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Ham Radio Videos

• Side by Side Comparison [ Alpha EzMilitary vs Chameleon MPAS ]

Added at 2016-05-12 04:35:42

by OH8STN, 831 views

This is the third video in the Alpha EzMilitary vs Chameleon MPAS series.
This video is a side by side by comparison of the Alpha EZ Military & Chameleon MPAS.
if you haven't watched the First videos in the series I would suggest you watch those first before watching this one. you can find the other videos here: Alpha EZ Military vs Chameleon MPAS [Antenna Shootout]:

The Alpha EZ Military VS Chameleon MPAS series was put together to compare these systems to one another. We are looking at performance, quality, materials, durability, construction, deployment configurations, and value for money.

Before we get started its important to point out that we understand these are not the most efficient antenna systems going into the comparison. There certainly are more efficient systems available to an operator. However, These systems are tested with the understanding that they are broadband antenna systems offering 80-6M (Alpha), and 160-6M  (Chameleon) coverage. Its also understood that we sacrifice some efficiency for a system offering

Multi-Configuration options
Rapid deployment
What we are not doing, is comparing them to full-scale, more efficient antenna systems. Since those system are neither portable, or offer the configuration options we require.

Hopefully by the end of the series, any mysteries remaining about either system will have been brought out into the light.

Here is a collection of Fill HD Images and other supporting data from the first three videos in the series.

Within a day or two, I'll also be updating the videos series blog, with additional news information and special offers from Chameleon Antennas and Alpha Antennas. So keep an eye on the comments. I'll also be publishing full HD images and adding the links to those in this video.

For more detailed information, visit

Thanks for watching, and sharing!


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