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Ham Radio Videos

• RFI amateur radio spectrum LF-MF-HF the 11/09/2013 at F6GOX Station in Paris.

Added at 2013-11-09 09:14:50

by DO7FOX, 471 views

Wide band RFI on my HF 25 meters wire antenna + Yaesu FT990 the 11/09/2013. First minutes of this video are on the 160 meters amateur radio band with the adapted antenna with the matching box and the CW filter used. Then the antenna wire is directly used. Also I explore the LF and MF noise level... Not yet really good, is not it ? But please remember I have begun to clean my neighborough RFI from a jamming level of -23 dBm means 59 +50dB on my S-meter scale ! It will take RDF techniques, a cup of patience and diplomacy, at least many weeks... The target is a low level noise on the HF amateur radio bands, because of the 2004/108/EC regulations : "(2) Member States are responsible for ensuring that radiocommunications, including radio broadcast reception and the amateur radio service operating in accordance with International Telecommunication Union (ITU) radio regulations, electrical supply networks and telecommunications networks, as well as equipment connected thereto, are protected against electromagnetic disturbance." ... (read!celexplus!prod!DocNumber&lg=en&type_doc=Directive&an_doc=2004&nu_doc=108)

73 Laurent F6GOX


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