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2024-05-28 13:18:50 UTC









Active user alias

activity index: 0 of 5

Chris Ayres

Efate Island


Call data

Last update:2023-07-14 05:37:06
QTH:Port Villa, Efate Island
Main prefix:YJ
DXCC Zone:327
ITU Zone:56
CQ Zone:32

QSL data

Last update:2022-11-04 01:50:53
Direct Manager:VK2YUS
Bureau QSL:no
Direct QSL:YES
Extra QSL Info:QSL direct: Chris Ayres, 3/19-21 Eastern Road, Turramurra NSW 2074, AUSTRALIA.


Thanks to everyone who called me during my recent activity from Vanuatu as YJ0CA.

Equipment at the station is fairly simple, with a 1/4 wave vertical using elevated radials for 40m, and various dipoles and verticals for 10, 12m, 15m, 17m and 20m. We don’t operate on 80m or 160m due to very high noise levels.

Operations from Vanuatu have been over the following dates at the same Port Vila location on Efate Island: the latest operation was from 17th to 27th June 2023. Earlier operations were on:

2017 activity was from 11th to 14th October, 1st thru 7th November and 16th to 22nd November.
2018 activity was on 14th to 21st January, 18th to 24th March, 19th to 25th April, 27th May to 1st June, 6th to 10th August, and 25th to 29th October.
2019 activity was on 26th March to 2nd April, 24th to 30th July and 22nd to 30th October.
2022 activity was on 22nd October to 2nd November, 1st December to 9th December.

2023 activity was on 18th to 29th March, 17th to 27th June.

QSL is direct to my home callsign only, VK2YUS, using the new address shown below (as my home QTH is now in Turramurra, a suburb in Sydney). Please note the postage cost details below.

QSL to:

Chris Ayres,

3/19-21 Eastern Rd,

Turramurra, NSW, 2074



IMPORTANT: Please note that the old address details, as well as the details on many other Ham websites are out of date, so please don't send QSL cards to the old Killeaton Street address as unfortunately they will not be made available to me.

To help cover the ever increasing costs of activating this DX location (airfares, accomodation, electricity etc), plus postage costs for QSL cards, it would be appreciated if the following assistance could be provided:

a) Australian hams: an SASE with your card (envelope size minimum 15cm x 10cm). If you can spare a $5 note, that would be great too!

b) International hams: - US$5 or Euro 5 bank notes, which MUST be a crisp TOTALLY UNMARKED and unused note only (single denominations are preferable, eg. a single US$5 note), otherwise they are not usable here as I cannot convert them to pay for postage. You may need to check with your bank or similar institution to obtain clean unused currency - please, please don't just use the notes you may have in your wallet.

- or 2 fresh (newly purchased) International Reply Coupons (IRC) with at least 1 year to expiry.

*** Preferably, contact me via email for PayPal details (when emailing please include your YJ0CA contact details - with time/day/band - for checking my paper logbooks). If using PayPal it's not necessary to send me a physical card once I've confirmed your details are in the log.

Donations to assist with the costs of activating Vanuatu would be greatly appreciated - if you can spare an extra US$ or two that would be very helpful.


Chris YJ0CA / VK2YUS


Rev. aa39b32b52