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Ham Radio Videos

• Home Brew GS-31B HF Linear Amplifier

Added at 2013-09-14 10:46:28

by DO7FOX, 764 views

This is a short video of my GS-31B HF amplifier working. It still needs a few finishing touches like labeling all the LEDS, recaling the voltage scale on the plate meter, and machining ventilation holes in the lid so I can operate it safely...but for the most part it's working perfectly so far. With about 3700 volts on the plate it easily manages 1500 watts on all bands.

Sorry for the crummy watt meter but it's surprisingly accurate when compared to my LP-100A which I didn't feel like dragging over to the work bench.

And for what it's worth the purpose of holding my hand above the transformer was to show how large it is-it's an 80lbs 5KVA unit that handles a legal limit amp with ease. My hand was further away than it looked so no, I don't have a death wish. The transformer and SSRs will eventually housed in a metal enclosure on the floor.



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