HF90GOTflag of dxcc 32 EA9AKtnx 73

• Latest activated users with images (10):

flag of dxcc 108 PU2MUS

image of pu2mus

Marco Antonio Sa…

flag of dxcc 291 KB2DY

image of kb2dy

Peter Giacopelli

flag of dxcc 248 IZ2ZNO

image of iz2zno

Stefano Ennio An…

flag of dxcc 263 PD1AV

image of pd1av

Edy Rombout

flag of dxcc 291 W4BRE

image of w4bre

Daniel C. Whitse…

flag of dxcc 223 M6GYZ

image of m6gyz

Dave Murray

flag of dxcc 108 PU1CPS

image of pu1cps

Nathan Paulino C…

flag of dxcc 272 CT2064SWL

image of ct2064swl

Mr Tony

flag of dxcc 339 JA4JOE

image of ja4joe

Toshiyuko Onaka

flag of dxcc 291 WB2TRI

image of wb2tri

John Lincourt

• Today featured: flag of dxcc 248 IZ2ZNO

image of iz2zno

• Hottest QRG on DX Cluster now:

50276.0 kHz on 6m band
DX  FG8OJ by  W7XU

• Current activities in calendar:

OZ44C Memorial for 70th Anniversar…

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