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Ham Radio Videos

• DIY 576 watt hour Portable Solar Power Generator

Added at 2019-02-19 18:16:08

by OH8STN, 4220 views

Hello Operators
Today I'm sharing my DIY 576wh Portable solar generator project.
For some time, I have hoped to inspire more ham radio operators to adopt energy dense battery chemistires, like the Lithium Iron Phosphates used in these projects. Adopting LiFePO4 battery technology helps us deploy lighter weight, more powerful, rapidly deployable portable power for ham radio field and emergency communications.
My personal inspiration for this homebrewed solar generator, was the grid down disaster in Puerto Rico, wgere many Ham Radio operators and everyday people, were left without a renewable power source for refrigerating food/medicine, providing light, recharging phones or tablets, or powering ham radio stations. This solar generator along with a solar panel, could be a valuable asset, if such a grid down disaster ever presents itself again.

It's a long video, but also very complete.

Julian oh8stn


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