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2018-04-25 10:52:38 UTC









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Florin Ze

700482 Iasi

image of yo8003swl

Call data

Previous call:SWL0KN37SE
Last update:2017-09-16 07:02:35
Main prefix:YO
DXCC Zone:275
ITU Zone:28
CQ Zone:14

QSL data

Last update:2016-05-02 10:44:36
Bureau QSL:no
Direct QSL:no


Hi, and welcome to my page.
I'm here in both amazement and (technical) shyness for this nice way of extending, beyond the close proximity, our senses and voice throughout the space. Riding onto the electromagnetic waves with tools we can construct and reconfigure is inspiring and gratifying for our needs, illusions and hopes for better understanding of the nature.
I've rather flirted with electricity and related '-omics' or 'onics' – to serious stuff to enter weightless. I even should still have marks and scars from bumping (in my early childhood or, boldly, later) into 'electro-active' things. While I tend to forgot that, I'll always and brightly remember the surprise I've had as a child watching the tv (Star Trek), or the joy playing a remote controlled toy car. Or, lately, my fight to tame that ugly perceptible background noise the casette tape threw over my sensitive ears, or my struggle to command in assembly language a novelty ZX Spectrum marvel. I even experienced the thrills of radio contacts as young friend of some hams a few times, and planned for a while to go there, but I never truly had that time.
I'm not (quite so) young (and neither so sensitive as I would wish to be) nowadays, and I am deeply involved in activities that tear my time apart toward corners of this real life away from the radio stuff. By chance, a few (short) holidays ago I bumped into FFT, DSP, measurements, sensors, DDS, and somehow found the new brave world of QRSS (and other digital modes). Seeing those tiny bright traces lighting my screen from across the continent with only a loose wire (Then a dipole. Then a long wire), a hand of dusty components from a shop a few blocks away (or, not so humble, provided by some hams with big hearts) ignited a sleeping passion. It's not easy to find that time to enjoy it fully.
Still, I'm so happy each moment I'm here again – either as a builder, or as a radio listener. Always on the go, briefly harking over the shoulder, or peeking toward a corner of my screen, eager to feel this planet in this unique way. God bless all those great folks I can hear so close to me (in real time; what a sorcery! manipulating immaterial stuff we only have formulas for in order to create real and solid perceptions!), those teaching how to tweak and twist my wires, knobs or transistors to do it better, and especially those figuring out how to see and hear wave whispers that I would otherwise always miss. I'm so grateful for them as I know I thus can somehow be visible and useful for you even as a listener.
So, I'm a reporter of digital signals, right now (on 30m). I'm learning. For sure I'm yet heavily fighting my ignorance or prejudices when thinking I'm with you because those electrons will flow the wires only the ways I dream. Or those magnetic coats will shiver around this little wet rock we inhabit focusing the paths I'd hope to mirror.
I'll keep handcrafting, for a while. Even if these cute little resistors, capacitors, coils, crystals and dark, leggy bugs I'm getting familiar with still spark sometimes their own fantasies toward me, they do tend to tame. I'm happy and lucky to live and share with you this time of wonderful technical resources, growing knowledge, promises and challenges I've lately entered. I'm sure the future will be even more amazing – certainly very fast in the radio. Would the pleasure of building look the same when aligning quantum modules? You see, I'm here with the mind of a builder. And I promise that one day I'll find that time to go for that call sign license exam. I'll then share with you all the joy, fun and wonder of radio-ing the world.
All my best wishes for you, and Good DX!


SA612-based DC, Kenwood TS-130V (still working fine on Rx); vertical (steel) wire, i7 Intel PC

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YO8003SWL / Antenna. This is where the magic flows.

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