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2021-04-21 13:43:58 UTC









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Jim Reed

1081 Auckland
New Zealand, No State

new zealand

Call data

Last update:2016-10-11 01:14:53
QTH:Oneroa, Waiheke Island
Main prefix:ZL
Federal state:No State
US county:No State
DXCC Zone:170
ITU Zone:60
CQ Zone:32

QSL data

Last update:2017-01-11 10:19:05
Bureau QSL:no
Direct QSL:YES
Extra QSL Info:Two Green stamps for Direct. No IRCs. Cards without postage returned via Bureau.


Passed my ham exam in 1969 but never got around to picking up a call until 1980. Too many things like work and world travel, not to mention an XYL, got in the in the way.
The call ZL1TQI was for 2 meters and higher and I used it mainly for marine mobile. In the early 1990's I handed back the call as I had sold the boat and wasn't using it.
In 2004, we lost the morse requirement in ZL so I decided to have a play with HF. I reregistered and changed my call to ZL1LC, as it was easier to say. I found the digital modes and haven't looked back since. I had an accident on a motor cycle in 2005 which stopped my other love, black powder shooting, so I have concentrated on ham radio more and more.
My primary mode is PSK31 but I will try others. I ran JT65 for a year and found I could work amazing distances on a few watts but enjoy the more interactive PSK. Happy to work anyone and rag chew if there's not a pileup running.

I am located in IOTA OC-201. That's a collection of minor islands off the North Island of New Zealand. Actually, I'm about 20km from the centre of Auckland, our largest city. I'm probably the only one in OC-201 running PSK, and there are probably less than 10 hams here permanently, ( you get a few more in the summer), so if you contact me, well done!

Will QSL 100% any QSL received. I QSL via eQSL or direct. If you send me a direct QSL, TWO green stamps are required, NO IRCs. QSL cards received without postage will be returned via the Bureau.

Club Membership Numbers EPC - #11782, PODXS 07 - #1476, DMC - #4990, GQRP - #13229.

Look forward to making the contact. Thanks for taking the time to read this. 73!


Primary transceiver is an Icom 7700, normally running 50 watts.
Backup transceiver is an Icom 7200.
Mobile transceiver is an Icom 7000
Pedestrian or bicycle mobile transceiver is an Icom 703+

Digital interface is direct or via Signalink USB. Rigblaster NOMIC used for the Icom 7000 and 703+

Home QTH antennas are a 270' McCoy doublet with remote balanced tuner or a Cushcraft R8 vertical. The vertical is really great on 20 meters and higher frequencies.
For portable operation I use a Buddipole, normally with a single vertical, elevated radials and a multiratio balun.

PC is a Mac Pro running Yosemite Beta with Parallels emulation so that I can run Winduhs. I use HRD for digital modes, logging and control. One day someone will port HRD to OSX so that I can run it without the emulator.

If you have got this far, well done. Look for me on the bands most days between 0400 - 0800 UTC. Cheers.


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