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2023-09-29 14:41:40 UTC









Active user

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Iancu Mircea

410412 R-410412 ORADEA-9

image of yo5im

Call data

Previous call:YO5CUU
Last update:2023-09-22 00:03:15
Main prefix:YO
DXCC Zone:275
ITU Zone:28
CQ Zone:20

QSL dataUp to date!

Last update:2023-04-05 11:21:02
Bureau QSL:no
Direct QSL:no


I started learning morse at 11 years old from the one who was YO5AMF Farkas Alexandru, now Silent Key. I became SWL YO6-17042/SB at 19 years old. I started in 1981 with my first call YO5CUU, with a home brew syncrodina transceiver in 80 meters on tubes, at TX about 5W, in cw, with a home made LW antenna.
I was fascinated by the lighting of a 6-volt light bulb inserted between this antenna and the ground socket. Where does the energy to keep the light in the bulb, come from??? Then I was fascinated by the propagation from the 70s on 10 meters with 5 meters of wire, Australia was working as if they were in the next room! How they can talk thru that short wire like antenna from so far way? And so this wonderful world of hamradio began for me!

I like CW, Digital and SSB. I work in HF but also in VHF-UHF where I work on repeaters, locally and in the national Ro Link network. I'm still testing the EFHW antenna on HW which I'm trying to make resonate in as many bands as possible. I also like working in QRP. From about 2000 started a long time of hamradio inactivity, untill my girls grow up and I became retired!!!

From August 24, 2021 I became YO5IM (a Romanian-YO, from district 5: (I)ancu (M)ircea Hi!) And so I am back in the air on HF from may 2023!

Well, I wish you wonderful DX

All the best, May God take care of us in this activity as well as in everything in our journey on this earth!!!

Mircea, YO5IM, 73&72 from Oradea, Romania!


Icom 735 line, EFHW multiband antenna in a sloper position up from 28m, down to 12m, 40,34 meters long(in test, maybe to long: the dips are below HF bands, except 10 meters with dip at 29,400 Mhz!!!)

In the meantime (from 25 of August 2023), I purchased a Yaesu FTdx10 and after shortening the length by approximately 60 cm of the EFHW antenna (it is now 39.75 meters approximately) the resonances approached the band of the portion of cw 40 meters (6.926Mhz) and are inside the bands of 20(14,200Mhz), 15(21,080Mhz) and 10(29,200Mhz) meters. And with the internal tuner from FTdx10 it also works in the warc bands respectively in 10 Mhz 18 Mhz, and 24.9 Mhz where I have done the tests... I still have to test the 160 meter band and in 80 meters I made a CW QSO with only 5 w, although the antenna resonates at 3380Khz!!! I purchased with the help of a very good friend YO5OAI, Lali, a magnetic paddle for cw. Thank God for everything. May His name be glorified forever Hallelu YAH!

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second pic
YO5IM / My new FTdx10

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