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2021-09-28 22:17:35 UTC









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Manuel Alberto Conceição Marques
2740-203 PORTO SALVO

image of ct1bww

Call data

Last update:2021-01-02 17:58:19
QTH:Porto Salvo OEIRAS
Main prefix:CT
Class:"Extra Class" Category 1
DXCC Zone:272
ITU Zone:37
CQ Zone:14

QSL dataUp to date!

Last update:2021-02-04 19:48:37
Bureau QSL:YES
Direct QSL:YES


Here CT1BWW story.
1976 As a young Boy Scout i start as SWL CTØ783
Member RadioScouting Commitee CNE Corpo Nacional de Escutas
1977 Also CBer Citizens Band as CQD3266 - "Yankee 6 Kilo"
1978 Finishing RadioTechnician Course at Escola Industrial Fonseca Benevides" also Ham radio "E" Class CT1BWW
1987 1St Participation CQ WW Phone
1987 Member Founder CS1CRA Clube Rádios do Atlântico formed Lighthouse Club Portugal
1987 Award Manager for CT Lighthouse Award Program
1987 to 1998 using different Prefixes as CQ1,CR1,CS1,CQ2,CR2,CS2,CQ4,CR4,CQ5,CR5,CS5,CT5, CQ6,CR6,CS6,CT6,CQ7,CR7,CS7,CT7,CQ8,CR8,CS8,CT8 also CQ14
1991 Award Manager for BWW Award Program
1998 Operating CT98EXPO and CT98BWW
200 Award Manager for CT WPX Award Program
2003 International DX pedition Western Sahara SØ5X
2003 Licence OK8BWW
2004 Operating as JW/CT1BWW Longyearbien Spitzbergen
2004 Licence S92BWW and 1 st Hamradio Operation from ROLAS Island S.Tome & Principe
2005 Operating from Fernando de Noronha as PYØF/CT1BWW
2005 Member Founder #001 CT-QRP-Club and also National Coordenator for SOTA Portugal
2006 DXCC NUMBER ONE TOP HONOR ROLL #NR 1 (All DXCC Entities confirmed on Phone)
2007 Licence C91BWW and operating from Bazaruto Island as C98BWW
2009 Operating as VK9XWW from Christmas Island Australia
2008 Operating from St. Martin Island as FS/CT1BWW and Sint Maarteen as PJ7/CT1BWW
2009 Operating from Aland Islands as OHØ/CT1BWW
2010 Licence S79BWW and operating from National Park Hanse Forbans Seychelles
2016 DXCC TOP HONOR ROLL CW ( still missing on A1A Mode:3Y0B,P5 EZ, KH3.VK0M, ZS8, KH5K)
2017 Operating from Faroes Island as OY/CT1BWW
2018 Operating from Lofoten Islands, Artic Circle as LA/CT1BWW
2019 Operating WWFF from Finland as OH/CT1BWW


Kenwood TS-440
Kenwood TS-480
Kenwood TS-830
Kenwood TS-850
Kenwood TS-850+DSP100

Ok i know people call me "CT Mr. Heathkit" but i don't mind!
Heathkit HW-100+ HP23
Heathkit HW-100+ HP23
Heathkit HW-101+ HP23 + SB600
Heathkit HW-101+ HP23
Heathkit SB-102+ SB600+ HP23 + Electrovoice 619L + Heathkit EKeyer HD1410
Heathkit SB-102+ SB 600+ Electrovoixce Mic 621
Heathkit HM-102+ SB600 + Turner Mic 444
Heathkit SB-100+ HP23 + Heathkit EKeyer hd 1410
Heathkit SB-104+ SB604 + Electrovoice Mic 638
Heathkit HD-1410
Heathkit HS-650 (Gift from CT1FSM)
Heathkit AntennaTuner SA-2040 (Gift from CT1FSM)

2 X Hy-Gain T2X
Hy-Gain HamIV
Yaesu 450

Heathkit HA-14
Heathkit SB200
Heathkit SB200
Acom 1010

Optibeam 9-5
Optibeam 1-40
Fritzel Vertical 303
Fritzel Dipole FB-33
Inverted "V" Dipole 40+80 Mts Phone
Inverted "V" Dipole 80Mts CW
Long Wire 160 M
K9AY delta Loop

Kenwood TS480 AT
Amplifier Ameritron ALS500
Vertical XK4-Force 12
I Pro Traveller antenna
DK9SQ Vertical Antena 10 - 80 Mts
Spiderbeam 5 Bands
Spiderbeam 2X 10 Mt. Mast for Vertical 40 Mts 2 elements
Spiderbeam 1X 10 Mt. Mast Vertical 80 Mts

Eleckraft K1 17,w20,390 and 40Mts
Nr,1 Homebrew PFR3
Nr.2 Homebrew PFR3
Homebrew 30 Mts QRP
Homebrew 40 Mts QRP
Homebrew Yeo RX+ Kilton TX 20 Mts
Homebrew Knole RX+ Kilton TX 30 Mts
Homebrew Trenty QRP
Homebrew Trenty
Honebrew Rocky Twenty
Homebrew Rocky Thity
Homebrew Mosquita
Homebrew ATU
hOMEBREW Pixie 20 and 40

HB1A three Bands (20-30-40)
PFR3A three Bands (20-30-40)
Elecraft four Bands (17-20-30-40)
Antenna MP1A, PAC12 Homebrew and BuddyStick Vertical

DX Code Of Conduct

dx code of conduct small logoI support the "DX Code Of Conduct" to help to work with each other and not each against the others on the bands.

Other images

other pic
CT1BWW / Operating CQ WW Phone
other pic
CT1BWW / Operating CQ WW Phone
other pic
CT1BWW / CQ7O Team
other pic
CT1BWW / Bazaruto Island - Mozambique
other pic
CT1BWW / National Park Anse Forbans- Seycheles
other pic
CT1BWW / Trebic- Czech Republic
other pic
CT1BWW / Christmas Island - Australia
other pic
CT1BWW / Fernando de Noronha Archipelago - Brasil
other pic
CT1BWW / Sint Maarten Dutch Caribean Island
other pic
CT1BWW / Lofoten Archipelago Artic Circle Norway
other pic
CT1BWW / Bugio Island Estoril Coast - Poretugal
other pic
CT1BWW / Faroes Island

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