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2021-04-10 19:25:28 UTC









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20151 MEDAN

image of yd6roa

Call data

Last update:2020-07-08 20:07:42
Main prefix:YB
Federal state:NORTH OF SUMATRA
Latitude:3.578009 (3° 34'
Longitude:98.679901 (98° 4
DXCC Zone:327
ITU Zone:54
CQ Zone:28

Most used bands


Most used modes


QSL data

Last update:2020-01-01 21:16:53
Direct Manager:YB6HAI
Bureau QSL:YES
Direct QSL:YES


In A Word or Two
Hi, All Friends, thanks to visit my Wall, I am the retired Mechanical Power Plant Engineer, the oldman working in engineering around the world.
I've been around the ham bands for 35 years; In that time, I've been active 2m bands, however much of my air time has been on 40 meters. Now Istay in the Central City of Medan City the Capital Of North Sumatra Indonesia, since 1977 - 2010 stay in Jakarta

My station consist of some HF Transreceivers, VHF Gateway to eQSOs, Echolink, FRN and some others Sofware HAm Radio with its antena 20 meters high.

I like to have a good time on the bands; topics vary in my group of friends but I still believe politics and religion should be a small part of the dialog, everything else is on the plate.

Ham Radio is nothing without your friends, they are very important to me, however, like most people, my friendship has to be earned and appreciated. I spend very little, to no time hating and disliking people, especially hams however, I do choose to stay away from some, primarily because of differences in convictions, conduct and manner.

I'm now retired, so I spend more time listening to the bands, riding my motorcycle (HD modification) across the country and working on antennas and spending time with my soul mate, Tuty my wife.

I’m a Certified EPC Engineer in Electricity Power Plant and do the work beetween Indonesia Island to the World and a retired Engineer in Gonverment Electricity Company and also retired EDP in Caterrpillar .

I like Technology and all that implies. Like so many hams these days, many of my friends have passed on, my years with them have been golden, although I miss them, they continue to live here in my shack and my heart; they are gone but will never be forgotten.

I feel there's too much in-fighting on the bands these days, too many adults caring their feelings on their sleeve. Too many hams paying no attention to the rule of law. I believe passionately that NO CODE hurt the hobby, probably a terminal decision for Amateur Radio as it was intended and designed to function.

As in many similar situations, when Government becomes focused on·taking from the masses and giving it to those to stupid to earn or work for it, things like NO CODE happen.· Hams coming into the hobby today are required to know nothing; They are unable or unwilling to assimilate into the hobby. Unfortunately, many older hams make no effort to improve their skill, propagate and encourage new hams to learn nothing.

If the ORARI wanted to be proactive, improve band efficiency and attract new hams, removing AM from all bands, would have been better and kept CW. But that wouldn't fill the coffers now, would it?

Right-click and save YD6ROA QSL Card

I’m fundamentally against no-code licenses, as I consider it a sell-out by the ORARI, a total move of betrayal to dumb down our hobby for their own self-interest and gain; I no longer support that organization

FT8 Info
Rig: IC735-TS430S-FT80C- HF Homebrows-Handys Tr
1 elements on 80 meters
1 elements on 40 meters
GW-eQSO-Echolink-FRN antena VHF

Worked DXCCs:

DX Code Of Conduct

dx code of conduct small logoI support the "DX Code Of Conduct" to help to work with each other and not each against the others on the bands.

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