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List of Islands on the Air

IOTAGroup nameIsland name
AF-001Agalega IslandsAgalega Islands
AF-001Agalega IslandsNorth
AF-001Agalega IslandsSouth
AF-002Amsterdam & St Paul IslandsAmsterdam
AF-002Amsterdam & St Paul IslandsDeux Freres
AF-002Amsterdam & St Paul IslandsMilieu
AF-002Amsterdam & St Paul IslandsNord
AF-002Amsterdam & St Paul IslandsOuest
AF-002Amsterdam & St Paul IslandsPhoques
AF-002Amsterdam & St Paul IslandsQuille
AF-002Amsterdam & St Paul IslandsSt Paul
AF-003Ascension IslandAscension
AF-003Ascension IslandBoatswain-bird
AF-004Canary IslandsAlegranza
AF-004Canary IslandsCanary Islands
AF-004Canary IslandsEl Hierro
AF-004Canary IslandsFuerteventura
AF-004Canary IslandsGraciosa
AF-004Canary IslandsGran Canaria
AF-004Canary IslandsLa Gomera
AF-004Canary IslandsLa Palma
AF-004Canary IslandsLanzarote
AF-004Canary IslandsLobos
AF-004Canary IslandsMontana Clara
AF-004Canary Islandssatellite islands of named islands
AF-004Canary IslandsTenerife
AF-005Cape Verde - Leeward Islands (aka Sotavento)Brava
AF-005Cape Verde - Leeward Islands (aka Sotavento)Fogo
AF-005Cape Verde - Leeward Islands (aka Sotavento)Maio
AF-005Cape Verde - Leeward Islands (aka Sotavento)Sao Tiago
AF-005Cape Verde - Leeward Islands (aka Sotavento)satellite islands of named islands
AF-006Diego Garcia IslandDiego Garcia
AF-007Comoro IslandsComoro Islands
AF-007Comoro IslandsMwali
AF-007Comoro IslandsNjazidja
AF-007Comoro IslandsNzwani
AF-008Crozet IslandsApotres Islands
AF-008Crozet IslandsCochons
AF-008Crozet IslandsCrozet Islands
AF-008Crozet IslandsEst
AF-008Crozet IslandsPingouins
AF-008Crozet IslandsPossession
AF-009Europa IslandEuropa
AF-010Bioco (Fernando Poo) IslandBioco
AF-011Glorioso IslandsGlorieuse
AF-011Glorioso IslandsGlorioso Islands
AF-011Glorioso IslandsLys
AF-011Glorioso IslandsVertes
AF-012Juan de NovaJuan de Nova
AF-014Madeira ArchipelagoMadeira
AF-014Madeira ArchipelagoPorto Santo
AF-014Madeira Archipelagosatellite islands of Madeira
AF-015Saint Brandon IslandsAlbatross
AF-015Saint Brandon IslandsAvocare
AF-015Saint Brandon IslandsCoco
AF-015Saint Brandon IslandsFrigate
AF-015Saint Brandon IslandsMapare
AF-015Saint Brandon IslandsNorth
AF-015Saint Brandon IslandsPearl
AF-015Saint Brandon IslandsRaphael
AF-015Saint Brandon IslandsSiren
AF-015Saint Brandon IslandsSouth
AF-015Saint Brandon IslandsSt Brandon Islands
AF-015Saint Brandon IslandsVerronge
AF-016Reunion IslandReunion
AF-017Rodrigues IslandBooby
AF-017Rodrigues IslandCatherine
AF-017Rodrigues IslandCoco
AF-017Rodrigues IslandCrab
AF-017Rodrigues IslandDestinee
AF-017Rodrigues IslandDiamond
AF-017Rodrigues IslandFlat
AF-017Rodrigues IslandFregate
AF-017Rodrigues IslandGombrani
AF-017Rodrigues IslandHermitage
AF-017Rodrigues IslandMarianne
AF-017Rodrigues IslandPaille en Queue
AF-017Rodrigues IslandPierrot
AF-017Rodrigues IslandRodrigues
AF-017Rodrigues IslandSandy
AF-018Pantelleria IslandPantelleria
AF-018Pantelleria Islandsatellite islands of Pantelleria
AF-019Pelagie IslandsConigli
AF-019Pelagie IslandsLampedusa
AF-019Pelagie IslandsLampione
AF-019Pelagie IslandsLinosa
AF-020Bijagos ArchipelagoBolama
AF-020Bijagos ArchipelagoBubaque
AF-020Bijagos ArchipelagoCarache
AF-020Bijagos ArchipelagoCaravela
AF-020Bijagos ArchipelagoCobras
AF-020Bijagos ArchipelagoEnu
AF-020Bijagos ArchipelagoFormosa
AF-020Bijagos ArchipelagoGalinhas
AF-020Bijagos ArchipelagoJoao Vieira
AF-020Bijagos ArchipelagoMaio
AF-020Bijagos ArchipelagoMeio
AF-020Bijagos ArchipelagoOrango
AF-020Bijagos ArchipelagoOrangozinho
AF-020Bijagos ArchipelagoRoxa
AF-020Bijagos ArchipelagoRubane
AF-020Bijagos ArchipelagoSoga
AF-020Bijagos ArchipelagoUnhocomo
AF-020Bijagos ArchipelagoUnhocomozinho
AF-020Bijagos ArchipelagoUno
AF-020Bijagos ArchipelagoUracane
AF-021Prince Edward and Marion IslandsMarion
AF-021Prince Edward and Marion IslandsPrince Edward
AF-022St Helena IslandEgg
AF-022St Helena IslandGeorge
AF-022St Helena IslandSpeery
AF-022St Helena IslandSt Helena
AF-023Sao Tome IslandCabras
AF-023Sao Tome IslandRolas
AF-023Sao Tome IslandSao Tome
AF-024Seychelles - Inner IslandsAnonyme
AF-024Seychelles - Inner IslandsAride
AF-024Seychelles - Inner IslandsAu Cerf
AF-024Seychelles - Inner IslandsAux Vaches
AF-024Seychelles - Inner IslandsBird
AF-024Seychelles - Inner IslandsCoetivy
AF-024Seychelles - Inner IslandsConception
AF-024Seychelles - Inner IslandsCousin Islands
AF-024Seychelles - Inner IslandsCurieuse
AF-024Seychelles - Inner IslandsDenis
AF-024Seychelles - Inner IslandsFelicite
AF-024Seychelles - Inner IslandsFrigate
AF-024Seychelles - Inner IslandsLa Digue
AF-024Seychelles - Inner IslandsLongue
AF-024Seychelles - Inner IslandsMahe
AF-024Seychelles - Inner IslandsMarianne
AF-024Seychelles - Inner IslandsMoyenne
AF-024Seychelles - Inner IslandsNorth
AF-024Seychelles - Inner IslandsPlatte
AF-024Seychelles - Inner IslandsPraslin
AF-024Seychelles - Inner IslandsSainte Anne
AF-024Seychelles - Inner IslandsSeche
AF-024Seychelles - Inner IslandsSilhouette
AF-024Seychelles - Inner IslandsSister Islands
AF-024Seychelles - Inner IslandsTherese
AF-025Aldabra IslandsAldabra Islands
AF-025Aldabra IslandsAssumption
AF-025Aldabra IslandsMiddle
AF-025Aldabra IslandsPolymnie
AF-025Aldabra IslandsSouth
AF-025Aldabra IslandsWest
AF-026Cosmoledo IslandsAstove
AF-026Cosmoledo IslandsCosmoledo Islands
AF-026Cosmoledo IslandsMenai
AF-026Cosmoledo IslandsWizard
AF-027Mayotte IslandBambo
AF-027Mayotte IslandBandrele
AF-027Mayotte IslandBoue
AF-027Mayotte IslandBouini
AF-027Mayotte IslandBouzi
AF-027Mayotte IslandCaroni
AF-027Mayotte IslandHandrema
AF-027Mayotte IslandMalandza
AF-027Mayotte IslandMayotte
AF-027Mayotte IslandPamandzi
AF-027Mayotte IslandPingoi
AF-027Mayotte IslandPouhou
AF-027Mayotte IslandQuatre Freres
AF-027Mayotte IslandSable
AF-027Mayotte IslandSada
AF-027Mayotte IslandSongoma
AF-027Mayotte IslandTsanga
AF-027Mayotte IslandVerte
AF-027Mayotte IslandZamboro
AF-028SocotraAbd al Kuri
AF-029Tristan da Cunha IslandsInaccessible
AF-029Tristan da Cunha IslandsMiddle
AF-029Tristan da Cunha IslandsNightingale
AF-029Tristan da Cunha IslandsStoltenhoff
AF-029Tristan da Cunha IslandsTristan da Cunha
AF-030Gough IslandGough
AF-031Tromelin IslandTromelin
AF-032Zanzibar IslandLatham
AF-032Zanzibar Islandsatellite islands of Zanzibar
AF-032Zanzibar IslandTumbatu
AF-032Zanzibar IslandZanzibar
AF-033Amirante IslandsAfrican Islands
AF-033Amirante IslandsAlphonse
AF-033Amirante IslandsBertaut Reef
AF-033Amirante IslandsBijoutier
AF-033Amirante IslandsBoudeuse
AF-033Amirante IslandsDesnoeufs
AF-033Amirante IslandsDesroches
AF-033Amirante IslandsEtoile
AF-033Amirante IslandsMarie Louise
AF-033Amirante IslandsPelican
AF-033Amirante IslandsPoivre Islands
AF-033Amirante IslandsRemire
AF-033Amirante IslandsRessource
AF-033Amirante IslandsSt Francois
AF-033Amirante IslandsSt Joseph
AF-035Farquhar IslandsCerf
AF-035Farquhar IslandsFarquhar Islands
AF-035Farquhar IslandsNorth
AF-035Farquhar IslandsProvidence
AF-035Farquhar IslandsSouth
AF-035Farquhar IslandsSt Pierre
AF-036Chafarinas IslandsChafarinas Islands
AF-036Chafarinas IslandsCongreso
AF-036Chafarinas IslandsIsabel II
AF-036Chafarinas IslandsRey
AF-037Sierra Leone Northern/Western Province GroupBanana Islands
AF-037Sierra Leone Northern/Western Province GroupDublin
AF-037Sierra Leone Northern/Western Province GroupMes-Meheux
AF-037Sierra Leone Northern/Western Province GroupRicketts
AF-038Dahlak ArchipelagoAukan
AF-038Dahlak ArchipelagoBaradi
AF-038Dahlak ArchipelagoBulbaut
AF-038Dahlak ArchipelagoDaaret
AF-038Dahlak ArchipelagoDahlak Kebir
AF-038Dahlak ArchipelagoDehel
AF-038Dahlak ArchipelagoHarat
AF-038Dahlak ArchipelagoHarmil
AF-038Dahlak ArchipelagoIsratu
AF-038Dahlak ArchipelagoKubari
AF-038Dahlak ArchipelagoNaheleg
AF-038Dahlak ArchipelagoNocra
AF-038Dahlak ArchipelagoNora
AF-038Dahlak ArchipelagoSecca Abu-el-Cosu
AF-038Dahlak ArchipelagoSeghala
AF-038Dahlak ArchipelagoShumma
AF-039Annobon (Pagalu) IslandAnnobon
AF-040Kenya Coast Province North GroupLamu
AF-040Kenya Coast Province North GroupPate
AF-041Egmont GroupDanger
AF-041Egmont GroupEagle
AF-041Egmont GroupLubine
AF-041Egmont GroupSudest
AF-041Egmont GroupThree Brothers
AF-042Alboran IslandAlboran
AF-042Alboran IslandNube
AF-043Gabon Estuaire Province GroupBanie
AF-043Gabon Estuaire Province GroupCocotier
AF-043Gabon Estuaire Province GroupConga
AF-043Gabon Estuaire Province GroupConniquet
AF-043Gabon Estuaire Province GroupPerroquet
AF-044Principe IslandBom Bom
AF-044Principe IslandBone de Jokei
AF-044Principe IslandPrincipe
AF-045Senegal North GroupDiamanio
AF-045Senegal North GroupGoree
AF-045Senegal North GroupLougne
AF-045Senegal North GroupMadeleines
AF-045Senegal North GroupNgor
AF-045Senegal North GroupOiseaux
AF-045Senegal North GroupYoff
AF-046Desertas IslandsBugio
AF-046Desertas IslandsChao
AF-046Desertas IslandsDeserta Grande
AF-046Desertas IslandsDesertas Islands
AF-047Selvagens IslandsSelvagem Grande
AF-047Selvagens IslandsSelvagem Pequena
AF-047Selvagens IslandsSelvagens Islands
AF-048Kerguelen IslandsFoch
AF-048Kerguelen IslandsHowe
AF-048Kerguelen IslandsKerguelen
AF-048Kerguelen Islandssatellite islands of Kerguelen
AF-049Mauritius IslandAigrettes
AF-049Mauritius IslandAmbre
AF-049Mauritius IslandBenitiers
AF-049Mauritius IslandCerfs
AF-049Mauritius IslandFlamand
AF-049Mauritius IslandFlat
AF-049Mauritius IslandFourneau
AF-049Mauritius IslandGabriel
AF-049Mauritius IslandGunners Quoin
AF-049Mauritius IslandMauritius
AF-049Mauritius IslandRound
AF-049Mauritius Islandsatellite islands of Mauritius
AF-049Mauritius IslandSerpent
AF-050Dakhlet Nouadhibou / Inchiri Region GroupArdent
AF-050Dakhlet Nouadhibou / Inchiri Region GroupArguin
AF-050Dakhlet Nouadhibou / Inchiri Region GroupKiji
AF-050Dakhlet Nouadhibou / Inchiri Region GroupMarguerite
AF-050Dakhlet Nouadhibou / Inchiri Region GroupTidra
AF-051Guinee-Maritime Province South GroupBlanche
AF-051Guinee-Maritime Province South GroupCabris
AF-051Guinee-Maritime Province South GroupCorail
AF-051Guinee-Maritime Province South GroupKassa
AF-051Guinee-Maritime Province South GroupRooma
AF-051Guinee-Maritime Province South GroupTamara
AF-052Indian Ocean Coast SouthDargaas
AF-052Indian Ocean Coast SouthGuumme
AF-052Indian Ocean Coast SouthJofay
AF-052Indian Ocean Coast SouthJuba Islands
AF-052Indian Ocean Coast SouthJuula
AF-052Indian Ocean Coast SouthKoyaama
AF-052Indian Ocean Coast SouthTandraas
AF-053Gulf of Tadjoura GroupMaskali
AF-053Gulf of Tadjoura GroupMoucha
AF-054Mafia IslandBarakuni
AF-054Mafia IslandMafia
AF-054Mafia IslandNjororo
AF-054Mafia Islandsatellite islands of Mafia
AF-054Mafia IslandShung-mbili
AF-056Sierra Leone Southern Province GroupAllridge
AF-056Sierra Leone Southern Province GroupBarrettes
AF-056Sierra Leone Southern Province GroupGilmoris
AF-056Sierra Leone Southern Province GroupMalcolm
AF-056Sierra Leone Southern Province GroupPlantain
AF-056Sierra Leone Southern Province GroupSherbro
AF-056Sierra Leone Southern Province GroupTurtle Islands
AF-056Sierra Leone Southern Province GroupYelibana
AF-056Sierra Leone Southern Province GroupYork
AF-057Madagascar's Coastal Islands WestAnambo
AF-057Madagascar's Coastal Islands WestAndramahiba Bay Islands
AF-057Madagascar's Coastal Islands WestAndravoho
AF-057Madagascar's Coastal Islands WestAndriamitaroka
AF-057Madagascar's Coastal Islands WestAndriangory
AF-057Madagascar's Coastal Islands WestAndromache Islands
AF-057Madagascar's Coastal Islands WestAnkazoberavina
AF-057Madagascar's Coastal Islands WestBarona
AF-057Madagascar's Coastal Islands WestBarren Islands
AF-057Madagascar's Coastal Islands WestBe
AF-057Madagascar's Coastal Islands WestChesterfield
AF-057Madagascar's Coastal Islands WestFali
AF-057Madagascar's Coastal Islands WestHao
AF-057Madagascar's Coastal Islands WestIranja
AF-057Madagascar's Coastal Islands WestKomba
AF-057Madagascar's Coastal Islands WestLava
AF-057Madagascar's Coastal Islands WestMakamby
AF-057Madagascar's Coastal Islands WestManitsa
AF-057Madagascar's Coastal Islands WestMarify
AF-057Madagascar's Coastal Islands WestMitsio Islands
AF-057Madagascar's Coastal Islands WestRadama Islands
AF-057Madagascar's Coastal Islands WestRatafanika
AF-057Madagascar's Coastal Islands WestSaba
AF-057Madagascar's Coastal Islands WestTania
AF-057Madagascar's Coastal Islands WestVao
AF-057Madagascar's Coastal Islands WestVe
AF-058Salomon GroupBlenheim Reef
AF-058Salomon GroupBoddam
AF-058Salomon GroupCoin
AF-058Salomon GroupDiamant
AF-058Salomon GroupMoresby
AF-058Salomon GroupNelsons
AF-058Salomon GroupPasse
AF-058Salomon GroupPeros Banhos Islands
AF-058Salomon GroupPierre
AF-058Salomon GroupTakamaka
AF-058Salomon GroupYeye
AF-059Strait of Mandab GroupSaouabia Islands
AF-060The Gambia GroupBijol Islands
AF-061Cabo Delgado District GroupIbo
AF-061Cabo Delgado District GroupMacaloe
AF-061Cabo Delgado District GroupMatemo
AF-061Cabo Delgado District GroupMechanga
AF-061Cabo Delgado District GroupMedjumbi
AF-061Cabo Delgado District GroupMefunvo
AF-061Cabo Delgado District GroupMetudo
AF-061Cabo Delgado District GroupMionge
AF-061Cabo Delgado District GroupMogundulo
AF-061Cabo Delgado District GroupNiuni
AF-061Cabo Delgado District GroupQueramimbi
AF-061Cabo Delgado District GroupQuifuqui
AF-061Cabo Delgado District GroupQuilaluia
AF-061Cabo Delgado District GroupQuirambo
AF-061Cabo Delgado District GroupQuirimba
AF-061Cabo Delgado District GroupQuisiva
AF-061Cabo Delgado District GroupQuissanga
AF-061Cabo Delgado District GroupQuisungura
AF-061Cabo Delgado District GroupRolas
AF-061Cabo Delgado District GroupRongui
AF-061Cabo Delgado District GroupSencar
AF-061Cabo Delgado District GroupSuna
AF-061Cabo Delgado District GroupTambuzi
AF-061Cabo Delgado District GroupTecomaji
AF-061Cabo Delgado District GroupVamizi
AF-061Cabo Delgado District GroupVumba
AF-062Suakin ArchipelagoAbu Marina
AF-062Suakin ArchipelagoAqrab Islands
AF-062Suakin ArchipelagoBaquir
AF-062Suakin ArchipelagoBurkut Islands
AF-062Suakin ArchipelagoKarb Islands
AF-062Suakin ArchipelagoKebir
AF-062Suakin ArchipelagoMasamirit
AF-062Suakin ArchipelagoSuakin Archipelago
AF-063Pemba IslandPanza
AF-063Pemba IslandPemba
AF-063Pemba Islandsatellite islands of Pemba
AF-064Western Cape Province South West GroupDassen
AF-064Western Cape Province South West GroupDyer
AF-064Western Cape Province South West GroupJutten
AF-064Western Cape Province South West GroupRobben
AF-064Western Cape Province South West GroupSeal
AF-064Western Cape Province South West GroupVondeling
AF-065Safi / Essaouira / Agadir Region GroupMogador
AF-066Gaza / Maputo District GroupInhaca
AF-066Gaza / Maputo District GroupPortugueses
AF-066Gaza / Maputo District GroupXefina Grande
AF-067Coast Province South GroupKisite
AF-067Coast Province South GroupMpunguti Ya Chini
AF-067Coast Province South GroupMpunguti Ya Juu
AF-067Coast Province South GroupWasini
AF-068Western Sahara South GroupHerne
AF-068Western Sahara South GroupVirginia
AF-069Alhucemas IslandAlhucemas
AF-069Alhucemas IslandMar
AF-069Alhucemas IslandPerejil
AF-070Karas Region GroupAlbatross
AF-070Karas Region GroupIchaboe
AF-070Karas Region GroupMercury
AF-070Karas Region GroupNorth and South Long
AF-070Karas Region GroupPenguin
AF-070Karas Region GroupPlum Pudding
AF-070Karas Region GroupPossession
AF-070Karas Region GroupSeal
AF-072Inhambane District GroupBazaruto
AF-072Inhambane District GroupBenguerua
AF-072Inhambane District GroupLunene
AF-072Inhambane District GroupMandenga
AF-072Inhambane District GroupPorcos
AF-072Inhambane District GroupRatos
AF-072Inhambane District GroupSanta Carolina
AF-072Inhambane District GroupSanta Isabel
AF-073Sfax Region GroupKerkenah Islands
AF-073Sfax Region GroupKheneiss
AF-074Lindi / Mtwara Region GroupFanjove
AF-074Lindi / Mtwara Region GroupKilwa Kisiwani
AF-074Lindi / Mtwara Region GroupMana Hwanja
AF-074Lindi / Mtwara Region GroupMongo
AF-074Lindi / Mtwara Region GroupNyuni
AF-074Lindi / Mtwara Region GroupSongo Songo
AF-075Dar Es Salaam / Pwani Region GroupBongoyo
AF-075Dar Es Salaam / Pwani Region GroupBoydu
AF-075Dar Es Salaam / Pwani Region GroupHatambura
AF-075Dar Es Salaam / Pwani Region GroupKoma
AF-075Dar Es Salaam / Pwani Region GroupKwale and Chokaa
AF-075Dar Es Salaam / Pwani Region GroupMakatumbe
AF-075Dar Es Salaam / Pwani Region GroupMbudya
AF-075Dar Es Salaam / Pwani Region GroupNorth Fanjove
AF-075Dar Es Salaam / Pwani Region GroupOkuza
AF-075Dar Es Salaam / Pwani Region GroupOuter and Inner Sinda
AF-075Dar Es Salaam / Pwani Region GroupPangavini
AF-075Dar Es Salaam / Pwani Region GroupSimaya
AF-075Dar Es Salaam / Pwani Region GroupSukuti
AF-076Bayelsa / Rivers / Akwa Ibom etc States GroupBonny
AF-076Bayelsa / Rivers / Akwa Ibom etc States GroupParrot
AF-077Western Cape Province South GroupSeal
AF-078Senegal South GroupCarabane
AF-079Eastern Cape Province GroupBird
AF-079Eastern Cape Province GroupSt Croix
AF-080Red Sea Coast North GroupBaka
AF-080Red Sea Coast North GroupDifnein
AF-080Red Sea Coast North GroupDissei
AF-080Red Sea Coast North GroupHowakil
AF-080Red Sea Coast North GroupSheikh Said
AF-080Red Sea Coast North GroupUm es Sarig
AF-080Red Sea Coast North GroupUmel-Ajuz
AF-081Red Sea Coast South GroupAbeilat
AF-081Red Sea Coast South GroupBarn
AF-081Red Sea Coast South GroupCod-Ali Islands
AF-081Red Sea Coast South GroupFanaadir Islands
AF-081Red Sea Coast South GroupFatuma Deset
AF-081Red Sea Coast South GroupGerebsasa Deset
AF-081Red Sea Coast South GroupHanda Deset
AF-081Red Sea Coast South GroupHaycocks Islands
AF-081Red Sea Coast South GroupKordumu'it Islands
AF-081Red Sea Coast South GroupMuhabbaka Islands
AF-081Red Sea Coast South GroupSadla
AF-081Red Sea Coast South GroupSanahor Deset
AF-081Red Sea Coast South GroupSel Abayil Deset
AF-082Rio Muni Province GroupCorisco
AF-082Rio Muni Province GroupElobey Islands
AF-082Rio Muni Province GroupPajaros Islands
AF-083Gabes / Medenine Region GroupDjellidji
AF-083Gabes / Medenine Region GroupDjerba
AF-083Gabes / Medenine Region GroupGuettaiet el Baharia
AF-084Ghana GroupAbokwa
AF-085Western Cape Province North West GroupElephant Rock
AF-086Cape Verde - Windward Islands (aka Barlavento)Boa Vista
AF-086Cape Verde - Windward Islands (aka Barlavento)Sal
AF-086Cape Verde - Windward Islands (aka Barlavento)Santa Luzia
AF-086Cape Verde - Windward Islands (aka Barlavento)Santo Antao
AF-086Cape Verde - Windward Islands (aka Barlavento)Sao Nicolau
AF-086Cape Verde - Windward Islands (aka Barlavento)Sao Vicente
AF-086Cape Verde - Windward Islands (aka Barlavento)satellite islands of named islands
AF-087Tanga Region GroupKarange
AF-087Tanga Region GroupMaziwi
AF-087Tanga Region GroupYambe
AF-088Nampula District GroupAngoche
AF-088Nampula District GroupBuzio
AF-088Nampula District GroupCaldeira
AF-088Nampula District GroupGoa
AF-088Nampula District GroupMafamede
AF-088Nampula District GroupMequeli
AF-088Nampula District GroupMocambique
AF-088Nampula District GroupMoma
AF-088Nampula District GroupNjovo
AF-088Nampula District GroupPuga Puga
AF-088Nampula District GroupSena
AF-088Nampula District GroupSete-Paus
AF-089Ogooue-Maritime Province GroupMandji
AF-090Madagascar's Coastal Islands EastAlanana
AF-090Madagascar's Coastal Islands EastAntali Be
AF-090Madagascar's Coastal Islands EastAtafa
AF-090Madagascar's Coastal Islands EastBehentona
AF-090Madagascar's Coastal Islands EastBoraha
AF-090Madagascar's Coastal Islands EastBoro
AF-090Madagascar's Coastal Islands EastDiego
AF-090Madagascar's Coastal Islands EastDombala
AF-090Madagascar's Coastal Islands EastFaho
AF-090Madagascar's Coastal Islands EastLeven Islands
AF-090Madagascar's Coastal Islands EastMangabe
AF-090Madagascar's Coastal Islands EastNattes
AF-090Madagascar's Coastal Islands EastRagotsy
AF-090Madagascar's Coastal Islands EastSuarez
AF-090Madagascar's Coastal Islands EastVoara
AF-091Jendouba / Bizerte / Tunis / Nabeul Reg GroupCani Islands
AF-091Jendouba / Bizerte / Tunis / Nabeul Reg GroupGalite
AF-091Jendouba / Bizerte / Tunis / Nabeul Reg GroupLes Fratelli
AF-091Jendouba / Bizerte / Tunis / Nabeul Reg GroupPitau
AF-091Jendouba / Bizerte / Tunis / Nabeul Reg GroupPlane
AF-091Jendouba / Bizerte / Tunis / Nabeul Reg GroupZembra
AF-091Jendouba / Bizerte / Tunis / Nabeul Reg GroupZembretta
AF-092Sousse / Monastir / Mahdia Region GroupConigliera
AF-092Sousse / Monastir / Mahdia Region GroupKuriat
AF-093Guinea-Bissau Coastal Region GroupCaio
AF-093Guinea-Bissau Coastal Region GroupJeta
AF-093Guinea-Bissau Coastal Region GroupPecixe
AF-093Guinea-Bissau Coastal Region GroupRei
AF-094Mediterranean Sea Coast West GroupColombi
AF-094Mediterranean Sea Coast West GroupHabibas Islands
AF-094Mediterranean Sea Coast West GroupPlane
AF-094Mediterranean Sea Coast West GroupRachgoun
AF-095Cameroon GroupAmbas
AF-095Cameroon GroupFiari
AF-095Cameroon GroupMondoleh
AF-095Cameroon GroupNicol
AF-095Cameroon GroupPirate Islands
AF-095Cameroon GroupSoden
AF-096Guinee-Maritime Province North GroupAlcatrack
AF-097Mediterranean Sea Coast Centre GroupAgueli
AF-097Mediterranean Sea Coast Centre GroupPisan
AF-097Mediterranean Sea Coast Centre GroupSandja Islands
AF-097Mediterranean Sea Coast Centre GroupTokih Indich
AF-098Sofala District GroupChigogoro
AF-098Sofala District GroupChiloane
AF-098Sofala District GroupInhanguaia
AF-099Matruh Region GroupHashafat el Qutt
AF-099Matruh Region GroupHomfis
AF-099Matruh Region GroupIshaila
AF-099Matruh Region GroupWhite Rock
AF-100Bas-Congo Province GroupBulabemba
AF-100Bas-Congo Province GroupLes Pecheurs
AF-100Bas-Congo Province GroupMonpanga Islands
AF-100Bas-Congo Province GroupNtompo
AF-100Bas-Congo Province GroupZungu Kia Kambula
AF-101Red Sea Coast North GroupAbu Minqar
AF-101Red Sea Coast North GroupAbu Minqar Islands
AF-101Red Sea Coast North GroupAkhawein Islands
AF-101Red Sea Coast North GroupAshrafi Islands
AF-101Red Sea Coast North GroupGifatin Islands
AF-101Red Sea Coast North GroupGiftun el Saghir
AF-101Red Sea Coast North GroupGiftun Kebir
AF-101Red Sea Coast North GroupGubal Islands
AF-101Red Sea Coast North GroupQeisum Islands
AF-101Red Sea Coast North GroupSafaga
AF-101Red Sea Coast North GroupShadwan
AF-101Red Sea Coast North GroupSiyul Islands
AF-101Red Sea Coast North GroupTawila Islands
AF-101Red Sea Coast North GroupUmm Agawish Islands
AF-101Red Sea Coast North GroupUmm el Heimat Islands
AF-102Erongo / Hardap Region GroupHollams Bird
AF-103Zambezia District GroupCasuarina
AF-103Zambezia District GroupCoroa
AF-103Zambezia District GroupEpidendron
AF-103Zambezia District GroupFogo
AF-103Zambezia District GroupInhacamba
AF-103Zambezia District GroupPambane
AF-103Zambezia District GroupSilva
AF-103Zambezia District GroupTimbue
AF-104Mediterranean Sea Coast East GroupGrand Cavallo
AF-104Mediterranean Sea Coast East GroupLion
AF-104Mediterranean Sea Coast East GroupPetit Cavallo
AF-104Mediterranean Sea Coast East GroupRonde
AF-104Mediterranean Sea Coast East GroupSainte Piastre
AF-104Mediterranean Sea Coast East GroupSidi Sa'doum
AF-104Mediterranean Sea Coast East GroupSridjina
AF-105Nyanga Province GroupMassanga
AF-106Cote d'Ivoire GroupBruni
AF-106Cote d'Ivoire GroupDevil
AF-107Cuanza Sul / Benguela Province GroupPina Islands
AF-108Namibe Province GroupLageas
AF-108Namibe Province GroupTigres
AF-109Nile Delta and Sinai Region GroupDisuqi
AF-110Red Sea Coast South GroupMikauwa
AF-110Red Sea Coast South GroupMirear
AF-110Red Sea Coast South GroupQul'an Islands
AF-110Red Sea Coast South GroupWadi Gimal
AF-110Red Sea Coast South GroupZebirget
AF-111Liberia GroupBaiyah
AF-111Liberia GroupFlat
AF-112Mediterranean Sea Coast Centre GroupGharah
AF-112Mediterranean Sea Coast Centre GroupHericha
AF-112Mediterranean Sea Coast Centre GroupIsheifa
AF-112Mediterranean Sea Coast Centre GroupJemmarisk
AF-113Mediterranean Sea Coast East GroupBarda'ah
AF-113Mediterranean Sea Coast East GroupKirissah
AF-113Mediterranean Sea Coast East GroupMisratah
AF-113Mediterranean Sea Coast East GroupUlbah
AF-113Mediterranean Sea Coast East GroupUmm al Qurami
AF-113Mediterranean Sea Coast East GroupWati'ah
AF-114Halaib Triangle GroupDibia
AF-114Halaib Triangle GroupRuwabil Islands
AF-114Halaib Triangle GroupSiyal Islands
AF-115Red Sea State GroupAbid
AF-115Red Sea State GroupAmarat Islands
AF-115Red Sea State GroupGuban
AF-115Red Sea State GroupHai Dugah Islands
AF-115Red Sea State GroupIrj
AF-115Red Sea State GroupKalafiyya
AF-115Red Sea State GroupMayetib Islands
AF-115Red Sea State GroupMesharifa
AF-115Red Sea State GroupMukawwar
AF-115Red Sea State GroupSararat
AF-115Red Sea State GroupShambaya
AF-115Red Sea State GroupShatira
AF-115Red Sea State GroupTaila Islands
AF-116Gulf of Aden West GroupCeebaad
AF-116Gulf of Aden West GroupSaacada Diin
AF-117Gulf of Aden East GroupMaydh
AF-118Los Farallones and JaegerschmidtJaegerschmidt
AF-118Los Farallones and JaegerschmidtLos Farallones
AF-119Coetivy IslandCoetivy
AN-001Graham Land West (Adelaide Island) groupAdelaide
AN-001Graham Land West (Adelaide Island) groupAmiot Islands
AN-001Graham Land West (Adelaide Island) groupAnchorage
AN-001Graham Land West (Adelaide Island) groupDetaille
AN-001Graham Land West (Adelaide Island) groupHorseshoe
AN-001Graham Land West (Adelaide Island) groupKirkwood Islands
AN-001Graham Land West (Adelaide Island) groupLagoon
AN-001Graham Land West (Adelaide Island) groupLeonie
AN-001Graham Land West (Adelaide Island) groupLiard
AN-001Graham Land West (Adelaide Island) groupStonington
AN-002Bouvet IslandBouvet
AN-003Heard IslandHeard
AN-004Peter 1 IslandPeter 1
AN-005Macquarie IslandBishop and Clerk Islands
AN-005Macquarie IslandJudge and Clerk Islands
AN-005Macquarie IslandMacquarie
AN-006Graham Land West (Biscoe Islands) groupArgentine Islands
AN-006Graham Land West (Biscoe Islands) groupBiscoe Islands
AN-006Graham Land West (Biscoe Islands) groupBooth
AN-006Graham Land West (Biscoe Islands) groupGalindez
AN-006Graham Land West (Biscoe Islands) groupLavoisier
AN-006Graham Land West (Biscoe Islands) groupPeterman
AN-006Graham Land West (Biscoe Islands) groupPitt Islands
AN-006Graham Land West (Biscoe Islands) groupRabot
AN-006Graham Land West (Biscoe Islands) groupRenaud
AN-006Graham Land West (Biscoe Islands) groupWinter
AN-007South Georgia IslandAlbatross
AN-007South Georgia IslandAnnenkov
AN-007South Georgia IslandBird
AN-007South Georgia IslandPickersgill Islands
AN-007South Georgia IslandSouth Georgia
AN-007South Georgia IslandWillis Islands
AN-008South Orkney IslandsCoronation
AN-008South Orkney IslandsInaccessible Islands
AN-008South Orkney IslandsLarsen Islands
AN-008South Orkney IslandsLaurie
AN-008South Orkney IslandsPowell
AN-008South Orkney IslandsSigny
AN-008South Orkney IslandsSouth Orkney Islands
AN-009South Sandwich IslandsBristol
AN-009South Sandwich IslandsCandlemas
AN-009South Sandwich IslandsLeskov
AN-009South Sandwich IslandsMontague
AN-009South Sandwich IslandsSaunders
AN-009South Sandwich IslandsSouth Sandwich Islands
AN-009South Sandwich IslandsThule
AN-009South Sandwich IslandsTraversay Islands
AN-009South Sandwich IslandsVisokoi
AN-009South Sandwich IslandsZavodovski
AN-010South Shetland IslandsAitcho Islands
AN-010South Shetland IslandsBridgeman
AN-010South Shetland IslandsClarence
AN-010South Shetland IslandsCornwallis
AN-010South Shetland IslandsDeception
AN-010South Shetland IslandsElephant
AN-010South Shetland IslandsGibbs
AN-010South Shetland IslandsGreenwich
AN-010South Shetland IslandsHalf Moon
AN-010South Shetland IslandsKing George
AN-010South Shetland IslandsLivingston
AN-010South Shetland IslandsLow
AN-010South Shetland IslandsNelson
AN-010South Shetland IslandsPenguin
AN-010South Shetland IslandsRidley
AN-010South Shetland IslandsRobert
AN-010South Shetland IslandsRugged
AN-010South Shetland IslandsSmith
AN-010South Shetland IslandsSnow
AN-010South Shetland IslandsSouth Shetland Islands
AN-011Ross Island groupBeaufort
AN-011Ross Island groupFranklin
AN-011Ross Island groupRoss
AN-012Graham Land West (Palmer Archipelago) groupAnvers
AN-012Graham Land West (Palmer Archipelago) groupBrabant
AN-012Graham Land West (Palmer Archipelago) groupCuverville
AN-012Graham Land West (Palmer Archipelago) groupDanco
AN-012Graham Land West (Palmer Archipelago) groupDoumer
AN-012Graham Land West (Palmer Archipelago) groupGoudier
AN-012Graham Land West (Palmer Archipelago) groupHoseason
AN-012Graham Land West (Palmer Archipelago) groupLiege
AN-012Graham Land West (Palmer Archipelago) groupMelchior Islands
AN-012Graham Land West (Palmer Archipelago) groupObservatorio
AN-012Graham Land West (Palmer Archipelago) groupTower
AN-012Graham Land West (Palmer Archipelago) groupTrinity
AN-012Graham Land West (Palmer Archipelago) groupWiencke
AN-013Trinity Peninsula groupBransfield
AN-013Trinity Peninsula groupD'Urville
AN-013Trinity Peninsula groupDundee
AN-013Trinity Peninsula groupJames Ross
AN-013Trinity Peninsula groupJoinville
AN-013Trinity Peninsula groupSeymour
AN-013Trinity Peninsula groupSnow Hill
AN-013Trinity Peninsula groupVega
AN-014Berkner IslandBerkner
AN-015Queen Maud Land (Prince Harald etc) groupOngul
AN-017Adelie LandLes Petrels
AN-018Palmer Land West (aka Alexander Island)Alexander
AN-018Palmer Land West (aka Alexander Island)Charcot
AN-018Palmer Land West (aka Alexander Island)Latady
AN-018Palmer Land West (aka Alexander Island)Rothschild
AN-019Balleny IslandsBalleny Islands
AN-019Balleny IslandsBuckle
AN-019Balleny IslandsSturge
AN-019Balleny IslandsYoung
AN-020Scott IslandScott
AN-021Shag RocksShag Rocks
AS-001Andaman IslandsAndaman Islands
AS-001Andaman IslandsAnderson
AS-001Andaman IslandsBaratang
AS-001Andaman IslandsBarren
AS-001Andaman IslandsBrothers
AS-001Andaman IslandsCinque
AS-001Andaman IslandsHavelock
AS-001Andaman IslandsHenry Lawrence
AS-001Andaman IslandsInterview
AS-001Andaman IslandsLandfall
AS-001Andaman IslandsLittle
AS-001Andaman IslandsMiddle
AS-001Andaman IslandsNarcondam
AS-001Andaman IslandsNeill
AS-001Andaman IslandsNorth Andaman
AS-001Andaman IslandsNorth Reef
AS-001Andaman IslandsNorth Sentinel
AS-001Andaman IslandsPaget
AS-001Andaman IslandsRutland
AS-001Andaman IslandsSisters
AS-001Andaman IslandsSmith
AS-001Andaman IslandsSouth Andaman
AS-001Andaman IslandsTable Islands
AS-001Andaman IslandsWest
AS-002Bahrain IslandAl Muhurraq
AS-002Bahrain IslandBahrain
AS-002Bahrain IslandHawar
AS-002Bahrain IslandRabad al Gharbiyar
AS-002Bahrain IslandRabad ash Sharqiyah
AS-002Bahrain IslandSuwad al Janubiyah
AS-002Bahrain IslandSuwad ash Shamliyah
AS-002Bahrain IslandUmm Na'san
AS-003Sri Lanka IslandSri Lanka
AS-004Cyprus IslandCyprus
AS-005Kara Sea Coast West groupDikson
AS-005Kara Sea Coast West groupKrestovskiy
AS-005Kara Sea Coast West groupMedvezh'i Islands
AS-005Kara Sea Coast West groupNosok
AS-005Kara Sea Coast West groupSibiryakova
AS-005Kara Sea Coast West groupSverdrup
AS-005Kara Sea Coast West groupVern
AS-006Hong Kong groupAp Lei
AS-006Hong Kong groupChek
AS-006Hong Kong groupCheung
AS-006Hong Kong groupFo Shek
AS-006Hong Kong groupHau Shan
AS-006Hong Kong groupHei Ling
AS-006Hong Kong groupHong Kong
AS-006Hong Kong groupKat O
AS-006Hong Kong groupKau Sai
AS-006Hong Kong groupKau Yi
AS-006Hong Kong groupKin Tsui
AS-006Hong Kong groupKwan To
AS-006Hong Kong groupKwo Chau
AS-006Hong Kong groupLamma
AS-006Hong Kong groupLantau
AS-006Hong Kong groupLo
AS-006Hong Kong groupLung Kwu
AS-006Hong Kong groupMa Wan
AS-006Hong Kong groupNgau Mei
AS-006Hong Kong groupNgo Mei
AS-006Hong Kong groupPak Sha
AS-006Hong Kong groupPeng
AS-006Hong Kong groupPo Toi
AS-006Hong Kong groupSha Tong
AS-006Hong Kong groupShek Kwu
AS-006Hong Kong groupSiu A
AS-006Hong Kong groupSiu Mo To
AS-006Hong Kong groupSleep
AS-006Hong Kong groupSung Kong
AS-006Hong Kong groupTai A
AS-006Hong Kong groupTai Mo To
AS-006Hong Kong groupTai Siu Mo To
AS-006Hong Kong groupTap Mun
AS-006Hong Kong groupTiu Chung
AS-006Hong Kong groupTung Lung
AS-006Hong Kong groupWang
AS-007Honshu IslandHiko
AS-007Honshu IslandHonshu
AS-007Honshu IslandMukai
AS-007Honshu IslandOmi
AS-008North Izu IslandsHaya
AS-008North Izu IslandsInanba
AS-008North Izu IslandsJinai
AS-008North Izu IslandsKozu
AS-008North Izu IslandsMikura
AS-008North Izu IslandsMiyake
AS-008North Izu IslandsNii
AS-008North Izu IslandsO
AS-008North Izu IslandsOmbase
AS-008North Izu IslandsOnohara
AS-008North Izu IslandsShikine
AS-008North Izu IslandsTadanae
AS-008North Izu IslandsTo
AS-008North Izu IslandsUdone
AS-008North Izu IslandsZenisu
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupAbu Ail
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupAbu Shadd
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupAbu Shajar
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupAjusak
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupAl Badi
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupAl Hanish al Kabir
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupAl Khawtamah
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupAl Mujamilah
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupAl Murk
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupAntufash
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupAz Zuqur
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupBarri
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupBarri Islands
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupBawarid
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupBuhais
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupBuklan
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupCentre Peak
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupDhahayir Islands
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupDuqaylah Islands
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupDurab
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupFasht
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupGhurab
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupHamar
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupHanish as Sughra
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupHanish Kabir
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupHataban
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupHaycock
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupHoot
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupIrdhayn
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupJabal at Tayr
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupJabal Zubayr
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupKadaman
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupKamaran
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupLubwan
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupMaflaqayn
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupMajur
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupQuoin
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupRafa
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupRafa Barri
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupRakl
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupRashshah
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupRugged
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupSaddle
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupSana
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupSumayr
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupTongue
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupTulowein
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupUqban
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupUwaf
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupZaha
AS-009Red Sea Coast groupZurbat
AS-010Zufar Region groupAl Hallaniyah
AS-010Zufar Region groupAl Hasikiyah
AS-010Zufar Region groupAl Qibliyah
AS-010Zufar Region groupAs Sawda
AS-010Zufar Region groupGharzaut
AS-011Laccadive IslandsAgatti
AS-011Laccadive IslandsAmini
AS-011Laccadive IslandsAndrott
AS-011Laccadive IslandsBingaram
AS-011Laccadive IslandsCheriyam
AS-011Laccadive IslandsChetlat
AS-011Laccadive IslandsKadmat
AS-011Laccadive IslandsKalpeni
AS-011Laccadive IslandsKavaratti
AS-011Laccadive IslandsKilttan
AS-011Laccadive IslandsLakshadweep Islands (excluding Minicoy)
AS-011Laccadive IslandsNorth
AS-011Laccadive IslandsPitti
AS-011Laccadive IslandsSouth
AS-011Laccadive IslandsTimakara
AS-011Laccadive IslandsTree
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsAi
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsAino
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsAka
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsAmakusa Kami
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsAmakusa Shimo
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsAzuchi O
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsEno
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsFuka
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsFutago
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsGenkai
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsGezu
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsGoshoura
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsHiai
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsHime
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsHime
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsHino
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsHira
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsHirado
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsHoga
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsHoto
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsHyotan
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsIkara
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsIke
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsIkitsuki
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsIo
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsJino
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsKakara
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsKame
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsKamoise
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsKata
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsKuro
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsKuro
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsKuro
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsKusumori
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsKuwa
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsMadara
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsMae
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsMaki
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsMatsu
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsMatsu
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsMitsu
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsMuku
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsNaga
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsNagaura
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsNogama
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsNokono
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsO
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsO
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsO
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsO
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsO
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsO
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsOhira
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsOnyu
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsOtsu
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsOtsuku
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsSe
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsSenzokuzozo
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsShimaura
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsShishi
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsShoura
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsTaka
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsTaka
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsTaka
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsTaka
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsTakamoku
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsTake
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsTaku
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsTo
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsTsuji
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsTsukino
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsTsukumi
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsUbu
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsUma
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsUshi
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsYagyu
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsYoko
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsYokoura
AS-012Kyushu's Coastal IslandsYu
AS-013Maldive IslandsAddu
AS-013Maldive IslandsAri
AS-013Maldive IslandsFaadhippolhu
AS-013Maldive IslandsFelidhu
AS-013Maldive IslandsGan
AS-013Maldive IslandsHadhdhunmathi
AS-013Maldive IslandsHuvadhu
AS-013Maldive IslandsKelai
AS-013Maldive IslandsKolhumadulu
AS-013Maldive IslandsKuredu
AS-013Maldive IslandsMaalhosmadulu
AS-013Maldive IslandsMaldive Islands
AS-013Maldive IslandsMale
AS-013Maldive IslandsMiladhunmadulu
AS-013Maldive IslandsMulakatholhu
AS-013Maldive IslandsNilandhoo
AS-013Maldive IslandsThiladhunmathee
AS-014Ash Sharqiyah / Al Wusta Region groupHamar Nafur
AS-014Ash Sharqiyah / Al Wusta Region groupMa'awil
AS-014Ash Sharqiyah / Al Wusta Region groupMahawt
AS-014Ash Sharqiyah / Al Wusta Region groupMasirah
AS-015Pinang State groupJerejak
AS-015Pinang State groupKendi
AS-015Pinang State groupPinang
AS-016Gulf of Aden West groupBarim
AS-017Okinawa IslandsAguni
AS-017Okinawa IslandsAka
AS-017Okinawa IslandsAmuro
AS-017Okinawa IslandsFukaji
AS-017Okinawa IslandsGeruma
AS-017Okinawa IslandsGishipu
AS-017Okinawa IslandsGushikawa
AS-017Okinawa IslandsHamahiga
AS-017Okinawa IslandsHate
AS-017Okinawa IslandsHenza
AS-017Okinawa IslandsHigashi Ou
AS-017Okinawa IslandsIe
AS-017Okinawa IslandsIheya
AS-017Okinawa IslandsIke
AS-017Okinawa IslandsIrisuna
AS-017Okinawa IslandsIwo Tori
AS-017Okinawa IslandsIzena
AS-017Okinawa IslandsKeise
AS-017Okinawa IslandsKomaka
AS-017Okinawa IslandsKouri
AS-017Okinawa IslandsKuba
AS-017Okinawa IslandsKudaka
AS-017Okinawa IslandsKume
AS-017Okinawa IslandsKuro
AS-017Okinawa IslandsMae
AS-017Okinawa IslandsMinami Uchibaru
AS-017Okinawa IslandsMinna
AS-017Okinawa IslandsMiyagusuku
AS-017Okinawa IslandsNagannu
AS-017Okinawa IslandsNaka
AS-017Okinawa IslandsNoho
AS-017Okinawa IslandsOha
AS-017Okinawa IslandsOkinawa Honto
AS-017Okinawa IslandsOu
AS-017Okinawa IslandsSesoko
AS-017Okinawa IslandsTokashiki
AS-017Okinawa IslandsTonaki
AS-017Okinawa IslandsTsuken
AS-017Okinawa IslandsUchibaru
AS-017Okinawa IslandsYagachi
AS-017Okinawa IslandsYakabi
AS-017Okinawa IslandsYanaha
AS-017Okinawa IslandsZamami
AS-018Sakhalin IslandSakhalin
AS-019Singapore IslandBrani
AS-019Singapore IslandBukum
AS-019Singapore IslandJurong
AS-019Singapore IslandKetam
AS-019Singapore IslandKusu
AS-019Singapore IslandLazarus
AS-019Singapore IslandPawai
AS-019Singapore IslandSeletar
AS-019Singapore IslandSemakau
AS-019Singapore IslandSenang
AS-019Singapore IslandSentosa
AS-019Singapore IslandSerangoon
AS-019Singapore IslandSingapore
AS-019Singapore IslandSt John's
AS-019Singapore IslandTekong Besar
AS-019Singapore IslandTekong Kechil
AS-019Singapore IslandUbin
AS-020Taiwan IslandTaiwan
AS-021Trucial Coast groupAbu al Jirab
AS-021Trucial Coast groupAl Qaffay
AS-021Trucial Coast groupAl Yasat
AS-021Trucial Coast groupArzanah
AS-021Trucial Coast groupDalma
AS-021Trucial Coast groupDas
AS-021Trucial Coast groupDayyina
AS-021Trucial Coast groupJananah
AS-021Trucial Coast groupMerawwah
AS-021Trucial Coast groupQarnein
AS-021Trucial Coast groupSa'diyyat
AS-021Trucial Coast groupSiniyah
AS-021Trucial Coast groupSir Abu Nu'ayr
AS-021Trucial Coast groupSir Bani Yas
AS-021Trucial Coast groupUm Al Hatab
AS-021Trucial Coast groupZirkuh
AS-022Medvezh'i Islands (aka Bear Islands)Chetyrekhstolbovoy
AS-022Medvezh'i Islands (aka Bear Islands)Krestovskiy
AS-022Medvezh'i Islands (aka Bear Islands)Leont'yeva
AS-022Medvezh'i Islands (aka Bear Islands)Lysova
AS-022Medvezh'i Islands (aka Bear Islands)Medvezh'i Islands
AS-022Medvezh'i Islands (aka Bear Islands)Pushkareva
AS-023Amami IslandsAmami O
AS-023Amami IslandsEniya Hanare
AS-023Amami IslandsEteku
AS-023Amami IslandsHanmya
AS-023Amami IslandsKakeroma
AS-023Amami IslandsKikai
AS-023Amami IslandsKiyama
AS-023Amami IslandsOkino Erabu
AS-023Amami IslandsSukomohanare
AS-023Amami IslandsTokuno
AS-023Amami IslandsUke
AS-023Amami IslandsYoro
AS-023Amami IslandsYoron
AS-023Amami IslandsYuhanare
AS-024Yaeyama IslandsHateruma
AS-024Yaeyama IslandsHatoma
AS-024Yaeyama IslandsIriomote
AS-024Yaeyama IslandsIshigaki
AS-024Yaeyama IslandsKamichi Aragusuku
AS-024Yaeyama IslandsKayama
AS-024Yaeyama IslandsKo
AS-024Yaeyama IslandsKobama
AS-024Yaeyama IslandsKuro
AS-024Yaeyama IslandsShimochi Aragusuku
AS-024Yaeyama IslandsSoto Banari
AS-024Yaeyama IslandsTaketomi
AS-024Yaeyama IslandsUchi Banari
AS-024Yaeyama IslandsYaeyama Islands
AS-024Yaeyama IslandsYonaguni
AS-025Kuril'skiye (Kuril) IslandsAtlasova
AS-025Kuril'skiye (Kuril) IslandsIturup
AS-025Kuril'skiye (Kuril) IslandsKetoy
AS-025Kuril'skiye (Kuril) IslandsKunashir
AS-025Kuril'skiye (Kuril) IslandsMatua
AS-025Kuril'skiye (Kuril) IslandsOnekotan
AS-025Kuril'skiye (Kuril) IslandsParamushir
AS-025Kuril'skiye (Kuril) IslandsRasshua
AS-025Kuril'skiye (Kuril) IslandsRyponkicha
AS-025Kuril'skiye (Kuril) IslandsShiashkotan
AS-025Kuril'skiye (Kuril) IslandsShumshu
AS-025Kuril'skiye (Kuril) IslandsSimushir
AS-025Kuril'skiye (Kuril) IslandsUrup
AS-025Kuril'skiye (Kuril) IslandsUshishir Islands
AS-025Kuril'skiye (Kuril) IslandsYankicha
AS-026Cheju-do Province (Cheju Island) groupBiyang
AS-026Cheju-do Province (Cheju Island) groupCheju
AS-026Cheju-do Province (Cheju Island) groupHwa
AS-026Cheju-do Province (Cheju Island) groupKap'a
AS-026Cheju-do Province (Cheju Island) groupMara
AS-026Cheju-do Province (Cheju Island) groupU
AS-027Vrangelya (Wrangel) IslandGeral'd
AS-027Vrangelya (Wrangel) IslandWrangel
AS-028Anzhu IslandsBel'kovskiy
AS-028Anzhu IslandsFaddeyevskiy
AS-028Anzhu IslandsKotel'nyy
AS-028Anzhu IslandsNovaya Sibir'
AS-029Lyakhovskiye IslandsBol'shoy Lyakhovskiy
AS-029Lyakhovskiye IslandsMalyy Lyakhovskiy
AS-029Lyakhovskiye IslandsStolbovoy
AS-030Kazan (Volcano) IslandsIwo Jima
AS-030Kazan (Volcano) IslandsKita Iwo Jima
AS-030Kazan (Volcano) IslandsMinami Iwo Jima
AS-031Chichijima / Mukojima / Hahajima Islands (aka Bonin Islands Ogasawara)Ane
AS-031Chichijima / Mukojima / Hahajima Islands (aka Bonin Islands Ogasawara)Ani
AS-031Chichijima / Mukojima / Hahajima Islands (aka Bonin Islands Ogasawara)Chichi
AS-031Chichijima / Mukojima / Hahajima Islands (aka Bonin Islands Ogasawara)Futago
AS-031Chichijima / Mukojima / Hahajima Islands (aka Bonin Islands Ogasawara)Haha
AS-031Chichijima / Mukojima / Hahajima Islands (aka Bonin Islands Ogasawara)Harino
AS-031Chichijima / Mukojima / Hahajima Islands (aka Bonin Islands Ogasawara)Higashi
AS-031Chichijima / Mukojima / Hahajima Islands (aka Bonin Islands Ogasawara)Hira
AS-031Chichijima / Mukojima / Hahajima Islands (aka Bonin Islands Ogasawara)Imoto
AS-031Chichijima / Mukojima / Hahajima Islands (aka Bonin Islands Ogasawara)Katsuodori
AS-031Chichijima / Mukojima / Hahajima Islands (aka Bonin Islands Ogasawara)Kitano
AS-031Chichijima / Mukojima / Hahajima Islands (aka Bonin Islands Ogasawara)Kitatori
AS-031Chichijima / Mukojima / Hahajima Islands (aka Bonin Islands Ogasawara)Mae
AS-031Chichijima / Mukojima / Hahajima Islands (aka Bonin Islands Ogasawara)Mago
AS-031Chichijima / Mukojima / Hahajima Islands (aka Bonin Islands Ogasawara)Maru
AS-031Chichijima / Mukojima / Hahajima Islands (aka Bonin Islands Ogasawara)Mei
AS-031Chichijima / Mukojima / Hahajima Islands (aka Bonin Islands Ogasawara)Minami
AS-031Chichijima / Mukojima / Hahajima Islands (aka Bonin Islands Ogasawara)Mukai
AS-031Chichijima / Mukojima / Hahajima Islands (aka Bonin Islands Ogasawara)Muko
AS-031Chichijima / Mukojima / Hahajima Islands (aka Bonin Islands Ogasawara)Nakakatsuodori
AS-031Chichijima / Mukojima / Hahajima Islands (aka Bonin Islands Ogasawara)Nakano
AS-031Chichijima / Mukojima / Hahajima Islands (aka Bonin Islands Ogasawara)Nakoudo
AS-031Chichijima / Mukojima / Hahajima Islands (aka Bonin Islands Ogasawara)Nishi
AS-031Chichijima / Mukojima / Hahajima Islands (aka Bonin Islands Ogasawara)Nishino
AS-031Chichijima / Mukojima / Hahajima Islands (aka Bonin Islands Ogasawara)Nishinoshima
AS-031Chichijima / Mukojima / Hahajima Islands (aka Bonin Islands Ogasawara)Ototo
AS-031Chichijima / Mukojima / Hahajima Islands (aka Bonin Islands Ogasawara)Sasauo
AS-031Chichijima / Mukojima / Hahajima Islands (aka Bonin Islands Ogasawara)Shinto
AS-031Chichijima / Mukojima / Hahajima Islands (aka Bonin Islands Ogasawara)Tatsumi
AS-031Chichijima / Mukojima / Hahajima Islands (aka Bonin Islands Ogasawara)Tori
AS-031Chichijima / Mukojima / Hahajima Islands (aka Bonin Islands Ogasawara)Yome
AS-032Osumi IslandsIwo
AS-032Osumi IslandsKuchino Erabu
AS-032Osumi IslandsKuro
AS-032Osumi IslandsMage
AS-032Osumi IslandsOsumi Islands
AS-032Osumi IslandsShin Iwo
AS-032Osumi IslandsTake
AS-032Osumi IslandsTanega
AS-032Osumi IslandsYaku
AS-032Osumi IslandsYuse
AS-033Nicobar IslandsBompoka
AS-033Nicobar IslandsCamorta
AS-033Nicobar IslandsCar Nicobar
AS-033Nicobar IslandsGreat Nicobar
AS-033Nicobar IslandsKatchall
AS-033Nicobar IslandsLittle Nicobar
AS-033Nicobar IslandsNancowry
AS-033Nicobar IslandsNicobar Islands
AS-033Nicobar IslandsTeressa
AS-033Nicobar IslandsTillanchong
AS-033Nicobar IslandsTrinkat
AS-036Iki / Tsushima IslandsAka
AS-036Iki / Tsushima IslandsAo
AS-036Iki / Tsushima IslandsEnoki
AS-036Iki / Tsushima IslandsHaehase
AS-036Iki / Tsushima IslandsHaru
AS-036Iki / Tsushima IslandsIki
AS-036Iki / Tsushima IslandsKo
AS-036Iki / Tsushima IslandsKujirase
AS-036Iki / Tsushima IslandsKuro
AS-036Iki / Tsushima IslandsMatsu
AS-036Iki / Tsushima IslandsMitsu
AS-036Iki / Tsushima IslandsNaga
AS-036Iki / Tsushima IslandsNagarasu
AS-036Iki / Tsushima IslandsNain
AS-036Iki / Tsushima IslandsNezumi
AS-036Iki / Tsushima IslandsO
AS-036Iki / Tsushima IslandsOki
AS-036Iki / Tsushima IslandsOkino
AS-036Iki / Tsushima IslandsShimanodan
AS-036Iki / Tsushima IslandsTatsuno
AS-036Iki / Tsushima IslandsTenaga
AS-036Iki / Tsushima IslandsTsu
AS-036Iki / Tsushima IslandsTsumaga
AS-036Iki / Tsushima IslandsUni
AS-036Iki / Tsushima IslandsUshi
AS-037Koshikijima IslandsChika
AS-037Koshikijima IslandsFutago
AS-037Koshikijima IslandsKami Koshiki
AS-037Koshikijima IslandsKoshikijima Islands
AS-037Koshikijima IslandsNaka Koshiki
AS-037Koshikijima IslandsNo
AS-037Koshikijima IslandsOkino
AS-037Koshikijima IslandsShimo Koshiki
AS-038East Siberian Sea Coast groupAyon
AS-038East Siberian Sea Coast groupBol'shoy Rautan
AS-038East Siberian Sea Coast groupChenkul'
AS-038East Siberian Sea Coast groupMalyy Rautan
AS-039Komandorskiye (Commander) IslandsBeringa
AS-039Komandorskiye (Commander) IslandsKomandorskiye (Commander) Islands
AS-039Komandorskiye (Commander) IslandsMednyy
AS-040Goto IslandsAino
AS-040Goto IslandsAka
AS-040Goto IslandsArifuku
AS-040Goto IslandsBiro
AS-040Goto IslandsFukue
AS-040Goto IslandsHata
AS-040Goto IslandsHebo
AS-040Goto IslandsHime
AS-040Goto IslandsHino
AS-040Goto IslandsHira
AS-040Goto IslandsHisaka
AS-040Goto IslandsHizen-Tori
AS-040Goto IslandsHocho
AS-040Goto IslandsHoge
AS-040Goto IslandsIkenoko
AS-040Goto IslandsKaba
AS-040Goto IslandsKaize
AS-040Goto IslandsKashiwa
AS-040Goto IslandsKazura
AS-040Goto IslandsKi
AS-040Goto IslandsKo
AS-040Goto IslandsKobiro
AS-040Goto IslandsKoguro
AS-040Goto IslandsKoitabe
AS-040Goto IslandsKoro
AS-040Goto IslandsKoshiki
AS-040Goto IslandsKujirase
AS-040Goto IslandsKura
AS-040Goto IslandsKuro
AS-040Goto IslandsKushi
AS-040Goto IslandsMadara
AS-040Goto IslandsMae
AS-040Goto IslandsMaeno
AS-040Goto IslandsMu
AS-040Goto IslandsNakadori
AS-040Goto IslandsNaru
AS-040Goto IslandsNo
AS-040Goto IslandsNoanju
AS-040Goto IslandsNozaki
AS-040Goto IslandsO
AS-040Goto IslandsOitabe
AS-040Goto IslandsOjika
AS-040Goto IslandsOre
AS-040Goto IslandsOtoko
AS-040Goto IslandsSagano
AS-040Goto IslandsSazaeno
AS-040Goto IslandsShimayama
AS-040Goto IslandsShinoki
AS-040Goto IslandsShugen
AS-040Goto IslandsTakenoko
AS-040Goto IslandsTaro
AS-040Goto IslandsTatara
AS-040Goto IslandsTera
AS-040Goto IslandsTsubura
AS-040Goto IslandsTsutara
AS-040Goto IslandsUku
AS-040Goto IslandsUnoko
AS-040Goto IslandsUu
AS-040Goto IslandsWa
AS-040Goto IslandsWakamatsu
AS-040Goto IslandsWarabiko
AS-040Goto IslandsYaburoki
AS-040Goto IslandsYamaanju
AS-040Goto IslandsYaneo
AS-040Goto IslandsZuga
AS-041Oki IslandsAsa
AS-041Oki IslandsChiburi
AS-041Oki IslandsDogo
AS-041Oki IslandsKami
AS-041Oki IslandsKanmuri
AS-041Oki IslandsKohaka
AS-041Oki IslandsKomori
AS-041Oki IslandsMatsu
AS-041Oki IslandsNakano
AS-041Oki IslandsNishino
AS-041Oki IslandsOkaga
AS-041Oki IslandsOki Islands
AS-041Oki IslandsOkino
AS-041Oki IslandsOmori
AS-041Oki IslandsShijiki
AS-041Oki IslandsShimazu
AS-041Oki IslandsShiro
AS-042Severnaya Zemlya (North Land)Bol'shevik
AS-042Severnaya Zemlya (North Land)Dlinyy
AS-042Severnaya Zemlya (North Land)Figurnyy
AS-042Severnaya Zemlya (North Land)Golomyannyy
AS-042Severnaya Zemlya (North Land)Komsomolets
AS-042Severnaya Zemlya (North Land)Krasnoflotskiye Islands
AS-042Severnaya Zemlya (North Land)Malyy Taymyr
AS-042Severnaya Zemlya (North Land)Oktyabr'skoy Revolyutsii
AS-042Severnaya Zemlya (North Land)Pioner
AS-042Severnaya Zemlya (North Land)Shmidta
AS-042Severnaya Zemlya (North Land)Sredniy
AS-042Severnaya Zemlya (North Land)Starokadomskogo
AS-042Severnaya Zemlya (North Land)Voronina
AS-042Severnaya Zemlya (North Land)Vostochnyy
AS-043South Izu IslandsAoga
AS-043South Izu IslandsBeyonezu
AS-043South Izu IslandsHachijo
AS-043South Izu IslandsHachijoko
AS-043South Izu IslandsSofu
AS-043South Izu IslandsSumisu
AS-043South Izu IslandsTori
AS-044Sea of Okhotsk Coast Centre groupBelichiy
AS-044Sea of Okhotsk Coast Centre groupBol'shoy Shantar
AS-044Sea of Okhotsk Coast Centre groupFeklistova
AS-044Sea of Okhotsk Coast Centre groupKusova
AS-044Sea of Okhotsk Coast Centre groupMalyy Shantar
AS-044Sea of Okhotsk Coast Centre groupMedvezhiy
AS-044Sea of Okhotsk Coast Centre groupProkofyeva
AS-044Sea of Okhotsk Coast Centre groupShantarskiye Islands
AS-045Kyongsang-bukto Prov (Ullung Island) groupTok
AS-045Kyongsang-bukto Prov (Ullung Island) groupUllung
AS-046Pahang / Johor State East groupAceh
AS-046Pahang / Johor State East groupAur
AS-046Pahang / Johor State East groupBabi Besar
AS-046Pahang / Johor State East groupBabi Hujung
AS-046Pahang / Johor State East groupBabi Tengah
AS-046Pahang / Johor State East groupBerhala
AS-046Pahang / Johor State East groupDayang
AS-046Pahang / Johor State East groupPemanggil
AS-046Pahang / Johor State East groupRawa
AS-046Pahang / Johor State East groupSembilang
AS-046Pahang / Johor State East groupSeri Buat
AS-046Pahang / Johor State East groupSibu
AS-046Pahang / Johor State East groupSibu Tengah
AS-046Pahang / Johor State East groupTinggi
AS-046Pahang / Johor State East groupTioman
AS-046Pahang / Johor State East groupTulai
AS-047Daito IslandsDaito Islands
AS-047Daito IslandsKita Daito
AS-047Daito IslandsMinami Daito
AS-047Daito IslandsOki Daito
AS-048De Longa IslandsBennetta
AS-048De Longa IslandsGenriyetty
AS-048De Longa IslandsVil'kitskogo
AS-048De Longa IslandsZhannetty
AS-048De Longa IslandsZhokhova
AS-049Tokara IslandsAkuseki
AS-049Tokara IslandsGaja
AS-049Tokara IslandsHirase
AS-049Tokara IslandsKaminone
AS-049Tokara IslandsKo
AS-049Tokara IslandsKodakara
AS-049Tokara IslandsKogaja
AS-049Tokara IslandsKuchino
AS-049Tokara IslandsNakano
AS-049Tokara IslandsSuwanose
AS-049Tokara IslandsTaira
AS-049Tokara IslandsTakara
AS-049Tokara IslandsTokara Islands
AS-049Tokara IslandsYokoate
AS-050Sergeya Kirova IslandsIsachenko
AS-050Sergeya Kirova IslandsKirova
AS-050Sergeya Kirova IslandsSevernyy
AS-050Sergeya Kirova IslandsSlozhnyy
AS-050Sergeya Kirova IslandsSredniy
AS-051Spratly IslandsSpratly Islands
AS-053Malay Peninsula West groupBangu
AS-053Malay Peninsula West groupChan
AS-053Malay Peninsula West groupChang
AS-053Malay Peninsula West groupHai
AS-053Malay Peninsula West groupHuyong
AS-053Malay Peninsula West groupJum
AS-053Malay Peninsula West groupLanta Noi
AS-053Malay Peninsula West groupLanta Yai
AS-053Malay Peninsula West groupMiang
AS-053Malay Peninsula West groupMiddle
AS-053Malay Peninsula West groupMuk
AS-053Malay Peninsula West groupPayan
AS-053Malay Peninsula West groupPayang
AS-053Malay Peninsula West groupPayu
AS-053Malay Peninsula West groupPerforated
AS-053Malay Peninsula West groupPhayam
AS-053Malay Peninsula West groupPhi Phi
AS-053Malay Peninsula West groupPhuket
AS-053Malay Peninsula West groupRa
AS-053Malay Peninsula West groupRacha Noi
AS-053Malay Peninsula West groupRacha Yai
AS-053Malay Peninsula West groupSayer
AS-053Malay Peninsula West groupSimilan
AS-053Malay Peninsula West groupYao Noi
AS-053Malay Peninsula West groupYao Yai
AS-054Laptev Sea Coast West groupBol'shoy
AS-054Laptev Sea Coast West groupDezhnev
AS-054Laptev Sea Coast West groupFaddeya Islands
AS-054Laptev Sea Coast West groupKomsomol'skoy Pravdy Islands
AS-054Laptev Sea Coast West groupSamuila
AS-054Laptev Sea Coast West groupVil'kitskogo Islands
AS-054Laptev Sea Coast West groupZapadny
AS-055Vize IslandVize
AS-056Danjo IslandsDanjo Islands
AS-056Danjo IslandsHanaguri
AS-056Danjo IslandsKuroki
AS-056Danjo IslandsOnna
AS-056Danjo IslandsOtoko
AS-056Danjo IslandsYori
AS-057Uyedineniya IslandUyedineniya
AS-058Perlis / Kedah State groupBunting
AS-058Perlis / Kedah State groupDayang Bunting
AS-058Perlis / Kedah State groupLanggon
AS-058Perlis / Kedah State groupLangkawi
AS-058Perlis / Kedah State groupPerak
AS-058Perlis / Kedah State groupRebak
AS-058Perlis / Kedah State groupSinga Besar
AS-058Perlis / Kedah State groupTimun
AS-058Perlis / Kedah State groupTuba
AS-059Sea of Okhotsk Coast groupNedorazumeniya
AS-059Sea of Okhotsk Coast groupSpafar'yeva
AS-059Sea of Okhotsk Coast groupTalan
AS-059Sea of Okhotsk Coast groupZav'yalova
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupAmt'ae
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupAn
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupAnma Islands
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupAp'ae
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupBu
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupCh'o
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupCh'oran
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupCh'ung
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupCh'wi
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupChaewon
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupChaewon
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupChang
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupChang
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupChang
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupChang Islands
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupChangjuk
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupChangma
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupChangsan
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupChara
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupChaun
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupChe
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupChilbal
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupChin
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupChinmok
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupCho
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupCho
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupCho
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupChobu
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupChok
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupChongdung
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupChoyak
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupChuji
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupChuk
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupChukhang
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupChung
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupDeogu
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupGansu Jedo
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupGu
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupHagai
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupHajo
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupHan'gan
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupHang
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupHat'ae
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupHaui
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupHosa
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupHujung
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupHwa
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupHwagari
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupHwang
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupHwangje
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupHyoi
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupHyongje
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupImja
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupKadok
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupKae
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupKai
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupKakhul
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupKakhul Kap
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupKalmok
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupKalmyong
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupKasa
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupKijom
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupKijwa
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupKilma
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupKoch'a
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupKocha
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupKogum
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupKogum
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupKoha
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupKoi
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupKok
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupKoktu
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupKol
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupKomun
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupKomun
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupKu
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupKuja
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupKumdang
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupKumho
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupKumo
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupKumo
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupKunham
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupKurye
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupKwa
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupKwang
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupKwangdae
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupKwanmae
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupKwansa
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupKyongch'i
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupMa
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupMaehwa
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupMaemul
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupMaemul
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupMaenggol
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupManjae
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupMilmae
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupMo
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupMo
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupMohwang
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupMosa
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupMuhak
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupMyon
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupMyongdok
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupNabae
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupNaebyong
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupNaenaro
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupNang
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupNu
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupNul
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupNurok
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupOean
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupOebyong
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupOedal
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupOegong
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupOemo Islands
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupOenaro
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupOk
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupOk
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupOmi
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupOui
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupP'algum
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupP'yong-il
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupPaegil
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupPaegya
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupPaegya
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupPaek
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupPaengmo
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupPanggu
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupPigum
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupPok
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupPuksong
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupPulmu
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupPunam
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupPyongp'ung
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupPyongp'ung
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupSaeng-il
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupSaja
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupSamma
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupSanggai
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupSangjo
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupSangnagwol
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupSangt'ae
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupSaok
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupSeob
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupShin
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupShinji
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupShisan
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupSin
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupSinui
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupSoak
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupSoborok
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupSodeogu
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupSogijom
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupSoguja
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupSokhwang
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupSoma
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupSon
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupSong
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupSong
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupSong
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupSong-i
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupSongnam
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupSonjuk
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupSonu
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupSorok
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupSoryong Dan
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupSosongnam
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupSot'aei
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupSu
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupSuch-i
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupSuok
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupTaebich'i
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupTaema
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupTaenorok
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupTaesam
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupTaesambu
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupTaesodang
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupTaesodong
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupTaet'aei
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupTaeya
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupTalli
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupTangsa
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupToch'o
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupTokko
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupTungnyang
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupTuryang
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupWan
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupYangdok
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupYanggan So
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupYeogman
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupYok
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupYon
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupYoso
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupYugum
AS-060Cholla-namdo Province groupYul
AS-061Ratmanova (Big Diomede) IslandRatmanova
AS-062Habomai IslandsHabomai Islands
AS-062Habomai IslandsShibotsu
AS-062Habomai IslandsShikotan
AS-062Habomai IslandsSuisho
AS-062Habomai IslandsTaraku
AS-062Habomai IslandsYuri
AS-063Laptev Sea Coast East groupAndreya
AS-063Laptev Sea Coast East groupUst'evoy
AS-063Laptev Sea Coast East groupYuzhnyy
AS-064Bering Sea Coast groupKaraginsky
AS-064Bering Sea Coast groupVerkhoturova
AS-065Chukchi Sea Coast East groupKolyuchin
AS-066Sea of Japan Coast groupAntipenko
AS-066Sea of Japan Coast groupAskol'd
AS-066Sea of Japan Coast groupChikhacheva
AS-066Sea of Japan Coast groupFurugel'ma
AS-066Sea of Japan Coast groupKrolichiy
AS-066Sea of Japan Coast groupLisiy
AS-066Sea of Japan Coast groupOpasnyy
AS-066Sea of Japan Coast groupPopova
AS-066Sea of Japan Coast groupPutyatina
AS-066Sea of Japan Coast groupReyneke
AS-066Sea of Japan Coast groupRikorda
AS-066Sea of Japan Coast groupRimskogo-Korsakova Islands
AS-066Sea of Japan Coast groupRusskiy
AS-066Sea of Japan Coast groupSibiryakova
AS-066Sea of Japan Coast groupSkrypleva
AS-066Sea of Japan Coast groupZheltukhina
AS-067Uji & Kusagaki IslandsKamino
AS-067Uji & Kusagaki IslandsKujaku
AS-067Uji & Kusagaki IslandsKusagaki
AS-067Uji & Kusagaki IslandsNakano
AS-067Uji & Kusagaki IslandsNishi Tachigami
AS-067Uji & Kusagaki IslandsSame
AS-067Uji & Kusagaki IslandsShimono
AS-067Uji & Kusagaki IslandsUji
AS-067Uji & Kusagaki IslandsUji Mukai
AS-068Kara Sea Coast Centre groupBol'shoy Gol'tsman
AS-068Kara Sea Coast Centre groupKolosovykh
AS-068Kara Sea Coast Centre groupKravkova
AS-068Kara Sea Coast Centre groupKruglyy
AS-068Kara Sea Coast Centre groupMorzhova
AS-068Kara Sea Coast Centre groupOleniy
AS-068Kara Sea Coast Centre groupPestsovyy
AS-068Kara Sea Coast Centre groupPlavnikovyye Islands
AS-068Kara Sea Coast Centre groupPodkova
AS-068Kara Sea Coast Centre groupRastorguyeva
AS-068Kara Sea Coast Centre groupRingnes
AS-068Kara Sea Coast Centre groupSkott-Gansena Islands
AS-068Kara Sea Coast Centre groupTsirkul'
AS-068Kara Sea Coast Centre groupVostochnyy Kamennyy
AS-068Kara Sea Coast Centre groupZapadnyy Kamennyy
AS-068Kara Sea Coast Centre groupZveroboy
AS-069Iony IslandIony Island
AS-070East Siberian Sea Coast East groupGusmp
AS-070East Siberian Sea Coast East groupKamenka
AS-070East Siberian Sea Coast East groupSukharnyy
AS-071Bering Sea Coast North groupArakamchechen
AS-071Bering Sea Coast North groupNuneangan
AS-071Bering Sea Coast North groupYttygran
AS-072Perak State groupPangkor
AS-072Perak State groupRumbia
AS-073Kelantan / Terengganu State groupBidung Laut
AS-073Kelantan / Terengganu State groupCipu
AS-073Kelantan / Terengganu State groupEkor Tebu
AS-073Kelantan / Terengganu State groupGeluk
AS-073Kelantan / Terengganu State groupGumia
AS-073Kelantan / Terengganu State groupKapas
AS-073Kelantan / Terengganu State groupKarah
AS-073Kelantan / Terengganu State groupLang Tengah
AS-073Kelantan / Terengganu State groupLima
AS-073Kelantan / Terengganu State groupNyirih
AS-073Kelantan / Terengganu State groupPerhentian Besar
AS-073Kelantan / Terengganu State groupPerhentian Kechil
AS-073Kelantan / Terengganu State groupPinang
AS-073Kelantan / Terengganu State groupRawa
AS-073Kelantan / Terengganu State groupRedang
AS-073Kelantan / Terengganu State groupSerenggeh
AS-073Kelantan / Terengganu State groupSusu Dara
AS-073Kelantan / Terengganu State groupTenggul
AS-073Kelantan / Terengganu State groupTokong Burung
AS-073Kelantan / Terengganu State groupYu Besar
AS-073Kelantan / Terengganu State groupYu Kechil
AS-074Selangor / Negeri Sembilan State groupIndah
AS-074Selangor / Negeri Sembilan State groupKelang
AS-074Selangor / Negeri Sembilan State groupKetam
AS-074Selangor / Negeri Sembilan State groupSelat Kering
AS-074Selangor / Negeri Sembilan State groupTengah
AS-075Macau groupColoane
AS-075Macau groupTaipa
AS-076Shikoku IslandShikoku
AS-077Kyushu IslandKyushu
AS-078Hokkaido IslandHokkaido
AS-079Miyako IslandsIkema
AS-079Miyako IslandsIrabu
AS-079Miyako IslandsKurima
AS-079Miyako IslandsMinna
AS-079Miyako IslandsMiyako
AS-079Miyako IslandsOgami
AS-079Miyako IslandsShimoji
AS-079Miyako IslandsTarama
AS-080Ch'ungch'ong-namdo Province groupAn
AS-080Ch'ungch'ong-namdo Province groupAnmyon
AS-080Ch'ungch'ong-namdo Province groupHo
AS-080Ch'ungch'ong-namdo Province groupHuk
AS-080Ch'ungch'ong-namdo Province groupHwang
AS-080Ch'ungch'ong-namdo Province groupHwonggyon
AS-080Ch'ungch'ong-namdo Province groupKaui
AS-080Ch'ungch'ong-namdo Province groupKoa
AS-080Ch'ungch'ong-namdo Province groupKungshi
AS-080Ch'ungch'ong-namdo Province groupKyongnyolbi
AS-080Ch'ungch'ong-namdo Province groupKyongnyolbiyolto Islands
AS-080Ch'ungch'ong-namdo Province groupNach'i
AS-080Ch'ungch'ong-namdo Province groupNan
AS-080Ch'ungch'ong-namdo Province groupNok
AS-080Ch'ungch'ong-namdo Province groupOejanggo
AS-080Ch'ungch'ong-namdo Province groupOeyon
AS-080Ch'ungch'ong-namdo Province groupOng
AS-080Ch'ungch'ong-namdo Province groupPukkyongnyolbi
AS-080Ch'ungch'ong-namdo Province groupPyon
AS-080Ch'ungch'ong-namdo Province groupSapshi
AS-080Ch'ungch'ong-namdo Province groupSin
AS-080Ch'ungch'ong-namdo Province groupSogilsan
AS-080Ch'ungch'ong-namdo Province groupSogyongnyolbi
AS-080Ch'ungch'ong-namdo Province groupSok
AS-080Ch'ungch'ong-namdo Province groupSonanji
AS-080Ch'ungch'ong-namdo Province groupTae
AS-080Ch'ungch'ong-namdo Province groupTaech'ong
AS-080Ch'ungch'ong-namdo Province groupTaegilsan
AS-080Ch'ungch'ong-namdo Province groupTaenanji
AS-080Ch'ungch'ong-namdo Province groupTan
AS-080Ch'ungch'ong-namdo Province groupTonggyongnyolbi
AS-080Ch'ungch'ong-namdo Province groupUbae
AS-080Ch'ungch'ong-namdo Province groupWonsan
AS-080Ch'ungch'ong-namdo Province groupYondol
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupBu
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupCh'angson
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupCh'ilch'on
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupCh'u
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupChangsa
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupChishim
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupChoa
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupChwasari
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupDaegwangi
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupEoeui
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupGajo
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupGalsan
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupHa
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupHansan
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupHong
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupHwangdeog
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupIsu
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupJo
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupKadok
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupKal
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupKalgok
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupKao
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupKo Am
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupKoje
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupKolli
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupKuk
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupMaemul
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupMok
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupNaebuji
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupNaejora
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupNamhae
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupNamhyongje
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupNamyo
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupNodae Islands
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupOebuji
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupOejora
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupOgok
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupOryung
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupPijin
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupPongam
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupPuk'yongje
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupPungnyo
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupPyonsan Yolto
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupSandal
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupSang
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupSangnodae
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupSaryang
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupShinsu
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupSoguulbi
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupSogwangi
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupSoji
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupSomaemul
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupSu
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupSuu
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupTaebyongdae
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupTaeguulbi
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupTumi
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupTungga
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupYeon
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupYokchi
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupYondae
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupYongcho
AS-081Kyongsang-bukto / Kyongsang-namdo Province groupYonhwa
AS-082Laptev Sea Coast Centre groupAeros'yemki
AS-082Laptev Sea Coast Centre groupDunay Islands
AS-082Laptev Sea Coast Centre groupMuostakh
AS-082Laptev Sea Coast Centre groupPoselok
AS-082Laptev Sea Coast Centre groupSamoleta
AS-083Kara Sea Coast East groupBelyy
AS-083Kara Sea Coast East groupNeupokoyeva
AS-083Kara Sea Coast East groupOleniy
AS-083Kara Sea Coast East groupProklyatyye Islands
AS-083Kara Sea Coast East groupShokal'skogo
AS-083Kara Sea Coast East groupTabngo
AS-083Kara Sea Coast East groupVil'kitskogo
AS-084Cheju-do Province (Ch'uja Islands) groupCh'uja Islands
AS-084Cheju-do Province (Ch'uja Islands) groupHach'uja
AS-084Cheju-do Province (Ch'uja Islands) groupHoenggan
AS-084Cheju-do Province (Ch'uja Islands) groupJeolmyeong Seo
AS-084Cheju-do Province (Ch'uja Islands) groupJiggu
AS-084Cheju-do Province (Ch'uja Islands) groupNog
AS-084Cheju-do Province (Ch'uja Islands) groupSangch'uja
AS-085Cholla-namdo Province (Soan Islands) groupBulgeun
AS-085Cholla-namdo Province (Soan Islands) groupCh'ongsan
AS-085Cholla-namdo Province (Soan Islands) groupHoenggan
AS-085Cholla-namdo Province (Soan Islands) groupJaji
AS-085Cholla-namdo Province (Soan Islands) groupNohwa
AS-085Cholla-namdo Province (Soan Islands) groupNop
AS-085Cholla-namdo Province (Soan Islands) groupPogil
AS-085Cholla-namdo Province (Soan Islands) groupSoan
AS-085Cholla-namdo Province (Soan Islands) groupSomo
AS-085Cholla-namdo Province (Soan Islands) groupTaemo
AS-086Izvestiy TS.I.K IslandsIzvestiy TS.I.K Islands
AS-086Izvestiy TS.I.K IslandsPologiy-Sergeyeva
AS-086Izvestiy TS.I.K IslandsTroynoy
AS-087Arkticheskogo Instituta IslandsArkticheskogo Instituta Islands
AS-087Arkticheskogo Instituta IslandsBol'shoy
AS-087Arkticheskogo Instituta IslandsSidorova
AS-088Qatar groupAl Alyah
AS-088Qatar groupAl Ishat
AS-088Qatar groupAl Safliyeh
AS-088Qatar groupHalul
AS-088Qatar groupShara'iwah
AS-089Kara Sea Coast West groupMarresal'skiye Koshki Isls
AS-089Kara Sea Coast West groupSharapovy Koshki Islands
AS-090Kyonggi-do Province (Tokchok Islands) groupChi
AS-090Kyonggi-do Province (Tokchok Islands) groupHagonggyong
AS-090Kyonggi-do Province (Tokchok Islands) groupKa
AS-090Kyonggi-do Province (Tokchok Islands) groupKadok
AS-090Kyonggi-do Province (Tokchok Islands) groupKakul
AS-090Kyonggi-do Province (Tokchok Islands) groupKum
AS-090Kyonggi-do Province (Tokchok Islands) groupKurop
AS-090Kyonggi-do Province (Tokchok Islands) groupMoktok
AS-090Kyonggi-do Province (Tokchok Islands) groupMuk
AS-090Kyonggi-do Province (Tokchok Islands) groupMun'gap
AS-090Kyonggi-do Province (Tokchok Islands) groupP'i
AS-090Kyonggi-do Province (Tokchok Islands) groupPaega
AS-090Kyonggi-do Province (Tokchok Islands) groupSanggonggyong
AS-090Kyonggi-do Province (Tokchok Islands) groupSasunghwang
AS-090Kyonggi-do Province (Tokchok Islands) groupSon'gap
AS-090Kyonggi-do Province (Tokchok Islands) groupSonmi
AS-090Kyonggi-do Province (Tokchok Islands) groupSoya
AS-090Kyonggi-do Province (Tokchok Islands) groupSungbong
AS-090Kyonggi-do Province (Tokchok Islands) groupTaeijak
AS-090Kyonggi-do Province (Tokchok Islands) groupTokchok
AS-090Kyonggi-do Province (Tokchok Islands) groupUl
AS-091Shelikhova Bay groupDobrzhanskogo
AS-091Shelikhova Bay groupKonus
AS-091Shelikhova Bay groupPtichiy
AS-091Shelikhova Bay groupRovnyy
AS-091Shelikhova Bay groupSkala
AS-091Shelikhova Bay groupTretiy
AS-091Shelikhova Bay groupZubchatyy
AS-092Bering Sea Coast South groupAlyumka
AS-092Bering Sea Coast South groupKosa Meechkyn
AS-093Cholla-namdo Province (Huksan Islands) groupChungt'ae
AS-093Cholla-namdo Province (Huksan Islands) groupHat'ae
AS-093Cholla-namdo Province (Huksan Islands) groupHong
AS-093Cholla-namdo Province (Huksan Islands) groupHuksan Islands
AS-093Cholla-namdo Province (Huksan Islands) groupManjae
AS-093Cholla-namdo Province (Huksan Islands) groupSangt'ae
AS-093Cholla-namdo Province (Huksan Islands) groupSohuksan
AS-093Cholla-namdo Province (Huksan Islands) groupTaedun
AS-093Cholla-namdo Province (Huksan Islands) groupTaehuksan
AS-094Hainan Province (Hainan Island) groupDazhou
AS-094Hainan Province (Hainan Island) groupHainan
AS-094Hainan Province (Hainan Island) groupQizhou Islands
AS-095Bering Sea Coast groupKrasheninnikova
AS-095Bering Sea Coast groupStarichkov
AS-095Bering Sea Coast groupUtashud
AS-096Karnataka State groupAnjadip
AS-096Karnataka State groupArge
AS-096Karnataka State groupBasavrajdurg
AS-096Karnataka State groupBlack Rock
AS-096Karnataka State groupBlack Rocks
AS-096Karnataka State groupButton Rock
AS-096Karnataka State groupCocoanut
AS-096Karnataka State groupDevgad
AS-096Karnataka State groupKangiguda
AS-096Karnataka State groupKap Rock
AS-096Karnataka State groupKarkal
AS-096Karnataka State groupKerekund
AS-096Karnataka State groupKukra
AS-096Karnataka State groupKurmagad
AS-096Karnataka State groupMandal
AS-096Karnataka State groupMogeraguda
AS-096Karnataka State groupMulki Rocks
AS-096Karnataka State groupNetrani
AS-096Karnataka State groupRound
AS-096Karnataka State groupShirali
AS-096Karnataka State groupSnail Rock
AS-096Karnataka State groupSt Mary Isles
AS-096Karnataka State groupSunghiri
AS-097Melaka / Johor State West groupBesar
AS-097Melaka / Johor State West groupKukup
AS-097Melaka / Johor State West groupPisang
AS-097Melaka / Johor State West groupSauh
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupAkcali
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupAta
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupBaba
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupBuk
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupBuyukkiremit
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupCamli
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupCatal
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupCatalada
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupCayus
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupDegirmen
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupDeliklitas Islands
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupFener
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupFethiye
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupGocek
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupIkizadalar
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupIncirli
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupKahya
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupKameriye
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupKaraada
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupKaraca
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupKaracaoren
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupKargatasi
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupKargi
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupKargi
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupKargi
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupKatrancik
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupKizil
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupKizil
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupKizil
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupKizilagac
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupKoca
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupKucukkiremit
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupKucuktavsan
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupNar
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupOrak
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupOrta
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupPalamutbuku
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupPanayir
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupPeksimet
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupPrasa
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupSalih
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupSehir Islands
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupSuluca
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupTas
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupTaslica
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupTersane
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupTopan
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupTopan
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupToprakada
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupTuysuzce
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupUzun
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupYassica Islands
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupYedi Islands
AS-098Aydin / Mugla Province groupYilancik
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupAkca
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupAkoglu
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupAlev
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupArap
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupBalik
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupBogaz
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupBozcaada
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupBuyuk
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupCicek
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupCifte Islands
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupCiplak
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupCirakan
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupDoganbey
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupFener
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupGarip
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupGunes
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupHasir
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupHayirsizada
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupHekim
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupIkiz Islands
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupIncirli
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupKara
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupKaraada
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupKarabag
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupKiz
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupKizkulesi
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupKortas
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupKucuk Islands
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupKucukada
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupMustafa Celebi
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupOrak
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupPirasa
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupPirnalli
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupSican
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupSungukaya
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupTas
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupTavsan
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupTavsan
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupToprak
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupUcadalar
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupUfak
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupUzunada
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupYassi
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupYassica
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupYumurta
AS-099Canakkale / Balikesir / Izmir Province groupYumurta
AS-100Israel groupAkhziv Islands
AS-101Malay Peninsula East groupPha Luai
AS-101Malay Peninsula East groupPhangan
AS-101Malay Peninsula East groupSamui
AS-101Malay Peninsula East groupTao
AS-102Kinmen (Quemoy) IslandKinmen
AS-103P'enghu (Pescadores) IslandsCh'imei Yu
AS-103P'enghu (Pescadores) IslandsChipei
AS-103P'enghu (Pescadores) IslandsHsiyup'ing Yu
AS-103P'enghu (Pescadores) IslandsP'enghu
AS-103P'enghu (Pescadores) IslandsPachao
AS-103P'enghu (Pescadores) IslandsPaisha
AS-103P'enghu (Pescadores) IslandsYuweng
AS-104Kara Sea Coast East groupBonevi
AS-104Kara Sea Coast East groupNansena
AS-104Kara Sea Coast East groupPilota Makhotkina
AS-104Kara Sea Coast East groupPravdy
AS-104Kara Sea Coast East groupProdolgovatyy
AS-104Kara Sea Coast East groupQualifying islands south of the Matisena Strait
AS-104Kara Sea Coast East groupRykacheva
AS-104Kara Sea Coast East groupTaymyr
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupAch'a
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupCh'ochi Islands
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupChangbong
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupChawol
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupChebu
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupChumun
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupHyong
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupIpp'a
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupKanghwa
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupKarigi
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupKukhwa
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupKyodong
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupMal
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupMibop
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupMo
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupMuui
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupP'almi
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupP'ung
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupPorum
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupPul
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupSammok
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupShin
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupSi
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupSo
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupSo'bol
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupSogom
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupSoman
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupSon'gam
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupSong-jae
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupSongmo
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupSoyonp'yong
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupT'an
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupTaebu
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupTaeyonp'yong
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupTongman
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupTori
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupUum
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupYonghung
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupYongjong
AS-105Kyonggi-do Province groupYongyu
AS-106Minicoy IslandMinicoy
AS-107Gulf of Thailand North groupKhram
AS-107Gulf of Thailand North groupLan
AS-107Gulf of Thailand North groupPai
AS-107Gulf of Thailand North groupSamet
AS-107Gulf of Thailand North groupSi Chang
AS-108Lebanon groupDeblaika
AS-108Lebanon groupEl Bellan
AS-108Lebanon groupEn Nakhle
AS-108Lebanon groupLaoukas
AS-108Lebanon groupMedaoura
AS-108Lebanon groupRamkin
AS-108Lebanon groupRamleh
AS-108Lebanon groupSanani
AS-108Lebanon groupTaouile
AS-108Lebanon groupTaras
AS-108Lebanon groupZiri
AS-109Obskaya Gulf groupNarechi
AS-109Obskaya Gulf groupSenokosnye Islands
AS-109Obskaya Gulf groupSerkamo
AS-109Obskaya Gulf groupVunshing
AS-109Obskaya Gulf groupYampugor
AS-109Obskaya Gulf groupYermak
AS-109Obskaya Gulf groupZhuravlinyy
AS-110Tungsha (Pratas) IslandTungsha
AS-111The Gulf groupAbu 'Ali
AS-111The Gulf groupAl Jurayd
AS-111The Gulf groupJana
AS-111The Gulf groupKaran
AS-111The Gulf groupKurayn
AS-112Al Batinah / Masqat Region groupDaymaniyat
AS-112Al Batinah / Masqat Region groupSuwadi
AS-113Matsu IslandsMatsu
AS-113Matsu IslandsPaich'uan Islands
AS-113Matsu IslandsPeikan
AS-113Matsu IslandsTungyin
AS-114Sea of Okhotsk Coast South groupBaidukov
AS-114Sea of Okhotsk Coast South groupChkalova
AS-114Sea of Okhotsk Coast South groupMen'shikova
AS-114Sea of Okhotsk Coast South groupReyneke
AS-115Antalya Province groupBayrak
AS-115Antalya Province groupBes Islands
AS-115Antalya Province groupGurmenli
AS-115Antalya Province groupHeybeli
AS-115Antalya Province groupHeybeli
AS-115Antalya Province groupKekova
AS-115Antalya Province groupKovan
AS-115Antalya Province groupOksuz
AS-115Antalya Province groupPirasali
AS-115Antalya Province groupSariot
AS-115Antalya Province groupSican
AS-115Antalya Province groupSican
AS-115Antalya Province groupSuluada
AS-115Antalya Province groupUcadalar
AS-116Huang Yan Island (Scarborough Reef)Huang Yan
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsAbuga
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsAi
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsAji
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsAo
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsAshi
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsAtata
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsAwa
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsAwaji
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsBenten
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsEno
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsEta
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsFune
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsGanryu
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsHa
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsHane
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsHashira
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsHashiri
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsHatsu
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsHegura
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsHeigun
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsHimaga
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsHime
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsHira
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsHodaka
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsI
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsIeshima Archipelago
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsIkuchi
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsInno
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsInuno
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsIseko
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsIwai
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsIzu
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsKa
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsKaji
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsKakui
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsKami
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsKamiguro
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsKamikamagari
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsKamimizu
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsKanawa
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsKanmuri
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsKarimo
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsKasado
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsKasagai
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsKasasa
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsKashira
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsKe
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsKinkasan
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsKo
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsKosagi
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsKurakake
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsKuro
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsKuro
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsKurokami
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsKurop
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsKyuroku
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsMae
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsManabe
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsMe
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsMi
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsMikomoto
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsMiya
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsMomo
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsMu
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsMutsure
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsNaga
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsNanatsu
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsNino
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsNo
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsNo
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsNo
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsNomi
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsO
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsO
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsO
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsO
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsO
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsO
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsO
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsO
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsObi
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsOgurokami
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsOki
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsOkikamuro
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsOkino
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsOkuno
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsOminase
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsOsakikami
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsOsakishimo
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsOshiba
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsOtabu
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsOtsu
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsSaba
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsSabaru
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsSado
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsSagi
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsSago
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsSaku
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsSaru
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsSen
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsShimoguro
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsShimokamagari
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsShimomizu
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsShino
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsSo
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsSuga
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsSuzu
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsTa
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsTaka
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsTaka
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsTaka
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsTake
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsTashiro
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsTe
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsTobi
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsToge
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsToshi
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsToyo
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsTsubaki
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsTsuno
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsTsuru
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsU
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsUji
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsUki
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsUki
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsUma
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsUma
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsUshi
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsYa
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsYakei
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsYashiro
AS-117Honshu's Coastal IslandsYoko
AS-118Kuwait groupBubiyan
AS-118Kuwait groupFaylakah
AS-118Kuwait groupKubbar
AS-118Kuwait groupMaskan
AS-118Kuwait groupQaruh
AS-118Kuwait groupUmm al Maradim
AS-119Musandam Region groupAl Ghanam
AS-119Musandam Region groupMusandam
AS-119Musandam Region groupQuoin Islands
AS-119Musandam Region groupSalami
AS-120Cyprus's Coastal IslandsAgios Georgios
AS-120Cyprus's Coastal IslandsKionos
AS-120Cyprus's Coastal IslandsKoppo
AS-120Cyprus's Coastal IslandsManijin
AS-120Cyprus's Coastal IslandsMazaki
AS-120Cyprus's Coastal IslandsMoulia Rocks
AS-120Cyprus's Coastal IslandsYeronisos
AS-121Nordenshel'da ArchipelagoBianki
AS-121Nordenshel'da ArchipelagoNord
AS-121Nordenshel'da ArchipelagoPakhtusova Islands
AS-121Nordenshel'da ArchipelagoRusskiy
AS-121Nordenshel'da ArchipelagoTsivol'ki Islands
AS-121Nordenshel'da ArchipelagoTyrtova
AS-121Nordenshel'da ArchipelagoVil'kitskogo Islands
AS-121Nordenshel'da ArchipelagoYermolova
AS-122Kyonggi-do Province West groupPaengnyong
AS-122Kyonggi-do Province West groupSoch'ong
AS-122Kyonggi-do Province West groupTaech'ong
AS-123Icel / Adana / Hatay Province groupAksaz
AS-123Icel / Adana / Hatay Province groupBesparmak
AS-123Icel / Adana / Hatay Province groupBogsak
AS-123Icel / Adana / Hatay Province groupBuyukada
AS-123Icel / Adana / Hatay Province groupDana
AS-123Icel / Adana / Hatay Province groupKizkalesi
AS-123Icel / Adana / Hatay Province groupKosrelik
AS-123Icel / Adana / Hatay Province groupYilanli
AS-124Gulf of Oman groupSirat Al Khawr
AS-125Gulf of Thailand North East groupChang
AS-125Gulf of Thailand North East groupKut
AS-125Gulf of Thailand North East groupMak
AS-126Malay Peninsula South West groupAdang
AS-126Malay Peninsula South West groupBitsi
AS-126Malay Peninsula South West groupBulon
AS-126Malay Peninsula South West groupButang
AS-126Malay Peninsula South West groupButang Group
AS-126Malay Peninsula South West groupGlang
AS-126Malay Peninsula South West groupGra
AS-126Malay Peninsula South West groupHin Ngam
AS-126Malay Peninsula South West groupJabang
AS-126Malay Peninsula South West groupKai
AS-126Malay Peninsula South West groupLipe
AS-126Malay Peninsula South West groupRawi
AS-126Malay Peninsula South West groupTarutao
AS-126Malay Peninsula South West groupYang
AS-127Chittagong Region groupChar Shabani
AS-127Chittagong Region groupChar Srijani
AS-127Chittagong Region groupKutubdia
AS-127Chittagong Region groupMatarbari
AS-127Chittagong Region groupSandwip
AS-127Chittagong Region groupSonadia
AS-127Chittagong Region groupSouth Hatia
AS-127Chittagong Region groupSt Martin's
AS-128Gulf of Thailand groupBuong
AS-128Gulf of Thailand groupChuoi
AS-128Gulf of Thailand groupKhoai
AS-128Gulf of Thailand groupNam Du
AS-128Gulf of Thailand groupNghe
AS-128Gulf of Thailand groupPhu Quoc
AS-128Gulf of Thailand groupRai
AS-128Gulf of Thailand groupTho Chu
AS-128Gulf of Thailand groupTre
AS-129Guangdong Province East groupBeijian
AS-129Guangdong Province East groupDalajia
AS-129Guangdong Province East groupDangan
AS-129Guangdong Province East groupDazhizhu
AS-129Guangdong Province East groupMiaowan
AS-129Guangdong Province East groupNan'ao
AS-129Guangdong Province East groupNanpeng Islands
AS-129Guangdong Province East groupSanmen
AS-129Guangdong Province East groupSanmen Islands
AS-129Guangdong Province East groupShuazhou
AS-129Guangdong Province East groupWailingding
AS-129Guangdong Province East groupZhiwan
AS-130South China Sea Coast South groupBai Canh
AS-130South China Sea Coast South groupCon Son
AS-130South China Sea Coast South groupTrung Lon
AS-130South China Sea Coast South groupTrung Nho
AS-131Guangdong Province West groupDahengqin
AS-131Guangdong Province West groupDajin
AS-131Guangdong Province West groupDamang
AS-131Guangdong Province West groupDawanshan
AS-131Guangdong Province West groupDongao
AS-131Guangdong Province West groupGaolan
AS-131Guangdong Province West groupGuishan
AS-131Guangdong Province West groupHailing
AS-131Guangdong Province West groupHebao
AS-131Guangdong Province West groupHuangmao
AS-131Guangdong Province West groupJiu'ao
AS-131Guangdong Province West groupLuodou Sha
AS-131Guangdong Province West groupNanpeng
AS-131Guangdong Province West groupNaozhou
AS-131Guangdong Province West groupNeilingding
AS-131Guangdong Province West groupNiutou
AS-131Guangdong Province West groupQi Ao
AS-131Guangdong Province West groupShangchuan
AS-131Guangdong Province West groupWuzhu Zhou
AS-131Guangdong Province West groupXiachuan
AS-132Gulf of Tongking North groupBach Long Vi
AS-132Gulf of Tongking North groupCai Chien
AS-132Gulf of Tongking North groupCat Ba
AS-132Gulf of Tongking North groupCo To Islands
AS-132Gulf of Tongking North groupTra Ban
AS-132Gulf of Tongking North groupVinh Thuc
AS-133Cambodia groupChraloh
AS-133Cambodia groupKhteah
AS-133Cambodia groupKoang Kang
AS-133Cambodia groupKon
AS-133Cambodia groupKong
AS-133Cambodia groupMano
AS-133Cambodia groupPoah
AS-133Cambodia groupPoulo Wai
AS-133Cambodia groupPraeus
AS-133Cambodia groupPrins
AS-133Cambodia groupRong
AS-133Cambodia groupRong Samloem
AS-133Cambodia groupRussei
AS-133Cambodia groupSes
AS-133Cambodia groupSramaoch
AS-133Cambodia groupTa Kiev
AS-133Cambodia groupTang
AS-133Cambodia groupThmei
AS-134Hebei / Tianjin Province groupPuti
AS-134Hebei / Tianjin Province groupYuetuo
AS-135Jiangsu Province groupCheniu Shan
AS-135Jiangsu Province groupDongxilian
AS-135Jiangsu Province groupKaishan
AS-135Jiangsu Province groupPing
AS-135Jiangsu Province groupQinshan
AS-136Shanghai Province groupChangxing
AS-136Shanghai Province groupChongming
AS-136Shanghai Province groupDajin Shan
AS-136Shanghai Province groupHeng Sha
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupBai Shan
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupBaijie Shan
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupBaisha Shan
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupCezi Shan
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupChangbai Shan
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupChenqian Shan
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupDachangtu Shan
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupDachen Shan
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupDahuanglong Shan
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupDai Shan
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupDaji Shan
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupDaqu Shan
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupDaxizhai
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupDayang Shan
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupDayu Shan
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupDengbu
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupDongfu Shan
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupDonghuo Shan
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupDongting Shan
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupGouqi Shan
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupHuangxing
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupHuangze Shan
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupHuaniao Shan
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupJintang Shan
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupJiushan Islands
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupLanggangshan Islands
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupLiangxiongdi
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupLiuheng
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupLuhua Shan
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupPutuo Shan
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupSijiao Shan
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupTangnao Shan
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupTantou Shan
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupTanxu Shan
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupTaohua
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupWangpan Shan
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupXiaoji Shan
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupXiaoyang Shan
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupXiaqi
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupXiu Shan
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupXugong
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupZhoushan
AS-137Zhejiang Province North groupZhujia Jian
AS-138Fujian Province groupBeishuang
AS-138Fujian Province groupCao Yu
AS-138Fujian Province groupDalian
AS-138Fujian Province groupDayu Shan
AS-138Fujian Province groupDongluo
AS-138Fujian Province groupDongxiang
AS-138Fujian Province groupFuying
AS-138Fujian Province groupGulangyu
AS-138Fujian Province groupLusi Yu
AS-138Fujian Province groupNanding
AS-138Fujian Province groupNanri
AS-138Fujian Province groupNanshuang
AS-138Fujian Province groupPingtan
AS-138Fujian Province groupTaishan Islands
AS-138Fujian Province groupXiongdi Yu
AS-138Fujian Province groupXiyang
AS-139Guangxi Autonomous Region groupWeizhou
AS-139Guangxi Autonomous Region groupXieyang
AS-140Khulna / Barisal Region groupChar Dai
AS-140Khulna / Barisal Region groupChar Kashem
AS-140Khulna / Barisal Region groupChar Kukri Mukri
AS-140Khulna / Barisal Region groupChar Nizam
AS-140Khulna / Barisal Region groupDakhin Shahbazpur
AS-140Khulna / Barisal Region groupSonar Char
AS-141Zhejiang Province South groupBanmian Shan
AS-141Zhejiang Province South groupBeiguan
AS-141Zhejiang Province South groupBeiji Shan
AS-141Zhejiang Province South groupBeilong Shan
AS-141Zhejiang Province South groupChitou Shan
AS-141Zhejiang Province South groupDamen
AS-141Zhejiang Province South groupDongji Shan
AS-141Zhejiang Province South groupDongtou Shan
AS-141Zhejiang Province South groupGao
AS-141Zhejiang Province South groupLuxi
AS-141Zhejiang Province South groupNanji Shan
AS-141Zhejiang Province South groupNiyu Shan
AS-141Zhejiang Province South groupPi Shan
AS-141Zhejiang Province South groupQixing
AS-141Zhejiang Province South groupQue'er'ao
AS-141Zhejiang Province South groupSansuan Shan
AS-141Zhejiang Province South groupShangdachen
AS-141Zhejiang Province South groupToumen Shan
AS-141Zhejiang Province South groupXiadachen
AS-141Zhejiang Province South groupYijiangshan
AS-141Zhejiang Province South groupYushan Islands
AS-142Sea of Okhotsk Coast groupKambal'nyy
AS-143Hainan Province (Xisha Islands) group (aka Paracel Islands)Yongxing
AS-144Tenasserim Region South groupBada
AS-144Tenasserim Region South groupBentinck
AS-144Tenasserim Region South groupCavern
AS-144Tenasserim Region South groupChristie
AS-144Tenasserim Region South groupClara
AS-144Tenasserim Region South groupDaung
AS-144Tenasserim Region South groupGreat West Torres Islands
AS-144Tenasserim Region South groupHayes
AS-144Tenasserim Region South groupHigh
AS-144Tenasserim Region South groupKabosa
AS-144Tenasserim Region South groupKadan
AS-144Tenasserim Region South groupKauye
AS-144Tenasserim Region South groupLanbi
AS-144Tenasserim Region South groupLetsokaw
AS-144Tenasserim Region South groupLord Loughborough
AS-144Tenasserim Region South groupMaingy
AS-144Tenasserim Region South groupMali
AS-144Tenasserim Region South groupMaria
AS-144Tenasserim Region South groupMcLeods
AS-144Tenasserim Region South groupOwen
AS-144Tenasserim Region South groupPawegyi
AS-144Tenasserim Region South groupPila
AS-144Tenasserim Region South groupPrinsep
AS-144Tenasserim Region South groupTenasserim
AS-144Tenasserim Region South groupThaminla
AS-144Tenasserim Region South groupThan
AS-144Tenasserim Region South groupThayawthadangyi
AS-144Tenasserim Region South groupThaytay
AS-144Tenasserim Region South groupZadetkale
AS-144Tenasserim Region South groupZadetkyi
AS-145Malay Peninsula South East groupKra
AS-145Malay Peninsula South East groupMaeo
AS-145Malay Peninsula South East groupNu
AS-146Shandong Province North East groupBeichangshan
AS-146Shandong Province North East groupBeihuangcheng
AS-146Shandong Province North East groupChangdao
AS-146Shandong Province North East groupChu
AS-146Shandong Province North East groupDaheishan
AS-146Shandong Province North East groupDaqin
AS-146Shandong Province North East groupHailv
AS-146Shandong Province North East groupJiming
AS-146Shandong Province North East groupKongtong
AS-146Shandong Province North East groupLiugong
AS-146Shandong Province North East groupMiao
AS-146Shandong Province North East groupNanhuangcheng
AS-146Shandong Province North East groupSang
AS-146Shandong Province North East groupTuoji
AS-146Shandong Province North East groupXiaoqin
AS-147Hokkaido's Coastal IslandsDaikoku
AS-147Hokkaido's Coastal IslandsKo
AS-147Hokkaido's Coastal IslandsKo
AS-147Hokkaido's Coastal IslandsKo
AS-147Hokkaido's Coastal IslandsMoeyururi
AS-147Hokkaido's Coastal IslandsO
AS-147Hokkaido's Coastal IslandsOkushiri
AS-147Hokkaido's Coastal IslandsRebun
AS-147Hokkaido's Coastal IslandsRishiri
AS-147Hokkaido's Coastal IslandsTeuri
AS-147Hokkaido's Coastal IslandsTodo
AS-147Hokkaido's Coastal IslandsYagishiri
AS-147Hokkaido's Coastal IslandsYururi
AS-148Cholla-bukto Province groupHawangdung
AS-148Cholla-bukto Province groupKaeya
AS-148Cholla-bukto Province groupKorun
AS-148Cholla-bukto Province groupMunyo
AS-148Cholla-bukto Province groupOch'ong
AS-148Cholla-bukto Province groupP'angch'uk
AS-148Cholla-bukto Province groupPian
AS-148Cholla-bukto Province groupSangwangdung
AS-148Cholla-bukto Province groupShibidongp'a
AS-148Cholla-bukto Province groupShinshi
AS-148Cholla-bukto Province groupSik
AS-148Cholla-bukto Province groupSonyu
AS-148Cholla-bukto Province groupWi
AS-148Cholla-bukto Province groupYon
AS-149Sakhalin's Coastal IslandsMoneron
AS-150Shandong Province South groupChangmen Yan
AS-150Shandong Province South groupChaolian
AS-150Shandong Province South groupDagong
AS-150Shandong Province South groupLingshan
AS-150Shandong Province South groupQianli Yan
AS-150Shandong Province South groupSushan
AS-150Shandong Province South groupTianheng
AS-151Liaoning Province West groupChangxing
AS-151Liaoning Province West groupJuhua
AS-151Liaoning Province West groupXimayi
AS-151Liaoning Province West groupZhu
AS-152Laptev Sea Coast West groupBol'shoy Begichev
AS-152Laptev Sea Coast West groupDzhangylakh
AS-152Laptev Sea Coast West groupIsay-Aryta
AS-152Laptev Sea Coast West groupMalyy Begichev
AS-152Laptev Sea Coast West groupOrto-Ary
AS-152Laptev Sea Coast West groupPeschanyy
AS-152Laptev Sea Coast West groupPreobrazheniya
AS-152Laptev Sea Coast West groupSalkay
AS-153West Bengal State groupAgnimari Char
AS-153West Bengal State groupBhangaduni
AS-153West Bengal State groupBulcherry
AS-153West Bengal State groupDalhousie
AS-153West Bengal State groupGhoramara
AS-153West Bengal State groupHalliday
AS-153West Bengal State groupJambudwip
AS-153West Bengal State groupLothian
AS-153West Bengal State groupMahisani
AS-153West Bengal State groupSagar
AS-153West Bengal State groupSuparbhanga
AS-154Black Sea Coast East groupGiresun
AS-155Taiwan's Coastal IslandsHsiaolan Yu
AS-155Taiwan's Coastal IslandsHuap'ing Yu
AS-155Taiwan's Coastal IslandsKueishan
AS-155Taiwan's Coastal IslandsLan Yu
AS-155Taiwan's Coastal IslandsLiuchiu Yu
AS-155Taiwan's Coastal IslandsLu
AS-155Taiwan's Coastal IslandsMienhua Yu
AS-155Taiwan's Coastal IslandsP'engchia Yu
AS-156Ushakova IslandUshakova
AS-157South China Sea Coast Centre groupBip
AS-157South China Sea Coast Centre groupChut
AS-157South China Sea Coast Centre groupDa Ty
AS-157South China Sea Coast Centre groupDen
AS-157South China Sea Coast Centre groupDuoc
AS-157South China Sea Coast Centre groupHai
AS-157South China Sea Coast Centre groupHeo
AS-157South China Sea Coast Centre groupHoa
AS-157South China Sea Coast Centre groupLao
AS-157South China Sea Coast Centre groupLon
AS-157South China Sea Coast Centre groupMai
AS-157South China Sea Coast Centre groupMieu
AS-157South China Sea Coast Centre groupMot
AS-157South China Sea Coast Centre groupMung
AS-157South China Sea Coast Centre groupNgaoi
AS-157South China Sea Coast Centre groupNoi
AS-157South China Sea Coast Centre groupNua
AS-157South China Sea Coast Centre groupTai
AS-157South China Sea Coast Centre groupTam
AS-157South China Sea Coast Centre groupThi
AS-157South China Sea Coast Centre groupThu
AS-157South China Sea Coast Centre groupTre
AS-158Liaoning Province East groupDachangshan
AS-158Liaoning Province East groupDalu
AS-158Liaoning Province East groupDashan
AS-158Liaoning Province East groupDawangjia
AS-158Liaoning Province East groupGuanglu
AS-158Liaoning Province East groupHaiyang
AS-158Liaoning Province East groupHaxian
AS-158Liaoning Province East groupShicheng
AS-158Liaoning Province East groupTalian
AS-158Liaoning Province East groupWumang
AS-158Liaoning Province East groupXiaochangshan
AS-158Liaoning Province East groupXiaolu
AS-158Liaoning Province East groupXiaowangjia
AS-158Liaoning Province East groupZhangzi
AS-159Black Sea Coast West groupKefken
AS-160Shandong Province North West groupFu Rong
AS-161Kerala State groupSacrifice Rock
AS-162South China Sea Coast North groupBo Bai
AS-162South China Sea Coast North groupCham
AS-162South China Sea Coast North groupRe
AS-162South China Sea Coast North groupTrau
AS-162South China Sea Coast North groupXanh
AS-163Laptev Sea Coast East groupMakar
AS-163Laptev Sea Coast East groupYarok
AS-164East Siberian Sea Coast West groupKolesovskaya Otmel'
AS-164East Siberian Sea Coast West groupNemkov
AS-165Arakan Region groupApawye
AS-165Arakan Region groupCheduba
AS-165Arakan Region groupFoul
AS-165Arakan Region groupOyster
AS-165Arakan Region groupYe
AS-166Hormozgan Province groupAbu Musa
AS-166Hormozgan Province groupBani Forur
AS-166Hormozgan Province groupForur
AS-166Hormozgan Province groupHendorabi
AS-166Hormozgan Province groupHengam
AS-166Hormozgan Province groupHormoz
AS-166Hormozgan Province groupLarak
AS-166Hormozgan Province groupQeshm
AS-166Hormozgan Province groupQeys
AS-166Hormozgan Province groupSheikh Sho'eyb
AS-166Hormozgan Province groupSirri
AS-166Hormozgan Province groupTunb al Kubra
AS-166Hormozgan Province groupTunb as Sughra
AS-167Irrawaddy / Yangon / Pegu Region groupDiamond
AS-167Irrawaddy / Yangon / Pegu Region groupNorth
AS-167Irrawaddy / Yangon / Pegu Region groupSouth
AS-167Irrawaddy / Yangon / Pegu Region groupThebyu
AS-168Kangwon-do Province groupCho
AS-168Kangwon-do Province groupChuk
AS-169Maharashtra State groupArnala
AS-169Maharashtra State groupButcher
AS-169Maharashtra State groupElephanta
AS-169Maharashtra State groupGreen
AS-169Maharashtra State groupKaril Rock
AS-169Maharashtra State groupKhanderi
AS-169Maharashtra State groupMandel Rock
AS-169Maharashtra State groupOuter
AS-169Maharashtra State groupRedi Rock
AS-169Maharashtra State groupSquare Rock
AS-169Maharashtra State groupUssapur Rock
AS-169Maharashtra State groupVengurla Rocks
AS-170Shelikhova Bay groupAtykan
AS-170Shelikhova Bay groupMatykil'
AS-170Shelikhova Bay groupYamskiye Islands
AS-171Sri Lanka's Coastal IslandsAnalaitivu
AS-171Sri Lanka's Coastal IslandsBarberyn
AS-171Sri Lanka's Coastal IslandsDelft
AS-171Sri Lanka's Coastal IslandsIranaitivu
AS-171Sri Lanka's Coastal IslandsKachchativu
AS-171Sri Lanka's Coastal IslandsNainativu
AS-171Sri Lanka's Coastal IslandsPalaitivu
AS-171Sri Lanka's Coastal IslandsPigeon
AS-171Sri Lanka's Coastal IslandsPunkudutivu
AS-172Sea of Okhotsk Coast North groupMalminskiye Islands
AS-172Sea of Okhotsk Coast North groupNansikan
AS-173Tamil Nadu State groupAnaipar
AS-173Tamil Nadu State groupAppa
AS-173Tamil Nadu State groupKariya Shulli
AS-173Tamil Nadu State groupKoswari
AS-173Tamil Nadu State groupKovi
AS-173Tamil Nadu State groupManalli
AS-173Tamil Nadu State groupMuli
AS-173Tamil Nadu State groupMusal
AS-173Tamil Nadu State groupNalla Tanni
AS-173Tamil Nadu State groupPalliyarmunai
AS-173Tamil Nadu State groupPamban
AS-173Tamil Nadu State groupPuvarasanpatti
AS-173Tamil Nadu State groupShalli
AS-173Tamil Nadu State groupShulli
AS-173Tamil Nadu State groupTalairi
AS-173Tamil Nadu State groupUppu Tanni
AS-173Tamil Nadu State groupValai
AS-173Tamil Nadu State groupVan
AS-173Tamil Nadu State groupVilangu
AS-174Chukchi Sea Coast West groupShalaurova
AS-175Gujarat State West groupAjad Tapu
AS-175Gujarat State West groupBet Shankhodhar
AS-175Gujarat State West groupBhaidar Tapu
AS-175Gujarat State West groupChank Tapu
AS-175Gujarat State West groupGan-dhiya Kado Tapu
AS-175Gujarat State West groupKarumbhar
AS-175Gujarat State West groupNora Tapu
AS-175Gujarat State West groupPanero Tapu
AS-175Gujarat State West groupPirothan
AS-175Gujarat State West groupSamiani
AS-176Gujarat State East groupPiram
AS-176Gujarat State East groupSavai Bet
AS-177Goa State groupKambariam
AS-177Goa State groupPikene
AS-177Goa State groupSt Georges Islands
AS-178Andhra Pradesh State North groupPigeon
AS-178Andhra Pradesh State North groupPillar Rock
AS-179Orissa State groupShortt
AS-179Orissa State groupWheeler
AS-180Balochistan Province groupAstola
AS-181Sindh Province groupBuddo
AS-181Sindh Province groupBundai
AS-181Sindh Province groupChurna
AS-181Sindh Province groupKhuddi
AS-181Sindh Province groupMiran
AS-181Sindh Province groupOyster Islands
AS-182Mon Region groupDouble
AS-182Mon Region groupKalegauk
AS-183Tenasserim Region North groupBok Yegan
AS-183Tenasserim Region North groupHeinze Islands
AS-183Tenasserim Region North groupLaunglon Bok Islands
AS-183Tenasserim Region North groupMaungmagan Islands
AS-183Tenasserim Region North groupMoscos Islands
AS-184Preparis Channel groupCow and Calf Islands
AS-184Preparis Channel groupGreat Coco
AS-184Preparis Channel groupLittle Coco
AS-184Preparis Channel groupPreparis
AS-184Preparis Channel groupTable
AS-185Gulf of Tongking South groupCon Co
AS-185Gulf of Tongking South groupMat
AS-185Gulf of Tongking South groupMe
AS-185Gulf of Tongking South groupNgu
AS-186Syria groupArwad
AS-186Syria groupEl Abbas
AS-186Syria groupEl Fana
AS-186Syria groupEl Faris
AS-186Syria groupIpsiri
AS-187Gulf of Aden East groupBarraqah
AS-187Gulf of Aden East groupGhadarayn
AS-187Gulf of Aden East groupHillaniyah
AS-187Gulf of Aden East groupSikha
AS-188Khuzestan Province groupBuneh
AS-188Khuzestan Province groupDara
AS-189Bushehr Province groupAbbasak
AS-189Bushehr Province groupFarsi
AS-189Bushehr Province groupKhark
AS-189Bushehr Province groupNakhilu
AS-189Bushehr Province groupOmm ol Karam
AS-190Red Sea Coast North (Tabuk Province) groupAbu Shushah
AS-190Red Sea Coast North (Tabuk Province) groupAl 'Uwaynid-hiyah
AS-190Red Sea Coast North (Tabuk Province) groupAl Dhahrah
AS-190Red Sea Coast North (Tabuk Province) groupAl Hasani
AS-190Red Sea Coast North (Tabuk Province) groupAn Nu'man
AS-190Red Sea Coast North (Tabuk Province) groupAn Nuwayshiziyah
AS-190Red Sea Coast North (Tabuk Province) groupAsh Shaikh Mirbat
AS-190Red Sea Coast North (Tabuk Province) groupBurqan
AS-190Red Sea Coast North (Tabuk Province) groupHawar
AS-190Red Sea Coast North (Tabuk Province) groupLibanah
AS-190Red Sea Coast North (Tabuk Province) groupMardunah
AS-190Red Sea Coast North (Tabuk Province) groupMashabih
AS-190Red Sea Coast North (Tabuk Province) groupMuraykhah
AS-190Red Sea Coast North (Tabuk Province) groupSanafir
AS-190Red Sea Coast North (Tabuk Province) groupShaybara
AS-190Red Sea Coast North (Tabuk Province) groupSila Islands
AS-190Red Sea Coast North (Tabuk Province) groupTiran
AS-190Red Sea Coast North (Tabuk Province) groupUmm Sihr
AS-190Red Sea Coast North (Tabuk Province) groupUmm Urumah
AS-190Red Sea Coast North (Tabuk Province) groupWalih
AS-190Red Sea Coast North (Tabuk Province) groupWughadi
AS-190Red Sea Coast North (Tabuk Province) groupYuba
AS-191Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) groupAblo
AS-191Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) groupAbu Latt
AS-191Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) groupAl Hala
AS-191Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) groupAl Jadir
AS-191Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) groupAl Umm
AS-191Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) groupBarton
AS-191Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) groupDanak
AS-191Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) groupDohra
AS-191Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) groupDorish
AS-191Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) groupDubara
AS-191Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) groupDusaqiya
AS-191Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) groupFara Islands
AS-191Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) groupFirandiya
AS-191Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) groupHadarah
AS-191Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) groupHasr
AS-191Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) groupJabal al Lith
AS-191Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) groupJabbarah
AS-191Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) groupJabbarah
AS-191Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) groupLong
AS-191Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) groupMafsubber
AS-191Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) groupMaghabiya
AS-191Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) groupMalathu
AS-191Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) groupMarka
AS-191Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) groupMarmar
AS-191Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) groupMuska
AS-191Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) groupPelican
AS-191Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) groupQishran
AS-191Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) groupQutu'
AS-191Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) groupSabaya
AS-191Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) groupSabiya
AS-191Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) groupSafiq
AS-191Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) groupShakir
AS-191Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) groupSharbayn
AS-191Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) groupSirrayn
AS-191Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) groupSumar
AS-191Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) groupTidhkar
AS-191Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) groupZuqaq
AS-192Red Sea Coast South (Jizan Province) groupAmina
AS-192Red Sea Coast South (Jizan Province) groupDhahrat Abu Marsali
AS-192Red Sea Coast South (Jizan Province) groupDhahrat Miraya Islands
AS-192Red Sea Coast South (Jizan Province) groupDhahrat Simayr
AS-192Red Sea Coast South (Jizan Province) groupFarafir
AS-192Red Sea Coast South (Jizan Province) groupFiran
AS-192Red Sea Coast South (Jizan Province) groupHibar
AS-192Red Sea Coast South (Jizan Province) groupJa'fari
AS-192Red Sea Coast South (Jizan Province) groupKathriya
AS-192Red Sea Coast South (Jizan Province) groupMasaqif Islands
AS-192Red Sea Coast South (Jizan Province) groupQadimbal
AS-192Red Sea Coast South (Jizan Province) groupShaira
AS-192Red Sea Coast South (Jizan Province) groupSimayr
AS-192Red Sea Coast South (Jizan Province) groupUmm al Kathib
AS-192Red Sea Coast South (Jizan Province) groupUmm al Qarib
AS-192Red Sea Coast South (Jizan Province) groupW Mandhar
AS-192Red Sea Coast South (Jizan Province) groupWasaliyat Islands
AS-193Farasan IslandsAkbar 'Uqa
AS-193Farasan IslandsAkbayn
AS-193Farasan IslandsDha al Faif
AS-193Farasan IslandsDissan
AS-193Farasan IslandsDumsuk
AS-193Farasan IslandsFarasan Kebir
AS-193Farasan IslandsKaira
AS-193Farasan IslandsKulam Islands
AS-193Farasan IslandsKumh
AS-193Farasan IslandsMomed
AS-193Farasan IslandsSarad Sarso
AS-193Farasan IslandsSarso
AS-193Farasan IslandsShuma
AS-194Senkaku IslandsKobi
AS-194Senkaku IslandsSekibi
AS-194Senkaku IslandsUoturi
AS-195P'yongan-Bukto / P'yongan-Namdo Province groupKa
AS-195P'yongan-Bukto / P'yongan-Namdo Province groupSamch'a
AS-195P'yongan-Bukto / P'yongan-Namdo Province groupT'an
AS-195P'yongan-Bukto / P'yongan-Namdo Province groupTaehwa
AS-195P'yongan-Bukto / P'yongan-Namdo Province groupUnmu
AS-195P'yongan-Bukto / P'yongan-Namdo Province groupUri
AS-196Nam'p'o-si / Hwanghae-Namdo Province groupCh'angnin
AS-196Nam'p'o-si / Hwanghae-Namdo Province groupCho
AS-196Nam'p'o-si / Hwanghae-Namdo Province groupHarin
AS-196Nam'p'o-si / Hwanghae-Namdo Province groupKirin
AS-196Nam'p'o-si / Hwanghae-Namdo Province groupKye
AS-196Nam'p'o-si / Hwanghae-Namdo Province groupMahap
AS-196Nam'p'o-si / Hwanghae-Namdo Province groupMu
AS-196Nam'p'o-si / Hwanghae-Namdo Province groupOhwa
AS-196Nam'p'o-si / Hwanghae-Namdo Province groupPiyop
AS-196Nam'p'o-si / Hwanghae-Namdo Province groupSok
AS-196Nam'p'o-si / Hwanghae-Namdo Province groupSosuap
AS-196Nam'p'o-si / Hwanghae-Namdo Province groupSunwi
AS-196Nam'p'o-si / Hwanghae-Namdo Province groupT'ae
AS-196Nam'p'o-si / Hwanghae-Namdo Province groupTaesuap
AS-196Nam'p'o-si / Hwanghae-Namdo Province groupTo
AS-196Nam'p'o-si / Hwanghae-Namdo Province groupWollae
AS-196Nam'p'o-si / Hwanghae-Namdo Province groupYuk
AS-197Hamgyong-Bukto / Hamgyong-Namdo Province groupChonch'o
AS-197Hamgyong-Bukto / Hamgyong-Namdo Province groupChuk
AS-197Hamgyong-Bukto / Hamgyong-Namdo Province groupGwaeam
AS-197Hamgyong-Bukto / Hamgyong-Namdo Province groupHwa
AS-197Hamgyong-Bukto / Hamgyong-Namdo Province groupHyongje
AS-197Hamgyong-Bukto / Hamgyong-Namdo Province groupKanghui
AS-197Hamgyong-Bukto / Hamgyong-Namdo Province groupKiwa Pau
AS-197Hamgyong-Bukto / Hamgyong-Namdo Province groupKwae
AS-197Hamgyong-Bukto / Hamgyong-Namdo Province groupKwaeam
AS-197Hamgyong-Bukto / Hamgyong-Namdo Province groupMayang
AS-197Hamgyong-Bukto / Hamgyong-Namdo Province groupNan
AS-197Hamgyong-Bukto / Hamgyong-Namdo Province groupNan
AS-197Hamgyong-Bukto / Hamgyong-Namdo Province groupNan
AS-197Hamgyong-Bukto / Hamgyong-Namdo Province groupP'i
AS-197Hamgyong-Bukto / Hamgyong-Namdo Province groupSoch'o
AS-197Hamgyong-Bukto / Hamgyong-Namdo Province groupSong
AS-197Hamgyong-Bukto / Hamgyong-Namdo Province groupTae Som
AS-197Hamgyong-Bukto / Hamgyong-Namdo Province groupTaech'o
AS-197Hamgyong-Bukto / Hamgyong-Namdo Province groupYang
AS-198Kangwon-do Province groupAnjang Som
AS-198Kangwon-do Province groupHwangt'o
AS-198Kangwon-do Province groupKuk
AS-198Kangwon-do Province groupKundari Yom
AS-198Kangwon-do Province groupMorae Yom
AS-198Kangwon-do Province groupNan
AS-198Kangwon-do Province groupSam
AS-198Kangwon-do Province groupSam Som
AS-198Kangwon-do Province groupSin
AS-198Kangwon-do Province groupSo
AS-198Kangwon-do Province groupSokkun Som
AS-198Kangwon-do Province groupSol Som
AS-198Kangwon-do Province groupSol Som
AS-198Kangwon-do Province groupSong
AS-198Kangwon-do Province groupTae
AS-198Kangwon-do Province groupTaeo
AS-198Kangwon-do Province groupTti Yom
AS-198Kangwon-do Province groupUmi
AS-198Kangwon-do Province groupUng
AS-198Kangwon-do Province groupYo
AS-199Andhra Pradesh State South groupNachugunta
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsAi
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsAkahone
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsAnno
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsAo
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsAo
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsAteki
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsAwa
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsBiryou
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsByoubu
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsE
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsEno
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsFuku
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsFukube
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsFutagami
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsFutanarabi
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsFutaomote
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsHakata
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsHeichi
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsHena
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsHi
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsHiburi
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsHiki
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsHime
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsHiro
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsHitsuishi
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsHon
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsHyakkan
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsHyoutan
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsI
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsI
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsIbuki
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsIkina
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsInage
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsIwagi
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsIwakuro
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsJioh
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKa
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKa
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKa
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKabuto
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKai
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKaji
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKamagi
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKamegasa
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKamima
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKashiwa
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKashiwa
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKazenoko
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKazura
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKenashi
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKihei
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKine
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKinu
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKo
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKo
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKo
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKo Ai
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKo Ooge
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKo Yoko
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKo Yoko
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKogo
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKoheichi
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKohiki
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKou
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKoudon
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKoujin
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKoyo
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKozei
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKozuchi
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKozuta
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKu
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKudako
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKuro
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKuro
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKuru
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKuzu
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKuzu
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsKyonojyourou
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsMae
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsMaiko
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsMaru
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsMarugami
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsMarukame
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsMata
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsMatsu
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsMatsu
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsMe
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsMegi
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsMijika
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsMino
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsMizu
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsMizu
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsMoroki
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsMukae
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsMukai
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsMushi
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsMutsuki
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsMyoujin
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsNaga
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsNagareko
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsNaka
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsNakato
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsNakatsu
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsNao
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsNezumi
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsNo
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsNobutsuna
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsNono
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsNuwa
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsO
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsOdaka
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsOde
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsOgi
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsOh
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsOh
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsOh
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsOh
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsOichi
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsOitsukami
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsOji
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsOkamura
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsOkino
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsOkino
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsOo Yoko
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsOoge
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsOomi
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsOotachiba
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsOotobi
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsOotou
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsOoyo
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsOozuchi
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsOte
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsSa
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsSa
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsSanagi
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsSannose
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsShishi
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsShodo
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsTaka
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsTaka
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsTaka
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsTaka
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsTaka
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsTakaikami
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsTakami
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsTakega
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsTakega
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsTanago
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsTarubashi
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsTe
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsTe
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsTeba
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsTera
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsTo
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsTobi
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsToudo
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsToyo
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsTsu
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsTsu
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsTsu
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsTsuba
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsTsubone
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsTsukumo
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsTsunen
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsTsuri
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsTsuru
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsTsuwachi
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsU
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsUguru
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsUma
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsUo
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsUshi
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsWasa
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsYo
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsYoko
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsYoko
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsYoko
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsYoroi
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsYuge
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsYumitue
AS-200Shikoku Coastal IslandsYuri
AS-201Sea of Marmara Isl.Avsa
AS-201Sea of Marmara Isl.Burgazada
AS-201Sea of Marmara Isl.Buyukada
AS-201Sea of Marmara Isl.Heybeliada
AS-201Sea of Marmara Isl.Imrali
AS-201Sea of Marmara Isl.Kasik
AS-201Sea of Marmara Isl.Kinaliada
AS-201Sea of Marmara Isl.Marmara
AS-201Sea of Marmara Isl.Pasalimani
AS-201Sea of Marmara Isl.Sedef
AS-201Sea of Marmara Isl.Sivriada
AS-201Sea of Marmara Isl.Tavsan
AS-201Sea of Marmara Isl.Yassiada
AS-202Hawar Isl.Hawar
AS-202Hawar Isl.Rabad al Gharbiyar
AS-202Hawar Isl.Rabad ash Sharqiyah
AS-202Hawar Isl.Suwad al Janubiyah
AS-202Hawar Isl.Suwad ash Shamliyah
AS-203Sea of Okhotsk Coast group (Shelikhova Bay group)Dobrzhanskogo
AS-203Sea of Okhotsk Coast group (Shelikhova Bay group)Konus
AS-203Sea of Okhotsk Coast group (Shelikhova Bay group)Rovnyy
AS-203Sea of Okhotsk Coast group (Shelikhova Bay group)Skala
AS-203Sea of Okhotsk Coast group (Shelikhova Bay group)Tretiy
AS-203Sea of Okhotsk Coast group (Shelikhova Bay group)Zubchatyy
EU-002Aland IslandsAland Islands
EU-002Aland IslandsAsterholma
EU-002Aland IslandsAva
EU-002Aland IslandsBjorko
EU-002Aland IslandsBjornholma
EU-002Aland IslandsBrando
EU-002Aland IslandsBrunnso
EU-002Aland IslandsEckero
EU-002Aland IslandsEnkinge
EU-002Aland IslandsEnskar
EU-002Aland IslandsFinbo
EU-002Aland IslandsFliso
EU-002Aland IslandsFoglo
EU-002Aland IslandsJurmo
EU-002Aland IslandsKokar
EU-002Aland IslandsKorso
EU-002Aland IslandsKumlinge
EU-002Aland IslandsLango/Bolmo
EU-002Aland IslandsLappo
EU-002Aland IslandsMaarianhamina Mariehamn
EU-002Aland IslandsNorron
EU-002Aland IslandsSeglinge
EU-002Aland IslandsSommaro
EU-002Aland IslandsStorholm
EU-002Aland IslandsTorsholma
EU-002Aland IslandsVardo
EU-003Eastern Azores groupFormigas Islands
EU-003Eastern Azores groupSanta Maria
EU-003Eastern Azores groupSao Miguel
EU-004Balearic IslandsBalearic Islands
EU-004Balearic IslandsCabrera
EU-004Balearic IslandsFormentera
EU-004Balearic IslandsIbiza and satellite islands
EU-004Balearic IslandsMallorca and satellite islands
EU-004Balearic IslandsMenorca
EU-005Great BritainAnglesey
EU-005Great BritainBrownsea
EU-005Great BritainBurnt Islands
EU-005Great BritainCanvey
EU-005Great BritainDavaar
EU-005Great BritainEasdale
EU-005Great BritainEwe
EU-005Great BritainFoulness
EU-005Great BritainGreat Britain
EU-005Great BritainHayling
EU-005Great BritainLuing
EU-005Great BritainMartin
EU-005Great BritainMersea
EU-005Great BritainMullion
EU-005Great BritainNeave
EU-005Great BritainOldany
EU-005Great BritainRistol
EU-005Great BritainSeil
EU-005Great BritainSheppey
EU-005Great BritainTorsa
EU-005Great BritainWalney
EU-006Aran IslandsAran Islands
EU-006Aran IslandsBrannock Islands
EU-006Aran IslandsInisheer
EU-006Aran IslandsInishmaan
EU-006Aran IslandsInishmore
EU-006Aran IslandsRock
EU-006Aran IslandsStraw
EU-007Blasket IslandsGreat Blasket
EU-007Blasket IslandsInishtooskert
EU-007Blasket IslandsInishvickillane
EU-007Blasket IslandsTearaght
EU-008Inner HebridesAscrib Islands
EU-008Inner HebridesCalve
EU-008Inner HebridesCanna
EU-008Inner HebridesCara
EU-008Inner HebridesColl
EU-008Inner HebridesColonsay
EU-008Inner HebridesCrowlin Islands
EU-008Inner HebridesEigg
EU-008Inner HebridesEilean Flodigarry
EU-008Inner HebridesEilean Imersay
EU-008Inner HebridesEorsa
EU-008Inner HebridesFladda
EU-008Inner HebridesGarvellachs
EU-008Inner HebridesGigalum
EU-008Inner HebridesGigha
EU-008Inner HebridesGometra
EU-008Inner HebridesGunna
EU-008Inner HebridesHarlosh
EU-008Inner HebridesHyskeir
EU-008Inner HebridesInch Kenneth
EU-008Inner HebridesIona
EU-008Inner HebridesIsay
EU-008Inner HebridesIslay
EU-008Inner HebridesJura
EU-008Inner HebridesJura Small Isles
EU-008Inner HebridesKerrera
EU-008Inner HebridesLismore
EU-008Inner HebridesLittle Colonsay
EU-008Inner HebridesLongay
EU-008Inner HebridesLunga
EU-008Inner HebridesMingay
EU-008Inner HebridesMuck
EU-008Inner HebridesMull
EU-008Inner HebridesOrnsay
EU-008Inner HebridesOronsay
EU-008Inner HebridesOrsay
EU-008Inner HebridesPabay
EU-008Inner HebridesRaasay
EU-008Inner HebridesRona
EU-008Inner HebridesRum
EU-008Inner HebridesScalpay
EU-008Inner HebridesScarba
EU-008Inner HebridesShuna
EU-008Inner HebridesSkye
EU-008Inner HebridesSoay
EU-008Inner HebridesStaffa
EU-008Inner HebridesStaffin
EU-008Inner HebridesTarner
EU-008Inner HebridesTexa
EU-008Inner HebridesTiree
EU-008Inner HebridesTrodday
EU-008Inner HebridesUlva
EU-008Inner HebridesWiay
EU-009OrkneyCalf of Eday
EU-009OrkneyGlims and Lamb Holm
EU-009OrkneyHellier Holm
EU-009OrkneyHolm of Scockness
EU-009OrkneyLinga Holm
EU-009OrkneyMuckle Green Holm
EU-009OrkneyNorth Ronaldsay
EU-009OrkneyOrkney Islands
EU-009OrkneyPapa Stronsay
EU-009OrkneyPapa Westray
EU-009OrkneyPentland Skerries
EU-009OrkneySouth Ronaldsay
EU-009OrkneySule Skerry
EU-009OrkneySule Stack
EU-010Outer Hebrides (aka Western Isles)Baleshare
EU-010Outer Hebrides (aka Western Isles)Barra
EU-010Outer Hebrides (aka Western Isles)Benbecula
EU-010Outer Hebrides (aka Western Isles)Berneray
EU-010Outer Hebrides (aka Western Isles)Boreray
EU-010Outer Hebrides (aka Western Isles)Calvay
EU-010Outer Hebrides (aka Western Isles)Eilean Chaluim Chille
EU-010Outer Hebrides (aka Western Isles)Eilean Iubhard
EU-010Outer Hebrides (aka Western Isles)Ensay
EU-010Outer Hebrides (aka Western Isles)Eriskay
EU-010Outer Hebrides (aka Western Isles)Fiaray
EU-010Outer Hebrides (aka Western Isles)Fuday
EU-010Outer Hebrides (aka Western Isles)Fuiay
EU-010Outer Hebrides (aka Western Isles)Great Bernera
EU-010Outer Hebrides (aka Western Isles)Grimsay
EU-010Outer Hebrides (aka Western Isles)Killegray
EU-010Outer Hebrides (aka Western Isles)Kirkibost
EU-010Outer Hebrides (aka Western Isles)Lewis and Harris
EU-010Outer Hebrides (aka Western Isles)Little Bernera
EU-010Outer Hebrides (aka Western Isles)Mealasta
EU-010Outer Hebrides (aka Western Isles)Mingulay
EU-010Outer Hebrides (aka Western Isles)North Uist
EU-010Outer Hebrides (aka Western Isles)Pabbay
EU-010Outer Hebrides (aka Western Isles)Rona
EU-010Outer Hebrides (aka Western Isles)Ronay
EU-010Outer Hebrides (aka Western Isles)Sandray
EU-010Outer Hebrides (aka Western Isles)Scalpay
EU-010Outer Hebrides (aka Western Isles)Scarp
EU-010Outer Hebrides (aka Western Isles)Seaforth
EU-010Outer Hebrides (aka Western Isles)South Berneray
EU-010Outer Hebrides (aka Western Isles)South Pabbay
EU-010Outer Hebrides (aka Western Isles)South Uist
EU-010Outer Hebrides (aka Western Isles)Sula Sgeir
EU-010Outer Hebrides (aka Western Isles)Taransay
EU-010Outer Hebrides (aka Western Isles)Vacsay
EU-010Outer Hebrides (aka Western Isles)Vallay
EU-010Outer Hebrides (aka Western Isles)Vatersay
EU-010Outer Hebrides (aka Western Isles)Wiay
EU-011Isles of ScillyBryher
EU-011Isles of ScillyGugh
EU-011Isles of ScillyIsles of Scilly
EU-011Isles of ScillySt Agnes
EU-011Isles of ScillySt Martin's
EU-011Isles of ScillySt Mary's
EU-011Isles of ScillyTresco
EU-012Shetland and Fair IsleBalta
EU-012Shetland and Fair IsleBigga
EU-012Shetland and Fair IsleBressay
EU-012Shetland and Fair IsleEast Burra
EU-012Shetland and Fair IsleFair Isle
EU-012Shetland and Fair IsleFetlar
EU-012Shetland and Fair IsleFoula
EU-012Shetland and Fair IsleHascosay
EU-012Shetland and Fair IsleHildasay
EU-012Shetland and Fair IsleLinga
EU-012Shetland and Fair IsleLinga
EU-012Shetland and Fair IsleMainland
EU-012Shetland and Fair IsleMousa
EU-012Shetland and Fair IsleMuckle Roe
EU-012Shetland and Fair IsleNoss
EU-012Shetland and Fair IsleOut Skerries
EU-012Shetland and Fair IsleOxna
EU-012Shetland and Fair IslePapa
EU-012Shetland and Fair IslePapa Little
EU-012Shetland and Fair IslePapa Stour
EU-012Shetland and Fair IsleShetland
EU-012Shetland and Fair IsleTrondra
EU-012Shetland and Fair IsleUnst
EU-012Shetland and Fair IsleUyea
EU-012Shetland and Fair IsleVaila
EU-012Shetland and Fair IsleVementry
EU-012Shetland and Fair IsleWest Burra
EU-012Shetland and Fair IsleWest Linga
EU-012Shetland and Fair IsleWhalsay
EU-012Shetland and Fair IsleYell
EU-013JerseyLes Ecrehou
EU-014Corsica IslandCorsica
EU-015Crete IslandCrete
EU-016Dalmatia South groupArkandel
EU-016Dalmatia South groupBadija
EU-016Dalmatia South groupBalkun
EU-016Dalmatia South groupBisevo
EU-016Dalmatia South groupBobara
EU-016Dalmatia South groupBorovac
EU-016Dalmatia South groupBrac
EU-016Dalmatia South groupBratin
EU-016Dalmatia South groupBrusnik
EU-016Dalmatia South groupBudikovac Veli
EU-016Dalmatia South groupCesvinica
EU-016Dalmatia South groupCrkvina
EU-016Dalmatia South groupDaksa
EU-016Dalmatia South groupDobri
EU-016Dalmatia South groupDrvenik Mali
EU-016Dalmatia South groupDrvenik Veli
EU-016Dalmatia South groupGlavat
EU-016Dalmatia South groupGojca
EU-016Dalmatia South groupGrbavac
EU-016Dalmatia South groupGreben
EU-016Dalmatia South groupGrebeni
EU-016Dalmatia South groupHost
EU-016Dalmatia South groupHvar
EU-016Dalmatia South groupJabuka
EU-016Dalmatia South groupJakljan
EU-016Dalmatia South groupJerolim
EU-016Dalmatia South groupKluda
EU-016Dalmatia South groupKolocep
EU-016Dalmatia South groupKopiste
EU-016Dalmatia South groupKorcula
EU-016Dalmatia South groupKosmac
EU-016Dalmatia South groupKosmec
EU-016Dalmatia South groupKraljevac
EU-016Dalmatia South groupKrucica
EU-016Dalmatia South groupLastovo
EU-016Dalmatia South groupLokrum
EU-016Dalmatia South groupLopud
EU-016Dalmatia South groupLukovnjak
EU-016Dalmatia South groupMajsan
EU-016Dalmatia South groupMarinkovac
EU-016Dalmatia South groupMaslinovik
EU-016Dalmatia South groupMljet
EU-016Dalmatia South groupMrcara
EU-016Dalmatia South groupMrduja
EU-016Dalmatia South groupMrkan
EU-016Dalmatia South groupMuljica
EU-016Dalmatia South groupOrud
EU-016Dalmatia South groupParzan Veli
EU-016Dalmatia South groupPetrovac
EU-016Dalmatia South groupPijavica
EU-016Dalmatia South groupPiscena
EU-016Dalmatia South groupPlanikovac
EU-016Dalmatia South groupPlocica
EU-016Dalmatia South groupPokonji Dol
EU-016Dalmatia South groupPrezba
EU-016Dalmatia South groupProizd
EU-016Dalmatia South groupRadula
EU-016Dalmatia South groupRavnik
EU-016Dalmatia South groupRuda
EU-016Dalmatia South groupSaplun
EU-016Dalmatia South groupScedro
EU-016Dalmatia South groupSestrice Mala
EU-016Dalmatia South groupSestrice Vela
EU-016Dalmatia South groupSipan
EU-016Dalmatia South groupSmokvica
EU-016Dalmatia South groupSmokvica Mala
EU-016Dalmatia South groupSmokvica Vela
EU-016Dalmatia South groupSolta
EU-016Dalmatia South groupStambedar
EU-016Dalmatia South groupStipanska
EU-016Dalmatia South groupStomorina
EU-016Dalmatia South groupSusac
EU-016Dalmatia South groupSv Andrija
EU-016Dalmatia South groupSv Fumija
EU-016Dalmatia South groupSv Klement
EU-016Dalmatia South groupSvetac
EU-016Dalmatia South groupSvilan
EU-016Dalmatia South groupTajan
EU-016Dalmatia South groupTajan
EU-016Dalmatia South groupVis
EU-016Dalmatia South groupVlasnik
EU-016Dalmatia South groupVlasnik Gornji
EU-016Dalmatia South groupVlasnik Srednji
EU-016Dalmatia South groupVodnjak Veli
EU-017Eolie Islands (aka Lipari Islands)Alicudi
EU-017Eolie Islands (aka Lipari Islands)Basiluzzo
EU-017Eolie Islands (aka Lipari Islands)Filicudi
EU-017Eolie Islands (aka Lipari Islands)Galera
EU-017Eolie Islands (aka Lipari Islands)Lipari
EU-017Eolie Islands (aka Lipari Islands)Lisca Bianca
EU-017Eolie Islands (aka Lipari Islands)Panarea
EU-017Eolie Islands (aka Lipari Islands)Salina
EU-017Eolie Islands (aka Lipari Islands)Stromboli
EU-017Eolie Islands (aka Lipari Islands)Strombolicchio
EU-017Eolie Islands (aka Lipari Islands)Vulcano
EU-018Faroe IslandsBordoy
EU-018Faroe IslandsEysturoy
EU-018Faroe IslandsFaroe Islands
EU-018Faroe IslandsFugloy
EU-018Faroe IslandsHestur
EU-018Faroe IslandsKalsoy
EU-018Faroe IslandsKoltur
EU-018Faroe IslandsKunoy
EU-018Faroe IslandsLitla Dimun
EU-018Faroe IslandsMykines
EU-018Faroe IslandsNolsoy
EU-018Faroe IslandsSandoy
EU-018Faroe IslandsSkuvoy
EU-018Faroe IslandsStora Dimun
EU-018Faroe IslandsStreymoy
EU-018Faroe IslandsSuduroy
EU-018Faroe IslandsSumbiarsteinur
EU-018Faroe IslandsSvinoy
EU-018Faroe IslandsVagar
EU-018Faroe IslandsVidoy
EU-019Franz Josef LandAleksandry
EU-019Franz Josef LandFranz Josef Land
EU-019Franz Josef LandGallya
EU-019Franz Josef LandGeorga
EU-019Franz Josef LandGreem-Bell
EU-019Franz Josef LandGukera
EU-019Franz Josef LandKarla-Aleksandra
EU-019Franz Josef LandKheysa
EU-019Franz Josef LandMak-Klintoka
EU-019Franz Josef LandNansena
EU-019Franz Josef LandNortbruk
EU-019Franz Josef LandRudol'fa
EU-019Franz Josef LandSal'm
EU-019Franz Josef LandSolsberi
EU-019Franz Josef LandTsiglera
EU-019Franz Josef LandViktoria
EU-019Franz Josef LandVil'cheka
EU-020Gotland County (Gotland Island) groupFaro
EU-020Gotland County (Gotland Island) groupGotland
EU-020Gotland County (Gotland Island) groupGotska Sandon
EU-020Gotland County (Gotland Island) groupKarlsoarna
EU-022Jan Mayen IslandJan Mayen
EU-023Malta groupComino
EU-023Malta groupFilfla
EU-023Malta groupGozo
EU-023Malta groupMalta
EU-024Sardinia IslandSardinia
EU-025Sicily IslandSicily
EU-026Spitsbergen Island (aka Svalbard Island)Spitsbergen
EU-027Bear Island (aka Bjornoya)Bear
EU-028Toscana (Tuscany) Region groupCapraia
EU-028Toscana (Tuscany) Region groupCerboli
EU-028Toscana (Tuscany) Region groupElba
EU-028Toscana (Tuscany) Region groupFormica di Burano
EU-028Toscana (Tuscany) Region groupFormiche di Grosseto
EU-028Toscana (Tuscany) Region groupGemini
EU-028Toscana (Tuscany) Region groupGiannutri
EU-028Toscana (Tuscany) Region groupGiglio
EU-028Toscana (Tuscany) Region groupGorgona
EU-028Toscana (Tuscany) Region groupMontecristo
EU-028Toscana (Tuscany) Region groupPalmaiola
EU-028Toscana (Tuscany) Region groupPianosa
EU-028Toscana (Tuscany) Region groupScoglio d'Africa
EU-028Toscana (Tuscany) Region groupSparviero
EU-028Toscana (Tuscany) Region groupToscano Archipelago
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoAgerso
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoAlholm
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoAmager
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoAsko
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoBogo/Faro
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoDybso
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoElleore
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoEnehoje
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoEno
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoEskilso
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoFalster
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoFejo
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoFemo
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoGavno
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoGlaeno
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoHesselo
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoJyllinge Holme
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoLango
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoLango
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoLilleo
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoLindholm
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoLolland
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoMasnedo
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoMon
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoMusholm
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoNekselo
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoNordholm
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoNyord
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoOksneholm
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoOmo
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoOrmo
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoOro
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoRago
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoRonnen
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoRono
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoSaltholm
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoSejero
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoSjaelland
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoSkalo
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoSloto
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoSprogo
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoStudeholm
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoTaero
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoVejlo
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoVejro/Storstrom
EU-029Sjaelland ArchipelagoVigso
EU-030Bornholm IslandBornholm
EU-030Bornholm IslandErtholmene
EU-031Campania Region groupCapri
EU-031Campania Region groupFaraglioni di Capri
EU-031Campania Region groupIl Gallo Lungo
EU-031Campania Region groupIschia
EU-031Campania Region groupLa Castelluccia
EU-031Campania Region groupLa Rotonda
EU-031Campania Region groupLicosa
EU-031Campania Region groupMonacone
EU-031Campania Region groupProcida
EU-031Campania Region groupVivara
EU-032Poitou-Charentes Region groupAix
EU-032Poitou-Charentes Region groupFort Boyard
EU-032Poitou-Charentes Region groupFort Enet
EU-032Poitou-Charentes Region groupOleron
EU-032Poitou-Charentes Region groupRe
EU-033Vesteralen IslandsAndoya
EU-033Vesteralen IslandsBjarkoy
EU-033Vesteralen IslandsBoeroeya
EU-033Vesteralen IslandsGapoy
EU-033Vesteralen IslandsGrytoya
EU-033Vesteralen IslandsHadseloya
EU-033Vesteralen IslandsHinnoya
EU-033Vesteralen IslandsKrottoya
EU-033Vesteralen IslandsLangoya
EU-033Vesteralen IslandsVesteralen Islands (exact island not known)
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupAbruka
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupAhelaid
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupAherahu
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupAllirahu
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupEerikukivi
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupHanemaa
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupHanikati laid
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupHarilaid
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupHarjamaa
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupHeinlaid
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupHellamaa rahu
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupHiiumaa
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupHobulaid
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupHoralaid
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupKadakalaid
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupKaevatsi laid
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupKahtla laid
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupKalarahu
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupKassaar
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupKasselaid
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupKerju
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupKessulaid
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupKoinastu laid
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupKorgelaid
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupKoverlaid
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupKriimi
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupKuivarahu
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupKulalaid
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupKumari
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupKuuselaid
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupLaasirahu
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupLiia
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupLiisi laid
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupLinnusita
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupLoonalaid
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupMondelaid
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupMuhu
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupMustarahu
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupNaistekivi maa
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupNootama
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupOsmussaar
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupPaelaid
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupPakulaid
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupPapilaid
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupPasilaid
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupPihlalaid
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupPuhadekare
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupRukkirahu
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupSaare ots
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupSaaremaa
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupSaarnaki laid
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupSalava
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupSeasaar
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupSipelgarahu
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupSomeri
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupStor-Tjuka
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupSuurlaid
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupTondirahu
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupUdrikulaid
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupVahase
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupVaika saared
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupVaike-Tulpe
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupValgerahu
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupVareslaid
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupVesiloo
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupVesituki maa
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupViirelaid
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupVilsandi
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupVissu
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupVohilaid
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupVoilaid
EU-034Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County groupVormsi
EU-035Novaya ZemlyaNovaya Zemlya
EU-036Sor-Trondelag / More og Romsdal County North groupAveroya
EU-036Sor-Trondelag / More og Romsdal County North groupEdoy
EU-036Sor-Trondelag / More og Romsdal County North groupFrei
EU-036Sor-Trondelag / More og Romsdal County North groupFroya
EU-036Sor-Trondelag / More og Romsdal County North groupGomalandet/Kirklandet
EU-036Sor-Trondelag / More og Romsdal County North groupGrisvagoya
EU-036Sor-Trondelag / More og Romsdal County North groupHitra
EU-036Sor-Trondelag / More og Romsdal County North groupInnlandet
EU-036Sor-Trondelag / More og Romsdal County North groupLinesoya
EU-036Sor-Trondelag / More og Romsdal County North groupNordlandet
EU-036Sor-Trondelag / More og Romsdal County North groupRingholmen
EU-036Sor-Trondelag / More og Romsdal County North groupSmola
EU-036Sor-Trondelag / More og Romsdal County North groupStokkoya
EU-036Sor-Trondelag / More og Romsdal County North groupSula
EU-036Sor-Trondelag / More og Romsdal County North groupTarva
EU-036Sor-Trondelag / More og Romsdal County North groupTustna
EU-037Kalmar County groupAlo
EU-037Kalmar County groupAskeskar
EU-037Kalmar County groupBjarko
EU-037Kalmar County groupBjorko
EU-037Kalmar County groupBla Jungfrun
EU-037Kalmar County groupBoko
EU-037Kalmar County groupBoskar
EU-037Kalmar County groupBrando
EU-037Kalmar County groupBrano
EU-037Kalmar County groupEko
EU-037Kalmar County groupForo
EU-037Kalmar County groupFuro
EU-037Kalmar County groupGarpen
EU-037Kalmar County groupHasselo
EU-037Kalmar County groupHush Snuggo
EU-037Kalmar County groupIdo
EU-037Kalmar County groupKroko
EU-037Kalmar County groupL Rato
EU-037Kalmar County groupMarso
EU-037Kalmar County groupMjodo
EU-037Kalmar County groupMorsto
EU-037Kalmar County groupN Malmo
EU-037Kalmar County groupOland
EU-037Kalmar County groupOro
EU-037Kalmar County groupRago
EU-037Kalmar County groupRunno
EU-037Kalmar County groupS Malmo
EU-037Kalmar County groupSt Bergo
EU-037Kalmar County groupSt Rato
EU-037Kalmar County groupStrupo
EU-037Kalmar County groupTorro
EU-037Kalmar County groupVaderskar
EU-037Kalmar County groupVallo
EU-037Kalmar County groupVido
EU-037Kalmar County groupViggskar
EU-038Noord Holland / Friesland / Groningen Province groupAmeland
EU-038Noord Holland / Friesland / Groningen Province groupEngelsmanplaat
EU-038Noord Holland / Friesland / Groningen Province groupGriend
EU-038Noord Holland / Friesland / Groningen Province groupNoorderhaaks
EU-038Noord Holland / Friesland / Groningen Province groupRichel
EU-038Noord Holland / Friesland / Groningen Province groupRottumeroog
EU-038Noord Holland / Friesland / Groningen Province groupRottumerplaat
EU-038Noord Holland / Friesland / Groningen Province groupSchiermonnikoog
EU-038Noord Holland / Friesland / Groningen Province groupSimonszand
EU-038Noord Holland / Friesland / Groningen Province groupTerschelling
EU-038Noord Holland / Friesland / Groningen Province groupTexel
EU-038Noord Holland / Friesland / Groningen Province groupVlieland
EU-039Chausey IslandsAneret and Ancre Islands
EU-039Chausey IslandsChapeau
EU-039Chausey IslandsChausey Islands
EU-039Chausey IslandsGenetaie
EU-039Chausey IslandsGrand Romont
EU-039Chausey IslandsGrande
EU-039Chausey IslandsHoulee
EU-039Chausey IslandsHuguenans
EU-039Chausey IslandsLezard
EU-039Chausey IslandsLongue
EU-039Chausey IslandsLoup
EU-039Chausey IslandsMeule
EU-039Chausey IslandsOiseaux
EU-039Chausey IslandsPetit Romont
EU-039Chausey IslandsPlate
EU-039Chausey IslandsTrois Ilets
EU-040Estremadura Province groupBerlenga Grande
EU-040Estremadura Province groupBugio
EU-040Estremadura Province groupEstelas Islands
EU-040Estremadura Province groupFarilhoes Islands
EU-041Maddalena ArchipelagoAglio
EU-041Maddalena ArchipelagoBarrettini
EU-041Maddalena ArchipelagoBisce
EU-041Maddalena ArchipelagoBudelli
EU-041Maddalena ArchipelagoCappucini
EU-041Maddalena ArchipelagoCaprera
EU-041Maddalena ArchipelagoCarpa
EU-041Maddalena ArchipelagoCorcelli
EU-041Maddalena ArchipelagoI Monaci
EU-041Maddalena ArchipelagoLa Presa
EU-041Maddalena ArchipelagoMaddalena
EU-041Maddalena ArchipelagoPecora
EU-041Maddalena ArchipelagoPiana
EU-041Maddalena ArchipelagoPorco
EU-041Maddalena ArchipelagoRazzoli
EU-041Maddalena ArchipelagoSanta Maria
EU-041Maddalena ArchipelagoSanto Stefano
EU-041Maddalena ArchipelagoSpargi
EU-041Maddalena ArchipelagoSpargiotto
EU-042Schleswig-Holstein State North West groupAmrum
EU-042Schleswig-Holstein State North West groupFoehr
EU-042Schleswig-Holstein State North West groupGroede-Appelland
EU-042Schleswig-Holstein State North West groupHabel
EU-042Schleswig-Holstein State North West groupHooge
EU-042Schleswig-Holstein State North West groupJapsand
EU-042Schleswig-Holstein State North West groupLangeness
EU-042Schleswig-Holstein State North West groupNorderoog
EU-042Schleswig-Holstein State North West groupNorderoogsand
EU-042Schleswig-Holstein State North West groupNordstrandischmoor
EU-042Schleswig-Holstein State North West groupOland
EU-042Schleswig-Holstein State North West groupPellworm
EU-042Schleswig-Holstein State North West groupSuederoog
EU-042Schleswig-Holstein State North West groupSuederoogsand
EU-042Schleswig-Holstein State North West groupSuedfall
EU-042Schleswig-Holstein State North West groupSylt
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupAlmo
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupAspero
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupAstol
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupBalgo
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupBasto
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupBjorko
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupBonden
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupBranno
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupBratto
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupBuro
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupBuskaren
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupDonso
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupFlatholmen
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupFlatorna
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupFoto
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupGaltero
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupGaso
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupGroto
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupHallo
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupHalloren
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupHalso
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupHamneskar
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupHarmano
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupHogo
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupHono
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupHyppeln
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupI Tistlarna
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupInston
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupKallon
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupKaringon
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupKarrson
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupKidholm
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupKlaveron
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupKnarrskar
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupKoon
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupKopstadso
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupKrokholmen
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupKungoso
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupL Askeron
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupLangeskar
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupLango
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupLavo
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupLokh
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupLovon
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupLyr
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupMalmon
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupMalo
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupMarstrandson
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupMaseskar
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupMjorn
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupMollon
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupN Horta
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupN Koster
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupNidingen
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupNordsten
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupOckero
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupOrust
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupOtteron
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupPinno
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupRammen
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupRamso
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupRiso
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupRivo
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupRoro
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupS Horta
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupS Koster
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupSalo
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupSarholmen
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupSoteskar
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupSt Askeron
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupSt Dyron
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupSt Kanso
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupSt Korno
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupSt Rossen
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupStoron
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupStyrso
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupTjorn
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupTorno
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupTrollo
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupTylo
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupUlsholmen
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupUsto
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupVaderoarna
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupVallero
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupValo
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupVannholmarna
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupVendelso
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupVinga
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupVrango
EU-043Goteborg och Bohus / Halland County groupYttre Tistlarna
EU-044Finnmark County West groupHjelmsoya
EU-044Finnmark County West groupIngoya
EU-044Finnmark County West groupKvaloya
EU-044Finnmark County West groupLoppa
EU-044Finnmark County West groupMageroya
EU-044Finnmark County West groupRolvsoya
EU-044Finnmark County West groupSeiland
EU-044Finnmark County West groupSilda
EU-044Finnmark County West groupSoroya
EU-044Finnmark County West groupStjernoya
EU-045Lazio Region groupGavi
EU-045Lazio Region groupLe Galere
EU-045Lazio Region groupPalmarola
EU-045Lazio Region groupPonza
EU-045Lazio Region groupPonziane Islands
EU-045Lazio Region groupSanto Stefano
EU-045Lazio Region groupScoglio La Botte
EU-045Lazio Region groupVentotene
EU-045Lazio Region groupZannone
EU-046Troms County groupArnoya
EU-046Troms County groupFugloya
EU-046Troms County groupGrotoy
EU-046Troms County groupHelgoy
EU-046Troms County groupHillesoy
EU-046Troms County groupKagen
EU-046Troms County groupKarlsoy
EU-046Troms County groupKvaloya
EU-046Troms County groupLaukoya
EU-046Troms County groupNord-Kvaloy
EU-046Troms County groupRebbenesoy
EU-046Troms County groupReinoy
EU-046Troms County groupRingvassoy
EU-046Troms County groupRolla
EU-046Troms County groupSandoya
EU-046Troms County groupSenja
EU-046Troms County groupSkjervoy
EU-046Troms County groupSommaroy
EU-046Troms County groupTromsoya
EU-046Troms County groupUloya
EU-046Troms County groupVanna
EU-046Troms County groupVorteroya
EU-047Niedersachsen State groupBaltrum
EU-047Niedersachsen State groupBorkum
EU-047Niedersachsen State groupJuist
EU-047Niedersachsen State groupLangeoog
EU-047Niedersachsen State groupLuetje Hoern
EU-047Niedersachsen State groupLuetje Oldoog
EU-047Niedersachsen State groupMellum
EU-047Niedersachsen State groupMemmert
EU-047Niedersachsen State groupMinsener Oog
EU-047Niedersachsen State groupNorderney
EU-047Niedersachsen State groupOldoog
EU-047Niedersachsen State groupSpiekeroog
EU-047Niedersachsen State groupWangerooge
EU-048Bretagne (Morbihan) Region groupBagueneres
EU-048Bretagne (Morbihan) Region groupBangor
EU-048Bretagne (Morbihan) Region groupBelle-Ile
EU-048Bretagne (Morbihan) Region groupCenis
EU-048Bretagne (Morbihan) Region groupChevaux
EU-048Bretagne (Morbihan) Region groupDomois
EU-048Bretagne (Morbihan) Region groupEn Toul Braz
EU-048Bretagne (Morbihan) Region groupGlazic
EU-048Bretagne (Morbihan) Region groupGroix
EU-048Bretagne (Morbihan) Region groupGuric
EU-048Bretagne (Morbihan) Region groupHoedic
EU-048Bretagne (Morbihan) Region groupHouat
EU-048Bretagne (Morbihan) Region groupLes Grands Cardinaux
EU-048Bretagne (Morbihan) Region groupLes Poulains
EU-048Bretagne (Morbihan) Region groupMeaban
EU-048Bretagne (Morbihan) Region groupTheviec
EU-048Bretagne (Morbihan) Region groupValhuec
EU-049North Aegean Islands (Voreio Aigaio)Agios Efstratios
EU-049North Aegean Islands (Voreio Aigaio)Antipsara
EU-049North Aegean Islands (Voreio Aigaio)Chios
EU-049North Aegean Islands (Voreio Aigaio)Fournoi
EU-049North Aegean Islands (Voreio Aigaio)Ikaria
EU-049North Aegean Islands (Voreio Aigaio)Inousses
EU-049North Aegean Islands (Voreio Aigaio)Lesvos
EU-049North Aegean Islands (Voreio Aigaio)Limnos
EU-049North Aegean Islands (Voreio Aigaio)Makronisi
EU-049North Aegean Islands (Voreio Aigaio)Passas
EU-049North Aegean Islands (Voreio Aigaio)Psara
EU-049North Aegean Islands (Voreio Aigaio)Samos
EU-049North Aegean Islands (Voreio Aigaio)Sergitsi
EU-049North Aegean Islands (Voreio Aigaio)Skopelos
EU-049North Aegean Islands (Voreio Aigaio)Thymaina
EU-050Puglia (Foggia) Region groupCacio Cavallo
EU-050Puglia (Foggia) Region groupCaprara
EU-050Puglia (Foggia) Region groupI Pagliai
EU-050Puglia (Foggia) Region groupIl Cretaccio
EU-050Puglia (Foggia) Region groupLa Vecchia
EU-050Puglia (Foggia) Region groupPianosa
EU-050Puglia (Foggia) Region groupSan Domino
EU-050Puglia (Foggia) Region groupSan Nicola
EU-050Puglia (Foggia) Region groupTremiti Islands
EU-051Ustica IslandMedico
EU-051Ustica IslandUstica
EU-052Ipeiros / Dytiki Ellas Region groupAntipaxoi
EU-052Ipeiros / Dytiki Ellas Region groupArkoudi
EU-052Ipeiros / Dytiki Ellas Region groupAtokos
EU-052Ipeiros / Dytiki Ellas Region groupDragonera
EU-052Ipeiros / Dytiki Ellas Region groupEreikoussa
EU-052Ipeiros / Dytiki Ellas Region groupIthaki
EU-052Ipeiros / Dytiki Ellas Region groupKalamos
EU-052Ipeiros / Dytiki Ellas Region groupKastos
EU-052Ipeiros / Dytiki Ellas Region groupKefallonia
EU-052Ipeiros / Dytiki Ellas Region groupKerkyra
EU-052Ipeiros / Dytiki Ellas Region groupMakri
EU-052Ipeiros / Dytiki Ellas Region groupMathraki
EU-052Ipeiros / Dytiki Ellas Region groupMeganisi
EU-052Ipeiros / Dytiki Ellas Region groupOthonoi
EU-052Ipeiros / Dytiki Ellas Region groupOxeia
EU-052Ipeiros / Dytiki Ellas Region groupPaxoi
EU-052Ipeiros / Dytiki Ellas Region groupStrofades
EU-052Ipeiros / Dytiki Ellas Region groupVromonas
EU-052Ipeiros / Dytiki Ellas Region groupZakynthos
EU-053Market ReefMarket Reef
EU-054Egadi IslandsCammello
EU-054Egadi IslandsFavignana
EU-054Egadi IslandsFormica
EU-054Egadi IslandsGaleotta
EU-054Egadi IslandsGalera
EU-054Egadi IslandsI Porcelli
EU-054Egadi IslandsLevanzo
EU-054Egadi IslandsMaraone
EU-054Egadi IslandsMarettimo
EU-054Egadi IslandsPreveto
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupAlforo
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupAlgroy
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupAlvoy
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupAmoy
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupAskoy
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupAskroya
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupAtloy
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupBjoroy
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupBlomoy
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupBokn
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupBomlo
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupBoroy
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupBremangerlandet
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupFedje
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupFeistein
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupFeoy
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupFerking Stadoyane
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupFinnoy
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupFoldoy
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupFroya
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupGisoy
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupGoddo
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupHalsnoy
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupHalsnoy
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupHellisoy
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupHerdlevaeret
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupHolsnoy
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupHovden
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupHuftaroy
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupHundvako
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupKvaloy
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupKvitsoy
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupLeroy
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupLitle Sotra
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupLokoy
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupMarstein
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupMosteroy
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupOmbo
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupRandoy
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupReksteren
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupRennesoy
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupRongoy
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupRovaer
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupSelbjorn
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupSelo
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupSeloy
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupSkorpa
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupStolmen
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupStord
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupStore Kalsoy
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupStore Sotra
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupSula
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupToftoy
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupTyssoy
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupUrter
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupUtsira
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupUtvaer
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupVaeroy
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupVagsoy
EU-055Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County groupViko
EU-056More og Romsdal County Centre groupBjornsund
EU-056More og Romsdal County Centre groupFinnoy
EU-056More og Romsdal County Centre groupFjortoft
EU-056More og Romsdal County Centre groupFlemsoya
EU-056More og Romsdal County Centre groupGiske
EU-056More og Romsdal County Centre groupGodoya
EU-056More og Romsdal County Centre groupGossen
EU-056More og Romsdal County Centre groupHaramsoya
EU-056More og Romsdal County Centre groupHaroya
EU-056More og Romsdal County Centre groupLepsoya
EU-056More og Romsdal County Centre groupOna
EU-056More og Romsdal County Centre groupOrta
EU-056More og Romsdal County Centre groupOtroy
EU-056More og Romsdal County Centre groupSandoy
EU-056More og Romsdal County Centre groupSekken
EU-056More og Romsdal County Centre groupValderoy
EU-056More og Romsdal County Centre groupVeoy
EU-056More og Romsdal County Centre groupVigra
EU-057Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State groupBeuchel
EU-057Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State groupBock
EU-057Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State groupBock-Reede
EU-057Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State groupFaehrinsel
EU-057Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State groupGaensewerder
EU-057Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State groupGreifswalder Oie
EU-057Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State groupHeuwiese
EU-057Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State groupHiddensee
EU-057Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State groupKleine Werder
EU-057Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State groupLangenwerder
EU-057Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State groupLiebes
EU-057Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State groupLiebitz
EU-057Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State groupMaehrens
EU-057Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State groupNeubessin
EU-057Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State groupOehe
EU-057Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State groupRuden
EU-057Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State groupRuegen
EU-057Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State groupTedingsinsel
EU-057Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State groupTollow
EU-057Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State groupUmmanz
EU-057Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State groupUrkevitz
EU-057Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State groupVilm
EU-057Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State groupWalfisch
EU-058Provence-Cote d'Azur (Alpes Maritimes) Region groupL'Ilot
EU-058Provence-Cote d'Azur (Alpes Maritimes) Region groupLerins Islands
EU-058Provence-Cote d'Azur (Alpes Maritimes) Region groupSaint Fereol
EU-058Provence-Cote d'Azur (Alpes Maritimes) Region groupSaint Honorat
EU-058Provence-Cote d'Azur (Alpes Maritimes) Region groupSainte Marguerite
EU-058Provence-Cote d'Azur (Alpes Maritimes) Region groupTradeliere
EU-059St KildaBoreray
EU-059St KildaDun
EU-059St KildaHirta
EU-059St KildaSoay
EU-059St KildaSt Kilda (individual island not known)
EU-060Sterea Ellas Region groupErinia
EU-060Sterea Ellas Region groupKavalliani
EU-060Sterea Ellas Region groupMandili
EU-060Sterea Ellas Region groupPetalioi Islands
EU-060Sterea Ellas Region groupPontikonisi
EU-060Sterea Ellas Region groupPrasouda
EU-060Sterea Ellas Region groupSarakino
EU-060Sterea Ellas Region groupSkyropoula
EU-060Sterea Ellas Region groupSkyros
EU-060Sterea Ellas Region groupStyra
EU-060Sterea Ellas Region groupValaxa
EU-060Sterea Ellas Region groupVrak Akio
EU-060Sterea Ellas Region groupVrak Elafi
EU-061Vest Agder to Ostfold County groupAkeroya
EU-061Vest Agder to Ostfold County groupAsmaloy
EU-061Vest Agder to Ostfold County groupFaerder Islands
EU-061Vest Agder to Ostfold County groupFlekkeroy
EU-061Vest Agder to Ostfold County groupGronningen
EU-061Vest Agder to Ostfold County groupHellersoy
EU-061Vest Agder to Ostfold County groupHidra
EU-061Vest Agder to Ostfold County groupHille
EU-061Vest Agder to Ostfold County groupHvaler Islands
EU-061Vest Agder to Ostfold County groupJomfruland
EU-061Vest Agder to Ostfold County groupKirkeoy
EU-061Vest Agder to Ostfold County groupKirkoy
EU-061Vest Agder to Ostfold County groupLandoy
EU-061Vest Agder to Ostfold County groupN Sostrene
EU-061Vest Agder to Ostfold County groupOksoy
EU-061Vest Agder to Ostfold County groupRyvingen
EU-061Vest Agder to Ostfold County groupS Sostrene
EU-061Vest Agder to Ostfold County groupSandoy North
EU-061Vest Agder to Ostfold County groupSandoy South
EU-061Vest Agder to Ostfold County groupSeiloy
EU-061Vest Agder to Ostfold County groupSingloy
EU-061Vest Agder to Ostfold County groupSongvar
EU-061Vest Agder to Ostfold County groupSpjaeroy
EU-061Vest Agder to Ostfold County groupStore Saesoy
EU-061Vest Agder to Ostfold County groupSvenner
EU-061Vest Agder to Ostfold County groupTisler
EU-061Vest Agder to Ostfold County groupTjome
EU-061Vest Agder to Ostfold County groupTromoy
EU-061Vest Agder to Ostfold County groupUdoy
EU-061Vest Agder to Ostfold County groupVesteroy
EU-061Vest Agder to Ostfold County groupVestre Sandoya
EU-061Vest Agder to Ostfold County groupYtre Flekkeroy
EU-062Nordland / Nord-Trondelag County groupAlsten
EU-062Nordland / Nord-Trondelag County groupAmnoya
EU-062Nordland / Nord-Trondelag County groupBliksvaer
EU-062Nordland / Nord-Trondelag County groupBorgan
EU-062Nordland / Nord-Trondelag County groupDonna
EU-062Nordland / Nord-Trondelag County groupEngeloya
EU-062Nordland / Nord-Trondelag County groupFleinvaer
EU-062Nordland / Nord-Trondelag County groupFugloya
EU-062Nordland / Nord-Trondelag County groupHelligvaer
EU-062Nordland / Nord-Trondelag County groupHeroya
EU-062Nordland / Nord-Trondelag County groupLauvoya
EU-062Nordland / Nord-Trondelag County groupLeka
EU-062Nordland / Nord-Trondelag County groupLovund
EU-062Nordland / Nord-Trondelag County groupLuroya
EU-062Nordland / Nord-Trondelag County groupMellom
EU-062Nordland / Nord-Trondelag County groupNesoya
EU-062Nordland / Nord-Trondelag County groupOffersoya
EU-062Nordland / Nord-Trondelag County groupOya
EU-062Nordland / Nord-Trondelag County groupRodoya
EU-062Nordland / Nord-Trondelag County groupStotvaer
EU-062Nordland / Nord-Trondelag County groupTjotta
EU-062Nordland / Nord-Trondelag County groupTomma
EU-062Nordland / Nord-Trondelag County groupTraena
EU-062Nordland / Nord-Trondelag County groupVega
EU-062Nordland / Nord-Trondelag County groupVikna
EU-062Nordland / Nord-Trondelag County groupYttre
EU-063Spitsbergen's Coastal Islands (aka Svalbard's Coastal Islands)Abeloya
EU-063Spitsbergen's Coastal Islands (aka Svalbard's Coastal Islands)Akseloya
EU-063Spitsbergen's Coastal Islands (aka Svalbard's Coastal Islands)Amsterdamoya
EU-063Spitsbergen's Coastal Islands (aka Svalbard's Coastal Islands)Barentsoya
EU-063Spitsbergen's Coastal Islands (aka Svalbard's Coastal Islands)Bastianoyane
EU-063Spitsbergen's Coastal Islands (aka Svalbard's Coastal Islands)Danskoya
EU-063Spitsbergen's Coastal Islands (aka Svalbard's Coastal Islands)Edgeoya
EU-063Spitsbergen's Coastal Islands (aka Svalbard's Coastal Islands)Halvmaneoya
EU-063Spitsbergen's Coastal Islands (aka Svalbard's Coastal Islands)Helgolandoya
EU-063Spitsbergen's Coastal Islands (aka Svalbard's Coastal Islands)Hopen
EU-063Spitsbergen's Coastal Islands (aka Svalbard's Coastal Islands)Kongsoya
EU-063Spitsbergen's Coastal Islands (aka Svalbard's Coastal Islands)Kvitoya
EU-063Spitsbergen's Coastal Islands (aka Svalbard's Coastal Islands)Lagoya
EU-063Spitsbergen's Coastal Islands (aka Svalbard's Coastal Islands)Moffen
EU-063Spitsbergen's Coastal Islands (aka Svalbard's Coastal Islands)Nordaustlandet
EU-063Spitsbergen's Coastal Islands (aka Svalbard's Coastal Islands)Prins Karls Forland
EU-063Spitsbergen's Coastal Islands (aka Svalbard's Coastal Islands)Sjuoyane
EU-063Spitsbergen's Coastal Islands (aka Svalbard's Coastal Islands)Sorkappoya
EU-063Spitsbergen's Coastal Islands (aka Svalbard's Coastal Islands)Storoya
EU-063Spitsbergen's Coastal Islands (aka Svalbard's Coastal Islands)Svenskoya
EU-063Spitsbergen's Coastal Islands (aka Svalbard's Coastal Islands)Von Otteroyane
EU-063Spitsbergen's Coastal Islands (aka Svalbard's Coastal Islands)Wahlbergoya
EU-063Spitsbergen's Coastal Islands (aka Svalbard's Coastal Islands)Wilhelmoya
EU-064Pays de la Loire Region groupDumet
EU-064Pays de la Loire Region groupNoirmoutier
EU-064Pays de la Loire Region groupPilier
EU-064Pays de la Loire Region groupYeu
EU-065Bretagne (Finistere North West) Region groupBalanec
EU-065Bretagne (Finistere North West) Region groupBannec
EU-065Bretagne (Finistere North West) Region groupBeniguet
EU-065Bretagne (Finistere North West) Region groupCheminee
EU-065Bretagne (Finistere North West) Region groupChretiens
EU-065Bretagne (Finistere North West) Region groupKeller
EU-065Bretagne (Finistere North West) Region groupLedenes de Balanec
EU-065Bretagne (Finistere North West) Region groupLedenes de Quemenes
EU-065Bretagne (Finistere North West) Region groupLedenes Vihan
EU-065Bretagne (Finistere North West) Region groupLedenes Vraz
EU-065Bretagne (Finistere North West) Region groupLitiri
EU-065Bretagne (Finistere North West) Region groupMolene
EU-065Bretagne (Finistere North West) Region groupMorgol
EU-065Bretagne (Finistere North West) Region groupOuessant
EU-065Bretagne (Finistere North West) Region groupPetit Litiri
EU-065Bretagne (Finistere North West) Region groupQuemenes
EU-065Bretagne (Finistere North West) Region groupRoc'h Hir
EU-065Bretagne (Finistere North West) Region groupToulinguet
EU-065Bretagne (Finistere North West) Region groupTrielen
EU-066Solovetskiye IslandsAnzerskiy
EU-066Solovetskiye IslandsBol'shoy Muksalma
EU-066Solovetskiye IslandsBol'shoy Zayatskiy
EU-066Solovetskiye IslandsMalyy Zayatskiy
EU-066Solovetskiye IslandsSenniye Ludy Islands
EU-066Solovetskiye IslandsSolovetskiy
EU-066Solovetskiye IslandsTopi Islands
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Amorgos
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Anafi
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Ananes
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Andros
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Antikeros
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Antimilos
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Antiparos
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Anydro
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Despotiko
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Dilos
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Donoussa
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Dragonisi
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Folegandros
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Gyaros
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Ios
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Irakleia
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Kameni
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Kardiotissa
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Kea
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Keros
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Kimolos
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Koufonisi
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Kythnos
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Makra
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Makronisi
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Milos
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Mykonos
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Naxos
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Pachia
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Paros
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Polyaigos
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Rineia
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Schoinoussa
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Serfopoula
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Serifos
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Sifnos
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Sikinos
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Strongyli
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Syros
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Thira
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Thirasia
EU-067Kyklades (Cyclades)Tinos
EU-068Bretagne (Finistere South West) Region groupSein
EU-069Columbretes IslandsBaleato
EU-069Columbretes IslandsBauza
EU-069Columbretes IslandsBergantin
EU-069Columbretes IslandsCerquero
EU-069Columbretes IslandsChurruca
EU-069Columbretes IslandsColumbrete Grande
EU-069Columbretes IslandsColumbretes Islands
EU-069Columbretes IslandsEspinosa
EU-069Columbretes IslandsLa Ferrera
EU-069Columbretes IslandsLa Horadada
EU-069Columbretes IslandsLoba
EU-069Columbretes IslandsMancolibre
EU-069Columbretes IslandsMascarat
EU-069Columbretes IslandsMendez Nunez
EU-069Columbretes IslandsNavarrete
EU-069Columbretes IslandsSenyoreta
EU-069Columbretes IslandsValdes
EU-070Provence-Cote d'Azur (Var) Region groupBagaud
EU-070Provence-Cote d'Azur (Var) Region groupFauvette
EU-070Provence-Cote d'Azur (Var) Region groupGabiniere
EU-070Provence-Cote d'Azur (Var) Region groupGrand Ribaud
EU-070Provence-Cote d'Azur (Var) Region groupGrand Rouveau
EU-070Provence-Cote d'Azur (Var) Region groupGros Sarranier
EU-070Provence-Cote d'Azur (Var) Region groupHyeres Islands
EU-070Provence-Cote d'Azur (Var) Region groupLevant
EU-070Provence-Cote d'Azur (Var) Region groupLion de Mer
EU-070Provence-Cote d'Azur (Var) Region groupOr
EU-070Provence-Cote d'Azur (Var) Region groupPetit Langoustier
EU-070Provence-Cote d'Azur (Var) Region groupPetit Ribaud
EU-070Provence-Cote d'Azur (Var) Region groupPetit Rouveau
EU-070Provence-Cote d'Azur (Var) Region groupPetit Sarranier
EU-070Provence-Cote d'Azur (Var) Region groupPointe Rousset
EU-070Provence-Cote d'Azur (Var) Region groupPorquerolles
EU-070Provence-Cote d'Azur (Var) Region groupPort-Cros
EU-070Provence-Cote d'Azur (Var) Region groupRascas
EU-071Vestmannaeyjay (Westman Islands)Alfsey
EU-071Vestmannaeyjay (Westman Islands)Bjarnarey
EU-071Vestmannaeyjay (Westman Islands)Brandur
EU-071Vestmannaeyjay (Westman Islands)Ellidaey
EU-071Vestmannaeyjay (Westman Islands)Geirfuglasker
EU-071Vestmannaeyjay (Westman Islands)Geldungur
EU-071Vestmannaeyjay (Westman Islands)Heimaey
EU-071Vestmannaeyjay (Westman Islands)Hellisey
EU-071Vestmannaeyjay (Westman Islands)Sudurey
EU-071Vestmannaeyjay (Westman Islands)Sulnasker
EU-071Vestmannaeyjay (Westman Islands)Surtsey
EU-071Vestmannaeyjay (Westman Islands)Vestmannaeyjar
EU-072Thessalia Region groupAdelfi
EU-072Thessalia Region groupAlonnisos
EU-072Thessalia Region groupGioura
EU-072Thessalia Region groupKyra Panagia
EU-072Thessalia Region groupPalaio Trikeri
EU-072Thessalia Region groupPeristera
EU-072Thessalia Region groupPiperi
EU-072Thessalia Region groupPrason
EU-072Thessalia Region groupPsathoura
EU-072Thessalia Region groupSkantzoura
EU-072Thessalia Region groupSkiathos
EU-072Thessalia Region groupSkopelos
EU-073Puglia (Taranto) Region groupSan Paolo
EU-073Puglia (Taranto) Region groupSan Pietro
EU-074Bretagne (Cotes-d'Armor Centre) Region groupAr Morbic
EU-074Bretagne (Cotes-d'Armor Centre) Region groupBiniguet
EU-074Bretagne (Cotes-d'Armor Centre) Region groupBrehat
EU-074Bretagne (Cotes-d'Armor Centre) Region groupChevre
EU-074Bretagne (Cotes-d'Armor Centre) Region groupGrouezen
EU-074Bretagne (Cotes-d'Armor Centre) Region groupHarbour
EU-074Bretagne (Cotes-d'Armor Centre) Region groupLavrec
EU-074Bretagne (Cotes-d'Armor Centre) Region groupLogodec
EU-074Bretagne (Cotes-d'Armor Centre) Region groupMauve
EU-074Bretagne (Cotes-d'Armor Centre) Region groupModez
EU-074Bretagne (Cotes-d'Armor Centre) Region groupRaguenes
EU-074Bretagne (Cotes-d'Armor Centre) Region groupRaguenes Meur
EU-074Bretagne (Cotes-d'Armor Centre) Region groupRoches Douvres
EU-074Bretagne (Cotes-d'Armor Centre) Region groupSaint Rion
EU-074Bretagne (Cotes-d'Armor Centre) Region groupVerte
EU-075Peloponnisos (Argolis) / Attiki Region groupAgios Georgios
EU-075Peloponnisos (Argolis) / Attiki Region groupAgios Thomas
EU-075Peloponnisos (Argolis) / Attiki Region groupAgkistri
EU-075Peloponnisos (Argolis) / Attiki Region groupAigina
EU-075Peloponnisos (Argolis) / Attiki Region groupArsida
EU-075Peloponnisos (Argolis) / Attiki Region groupDiaporioi
EU-075Peloponnisos (Argolis) / Attiki Region groupDokos
EU-075Peloponnisos (Argolis) / Attiki Region groupFleves
EU-075Peloponnisos (Argolis) / Attiki Region groupKyra
EU-075Peloponnisos (Argolis) / Attiki Region groupLaouses
EU-075Peloponnisos (Argolis) / Attiki Region groupMoni
EU-075Peloponnisos (Argolis) / Attiki Region groupPatroklou
EU-075Peloponnisos (Argolis) / Attiki Region groupPlateia
EU-075Peloponnisos (Argolis) / Attiki Region groupPsili
EU-075Peloponnisos (Argolis) / Attiki Region groupRomvi
EU-075Peloponnisos (Argolis) / Attiki Region groupSalamina
EU-075Peloponnisos (Argolis) / Attiki Region groupSpetses
EU-075Peloponnisos (Argolis) / Attiki Region groupSpetsopoula
EU-075Peloponnisos (Argolis) / Attiki Region groupStavronisi
EU-075Peloponnisos (Argolis) / Attiki Region groupTrikeri
EU-075Peloponnisos (Argolis) / Attiki Region groupYdra
EU-075Peloponnisos (Argolis) / Attiki Region groupYpsili
EU-076Lofoten IslandsAustvagoy
EU-076Lofoten IslandsLofoten Islands
EU-076Lofoten IslandsMosken
EU-076Lofoten IslandsMoskenesoy
EU-076Lofoten IslandsRost
EU-076Lofoten IslandsSkomvaer
EU-076Lofoten IslandsStore Molla
EU-076Lofoten IslandsVaeroy
EU-076Lofoten IslandsVestvagoy
EU-077La Coruna / Lugo Province groupCoelleira
EU-077La Coruna / Lugo Province groupErbosa
EU-077La Coruna / Lugo Province groupInsuabella
EU-077La Coruna / Lugo Province groupLobeira Chica
EU-077La Coruna / Lugo Province groupLobeira Grande
EU-077La Coruna / Lugo Province groupLos Aguillones
EU-077La Coruna / Lugo Province groupLos Asadoiros
EU-077La Coruna / Lugo Province groupLos Cabeceiros
EU-077La Coruna / Lugo Province groupLos Farallones
EU-077La Coruna / Lugo Province groupMalante
EU-077La Coruna / Lugo Province groupMarola
EU-077La Coruna / Lugo Province groupNoro
EU-077La Coruna / Lugo Province groupRua
EU-077La Coruna / Lugo Province groupSalvora
EU-077La Coruna / Lugo Province groupSentencian
EU-077La Coruna / Lugo Province groupSisarga Chica
EU-077La Coruna / Lugo Province groupSisarga Grande
EU-077La Coruna / Lugo Province groupSisargas Islands
EU-077La Coruna / Lugo Province groupVionta
EU-078Gerona Province groupEl Llagosti
EU-078Gerona Province groupHormiga Grande
EU-078Gerona Province groupLa Corva
EU-078Gerona Province groupLa Planasa
EU-078Gerona Province groupLos Branchs Canyellas
EU-078Gerona Province groupMassa d'Or
EU-078Gerona Province groupMassina
EU-078Gerona Province groupMeda Grande
EU-078Gerona Province groupMeda Petita
EU-078Gerona Province groupMedas Islands
EU-079More og Romsdal County South groupEikoy
EU-079More og Romsdal County South groupGurskoy
EU-079More og Romsdal County South groupHareidlandet
EU-079More og Romsdal County South groupJonsholmen
EU-079More og Romsdal County South groupKvamsoy
EU-079More og Romsdal County South groupLeinoy
EU-079More og Romsdal County South groupMoloy
EU-079More og Romsdal County South groupNerlandsoy
EU-079More og Romsdal County South groupRimoy
EU-079More og Romsdal County South groupRunde
EU-079More og Romsdal County South groupSandsoy
EU-079More og Romsdal County South groupSkorpa
EU-079More og Romsdal County South groupVoksa
EU-079More og Romsdal County South groupYksnoy
EU-080Pontevedra Province groupArosa
EU-080Pontevedra Province groupBoeiro
EU-080Pontevedra Province groupCamallon
EU-080Pontevedra Province groupCentolo
EU-080Pontevedra Province groupCies Islands
EU-080Pontevedra Province groupGalineiro
EU-080Pontevedra Province groupJidoiro Arenoso
EU-080Pontevedra Province groupJidoiro Pedregoso
EU-080Pontevedra Province groupLas Serralleiras
EU-080Pontevedra Province groupMonte Agudo
EU-080Pontevedra Province groupOns
EU-080Pontevedra Province groupOnza
EU-080Pontevedra Province groupSan Martin
EU-080Pontevedra Province groupVinos
EU-081Basse-Normandie (Manche East) Region groupSaint Marcouf Islands
EU-082Barents Sea Coast West groupBol'shoy Ainov
EU-082Barents Sea Coast West groupBol'shoy Oleniy
EU-082Barents Sea Coast West groupKil'din
EU-082Barents Sea Coast West groupKuvshin
EU-082Barents Sea Coast West groupMalyy Ainov
EU-082Barents Sea Coast West groupMalyy Oleniy
EU-082Barents Sea Coast West groupShalim
EU-082Barents Sea Coast West groupVoron'i Ludki Islands
EU-082Barents Sea Coast West groupYeretik
EU-083Liguria Region groupBergeggi
EU-083Liguria Region groupGallinara
EU-083Liguria Region groupTinetto
EU-083Liguria Region groupTino
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupAlo
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupAngson
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupApplaro
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupArholma
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupBedaron
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupBetso
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupBiskopson
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupBjorkholmen
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupBlido
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupBocko
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupBulleron
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupEdo
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupEkno
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupFaglaro
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupFalon
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupFejan
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupFjardlang
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupFogdo
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupFurusund
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupGalgryte
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupGisslingo
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupGrano
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupGranon
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupGrasko
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupGraso
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupHaro
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupHemmaro
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupHogmarso
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupHusaro
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupIdo
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupIngmarso
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupKallen
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupKaston
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupKorso
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupKrokso
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupKudoxa
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupLadna
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupLadnaon
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupLangviksskar
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupLaren
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupLidingo
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupLidon
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupLokao
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupLunnmun
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupMallsten
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupMaro
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupMedholmen
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupMjolko
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupMjolkon
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupMoja
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupMorto
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupMusko
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupNamdo
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupNattaro
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupNorra Ljustero
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupNorrora
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupO Lagno
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupOja
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupOrmon
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupOrno
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupOrron
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupOrskar
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupRaggaron
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupRano
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupRindo
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupRodloga
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupRorskaret
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupRunmaro
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupSandon
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupSarso
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupSingo
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupSjalbottna
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupSkarp-Runmaro
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupSladdaron
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupSlaton
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupSoderora
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupSodra Ljustero
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupSollenkroka
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupSt Algo
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupSt Risten
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupSt Timraron
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupStoro
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupStoron
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupSundskar
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupSvartloga
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupSvartno
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupSvartso
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupTjocko
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupTrasko
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupTrasko Storo
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupUto
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupUvon
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupVarlingso
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupVassaro
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupVasterskian
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupVaxholm
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupVidinge
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupVidingsora
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupVillinge
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupVindalso
EU-084Uppsala / Stockholm County groupYxlan
EU-085Kolguev IslandKolguev
EU-086Pechorskoye Sea Coast East groupBol'shoy Zelenets
EU-086Pechorskoye Sea Coast East groupDolgiy
EU-086Pechorskoye Sea Coast East groupGolets
EU-086Pechorskoye Sea Coast East groupMalyy Zelenets
EU-086Pechorskoye Sea Coast East groupMatveev
EU-086Pechorskoye Sea Coast East groupMestnyy
EU-086Pechorskoye Sea Coast East groupStorozhevoy
EU-086Pechorskoye Sea Coast East groupVaygach
EU-087Vasternorrland County groupAbordson
EU-087Vasternorrland County groupAggskar
EU-087Vasternorrland County groupAlgon
EU-087Vasternorrland County groupAllon
EU-087Vasternorrland County groupAlnon
EU-087Vasternorrland County groupBarstaon
EU-087Vasternorrland County groupBosslan
EU-087Vasternorrland County groupBramon
EU-087Vasternorrland County groupFagelskar
EU-087Vasternorrland County groupGranon
EU-087Vasternorrland County groupGranon
EU-087Vasternorrland County groupGrisselskar
EU-087Vasternorrland County groupHemson
EU-087Vasternorrland County groupHogbonden
EU-087Vasternorrland County groupHogholmen
EU-087Vasternorrland County groupHoglosmen
EU-087Vasternorrland County groupKlosan
EU-087Vasternorrland County groupLangholmen
EU-087Vasternorrland County groupLangskaret
EU-087Vasternorrland County groupLungon
EU-087Vasternorrland County groupMjalton
EU-087Vasternorrland County groupNorra Ulvon
EU-087Vasternorrland County groupO Strangon
EU-087Vasternorrland County groupO Varnsingarna
EU-087Vasternorrland County groupRodon
EU-087Vasternorrland County groupRonon
EU-087Vasternorrland County groupRotskaret
EU-087Vasternorrland County groupSkrubban
EU-087Vasternorrland County groupSodra Ulvon
EU-087Vasternorrland County groupStorholmen Islands
EU-087Vasternorrland County groupStoron
EU-087Vasternorrland County groupTrysundaon
EU-087Vasternorrland County groupV Strangon
EU-087Vasternorrland County groupV Varnsingarna
EU-087Vasternorrland County groupVagon
EU-087Vasternorrland County groupValon
EU-087Vasternorrland County groupVikskar
EU-088Kattegat groupAnholt
EU-088Kattegat groupBorfeld
EU-088Kattegat groupHornfiskron
EU-088Kattegat groupLaeso
EU-088Kattegat groupNordre Ronner
EU-088Kattegat groupSondre Ronner
EU-089Western Azores groupCorvo
EU-089Western Azores groupFlores
EU-090Palagruza IslandsGalijula
EU-090Palagruza IslandsPalagruza Islands
EU-090Palagruza IslandsPalagruza Mala
EU-090Palagruza IslandsPalagruza Vela
EU-091Puglia (Lecce / Brindisi / Bari) Region groupCapezzone
EU-091Puglia (Lecce / Brindisi / Bari) Region groupChianca d'Abramo
EU-091Puglia (Lecce / Brindisi / Bari) Region groupGrande di Porto Cesareo
EU-091Puglia (Lecce / Brindisi / Bari) Region groupPedagne Islands
EU-091Puglia (Lecce / Brindisi / Bari) Region groupSant' Andrea
EU-092Summer IslesBottle
EU-092Summer IslesCarn Deas
EU-092Summer IslesCarn Iar
EU-092Summer IslesCarn nan Sgeir
EU-092Summer IslesEilean a'Char
EU-092Summer IslesEilean Dubh
EU-092Summer IslesEilean Fada Mor
EU-092Summer IslesEilean Mullagrach
EU-092Summer IslesGlas-Ieac Beag
EU-092Summer IslesGlas-Ieac Mor
EU-092Summer IslesHorse
EU-092Summer IslesPriest
EU-092Summer IslesSummer Isles (not Martin or Ristol)
EU-092Summer IslesTanera Beg
EU-092Summer IslesTanera Mor
EU-093Alicante / Murcia Province groupBenidorm
EU-093Alicante / Murcia Province groupCantera
EU-093Alicante / Murcia Province groupEscombreras
EU-093Alicante / Murcia Province groupGalera de Tabarca
EU-093Alicante / Murcia Province groupGrosa
EU-093Alicante / Murcia Province groupHormigas Islands
EU-093Alicante / Murcia Province groupNao
EU-093Alicante / Murcia Province groupPortitxol
EU-093Alicante / Murcia Province groupTabarca
EU-094Bretagne (Finistere South) Region groupBananec
EU-094Bretagne (Finistere South) Region groupBrilimec
EU-094Bretagne (Finistere South) Region groupBrunec
EU-094Bretagne (Finistere South) Region groupCigogne
EU-094Bretagne (Finistere South) Region groupDrenec
EU-094Bretagne (Finistere South) Region groupGlenan Islands
EU-094Bretagne (Finistere South) Region groupGueotec
EU-094Bretagne (Finistere South) Region groupGuignenec
EU-094Bretagne (Finistere South) Region groupGuiriden
EU-094Bretagne (Finistere South) Region groupLoc'h
EU-094Bretagne (Finistere South) Region groupMoutons
EU-094Bretagne (Finistere South) Region groupPenfret
EU-094Bretagne (Finistere South) Region groupSaint-Nicolas
EU-094Bretagne (Finistere South) Region groupVerte
EU-095Provence-Cote d'Azur (Bouches du Rhone) Region groupCalseraigne
EU-095Provence-Cote d'Azur (Bouches du Rhone) Region groupGrand Congloue
EU-095Provence-Cote d'Azur (Bouches du Rhone) Region groupIf
EU-095Provence-Cote d'Azur (Bouches du Rhone) Region groupJarre
EU-095Provence-Cote d'Azur (Bouches du Rhone) Region groupJarron
EU-095Provence-Cote d'Azur (Bouches du Rhone) Region groupMoyade
EU-095Provence-Cote d'Azur (Bouches du Rhone) Region groupPetit Congloue
EU-095Provence-Cote d'Azur (Bouches du Rhone) Region groupPlanier
EU-095Provence-Cote d'Azur (Bouches du Rhone) Region groupPomegues
EU-095Provence-Cote d'Azur (Bouches du Rhone) Region groupRatonneau
EU-095Provence-Cote d'Azur (Bouches du Rhone) Region groupRiou
EU-095Provence-Cote d'Azur (Bouches du Rhone) Region groupTiboulen
EU-095Provence-Cote d'Azur (Bouches du Rhone) Region groupVerte
EU-096Lansi-Suomi (Turku) Province groupAttu
EU-096Lansi-Suomi (Turku) Province groupBengtskar
EU-096Lansi-Suomi (Turku) Province groupBerghamn
EU-096Lansi-Suomi (Turku) Province groupBergholm
EU-096Lansi-Suomi (Turku) Province groupHiittinen
EU-096Lansi-Suomi (Turku) Province groupHoutskar
EU-096Lansi-Suomi (Turku) Province groupInio
EU-096Lansi-Suomi (Turku) Province groupIsokari Enskar
EU-096Lansi-Suomi (Turku) Province groupKaurissalo
EU-096Lansi-Suomi (Turku) Province groupKeistio
EU-096Lansi-Suomi (Turku) Province groupKolko
EU-096Lansi-Suomi (Turku) Province groupKorpo
EU-096Lansi-Suomi (Turku) Province groupKustavi
EU-096Lansi-Suomi (Turku) Province groupLangholmen
EU-096Lansi-Suomi (Turku) Province groupLovo
EU-096Lansi-Suomi (Turku) Province groupMossala
EU-096Lansi-Suomi (Turku) Province groupNauvo Nagu
EU-096Lansi-Suomi (Turku) Province groupNorrskata
EU-096Lansi-Suomi (Turku) Province groupNoto
EU-096Lansi-Suomi (Turku) Province groupOro
EU-096Lansi-Suomi (Turku) Province groupPakinainen
EU-096Lansi-Suomi (Turku) Province groupParainen Pargas
EU-096Lansi-Suomi (Turku) Province groupPerkala
EU-096Lansi-Suomi (Turku) Province groupPutsaari
EU-096Lansi-Suomi (Turku) Province groupStoron
EU-096Lansi-Suomi (Turku) Province groupUto
EU-096Lansi-Suomi (Turku) Province groupVano
EU-096Lansi-Suomi (Turku) Province groupVartsala
EU-096Lansi-Suomi (Turku) Province groupVekara
EU-096Lansi-Suomi (Turku) Province groupVelkuanmaa
EU-097Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province groupAlgo
EU-097Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province groupAlgsjo
EU-097Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province groupBasto
EU-097Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province groupBodo
EU-097Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province groupBuso
EU-097Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province groupEmasalo Emsalo
EU-097Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province groupGrano
EU-097Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province groupHermanskar
EU-097Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province groupIso Lehtisaari Stora Lovon
EU-097Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province groupIso Mustasaari
EU-097Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province groupIsosaari
EU-097Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province groupJussaro
EU-097Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province groupKalvon
EU-097Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province groupKaunissaari Fagero
EU-097Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province groupKejvsalo
EU-097Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province groupKotiluoto Hemholmen
EU-097Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province groupLilla Grotholmen
EU-097Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province groupLillkrokan
EU-097Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province groupMakiluoto
EU-097Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province groupMolandet
EU-097Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province groupMusta-Hevonen
EU-097Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province groupNorr and Soderkullalandet
EU-097Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province groupOnas
EU-097Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province groupOrslandet
EU-097Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province groupPieni Lehtisaari Lilla Lovon
EU-097Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province groupPirttisaari
EU-097Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province groupRabbas
EU-097Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province groupRonnskar
EU-097Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province groupRoyso
EU-097Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province groupRussaro
EU-097Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province groupSalmen
EU-097Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province groupSimsalo
EU-097Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province groupStengrundet
EU-097Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province groupStora Grotholmen
EU-097Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province groupStora Risholmen
EU-097Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province groupStromso
EU-097Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province groupSuur-Pellinki Storpellinge
EU-097Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province groupVahapellinki Lillpellinge
EU-097Etela-Suomi (Uusimaa) Province groupVormo
EU-099Les Minquiers IslandsLes Minquiers Islands
EU-099Les Minquiers IslandsMaitresse
EU-100Cerbicales IslandsCerbicales Islands
EU-100Cerbicales IslandsForana
EU-100Cerbicales IslandsMaestro Maria
EU-100Cerbicales IslandsPiana
EU-100Cerbicales IslandsPietricaggiosa
EU-100Cerbicales IslandsVacca
EU-101Lansi-Suomi (Vaasa) Province groupBerggrund
EU-101Lansi-Suomi (Vaasa) Province groupBergo
EU-101Lansi-Suomi (Vaasa) Province groupBjorkogrunden
EU-101Lansi-Suomi (Vaasa) Province groupBjorkon
EU-101Lansi-Suomi (Vaasa) Province groupBorsskar
EU-101Lansi-Suomi (Vaasa) Province groupGashallan
EU-101Lansi-Suomi (Vaasa) Province groupGranholmen
EU-101Lansi-Suomi (Vaasa) Province groupGranskar Kuusissari
EU-101Lansi-Suomi (Vaasa) Province groupKorppisluot
EU-101Lansi-Suomi (Vaasa) Province groupLapporarna
EU-101Lansi-Suomi (Vaasa) Province groupMarigrund
EU-101Lansi-Suomi (Vaasa) Province groupMickelsorarna
EU-101Lansi-Suomi (Vaasa) Province groupMolpe
EU-101Lansi-Suomi (Vaasa) Province groupMolpegrunden
EU-101Lansi-Suomi (Vaasa) Province groupNorrskaren
EU-101Lansi-Suomi (Vaasa) Province groupOstero/Vastero
EU-101Lansi-Suomi (Vaasa) Province groupPirkluot
EU-101Lansi-Suomi (Vaasa) Province groupRaippaluoto Replot
EU-101Lansi-Suomi (Vaasa) Province groupRonnskaren
EU-101Lansi-Suomi (Vaasa) Province groupSalgrund
EU-101Lansi-Suomi (Vaasa) Province groupSkalorsskatan
EU-101Lansi-Suomi (Vaasa) Province groupSkarporen
EU-101Lansi-Suomi (Vaasa) Province groupSodra Bjorkon
EU-101Lansi-Suomi (Vaasa) Province groupSodra Fjardsgrund
EU-101Lansi-Suomi (Vaasa) Province groupStorskar
EU-101Lansi-Suomi (Vaasa) Province groupTankar
EU-101Lansi-Suomi (Vaasa) Province groupTornskar
EU-101Lansi-Suomi (Vaasa) Province groupTorson
EU-101Lansi-Suomi (Vaasa) Province groupValassaaret
EU-101Lansi-Suomi (Vaasa) Province groupValsorarna
EU-101Lansi-Suomi (Vaasa) Province groupVargogaddar
EU-102Pechorskoye Sea Coast Centre groupChaichiy
EU-102Pechorskoye Sea Coast Centre groupDolgiy
EU-102Pechorskoye Sea Coast Centre groupKashin
EU-102Pechorskoye Sea Coast Centre groupLovetskiy
EU-102Pechorskoye Sea Coast Centre groupZelenyy
EU-103Saltee IslandsSaltee Islands
EU-104Sanguinaires IslandsCala d'Alga
EU-104Sanguinaires IslandsCormorans or Oga
EU-104Sanguinaires IslandsGrande Sanguinaire
EU-104Sanguinaires IslandsPorri
EU-104Sanguinaires IslandsSanguinaires Islands
EU-105Bretagne (Finistere North) Region groupBatz
EU-105Bretagne (Finistere North) Region groupGuenioc
EU-105Bretagne (Finistere North) Region groupStagadon
EU-105Bretagne (Finistere North) Region groupTi Saoson
EU-105Bretagne (Finistere North) Region groupValan
EU-105Bretagne (Finistere North) Region groupVierge
EU-106St Tudwal's IslandsSt Tudwal's East
EU-106St Tudwal's IslandsSt Tudwal's Islands
EU-106St Tudwal's IslandsSt Tudwal's West
EU-107Bretagne (Cotes-d'Armor West) Region groupBono
EU-107Bretagne (Cotes-d'Armor West) Region groupEr
EU-107Bretagne (Cotes-d'Armor West) Region groupMalban
EU-107Bretagne (Cotes-d'Armor West) Region groupMoines
EU-107Bretagne (Cotes-d'Armor West) Region groupPetite
EU-107Bretagne (Cotes-d'Armor West) Region groupPlate
EU-107Bretagne (Cotes-d'Armor West) Region groupRouzic
EU-107Bretagne (Cotes-d'Armor West) Region groupTome
EU-108Treshnish IslesBac Beag
EU-108Treshnish IslesBac Mor
EU-108Treshnish IslesCairn na Burgh Beg
EU-108Treshnish IslesCairn na Burgh More
EU-108Treshnish IslesFladda
EU-108Treshnish IslesLunga
EU-108Treshnish IslesTreshnish Isles
EU-109Farne IslandsBig Harcar
EU-109Farne IslandsBrownsman
EU-109Farne IslandsFarne Islands
EU-109Farne IslandsInner Farne
EU-109Farne IslandsLongstone
EU-109Farne IslandsMegstone
EU-109Farne IslandsStaple
EU-110Istra groupAltijez
EU-110Istra groupBrijuni Islands (excluding Kotez)
EU-110Istra groupFenera
EU-110Istra groupFenoliga
EU-110Istra groupFrzital
EU-110Istra groupGalija
EU-110Istra groupGaz
EU-110Istra groupGrunj
EU-110Istra groupGusti Skolj
EU-110Istra groupGustinja
EU-110Istra groupKrasnica
EU-110Istra groupLevan
EU-110Istra groupLevanic
EU-110Istra groupLunga
EU-110Istra groupMali Brijun
EU-110Istra groupObljak
EU-110Istra groupPorer
EU-110Istra groupPusti
EU-110Istra groupSestrica Vela and Mala
EU-110Istra groupSturag
EU-110Istra groupSupin
EU-110Istra groupSupinic
EU-110Istra groupSv Andrija
EU-110Istra groupSv Ivan
EU-110Istra groupSv Ivan na Pucini
EU-110Istra groupSv Jerolim
EU-110Istra groupSv Marko
EU-110Istra groupSv Nikola
EU-110Istra groupVeli Brijun
EU-110Istra groupVeli Skolj
EU-110Istra groupVrsar
EU-111Monach IslandsCeann Ear
EU-111Monach IslandsCeann Iar
EU-111Monach IslandsMonach Islands
EU-111Monach IslandsShillay
EU-111Monach IslandsStockay
EU-112Shiant IslandsEilean an Tighe
EU-112Shiant IslandsEilean Mhuire
EU-112Shiant IslandsGarbh Eilean
EU-112Shiant IslandsShiant Islands
EU-113Peloponnisos (Lakonia) / Kythira Region groupAntikythira
EU-113Peloponnisos (Lakonia) / Kythira Region groupAvgo
EU-113Peloponnisos (Lakonia) / Kythira Region groupElafonisos
EU-113Peloponnisos (Lakonia) / Kythira Region groupFalkonera
EU-113Peloponnisos (Lakonia) / Kythira Region groupKaravi
EU-113Peloponnisos (Lakonia) / Kythira Region groupKythira
EU-113Peloponnisos (Lakonia) / Kythira Region groupMakrokythira
EU-113Peloponnisos (Lakonia) / Kythira Region groupVelopoula in Mirtoo Pelagos
EU-114Guernsey groupAlderney
EU-114Guernsey groupBurhou
EU-114Guernsey groupCasquets
EU-114Guernsey groupGuernsey
EU-114Guernsey groupHerm
EU-114Guernsey groupJethou
EU-114Guernsey groupSark
EU-115Ireland (Ireland / Northern Ireland)Achill
EU-115Ireland (Ireland / Northern Ireland)Achillbeg
EU-115Ireland (Ireland / Northern Ireland)Ballycotton
EU-115Ireland (Ireland / Northern Ireland)Coney
EU-115Ireland (Ireland / Northern Ireland)Cruit
EU-115Ireland (Ireland / Northern Ireland)Dursey
EU-115Ireland (Ireland / Northern Ireland)Gorumna
EU-115Ireland (Ireland / Northern Ireland)Inch
EU-115Ireland (Ireland / Northern Ireland)Lettermore
EU-115Ireland (Ireland / Northern Ireland)Lettermullen
EU-115Ireland (Ireland / Northern Ireland)Main Island of Ireland
EU-115Ireland (Ireland / Northern Ireland)Mweenish
EU-115Ireland (Ireland / Northern Ireland)Omey
EU-115Ireland (Ireland / Northern Ireland)Puffin
EU-115Ireland (Ireland / Northern Ireland)Ringarogy
EU-115Ireland (Ireland / Northern Ireland)Scattery
EU-115Ireland (Ireland / Northern Ireland)Shenick's
EU-115Ireland (Ireland / Northern Ireland)Sherkin
EU-115Ireland (Ireland / Northern Ireland)Spanish
EU-115Ireland (Ireland / Northern Ireland)Turbot
EU-115Ireland (Ireland / Northern Ireland)Valentia
EU-115Ireland (Ireland / Northern Ireland)Whiddy
EU-116Isle of ManCalf of Man
EU-116Isle of ManIsle of Man
EU-117Malyy Vysotskiy IslandBereznik
EU-117Malyy Vysotskiy IslandBol'shoy Berezovyy
EU-117Malyy Vysotskiy IslandChernovoy
EU-117Malyy Vysotskiy IslandDymnyy
EU-117Malyy Vysotskiy IslandGustoy/Kotelny
EU-117Malyy Vysotskiy IslandKhallikarti
EU-117Malyy Vysotskiy IslandKiuskari
EU-117Malyy Vysotskiy IslandKrepysh
EU-117Malyy Vysotskiy IslandKuurinsaari
EU-117Malyy Vysotskiy IslandLisiy
EU-117Malyy Vysotskiy IslandMalyy Vysotskiy
EU-117Malyy Vysotskiy IslandNovik
EU-117Malyy Vysotskiy IslandPeredovik
EU-117Malyy Vysotskiy IslandPeschanyy
EU-117Malyy Vysotskiy IslandRondo
EU-117Malyy Vysotskiy IslandSevernyy Berezovyy
EU-117Malyy Vysotskiy IslandVasikkasaari
EU-117Malyy Vysotskiy IslandZaovrazhenskiy
EU-117Malyy Vysotskiy IslandZapadnyy Berezovyy
EU-118Flannan IslesEilean a'Ghobha
EU-118Flannan IslesEilean Mor
EU-118Flannan IslesEilean Tighe
EU-118Flannan IslesFlannan Isles
EU-118Flannan IslesSoray
EU-119White Sea Coast East groupMorzhovets
EU-120English Coastal IslandsCoquet
EU-120English Coastal IslandsHilbre Islands
EU-120English Coastal IslandsHoly
EU-120English Coastal IslandsIsle of Wight
EU-120English Coastal IslandsLooe
EU-120English Coastal IslandsLundy
EU-120English Coastal IslandsSteep Holm
EU-120English Coastal IslandsThe Brisons
EU-121Irish Coastal IslandsAran
EU-121Irish Coastal IslandsBear
EU-121Irish Coastal IslandsCaher
EU-121Irish Coastal IslandsClare
EU-121Irish Coastal IslandsClear
EU-121Irish Coastal IslandsCroaghnakeela
EU-121Irish Coastal IslandsCruagh
EU-121Irish Coastal IslandsDalkey
EU-121Irish Coastal IslandsDeenish
EU-121Irish Coastal IslandsDuvillaun More
EU-121Irish Coastal IslandsFastnet
EU-121Irish Coastal IslandsGola
EU-121Irish Coastal IslandsInishark
EU-121Irish Coastal IslandsInishbeg
EU-121Irish Coastal IslandsInishbofin
EU-121Irish Coastal IslandsInishbofin
EU-121Irish Coastal IslandsInishdooey
EU-121Irish Coastal IslandsInishglora
EU-121Irish Coastal IslandsInishkea North
EU-121Irish Coastal IslandsInishkea South
EU-121Irish Coastal IslandsInishmurray
EU-121Irish Coastal IslandsInishtrahull
EU-121Irish Coastal IslandsInishturk
EU-121Irish Coastal IslandsIreland's Eye
EU-121Irish Coastal IslandsKid
EU-121Irish Coastal IslandsLambay
EU-121Irish Coastal IslandsLong
EU-121Irish Coastal IslandsMuglins
EU-121Irish Coastal IslandsMutton
EU-121Irish Coastal IslandsOwey
EU-121Irish Coastal IslandsScariff
EU-121Irish Coastal IslandsSlyne Head
EU-121Irish Coastal IslandsSt Macdara's
EU-121Irish Coastal IslandsThe Seven Hogs
EU-121Irish Coastal IslandsThe Skelligs
EU-121Irish Coastal IslandsThe Stags
EU-121Irish Coastal IslandsTory
EU-122Northern Irish Coastal IslandsCopeland
EU-122Northern Irish Coastal IslandsLight House
EU-122Northern Irish Coastal IslandsMew
EU-122Northern Irish Coastal IslandsRathlin
EU-122Northern Irish Coastal IslandsThe Maidens
EU-123Scottish Coastal IslandsA'Chleit
EU-123Scottish Coastal IslandsAilsa Craig
EU-123Scottish Coastal IslandsArran
EU-123Scottish Coastal IslandsBass Rock
EU-123Scottish Coastal IslandsBute
EU-123Scottish Coastal IslandsCraigleith
EU-123Scottish Coastal IslandsEilean Hoan
EU-123Scottish Coastal IslandsEilean Nan Ron
EU-123Scottish Coastal IslandsFidra
EU-123Scottish Coastal IslandsGreat Cumbrae
EU-123Scottish Coastal IslandsGruinard
EU-123Scottish Coastal IslandsHanda
EU-123Scottish Coastal IslandsHoly
EU-123Scottish Coastal IslandsHorse
EU-123Scottish Coastal IslandsInchcolm
EU-123Scottish Coastal IslandsInchkeith
EU-123Scottish Coastal IslandsInchmarnock
EU-123Scottish Coastal IslandsInchmickery
EU-123Scottish Coastal IslandsIsle of May
EU-123Scottish Coastal IslandsLady Isle
EU-123Scottish Coastal IslandsLamb
EU-123Scottish Coastal IslandsLittle Cumbrae
EU-123Scottish Coastal IslandsLonga
EU-123Scottish Coastal IslandsMost northerly of Rabbit Islands
EU-123Scottish Coastal IslandsMurray's Isles
EU-123Scottish Coastal IslandsPladda
EU-123Scottish Coastal IslandsSanda
EU-123Scottish Coastal IslandsSgeir an Oir
EU-123Scottish Coastal IslandsSoyea
EU-123Scottish Coastal IslandsStroma
EU-124Welsh Coastal IslandsBardsey
EU-124Welsh Coastal IslandsBishops and Clerks
EU-124Welsh Coastal IslandsCaldey
EU-124Welsh Coastal IslandsFlat Holm
EU-124Welsh Coastal IslandsGrassholme
EU-124Welsh Coastal IslandsHoly
EU-124Welsh Coastal IslandsPuffin
EU-124Welsh Coastal IslandsRamsey
EU-124Welsh Coastal IslandsSkokholm
EU-124Welsh Coastal IslandsSkomer
EU-124Welsh Coastal IslandsThe Skerries
EU-124Welsh Coastal IslandsThe Smalls
EU-125Jylland West groupFano
EU-125Jylland West groupJordsand
EU-125Jylland West groupMando
EU-125Jylland West groupRomo
EU-126Lappi Province groupAjoskrunni
EU-126Lappi Province groupEtukari
EU-126Lappi Province groupKallio
EU-126Lappi Province groupKoivuluoto
EU-126Lappi Province groupKorkeakari
EU-126Lappi Province groupKuljunkari
EU-126Lappi Province groupKuusiluoto
EU-126Lappi Province groupLehtikari
EU-126Lappi Province groupLinnanklupu
EU-126Lappi Province groupMaasarvi
EU-126Lappi Province groupMontaja
EU-126Lappi Province groupPauha
EU-126Lappi Province groupPensaskari
EU-126Lappi Province groupPihlajakari
EU-126Lappi Province groupPitkaletto
EU-126Lappi Province groupSavukrunni
EU-126Lappi Province groupSelkakari
EU-126Lappi Province groupSelkasaari
EU-126Lappi Province groupSelkasarvi
EU-126Lappi Province groupSyvaletto
EU-126Lappi Province groupTiuranen
EU-127Schleswig-Holstein State South West groupHelgoland
EU-127Schleswig-Holstein State South West groupHelgoland-Duene
EU-127Schleswig-Holstein State South West groupNeuwerk
EU-127Schleswig-Holstein State South West groupScharhoern
EU-127Schleswig-Holstein State South West groupTrischen
EU-128Schleswig-Holstein State East groupFehmarn
EU-128Schleswig-Holstein State East groupWarder
EU-129Usedom Island (aka Uznam Island)Goermitz
EU-129Usedom Island (aka Uznam Island)Neidbullen
EU-129Usedom Island (aka Uznam Island)Rohrplan
EU-129Usedom Island (aka Uznam Island)Usedom
EU-129Usedom Island (aka Uznam Island)Werder
EU-130Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region groupAnfora
EU-130Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region groupAra Storta
EU-130Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region groupBanco d'Orio
EU-130Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region groupBelli
EU-130Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region groupCampo
EU-130Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region groupConchiglie
EU-130Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region groupGorgo
EU-130Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region groupGrado
EU-130Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region groupLa Schiusa
EU-130Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region groupMarina dei Manzi
EU-130Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region groupMarina di Macia
EU-130Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region groupMarinetta
EU-130Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region groupMartignano
EU-130Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region groupMezzano
EU-130Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region groupMorgo
EU-130Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region groupMota dei Biviacqua
EU-130Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region groupOrbi
EU-130Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region groupPampaiola
EU-130Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region groupRavaiarina
EU-130Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region groupSan Giuliano
EU-130Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region groupSan Pietro d'Orio
EU-130Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region groupSant' Andrea
EU-130Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region groupSanta Maria di Barbana
EU-130Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region groupTaglio Nuovo
EU-130Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region groupTanori
EU-130Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region groupValerian
EU-130Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region groupVilla Nova
EU-131Veneto Region groupBuel del Lovo
EU-131Veneto Region groupBurano
EU-131Veneto Region groupCampalto
EU-131Veneto Region groupCampana
EU-131Veneto Region groupCarbonera
EU-131Veneto Region groupFisolo
EU-131Veneto Region groupLa Certosa
EU-131Veneto Region groupLa Cura
EU-131Veneto Region groupLa Giudecca
EU-131Veneto Region groupLa Grazia
EU-131Veneto Region groupLa Salina
EU-131Veneto Region groupLazzaretto Nuovo
EU-131Veneto Region groupLe Vignole
EU-131Veneto Region groupLido
EU-131Veneto Region groupMadonna del Monte
EU-131Veneto Region groupMazzorbo
EU-131Veneto Region groupMotta San Lorenzo
EU-131Veneto Region groupMurano
EU-131Veneto Region groupOttagono Abbandonato
EU-131Veneto Region groupOttagono degli Alberoni
EU-131Veneto Region groupOttagono di San Pietro
EU-131Veneto Region groupPellestrina
EU-131Veneto Region groupPoveglia
EU-131Veneto Region groupSacca Sessola
EU-131Veneto Region groupSan Ariano
EU-131Veneto Region groupSan Clemente
EU-131Veneto Region groupSan Francesco del Deserto
EU-131Veneto Region groupSan Giacomo in Palude
EU-131Veneto Region groupSan Giorgio Maggiore
EU-131Veneto Region groupSan Lazzaro degli Armeni
EU-131Veneto Region groupSan Michele
EU-131Veneto Region groupSan Secondo
EU-131Veneto Region groupSan Servolo
EU-131Veneto Region groupSant' Angelo della Polvere
EU-131Veneto Region groupSant' Erasmo
EU-131Veneto Region groupSanto Spirito
EU-131Veneto Region groupTessera
EU-131Veneto Region groupTorcello
EU-131Veneto Region groupVenezia
EU-132Szczecin / Koszalin Province groupBielawki
EU-132Szczecin / Koszalin Province groupGesia Kepa
EU-132Szczecin / Koszalin Province groupKarsibor
EU-132Szczecin / Koszalin Province groupKonski Smug
EU-132Szczecin / Koszalin Province groupKoprzywskie Legi
EU-132Szczecin / Koszalin Province groupLadko
EU-132Szczecin / Koszalin Province groupMaly Krzek
EU-132Szczecin / Koszalin Province groupWarnie Kepy
EU-132Szczecin / Koszalin Province groupWielki Krzek
EU-132Szczecin / Koszalin Province groupWiszowa Kepa
EU-132Szczecin / Koszalin Province groupWolcza Kepa
EU-132Szczecin / Koszalin Province groupWolin
EU-132Szczecin / Koszalin Province groupWydrza Kepa
EU-133Gulf of Finland groupBol'shoy Tyuters
EU-133Gulf of Finland groupGogland
EU-133Gulf of Finland groupKhangeloda
EU-133Gulf of Finland groupKhitamatala
EU-133Gulf of Finland groupKokor
EU-133Gulf of Finland groupKotlin
EU-133Gulf of Finland groupMalyy
EU-133Gulf of Finland groupMalyy Tyuters
EU-133Gulf of Finland groupMayak
EU-133Gulf of Finland groupMayak Tolbukhin
EU-133Gulf of Finland groupMoshchnyy
EU-133Gulf of Finland groupNarvi
EU-133Gulf of Finland groupRemisar
EU-133Gulf of Finland groupReymosar
EU-133Gulf of Finland groupRodsher
EU-133Gulf of Finland groupSeskar
EU-133Gulf of Finland groupSommers
EU-133Gulf of Finland groupVerperluda
EU-133Gulf of Finland groupVirginyy
EU-134Bilbao / San Sebastian (Basque Country) Province groupAqueche
EU-134Bilbao / San Sebastian (Basque Country) Province groupIzaro
EU-134Bilbao / San Sebastian (Basque Country) Province groupVillano
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupAngeson
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupAntrevet
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupBlackkallen
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupByskegrundet
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupDodmanskaret
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupGasoren
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupGrasidan/Nygrundet
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupGraskar
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupGrosseskaren
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupGrossgrunden
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupHallskar
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupHalson/Granon
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupHamnskaret
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupHattan
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupHogskaret
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupHolmon
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupKaringbadan
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupKaringskar
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupKrokgronnan
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupLedskar
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupLill-Blabarsh
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupLill-Fjaderag
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupLill-Vandskaret
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupMaklappen
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupMalgrundet
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupMedbadan
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupMedgrundet
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupNorrbyskar
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupNorrgadden
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupNorrskar/Bredskar
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupOmbytningsgronnan
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupOren
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupPilhallan
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupRomelson
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupRonnskar
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupSkotgronnan
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupSlipen
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupSnoan
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupSorgadden
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupSparringsgronnan
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupStor-Blabarsh
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupStor-Fjaderagg
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupStor-Graskaret
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupStor-Husskar
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupStor-Vandskaret
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupStorgrundet
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupSvartnas-gronnan
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupTamgronnan
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupTarnoren
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupTorrmullen
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupUtsternarna
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupVannskar
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupVapplan
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupVattingen
EU-135Vasterbotten County groupVattingsgronnan
EU-136Kvarner groupCres
EU-136Kvarner groupCutin
EU-136Kvarner groupDolin
EU-136Kvarner groupGalijola
EU-136Kvarner groupGalun
EU-136Kvarner groupGoli
EU-136Kvarner groupGrujica
EU-136Kvarner groupIlovik
EU-136Kvarner groupKoludarc
EU-136Kvarner groupKormati
EU-136Kvarner groupKozjak
EU-136Kvarner groupKrk
EU-136Kvarner groupLosinj
EU-136Kvarner groupMag
EU-136Kvarner groupMale Orjule
EU-136Kvarner groupMale Srakane
EU-136Kvarner groupMali Osir
EU-136Kvarner groupMali Plavnik
EU-136Kvarner groupMaman
EU-136Kvarner groupMurtar
EU-136Kvarner groupOruda
EU-136Kvarner groupPalacol
EU-136Kvarner groupPlavnik
EU-136Kvarner groupPrvic
EU-136Kvarner groupRab
EU-136Kvarner groupSilo
EU-136Kvarner groupSusak
EU-136Kvarner groupSv Grgur
EU-136Kvarner groupSv Marko
EU-136Kvarner groupSv Petar
EU-136Kvarner groupTrasorka
EU-136Kvarner groupTrstenik
EU-136Kvarner groupUnije
EU-136Kvarner groupVele Orjule
EU-136Kvarner groupVele Srakane
EU-136Kvarner groupVeli Osir
EU-136Kvarner groupVisoki
EU-136Kvarner groupZabodaski
EU-136Kvarner groupZaglav
EU-136Kvarner groupZeca
EU-136Kvarner groupZecevo
EU-137Skane County groupAggaskar
EU-137Skane County groupBredaklappen
EU-137Skane County groupBrodjeholm
EU-137Skane County groupEnhyllorna
EU-137Skane County groupHallands Vadero
EU-137Skane County groupKalvaholm
EU-137Skane County groupKlinten
EU-137Skane County groupLagerholmen
EU-137Skane County groupLindo
EU-137Skane County groupRako
EU-137Skane County groupSaltholmen
EU-137Skane County groupSkadaskar
EU-137Skane County groupSkaftet
EU-137Skane County groupTrueskar
EU-137Skane County groupVen
EU-138Blekinge County groupArpo
EU-138Blekinge County groupAspo
EU-138Blekinge County groupHano
EU-138Blekinge County groupHasslo
EU-138Blekinge County groupInlangan
EU-138Blekinge County groupLangoren
EU-138Blekinge County groupMalkvarn
EU-138Blekinge County groupN Bollo
EU-138Blekinge County groupS Bollo
EU-138Blekinge County groupSenoren
EU-138Blekinge County groupSturko
EU-138Blekinge County groupTarno
EU-138Blekinge County groupTjurko
EU-138Blekinge County groupUngskar
EU-138Blekinge County groupUtklippan
EU-138Blekinge County groupUtlangan
EU-139Norrbotten County groupAntnas-Borstskaret
EU-139Norrbotten County groupBaggen
EU-139Norrbotten County groupBaton
EU-139Norrbotten County groupBerghamn
EU-139Norrbotten County groupBergon
EU-139Norrbotten County groupBergskaret
EU-139Norrbotten County groupBjorn
EU-139Norrbotten County groupBockon
EU-139Norrbotten County groupBredskar
EU-139Norrbotten County groupByskar
EU-139Norrbotten County groupDegero-Borstskaret
EU-139Norrbotten County groupDegeron
EU-139Norrbotten County groupEnskar
EU-139Norrbotten County groupEsterson
EU-139Norrbotten County groupEva
EU-139Norrbotten County groupFjukson
EU-139Norrbotten County groupGermandon
EU-139Norrbotten County groupGranon
EU-139Norrbotten County groupGranskaret
EU-139Norrbotten County groupHalson
EU-139Norrbotten County groupHamnon
EU-139Norrbotten County groupHanhinkari
EU-139Norrbotten County groupHaru
EU-139Norrbotten County groupHastaskaret
EU-139Norrbotten County groupHinderson
EU-139Norrbotten County groupHuvon
EU-139Norrbotten County groupJavre Sandon
EU-139Norrbotten County groupJavreholmen
EU-139Norrbotten County groupJunkon
EU-139Norrbotten County groupKataja
EU-139Norrbotten County groupKluntarna
EU-139Norrbotten County groupKunoon
EU-139Norrbotten County groupLagenon
EU-139Norrbotten County groupLangon
EU-139Norrbotten County groupLappon
EU-139Norrbotten County groupLetto
EU-139Norrbotten County groupLikskar
EU-139Norrbotten County groupLill Hepokari
EU-139Norrbotten County groupLill-Furuon
EU-139Norrbotten County groupLill-Harrsten
EU-139Norrbotten County groupLill-Rabben
EU-139Norrbotten County groupMali
EU-139Norrbotten County groupMaloren
EU-139Norrbotten County groupMannon
EU-139Norrbotten County groupMellerston
EU-139Norrbotten County groupMjoon
EU-139Norrbotten County groupNagelsk
EU-139Norrbotten County groupNaveron
EU-139Norrbotten County groupNorr-Aspen
EU-139Norrbotten County groupNorr-Tistersoarna
EU-139Norrbotten County groupPitkakari
EU-139Norrbotten County groupRanon
EU-139Norrbotten County groupRenskar
EU-139Norrbotten County groupRodkallen
EU-139Norrbotten County groupRovarn
EU-139Norrbotten County groupSandgronnorna
EU-139Norrbotten County groupSandskar
EU-139Norrbotten County groupSandskaret
EU-139Norrbotten County groupSarven-Riskilo
EU-139Norrbotten County groupSarvenkataja
EU-139Norrbotten County groupSaxskaret
EU-139Norrbotten County groupSeskar-Furo
EU-139Norrbotten County groupSeskaro
EU-139Norrbotten County groupSigfridson
EU-139Norrbotten County groupSkomakaren
EU-139Norrbotten County groupSkvalpen
EU-139Norrbotten County groupSmalson
EU-139Norrbotten County groupSmaskaren
EU-139Norrbotten County groupSor-Aspen
EU-139Norrbotten County groupSor-Tistersoarna
EU-139Norrbotten County groupStenskaret
EU-139Norrbotten County groupStor-Furuon
EU-139Norrbotten County groupStor-Harrsten
EU-139Norrbotten County groupStor-Hepokari
EU-139Norrbotten County groupStor-Rabben
EU-139Norrbotten County groupStorbrandon
EU-139Norrbotten County groupSvarton
EU-139Norrbotten County groupTantamanni
EU-139Norrbotten County groupTorne-Furo
EU-139Norrbotten County groupUddskaret
EU-139Norrbotten County groupV and O Knivskar
EU-139Norrbotten County groupVargon
EU-139Norrbotten County groupYlikari
EU-140Etela-Suomi (Kymi) Province groupAngson
EU-140Etela-Suomi (Kymi) Province groupHaapasaari
EU-140Etela-Suomi (Kymi) Province groupKaunissaari
EU-140Etela-Suomi (Kymi) Province groupKirkonmaa
EU-140Etela-Suomi (Kymi) Province groupKoukkusaari
EU-140Etela-Suomi (Kymi) Province groupKuolioluoto
EU-140Etela-Suomi (Kymi) Province groupKuorsalo
EU-140Etela-Suomi (Kymi) Province groupKuutsalo
EU-140Etela-Suomi (Kymi) Province groupLangon
EU-140Etela-Suomi (Kymi) Province groupLehmasaari
EU-140Etela-Suomi (Kymi) Province groupOrrengrund
EU-140Etela-Suomi (Kymi) Province groupPitkasaari
EU-140Etela-Suomi (Kymi) Province groupRankki Ranko
EU-140Etela-Suomi (Kymi) Province groupRistisaari
EU-140Etela-Suomi (Kymi) Province groupSaunasaari
EU-140Etela-Suomi (Kymi) Province groupSuuri-Musta
EU-140Etela-Suomi (Kymi) Province groupTammio
EU-140Etela-Suomi (Kymi) Province groupVassaari
EU-140Etela-Suomi (Kymi) Province groupVehkaluoto
EU-140Etela-Suomi (Kymi) Province groupViikarinsaari
EU-140Etela-Suomi (Kymi) Province groupVuorisaari
EU-141Finnmark County East groupHornoya
EU-141Finnmark County East groupReinoya
EU-141Finnmark County East groupVardo
EU-142Oviedo / Santander Province groupCasilda
EU-142Oviedo / Santander Province groupCastro de Ballota
EU-142Oviedo / Santander Province groupCastro de Poo
EU-142Oviedo / Santander Province groupConejera
EU-142Oviedo / Santander Province groupDeva
EU-142Oviedo / Santander Province groupErbosa
EU-142Oviedo / Santander Province groupMouro
EU-142Oviedo / Santander Province groupPalo de Poo
EU-142Oviedo / Santander Province groupSolita
EU-143Cadiz / Huelva Province groupLas Palomas
EU-143Cadiz / Huelva Province groupSancti-Petri
EU-144Calabria / Basilicata region groupCirella
EU-144Calabria / Basilicata region groupDino
EU-144Calabria / Basilicata region groupSanto Ianni
EU-145Algarve Province groupBarreta
EU-145Algarve Province groupCulatra
EU-146Zuid Holland / Zeeland Province groupGoeree Overflakkee
EU-146Zuid Holland / Zeeland Province groupSchouwen Duiveland
EU-146Zuid Holland / Zeeland Province groupTiengemeten
EU-147White Sea Coast groupBeloguzikha
EU-147White Sea Coast groupBerezhnoy Sosnovets
EU-147White Sea Coast groupBol'shoy Kimalishche
EU-147White Sea Coast groupBol'shoy Kuz'min
EU-147White Sea Coast groupBol'shoy Nokhka Luda
EU-147White Sea Coast groupBol'shoy Zhuzhmuy
EU-147White Sea Coast groupDlinnyy
EU-147White Sea Coast groupKalgantsy Islands
EU-147White Sea Coast groupKemludskiy
EU-147White Sea Coast groupKishkin
EU-147White Sea Coast groupKondostrov
EU-147White Sea Coast groupKonyov
EU-147White Sea Coast groupKost'yan
EU-147White Sea Coast groupKotkano
EU-147White Sea Coast groupKutul'da
EU-147White Sea Coast groupLuda-Nakhkonitsa
EU-147White Sea Coast groupMalyy Zhuzhmuy
EU-147White Sea Coast groupMedvezhiy
EU-147White Sea Coast groupMyagostrov
EU-147White Sea Coast groupNemetskiy Kuzov
EU-147White Sea Coast groupOsinka
EU-147White Sea Coast groupParusnitsy
EU-147White Sea Coast groupPerkhludi Islands
EU-147White Sea Coast groupPezhostrov
EU-147White Sea Coast groupRakushki Islands
EU-147White Sea Coast groupRavluda
EU-147White Sea Coast groupRazostrov
EU-147White Sea Coast groupRovnyazhiy
EU-147White Sea Coast groupRusskiy Kuzov
EU-147White Sea Coast groupRyavoluda
EU-147White Sea Coast groupSalma-Ludy Islands
EU-147White Sea Coast groupSamba-Luda
EU-147White Sea Coast groupSatam
EU-147White Sea Coast groupSedel'nyye Islands
EU-147White Sea Coast groupSedostrov
EU-147White Sea Coast groupSev Kil'yak
EU-147White Sea Coast groupSev Kolovar
EU-147White Sea Coast groupSidorov
EU-147White Sea Coast groupSonostrov (QSOs before 1 January 1995)
EU-147White Sea Coast groupTaparukha
EU-147White Sea Coast groupTiunets
EU-147White Sea Coast groupTupichikha
EU-147White Sea Coast groupUglovoy
EU-147White Sea Coast groupVoron'i Islands
EU-147White Sea Coast groupYakostrov
EU-147White Sea Coast groupYuzhnyy Rombak
EU-147White Sea Coast groupZelenaya Luda
EU-148Languedoc-Roussillon Region groupFort Brescou
EU-149Tallinn & Harjumaa / Virumaa County groupAegna
EU-149Tallinn & Harjumaa / Virumaa County groupAksi
EU-149Tallinn & Harjumaa / Virumaa County groupKeri
EU-149Tallinn & Harjumaa / Virumaa County groupKoipsi
EU-149Tallinn & Harjumaa / Virumaa County groupKrassi
EU-149Tallinn & Harjumaa / Virumaa County groupKrasuli
EU-149Tallinn & Harjumaa / Virumaa County groupLouna-Malusi
EU-149Tallinn & Harjumaa / Virumaa County groupLouna-Uhtju
EU-149Tallinn & Harjumaa / Virumaa County groupMohni
EU-149Tallinn & Harjumaa / Virumaa County groupNaissaar
EU-149Tallinn & Harjumaa / Virumaa County groupPedassaar
EU-149Tallinn & Harjumaa / Virumaa County groupPohja-Malusi
EU-149Tallinn & Harjumaa / Virumaa County groupPohja-Uhtju
EU-149Tallinn & Harjumaa / Virumaa County groupPrangli
EU-149Tallinn & Harjumaa / Virumaa County groupRammu
EU-149Tallinn & Harjumaa / Virumaa County groupSuur-Pakri
EU-149Tallinn & Harjumaa / Virumaa County groupVahekari
EU-149Tallinn & Harjumaa / Virumaa County groupVaike-Pakri
EU-149Tallinn & Harjumaa / Virumaa County groupVaindloo
EU-150Minho / Douro Litoral / Beira Litoral Province groupInsua
EU-151Castellon / Valencia Province groupPenyeta del Moro
EU-152Almeria / Grande / Malaga Province groupSan Juan de Los Terreros
EU-153White Sea Coast West groupAnfal Islands
EU-153White Sea Coast West groupBaklan
EU-153White Sea Coast West groupBol'shoy Kaynets
EU-153White Sea Coast West groupGolets
EU-153White Sea Coast West groupGremikha
EU-153White Sea Coast West groupKhedostrov
EU-153White Sea Coast West groupKiy
EU-153White Sea Coast West groupKumbysh
EU-153White Sea Coast West groupLayda
EU-153White Sea Coast West groupLesnaya Osinka
EU-153White Sea Coast West groupLyasomin
EU-153White Sea Coast West groupMud'yugskiy
EU-153White Sea Coast West groupNikol'skiy
EU-153White Sea Coast West groupNyapa
EU-153White Sea Coast West groupOntsevy Ludy Islands
EU-153White Sea Coast West groupPodostrov
EU-153White Sea Coast West groupPulonets
EU-153White Sea Coast West groupPurluda
EU-153White Sea Coast West groupRazboynik
EU-153White Sea Coast West groupShogli Islands
EU-153White Sea Coast West groupTonkaya Osinka
EU-153White Sea Coast West groupZhizhginskiy
EU-155Emilia Romagna Region groupBaron
EU-155Emilia Romagna Region groupScanno di Piallazza
EU-156Basse-Normandie (Manche West) Region groupTombelaine
EU-157Bretagne (Cotes-d'Armor East / Ille et Vilaine) Region groupAgot
EU-157Bretagne (Cotes-d'Armor East / Ille et Vilaine) Region groupCezembre
EU-157Bretagne (Cotes-d'Armor East / Ille et Vilaine) Region groupHarbour
EU-157Bretagne (Cotes-d'Armor East / Ille et Vilaine) Region groupHerpin
EU-158Peloponnisos (Messinia) Region groupAgios Mariani
EU-158Peloponnisos (Messinia) Region groupAvgo
EU-158Peloponnisos (Messinia) Region groupProti
EU-158Peloponnisos (Messinia) Region groupSapientza
EU-158Peloponnisos (Messinia) Region groupSchiza
EU-158Peloponnisos (Messinia) Region groupVenetiko
EU-159Aquitaine Region groupBanc d'Arguin
EU-159Aquitaine Region groupCordouan
EU-160Barents Sea Coast groupChaichiy
EU-160Barents Sea Coast groupKorga
EU-161Barents Sea Coast East groupBol'shoy Litskiy
EU-161Barents Sea Coast East groupBol'shoy Zelenets
EU-161Barents Sea Coast East groupChaichiy
EU-161Barents Sea Coast East groupKharlov
EU-161Barents Sea Coast East groupKuvshin
EU-161Barents Sea Coast East groupLumbovskiy
EU-161Barents Sea Coast East groupMalyy Litskiy
EU-161Barents Sea Coast East groupMedvezhiy
EU-161Barents Sea Coast East groupSosnovets
EU-161Barents Sea Coast East groupVeshnyak
EU-161Barents Sea Coast East groupVeshnyak
EU-161Barents Sea Coast East groupVitte
EU-162White Sea Coast groupBol'shoy Gal'muk
EU-162White Sea Coast groupGlov
EU-162White Sea Coast groupGolovin
EU-162White Sea Coast groupGoreliye Islands
EU-162White Sea Coast groupKibirinskiye Ludy Islands
EU-162White Sea Coast groupKruglyy
EU-162White Sea Coast groupLodeyniy
EU-162White Sea Coast groupLomtishniye Islands
EU-162White Sea Coast groupMalyy
EU-162White Sea Coast groupMedvezhiy
EU-162White Sea Coast groupNaumikha
EU-162White Sea Coast groupOleniy
EU-162White Sea Coast groupRogoviye Ludy Islands
EU-162White Sea Coast groupRyashkov
EU-162White Sea Coast groupSredniye Ludy Islands
EU-162White Sea Coast groupTarasikha
EU-162White Sea Coast groupVachev
EU-162White Sea Coast groupVlasov
EU-162White Sea Coast groupVoroniy
EU-163Montenegro group (aka Crna Gora group)Katic
EU-163Montenegro group (aka Crna Gora group)Sv Nedjelja
EU-163Montenegro group (aka Crna Gora group)Sv Nikola
EU-164Corsica's Coastal IslandsBruzzi
EU-164Corsica's Coastal IslandsCamaro Canto
EU-164Corsica's Coastal IslandsCavallo
EU-164Corsica's Coastal IslandsFinocchiarola
EU-164Corsica's Coastal IslandsGiraglia
EU-164Corsica's Coastal IslandsLavezzi Islands
EU-164Corsica's Coastal IslandsLes Moines
EU-164Corsica's Coastal IslandsPiana/Sperone
EU-164Corsica's Coastal IslandsPoraggia
EU-164Corsica's Coastal IslandsRatino
EU-164Corsica's Coastal IslandsSan Bainso
EU-164Corsica's Coastal IslandsSan Cipriano
EU-164Corsica's Coastal IslandsSperduto
EU-164Corsica's Coastal IslandsToro
EU-165Sardinia's Coastal IslandsAsinara
EU-165Sardinia's Coastal IslandsCavoli
EU-165Sardinia's Coastal IslandsCormorani
EU-165Sardinia's Coastal IslandsFico
EU-165Sardinia's Coastal IslandsFigarolo
EU-165Sardinia's Coastal IslandsForadada
EU-165Sardinia's Coastal IslandsIl Catalano
EU-165Sardinia's Coastal IslandsIl Toro
EU-165Sardinia's Coastal IslandsLa Vacca
EU-165Sardinia's Coastal IslandsLi Nibani
EU-165Sardinia's Coastal IslandsMaddalena di Alghero
EU-165Sardinia's Coastal IslandsMal di Ventre
EU-165Sardinia's Coastal IslandsMeli
EU-165Sardinia's Coastal IslandsMolara
EU-165Sardinia's Coastal IslandsMolarotto
EU-165Sardinia's Coastal IslandsMortorio
EU-165Sardinia's Coastal IslandsOgliastra
EU-165Sardinia's Coastal IslandsPedrami
EU-165Sardinia's Coastal IslandsPiana (dell' Asinara)
EU-165Sardinia's Coastal IslandsQuirra
EU-165Sardinia's Coastal IslandsRatti
EU-165Sardinia's Coastal IslandsRossa di Badesi
EU-165Sardinia's Coastal IslandsRossa di Teulada
EU-165Sardinia's Coastal IslandsSan Macario
EU-165Sardinia's Coastal IslandsSan Pietro
EU-165Sardinia's Coastal IslandsSerpentara
EU-165Sardinia's Coastal IslandsSoffi
EU-165Sardinia's Coastal IslandsTavolara
EU-166Sicily's Coastal IslandsAsinelli
EU-166Sicily's Coastal IslandsFemmine
EU-166Sicily's Coastal IslandsIl Faraglione
EU-166Sicily's Coastal IslandsLa Scuola
EU-166Sicily's Coastal IslandsLachea
EU-166Sicily's Coastal IslandsLunga
EU-166Sicily's Coastal IslandsPietra di Patti
EU-166Sicily's Coastal IslandsPorri
EU-166Sicily's Coastal IslandsSan Pantaleo
EU-166Sicily's Coastal IslandsSanta Maria
EU-166Sicily's Coastal IslandsVendicari
EU-167Baixo Alentejo Province groupPessegueiro
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsAedey
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsAkureyjar
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsAndey
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsArney
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsBildsey
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsBjarnarey
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsBjarneyjar
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsBrokey
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsDrangey
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsEldey
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsEldeyjardrangur
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsEllidaey
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsEngey
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsFagurey
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsFlatey
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsFlatey
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsFremri Langey
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsGrimsey
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsGrimsey
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsHergilsey
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsHlada
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsHoley
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsHrappsey
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsHrisey
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsHrollaugseyjar
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsHvallatur
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsKlofningur
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsLangey
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsMalmey
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsManareyjar
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsOlafseyjar
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsOxney
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsPapey
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsRaudseyjar
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsSeley
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsSkaleyjar
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsSkrudur
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsSudurlond
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsSvefneyjar
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsSvidnur
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsTvisker
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsVidey
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsVigur
EU-168Iceland's Coastal IslandsVigur
EU-169Albania groupSazan
EU-170Dalmatia North groupAba Vela and Mala
EU-170Dalmatia North groupArta Mala
EU-170Dalmatia North groupArta Vela
EU-170Dalmatia North groupBabac
EU-170Dalmatia North groupBabuljak
EU-170Dalmatia North groupBalabra Vela and Mala
EU-170Dalmatia North groupBlitvenica
EU-170Dalmatia North groupBorovnik
EU-170Dalmatia North groupBrusnjak
EU-170Dalmatia North groupDolfin
EU-170Dalmatia North groupDragunara
EU-170Dalmatia North groupDrazemanski Mali
EU-170Dalmatia North groupDrazemanski Veli
EU-170Dalmatia North groupDrvenik
EU-170Dalmatia North groupDugi Otok
EU-170Dalmatia North groupGaliola
EU-170Dalmatia North groupGangarol
EU-170Dalmatia North groupGlamoc
EU-170Dalmatia North groupGornji Skolj
EU-170Dalmatia North groupGreben
EU-170Dalmatia North groupGustac
EU-170Dalmatia North groupGustac
EU-170Dalmatia North groupGustac
EU-170Dalmatia North groupIst
EU-170Dalmatia North groupIz
EU-170Dalmatia North groupKakan
EU-170Dalmatia North groupKameni Zakan
EU-170Dalmatia North groupKaprije
EU-170Dalmatia North groupKasela
EU-170Dalmatia North groupKatina
EU-170Dalmatia North groupKornat
EU-170Dalmatia North groupKosara
EU-170Dalmatia North groupKukuljar
EU-170Dalmatia North groupKurba Mala
EU-170Dalmatia North groupKurba Vela
EU-170Dalmatia North groupLavdara
EU-170Dalmatia North groupLavsa
EU-170Dalmatia North groupLevrnaka
EU-170Dalmatia North groupLunga
EU-170Dalmatia North groupLutrosnjak
EU-170Dalmatia North groupMali Laganj
EU-170Dalmatia North groupMali Sikavac
EU-170Dalmatia North groupMana
EU-170Dalmatia North groupMaun
EU-170Dalmatia North groupMisnjak Mali
EU-170Dalmatia North groupMisnjak Veli
EU-170Dalmatia North groupMolat
EU-170Dalmatia North groupMorovnik
EU-170Dalmatia North groupMrtovnjak
EU-170Dalmatia North groupMrtovnjak
EU-170Dalmatia North groupMrtovnjak
EU-170Dalmatia North groupMurvenjak
EU-170Dalmatia North groupOblik
EU-170Dalmatia North groupOblik
EU-170Dalmatia North groupObonjan
EU-170Dalmatia North groupOkljuc
EU-170Dalmatia North groupOlib
EU-170Dalmatia North groupOsljak
EU-170Dalmatia North groupPag
EU-170Dalmatia North groupPasman
EU-170Dalmatia North groupPiskera
EU-170Dalmatia North groupPlanik
EU-170Dalmatia North groupPohlib
EU-170Dalmatia North groupPremuda
EU-170Dalmatia North groupPrisnjak
EU-170Dalmatia North groupPrvic
EU-170Dalmatia North groupRadelj
EU-170Dalmatia North groupRasip Mali
EU-170Dalmatia North groupRasip Veli
EU-170Dalmatia North groupRava
EU-170Dalmatia North groupRavan
EU-170Dalmatia North groupRavna Sika
EU-170Dalmatia North groupRavni Zakan
EU-170Dalmatia North groupRivanj
EU-170Dalmatia North groupSestrica Mala
EU-170Dalmatia North groupSestrica Vela
EU-170Dalmatia North groupSestrunj
EU-170Dalmatia North groupSilba
EU-170Dalmatia North groupSilo
EU-170Dalmatia North groupSit
EU-170Dalmatia North groupSkarda
EU-170Dalmatia North groupSkoljic
EU-170Dalmatia North groupSkrda
EU-170Dalmatia North groupSkulj
EU-170Dalmatia North groupSmokvica
EU-170Dalmatia North groupSmokvica Vela
EU-170Dalmatia North groupSv Katarina
EU-170Dalmatia North groupTetovisnjak Mali
EU-170Dalmatia North groupTetovisnjak Veli
EU-170Dalmatia North groupTijat
EU-170Dalmatia North groupTmara
EU-170Dalmatia North groupTramercica
EU-170Dalmatia North groupTramerka
EU-170Dalmatia North groupTri Sestrice
EU-170Dalmatia North groupTun Mali
EU-170Dalmatia North groupTun Veli
EU-170Dalmatia North groupUgljan
EU-170Dalmatia North groupVeli Laganj
EU-170Dalmatia North groupVeli Sikavac
EU-170Dalmatia North groupVeli Skolj
EU-170Dalmatia North groupVir
EU-170Dalmatia North groupVodenjak
EU-170Dalmatia North groupVodnjak
EU-170Dalmatia North groupVrgada
EU-170Dalmatia North groupZirje
EU-170Dalmatia North groupZizanj
EU-170Dalmatia North groupZlarin
EU-170Dalmatia North groupZmajan
EU-170Dalmatia North groupZminjak
EU-170Dalmatia North groupZut
EU-170Dalmatia North groupZverinac
EU-171Jylland North groupAgero
EU-171Jylland North groupBorreholm
EU-171Jylland North groupEgholm
EU-171Jylland North groupFruens Holm
EU-171Jylland North groupFur
EU-171Jylland North groupHirsholmene
EU-171Jylland North groupJegindo
EU-171Jylland North groupLindholm
EU-171Jylland North groupLivo
EU-171Jylland North groupMors
EU-171Jylland North groupTagholme
EU-171Jylland North groupTroldholme
EU-171Jylland North groupVendsyssel-Thy / Nordjylland
EU-172Jylland East and Fyn groupAebelo
EU-172Jylland East and Fyn groupAero
EU-172Jylland East and Fyn groupAro
EU-172Jylland East and Fyn groupAvernako
EU-172Jylland East and Fyn groupBago
EU-172Jylland East and Fyn groupBarso
EU-172Jylland East and Fyn groupBirkholm
EU-172Jylland East and Fyn groupBjorno
EU-172Jylland East and Fyn groupBrandso
EU-172Jylland East and Fyn groupDrejo
EU-172Jylland East and Fyn groupEndelave
EU-172Jylland East and Fyn groupFaeno
EU-172Jylland East and Fyn groupFyn
EU-172Jylland East and Fyn groupHjarno
EU-172Jylland East and Fyn groupHjelm
EU-172Jylland East and Fyn groupHjorto
EU-172Jylland East and Fyn groupIllumo
EU-172Jylland East and Fyn groupLangeland
EU-172Jylland East and Fyn groupLyo
EU-172Jylland East and Fyn groupRomso
EU-172Jylland East and Fyn groupSamso
EU-172Jylland East and Fyn groupSio
EU-172Jylland East and Fyn groupSkaro
EU-172Jylland East and Fyn groupStryno
EU-172Jylland East and Fyn groupTasinge
EU-172Jylland East and Fyn groupThuro
EU-172Jylland East and Fyn groupToro
EU-172Jylland East and Fyn groupTuno
EU-172Jylland East and Fyn groupVejro/Arhus
EU-172Jylland East and Fyn groupVigelso
EU-173Lansi-Suomi (Pori) Province groupAnttoora
EU-173Lansi-Suomi (Pori) Province groupBastuskar
EU-173Lansi-Suomi (Pori) Province groupEnskeri
EU-173Lansi-Suomi (Pori) Province groupIlgrund
EU-173Lansi-Suomi (Pori) Province groupIsomaa
EU-173Lansi-Suomi (Pori) Province groupKalla
EU-173Lansi-Suomi (Pori) Province groupKuuskajaskari
EU-173Lansi-Suomi (Pori) Province groupKylmapihlaja
EU-173Lansi-Suomi (Pori) Province groupLampaluoto
EU-173Lansi-Suomi (Pori) Province groupOuransaaristo
EU-173Lansi-Suomi (Pori) Province groupPastuskeri
EU-173Lansi-Suomi (Pori) Province groupPastuskeri
EU-173Lansi-Suomi (Pori) Province groupPirskeri
EU-173Lansi-Suomi (Pori) Province groupReposaari Rafso
EU-173Lansi-Suomi (Pori) Province groupSandstrominkari
EU-173Lansi-Suomi (Pori) Province groupSappi
EU-173Lansi-Suomi (Pori) Province groupSunaskeri
EU-173Lansi-Suomi (Pori) Province groupTahkoluoto
EU-174Makedonia / Thraki Region groupAmoliani
EU-174Makedonia / Thraki Region groupDrenia Islands
EU-174Makedonia / Thraki Region groupEleftheronisi
EU-174Makedonia / Thraki Region groupKapros
EU-174Makedonia / Thraki Region groupKelyfos
EU-174Makedonia / Thraki Region groupKoinyra
EU-174Makedonia / Thraki Region groupPanagia
EU-174Makedonia / Thraki Region groupSamothraki
EU-174Makedonia / Thraki Region groupThasopoula
EU-174Makedonia / Thraki Region groupThasos
EU-175Central Azores groupFaial
EU-175Central Azores groupGraciosa
EU-175Central Azores groupPico
EU-175Central Azores groupSao Jorge
EU-175Central Azores groupTerceira
EU-176Gavleborg County groupAgon
EU-176Gavleborg County groupBalson
EU-176Gavleborg County groupBrannon
EU-176Gavleborg County groupDrakon
EU-176Gavleborg County groupEggegrund
EU-176Gavleborg County groupEnmaren
EU-176Gavleborg County groupEnskar
EU-176Gavleborg County groupGillingson
EU-176Gavleborg County groupGran
EU-176Gavleborg County groupGrasjalsbadan
EU-176Gavleborg County groupGrimskar
EU-176Gavleborg County groupHogharen
EU-176Gavleborg County groupIdenorsolmen
EU-176Gavleborg County groupInnerston
EU-176Gavleborg County groupKalvhararna
EU-176Gavleborg County groupKlacksorarna
EU-176Gavleborg County groupKrakon
EU-176Gavleborg County groupKusokalv
EU-176Gavleborg County groupKuson
EU-176Gavleborg County groupLeskar
EU-176Gavleborg County groupLilljungfrun
EU-176Gavleborg County groupLimo
EU-176Gavleborg County groupLovgrund
EU-176Gavleborg County groupNorrskar
EU-176Gavleborg County groupNorrskar Vitorarna
EU-176Gavleborg County groupNygrund
EU-176Gavleborg County groupOsteron Jattholmarna
EU-176Gavleborg County groupPrastgrundet
EU-176Gavleborg County groupRavskar
EU-176Gavleborg County groupSandskar
EU-176Gavleborg County groupSjalstenarna
EU-176Gavleborg County groupStorjungfrun
EU-176Gavleborg County groupTarnsharet
EU-176Gavleborg County groupTihallan
EU-176Gavleborg County groupTunaolmen
EU-176Gavleborg County groupTupparna
EU-176Gavleborg County groupVasteron Jattholmarna
EU-176Gavleborg County groupVitgrund
EU-176Gavleborg County groupVitskar
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupAlo
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupArko
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupArmno
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupAsko
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupAspholm
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupAspoja
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupBergo
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupBeten
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupBjorkskar
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupBoso
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupEnskar
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupFagelo
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupFango
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupGranso
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupGrasmaro
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupHaradskar
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupHarstena
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupHartson
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupHasko
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupHasselo
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupHavringe
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupHoko
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupKallso
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupKattilo
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupKorso
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupKrakmaro
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupKramo
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupLacka
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupLammskar
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupLangon
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupLangskar
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupLill Boso
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupLilla Olson
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupLindoja
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupLunda
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupLundskar
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupMissjo
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupOrnklubb
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupRingson
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupSt Rimmo
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupStora Alo - Boko
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupVaggo
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupVanso
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupVastero
EU-177Sodermanland / Ostergotland County groupVasteron
EU-178Parnumaa County / Saaremaa County South groupEdikrava laid
EU-178Parnumaa County / Saaremaa County South groupImutilaid
EU-178Parnumaa County / Saaremaa County South groupKihnu
EU-178Parnumaa County / Saaremaa County South groupKullilaid
EU-178Parnumaa County / Saaremaa County South groupManilaid
EU-178Parnumaa County / Saaremaa County South groupRuhnu
EU-178Parnumaa County / Saaremaa County South groupSangelaid
EU-178Parnumaa County / Saaremaa County South groupSelglaid
EU-178Parnumaa County / Saaremaa County South groupSillalaid
EU-178Parnumaa County / Saaremaa County South groupSorgu
EU-178Parnumaa County / Saaremaa County South groupUmalaid
EU-179Black Sea Coast groupBabin
EU-179Black Sea Coast groupBerezan'
EU-179Black Sea Coast groupDolgiy
EU-179Black Sea Coast groupKalanchakskiye Islands
EU-179Black Sea Coast groupOrlov
EU-179Black Sea Coast groupSmolenyy
EU-180Black Sea Coast groupKosa Tuzla
EU-180Black Sea Coast groupLebyazh'i Islands
EU-181Bulgaria groupSveta Anastasiya
EU-181Bulgaria groupSveti Ivan
EU-182Black Sea Coast groupAnkudinov
EU-182Black Sea Coast groupOchakovskiy
EU-182Black Sea Coast groupPeschanyy
EU-182Black Sea Coast groupPoludennyy
EU-182Black Sea Coast groupStambul'skiy
EU-182Black Sea Coast groupZmeiniy
EU-183Romania groupSacalinu Mare
EU-184Oulu Province groupHailuoto
EU-184Oulu Province groupHietakalla
EU-184Oulu Province groupHietakari
EU-184Oulu Province groupHiuvet
EU-184Oulu Province groupHoikka-Hiue
EU-184Oulu Province groupIso-Hiue
EU-184Oulu Province groupKotakari
EU-184Oulu Province groupKriisi
EU-184Oulu Province groupKropsu
EU-184Oulu Province groupMaakalla
EU-184Oulu Province groupMaakrunni
EU-184Oulu Province groupRoytta
EU-184Oulu Province groupSatakari
EU-184Oulu Province groupUlkokalla
EU-184Oulu Province groupUlkoklama
EU-184Oulu Province groupUlkokrunni
EU-185Black Sea Coast groupDzendzik
EU-185Black Sea Coast groupGolen'kyy
EU-185Black Sea Coast groupKrupinina
EU-185Black Sea Coast groupSudzhuk
EU-186Turkey groupGokceada
EU-186Turkey groupSaros Islands
EU-187Crete's Coastal IslandsAgios Theodoros
EU-187Crete's Coastal IslandsAgria Gramvousa
EU-187Crete's Coastal IslandsAvgo
EU-187Crete's Coastal IslandsChrysi
EU-187Crete's Coastal IslandsDia
EU-187Crete's Coastal IslandsDragonada
EU-187Crete's Coastal IslandsElasa
EU-187Crete's Coastal IslandsGavdopoula
EU-187Crete's Coastal IslandsGavdos
EU-187Crete's Coastal IslandsGianysada
EU-187Crete's Coastal IslandsImeri Gramvousa
EU-187Crete's Coastal IslandsKoufonisi
EU-187Crete's Coastal IslandsLazaretta
EU-187Crete's Coastal IslandsPaximadia
EU-187Crete's Coastal IslandsPontikonisi
EU-187Crete's Coastal IslandsPseira
EU-188Pechorskoye Sea Coast West groupSengeyskiy
EU-188Pechorskoye Sea Coast West groupTimanets
EU-189Isle of RockallRockall
EU-190Viktoriya Isl.Viktoriya
EU-191Fericirii IslFericirii
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupAndros
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupBig Wood
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupBrigantine Cays
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupCat
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupConception
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupCurley Cut Cays
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupCurrent
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupDarby
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupDolly Cays
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupEgg
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupEleuthera
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupFlamingo
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupGreat Exuma
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupGreat Guana
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupGreen
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupGuinchos
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupHarbour
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupHog
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupJamaica
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupJoulter Cays
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupLee Stocking
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupLittle Darby
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupLittle Exuma
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupLittle Ragged
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupLittle San Salvador
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupLong Island
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupMan
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupMan-of-War
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupNew Providence
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupNurse
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupParadise
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupRaccoon
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupRagged
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupRose
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupRoyal
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupRum
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupRussell
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupSalt
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupSan Salvador
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupSanto Domingo
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupSeal
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupShroud
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupSpruce
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupStaniel
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupStocking
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupThe Brothers
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupVerde
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupWater Cays
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupWilliams
NA-001Great Bahama Bank groupYoung
NA-002Caicos IslandsAmbergris Cays
NA-002Caicos IslandsEast Caicos
NA-002Caicos IslandsFrench
NA-002Caicos IslandsMiddle Caicos
NA-002Caicos IslandsNorth Caicos
NA-002Caicos IslandsParrot
NA-002Caicos IslandsPine
NA-002Caicos IslandsProvidenciales
NA-002Caicos IslandsSeal Cays
NA-002Caicos IslandsSouth Caicos
NA-002Caicos IslandsWater
NA-002Caicos IslandsWest Caicos
NA-002Caicos IslandsWhite Cays
NA-003Turks IslandsBig Sand
NA-003Turks IslandsCotton
NA-003Turks IslandsEast
NA-003Turks IslandsGibb's
NA-003Turks IslandsGrand Turk
NA-003Turks IslandsLong
NA-003Turks IslandsPear
NA-003Turks IslandsPenniston
NA-003Turks IslandsSalt
NA-004North Slope County Centre groupCross
NA-004North Slope County Centre groupEndeavor
NA-004North Slope County Centre groupEskimo Islands
NA-004North Slope County Centre groupJones Islands
NA-004North Slope County Centre groupMidway Islands
NA-004North Slope County Centre groupReturn Islands
NA-005Bermuda IslandsBermuda
NA-005Bermuda IslandsBoaz
NA-005Bermuda IslandsConey
NA-005Bermuda IslandsNonsuch
NA-005Bermuda IslandsNorth Ireland
NA-005Bermuda IslandsPaget
NA-005Bermuda IslandsSomerset
NA-005Bermuda IslandsSouth Ireland
NA-005Bermuda IslandsSt David's
NA-005Bermuda IslandsSt George's
NA-006Nunavut (Victoria Island) groupKilian
NA-006Nunavut (Victoria Island) groupStefansson
NA-006Nunavut (Victoria Island) groupVictoria
NA-007Nunavut (Southampton Island) groupCoats
NA-007Nunavut (Southampton Island) groupSouthampton
NA-007Nunavut (Southampton Island) groupVansittart
NA-008Nunavut (Ellesmere Island) groupEllesmere
NA-008Nunavut (Ellesmere Island) groupWard Hunt
NA-009Nunavut (Parry Islands) groupBaillie-Hamilton
NA-009Nunavut (Parry Islands) groupBathurst
NA-009Nunavut (Parry Islands) groupBorden
NA-009Nunavut (Parry Islands) groupBrock
NA-009Nunavut (Parry Islands) groupByam Martin
NA-009Nunavut (Parry Islands) groupCameron
NA-009Nunavut (Parry Islands) groupCoburg
NA-009Nunavut (Parry Islands) groupCornwall
NA-009Nunavut (Parry Islands) groupCornwallis
NA-009Nunavut (Parry Islands) groupDevon
NA-009Nunavut (Parry Islands) groupEglinton
NA-009Nunavut (Parry Islands) groupEmerald
NA-009Nunavut (Parry Islands) groupGraham
NA-009Nunavut (Parry Islands) groupGrosvenor
NA-009Nunavut (Parry Islands) groupLougheed
NA-009Nunavut (Parry Islands) groupMackenzie King
NA-009Nunavut (Parry Islands) groupMelville
NA-009Nunavut (Parry Islands) groupPrince Patrick
NA-010Nova Scotia Province (Cape Breton Island) groupBird Islands
NA-010Nova Scotia Province (Cape Breton Island) groupCape Breton
NA-010Nova Scotia Province (Cape Breton Island) groupHenry
NA-010Nova Scotia Province (Cape Breton Island) groupJanvrin
NA-010Nova Scotia Province (Cape Breton Island) groupMadame
NA-010Nova Scotia Province (Cape Breton Island) groupMargaree
NA-010Nova Scotia Province (Cape Breton Island) groupPetit-de-Grat
NA-010Nova Scotia Province (Cape Breton Island) groupPort Hood
NA-010Nova Scotia Province (Cape Breton Island) groupScaterie
NA-011Clipperton IslandClipperton
NA-012Coco's IslandCoco
NA-012Coco's IslandConico
NA-012Coco's IslandDos Amigos Islands
NA-012Coco's IslandManuelita
NA-013Caribbean Sea Coast Centre groupAskill
NA-013Caribbean Sea Coast Centre groupBill Bird
NA-013Caribbean Sea Coast Centre groupFrench
NA-013Caribbean Sea Coast Centre groupGreat King
NA-013Caribbean Sea Coast Centre groupGreat Tyra
NA-013Caribbean Sea Coast Centre groupGuerrero Cays
NA-013Caribbean Sea Coast Centre groupLittle King
NA-013Caribbean Sea Coast Centre groupLittle Tyra
NA-013Caribbean Sea Coast Centre groupMaiz Islands
NA-013Caribbean Sea Coast Centre groupSeal
NA-013Caribbean Sea Coast Centre groupTungwarra Cays
NA-013Caribbean Sea Coast Centre groupWater
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupAdam
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupBar
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupBarnes
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupBeans
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupBliss
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupCampobello
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupCasco Bay
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupCheney
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupCherry
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupDeer
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupDinner
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupGrand Manan
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupGreat Duck
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupGreen
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupGrindstone
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupHardwood
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupHead Harbour
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupHospital Islands
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupIndian
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupJamison
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupMachias Seal
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupMacs
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupManawagonish
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupMarble
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupMowat
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupNubble
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupOuter Wood
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupParker
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupPartridge
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupPendleton
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupPopes
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupRoss
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupSalkeld Islands
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupSandy
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupSimpsons
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupSpectacle Islands
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupSpruce
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupSt Helens
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupThe Wolves
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupThree Islands
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupThumb Cap
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupWhite
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupWhite Head
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupWhite Horse
NA-014New Brunswick Province South groupWood
NA-015Cuba (main island and coastal islands not qualifying for other groups)Cuba
NA-016Cayman IslandsCayman Brac
NA-016Cayman IslandsCayman Islands
NA-016Cayman IslandsGrand Cayman
NA-016Cayman IslandsLittle Cayman
NA-017Baja California State South West groupBenito Islands
NA-017Baja California State South West groupCedros
NA-017Baja California State South West groupSan Jeronimo
NA-018Greenland (main island and coastal islands not qualifying for other groups)Greenland
NA-019Kodiak groupAfognak
NA-019Kodiak groupAiaktalik
NA-019Kodiak groupBan
NA-019Kodiak groupKodiak
NA-019Kodiak groupMarmot
NA-019Kodiak groupRaspberry
NA-019Kodiak groupShuyak
NA-019Kodiak groupSitkalidak
NA-019Kodiak groupSpruce
NA-019Kodiak groupTwoheaded
NA-019Kodiak groupUgak
NA-019Kodiak groupUganik
NA-019Kodiak groupWoody
NA-020Aves IslandAves
NA-022AnguillaPrickly Pear Cays
NA-022AnguillaSeal Islands
NA-023British Virgin IslandsAnegada
NA-023British Virgin IslandsBeef
NA-023British Virgin IslandsBritish Virgin Is
NA-023British Virgin IslandsBuck
NA-023British Virgin IslandsCooper
NA-023British Virgin IslandsEustatia
NA-023British Virgin IslandsFrenchman's
NA-023British Virgin IslandsGinger
NA-023British Virgin IslandsGreat Camanoe
NA-023British Virgin IslandsGreat Thatch
NA-023British Virgin IslandsGreat Tobago
NA-023British Virgin IslandsGuana
NA-023British Virgin IslandsJost Van Dyke
NA-023British Virgin IslandsLittle Camanoe
NA-023British Virgin IslandsLittle Jost Van Dyke
NA-023British Virgin IslandsLittle Thatch
NA-023British Virgin IslandsLittle Tobago
NA-023British Virgin IslandsMarina
NA-023British Virgin IslandsMosquito
NA-023British Virgin IslandsNecker
NA-023British Virgin IslandsNorman
NA-023British Virgin IslandsPeter
NA-023British Virgin IslandsPrickly Pear
NA-023British Virgin IslandsSalt
NA-023British Virgin IslandsScrub
NA-023British Virgin IslandsThe Dogs
NA-023British Virgin IslandsTortola
NA-023British Virgin IslandsVirgin Gorda
NA-025The GrenadinesA Quatre
NA-025The GrenadinesBaliceaux
NA-025The GrenadinesBattowia
NA-025The GrenadinesBequia
NA-025The GrenadinesCanouan
NA-025The GrenadinesMayreau
NA-025The GrenadinesMustique
NA-025The GrenadinesPalm
NA-025The GrenadinesPetit Canouan
NA-025The GrenadinesPetit Mustique
NA-025The GrenadinesPetit St Vincent
NA-025The GrenadinesSavan
NA-025The GrenadinesTobago Cays
NA-025The GrenadinesUnion
NA-026New York State groupCity
NA-026New York State groupDavids
NA-026New York State groupFire
NA-026New York State groupFishers
NA-026New York State groupGardiners
NA-026New York State groupGovernors
NA-026New York State groupGreat Gull
NA-026New York State groupHart
NA-026New York State groupHoffman
NA-026New York State groupLittle Gull
NA-026New York State groupLong
NA-026New York State groupPlum
NA-026New York State groupRobins
NA-026New York State groupShelter
NA-026New York State groupSwinburne
NA-027Newfoundland Island (main island and coastal islands not qualifying for other groups)Brighton
NA-027Newfoundland Island (main island and coastal islands not qualifying for other groups)Cobbler
NA-027Newfoundland Island (main island and coastal islands not qualifying for other groups)Newfoundland
NA-027Newfoundland Island (main island and coastal islands not qualifying for other groups)Pilley's
NA-027Newfoundland Island (main island and coastal islands not qualifying for other groups)Random
NA-027Newfoundland Island (main island and coastal islands not qualifying for other groups)Triton
NA-028Pribilof IslandsOtter
NA-028Pribilof IslandsPribilof Islands
NA-028Pribilof IslandsSaint George
NA-028Pribilof IslandsSaint Paul
NA-028Pribilof IslandsWalrus
NA-029Prince Edward Island (include satellite islands)Prince Edward
NA-030Revilla Gigedo IslandsRevillagigedo Islands
NA-030Revilla Gigedo IslandsRoca Partida
NA-030Revilla Gigedo IslandsSan Benedicto
NA-030Revilla Gigedo IslandsSocorro
NA-031Rhode Island State groupBlock
NA-031Rhode Island State groupCoasters Harbor
NA-031Rhode Island State groupConanicut
NA-031Rhode Island State groupDutch
NA-031Rhode Island State groupDyer
NA-031Rhode Island State groupGoat
NA-031Rhode Island State groupGooseberry
NA-031Rhode Island State groupGould
NA-031Rhode Island State groupHog
NA-031Rhode Island State groupHope
NA-031Rhode Island State groupPatience
NA-031Rhode Island State groupPrudence
NA-031Rhode Island State groupRhode Island
NA-032St Pierre and Miquelon IslandsAux Marins
NA-032St Pierre and Miquelon IslandsAux Vainqueurs
NA-032St Pierre and Miquelon IslandsGrand Colombier
NA-032St Pierre and Miquelon IslandsMiquelon
NA-032St Pierre and Miquelon IslandsSt Pierre
NA-032St Pierre and Miquelon IslandsSt Pierre and Miquelon Islands
NA-033San Andres IslandAlbuquerque Cays
NA-033San Andres IslandEste Sudeste Cays
NA-033San Andres IslandSan Andres
NA-034Florida State Centre West (Pasco to Sarasota County) groupAnclote Keys
NA-034Florida State Centre West (Pasco to Sarasota County) groupAnna Maria
NA-034Florida State Centre West (Pasco to Sarasota County) groupBoca Ciega
NA-034Florida State Centre West (Pasco to Sarasota County) groupCabbage
NA-034Florida State Centre West (Pasco to Sarasota County) groupClearwater
NA-034Florida State Centre West (Pasco to Sarasota County) groupEgmont
NA-034Florida State Centre West (Pasco to Sarasota County) groupHoneymoon
NA-034Florida State Centre West (Pasco to Sarasota County) groupLido
NA-034Florida State Centre West (Pasco to Sarasota County) groupLong
NA-034Florida State Centre West (Pasco to Sarasota County) groupLongboat
NA-034Florida State Centre West (Pasco to Sarasota County) groupMullet
NA-034Florida State Centre West (Pasco to Sarasota County) groupPine
NA-034Florida State Centre West (Pasco to Sarasota County) groupSt Armands
NA-034Florida State Centre West (Pasco to Sarasota County) groupTreasure
NA-034Florida State Centre West (Pasco to Sarasota County) groupVina del Mar
NA-035Santanilla Islands (aka Swan Islands Cisne Islands)Santanilla Islands
NA-036British Columbia Province (Vancouver Island) groupBroken Group Islands
NA-036British Columbia Province (Vancouver Island) groupChatham
NA-036British Columbia Province (Vancouver Island) groupCormorant
NA-036British Columbia Province (Vancouver Island) groupDe Courcy
NA-036British Columbia Province (Vancouver Island) groupDenman
NA-036British Columbia Province (Vancouver Island) groupDiscovery
NA-036British Columbia Province (Vancouver Island) groupFlores
NA-036British Columbia Province (Vancouver Island) groupHope
NA-036British Columbia Province (Vancouver Island) groupHornby
NA-036British Columbia Province (Vancouver Island) groupLink
NA-036British Columbia Province (Vancouver Island) groupMary Todd
NA-036British Columbia Province (Vancouver Island) groupMudge
NA-036British Columbia Province (Vancouver Island) groupNigel
NA-036British Columbia Province (Vancouver Island) groupNootka
NA-036British Columbia Province (Vancouver Island) groupPearse Islands
NA-036British Columbia Province (Vancouver Island) groupScott Islands
NA-036British Columbia Province (Vancouver Island) groupTrial
NA-036British Columbia Province (Vancouver Island) groupVancouver
NA-037Near Islands (Semichi Islands) groupAlaid
NA-037Near Islands (Semichi Islands) groupNizki
NA-037Near Islands (Semichi Islands) groupShemya
NA-038Quebec Province (La Madeleine Islands) groupBrion
NA-038Quebec Province (La Madeleine Islands) groupCap aux Meules
NA-038Quebec Province (La Madeleine Islands) groupEntree
NA-038Quebec Province (La Madeleine Islands) groupGrande Entree
NA-038Quebec Province (La Madeleine Islands) groupGrosse
NA-038Quebec Province (La Madeleine Islands) groupHavre Aubert
NA-038Quebec Province (La Madeleine Islands) groupHavre aux Maisons
NA-038Quebec Province (La Madeleine Islands) groupL'Est
NA-038Quebec Province (La Madeleine Islands) groupLa Madeleine Islands
NA-038Quebec Province (La Madeleine Islands) groupLe Corps Mort
NA-038Quebec Province (La Madeleine Islands) groupRochers aux Oiseaux
NA-039Andreanof IslandsAdak
NA-039Andreanof IslandsAmlia
NA-039Andreanof IslandsAtka
NA-039Andreanof IslandsBobrof
NA-039Andreanof IslandsChugul
NA-039Andreanof IslandsGreat Sitkin
NA-039Andreanof IslandsIgitkin
NA-039Andreanof IslandsKagalaska
NA-039Andreanof IslandsKanaga
NA-039Andreanof IslandsKasatochi
NA-039Andreanof IslandsKoniuji
NA-039Andreanof IslandsLittle Tanaga
NA-039Andreanof IslandsSagigik
NA-039Andreanof IslandsSeguam
NA-039Andreanof IslandsTagalak
NA-039Andreanof IslandsTanadak
NA-039Andreanof IslandsTanaga
NA-039Andreanof IslandsUmak
NA-040St Lawrence IslandPunuk Islands
NA-040St Lawrence IslandSt Lawrence
NA-041Alexander ArchipelagoAaron
NA-041Alexander ArchipelagoAdmiralty
NA-041Alexander ArchipelagoAnnette
NA-041Alexander ArchipelagoBaker
NA-041Alexander ArchipelagoBaranof
NA-041Alexander ArchipelagoBarlow Islands
NA-041Alexander ArchipelagoBenjamin
NA-041Alexander ArchipelagoBird
NA-041Alexander ArchipelagoChichagof
NA-041Alexander ArchipelagoConey
NA-041Alexander ArchipelagoCoronation
NA-041Alexander ArchipelagoDall
NA-041Alexander ArchipelagoDouglas
NA-041Alexander ArchipelagoDuke
NA-041Alexander ArchipelagoEtolin
NA-041Alexander ArchipelagoForrester
NA-041Alexander ArchipelagoGravina
NA-041Alexander ArchipelagoGull
NA-041Alexander ArchipelagoHeceta
NA-041Alexander ArchipelagoHump
NA-041Alexander ArchipelagoKosciusko
NA-041Alexander ArchipelagoKruzof
NA-041Alexander ArchipelagoKuiu
NA-041Alexander ArchipelagoKupreanof
NA-041Alexander ArchipelagoLincoln
NA-041Alexander ArchipelagoLittle
NA-041Alexander ArchipelagoLong
NA-041Alexander ArchipelagoLulu
NA-041Alexander ArchipelagoMitkof