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2024-04-19 12:13:45 UTC









Logbook for OH6IH (last 300 entries)

ADIF file
created by DXKeeper 15.4.3 on 08-mars-2020 13:45:46 UTC
ProgramID: DXKeeper
ProgramVersion: 15.4.3 
Created_Timestamp: 20200308 134546 
ADIF_Ver: 3.0.9 

Selecting all 10 found rows:

CallRST sentRST recvModeBandFreqencyDXCCTimestamp??
 VE9FI5956SSB20m12020-03-06 13:21:00--
 JP1DJV5857SSB20m3392020-03-06 09:05:00--
 IK4MTF5959SSB20m2482020-03-05 16:20:00OK
 VA2PW5958SSB20m12020-03-05 14:46:00--
 IU0MZH5958SSB20m2482020-03-05 14:30:00--
 LZ1WR5959SSB20m2122020-03-05 14:20:00--
 S51DX5959SSB20m4992020-03-05 13:42:00--
 9A5PC5959SSB20m4972020-03-05 13:29:00--
 VE9FI5656SSB20m12020-03-05 12:04:00--
 EA7KKL5456SSB20m14.2202812020-03-05 11:20:00--

Rev. e1982f2133