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image of 4j3dj

Call data

Last update:2016-01-12 00:00:45
Main prefix:4J
DXCC Zone:18
ITU Zone:29
CQ Zone:21

Most used modes

JT 65

QSL data

Last update:2015-08-24 14:33:05
Bureau QSL:no
Direct QSL:YES


If you want to send your QSL , please send ONLY DIRECT.

THERE IS no bureau in Azerbaijan

I CAN NOT use the Russian Bureau because my callsign is not Russian.

I think you should understand it. :)

That is why only direct with SAE and Postage.

I have registered a new P.O.BOX in the Volgograd main post office.
Please do NOT ! put my call (4j3dj) on the address

FROLOV Alexander
P.O. BOX 38
Russian Federation

Thanks for the all e-mails that you wrote. I appreciate. I want to take out some misunderstanding for of all of you.

After more than a year of working for 2014 Winter Olympic Games I left Sochi city in the beginning of May 2014. My livinig place at this moment is Volgograd city, Russia.

But Azerbaijan is my native land and I always there during my vacations, to see my parents, to rest and of course! to work in the air :)

But since as I can't come to native home often but in same time I want to work in air often :) all those occasions when you hear me on the air this is because I am performing remote operation of my RIG. I just control the computer which is connected to transciever in Azerbaijan through the internet.

So... many people ask me... From where I am working?

As all of you understand that is illegal to work with 4J prefix from Russia territory.

But first of all I don't have an equipment here. Only Computer and Internet.

That is why all of my QSO's is absolutely legal, because

My RIG is ALWAYS in AZERBAIJAN and never changes its positon.

Since May 2014 please don't send your QSL cards to my last address in Sochi city, Russia
Since March 14, 2013 please don't send your QSL cards to my last address in Moscow city, Russia

If you have any questions, please send them to my e-mail:

My name is Alexander Yurievich Frolov. I was born in 1982 in Mingechevir town, not small town in central part of Azerbaijan republic, which is situated 280km west from capital city Baku. I entered to 1st class of secondary scholl when i was 7 yrs old, and study there about 11 years. And now I became a student of Azerbaijanian Technical University. In which I was entered in 1999 year. My father is Yuri Frolov, callsign-4J3M. From him, I was learned "What is radio". hi =) I got my license on 5th of may 1997. But my first QSO in my life I was made on 26 of september 1990 at club station with callsign RD7DWW. Then I didn't know morse code. And in 1999 after approx. 3 weeks i was learned telegraphy well. My biography is not very big as you see. But i will try to refresh it sometimes.

After New Year's holidays (2002) i've got new license with new call 4J3DJ, and i can work almost on all bands and modes.

added on 15th june 2007:

At June of 2003 i graduate Azerbaijanian Technical University with bachelor degree and entered to Azerbaijan State Economical University to get Magister degree. At 2005 summer i've got it well.

Also at 2003 i started doing my another hobby: Dee Jaying. As a DJ, I took part in two national Dee-Jay's competitions. Went to many cities of Russia and capital city of Georgia - TBILISI. Music and Dee Jaying is my loved hobby same as HAM radio.

But most of you can think that "DJ" in my callsign means my second hobby Deejaying. But is not like that. My father's ex call was UD6DJ (USSR time). That is why i took such kind of suffix in my callsign.

On 13th of January 2007, I get married and she is from Russia. And we have son. His name is Kirill. (Key-Real) :)

Thats all for now i will try to refresh my bio sometime!!! See you on air. 73!

Worked DXCCs:


Transciever: Yaesu FT-920

Amplifier: hand made by my father Yuri Frolov, callsign: 4J3M (ex: UD6DJ)

3 element YAGI for 10,15,20 meters bands at the height of 45 meters

Inverted V for 40,30,17,12,80 meters bands at the height of 42 meters, hand made by my father Yuri

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