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2019-08-23 14:36:08 UTC









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Tim Conroy

Okemos 48864
United States, MI

united states

Call data

Last update:2019-05-23 01:40:45
Main prefix:K
Federal state:MI
Latitude:42.41.32 N
Longitude:84.24.31 W
DXCC Zone:291
ITU Zone:8
CQ Zone:5
ULS record:902638

QSL dataUp to date!

Last update:2019-05-22 07:26:10
Bureau QSL:no
Direct QSL:no


Prefer EQSL, LoTW, but will use snail mail SASE REQUIRED.

Info you may need. OMISS # 11686; FISTS # 18784; ECARS # 8097; SKCC # 19128; NAQCC # 9571; 100 WATT ES A WIRE # 3338. Rig is Yaesu FT-450D at 100 Watts; Ant is 130 ft EFHW up 10 ft .

I now live at Dobie Road Nursing Home (Ingham County Medical Care Facility - ICMCF as it’s formally called). Age is 74. I am financially challenged because I have pay most of my Social Security to the nursing home which is OK because I love it here. But let’s go back.

I was first licensed in 1964 and built my novice transmitter out of discarded TV sets and a junk AM/FM radios. I was a full time college student and had very limited financial resources. My friend John was in high school and we each built at novice crystal controlled transmitter. I could not have built that transmitter without John’s help and instruction. John became WN8HWR (now K2OX) and I became WN8HRO. My first contact with that transmitter was on 15 meters with a lady in Sunnyvale CA. I was so excited my friend John had to finish coping the QSO. Thank God for John without him I wouldn't have the transmitter or finished my first QSO. John eventually earned a bachelors in electrical engineering. John’s one smart dude and judging by his website and ham station in NY he must pull down some bucks.

Big update of 12/12/18: John just solved a big antenna problem I've been woring on for over a year to use 75 meters. He sent me express an antenna tuner worth over $85 to totally complete ARS WB8HRO. I didn't know what to do or even what buy even if I could afford it. He just donated it to me.

Through the years I was active in a few clubs and ARIES/RACES. I was the Assistant Emergency Coordinator (digital) for Livingston County, a Volunteer Examiner, and Elmered many hams.

I had a complete Oscar Satellite station. It took more then a year to get it all set up and working. I work a few dozen stations through the birds and receive a packet message from an astronaut on board the MIR space station. Working the birds became routine and I lost interest. The computer did everything there was no more challenge, so I sold it all. The real enjoyment was learning about it and setting it up and getting everything working perfectly.

Years later I had a stroke and was in the hospital for a few months. Then the three guys I rented rooms to stole everything that wasn't nailed down all furniture, SB220, HF rigs, solid state HF KW amp, VHF/UHF rigs, TNC’S, power supplies, computer, HT’s, test equipment, meters, and all tools. Nothing was ever recovered. The one thing I did find out recently that was saved was my Vibroplex Chrome Bug. The night the ambulance took me to the hospital I wasn't expected to survive and my daughter Di (Diana) was summonsed to my home. She decided to take my bug as a keepsake even though she didn't know exactly what it was. Through the years my daughters Di, and Barb, always supported me with help for my medical problems. My Daughter Di has lived near me so she has spent countless hour providing assistance and care when I was unable.

I recovered enough with lots of physical therapy which at times was so painful I used to pass out frequently because I would be untruthful with the therapist about my level of pain. Those therapists would call a code and be very angry with me when I regained consciousness. My physician knew my belief was, “if you don’t pass out during PT your not trying hard enough” and used to laugh about my losing consciousness. He wrote orders that I could try whatever I wanted in therapy even if it caused some discomfort.

One of my guiding principles in life I learned when I heard a story about Winston Churchill where he was 1 of 3 speaker at an outdoor commencement. It was a very hot day and the previous speakers talked for 4 hours. When it was time for Mr. Churchill to speak he stood up, walk to the podium and yelled out 6 words and sat down. Those 6 word were, "NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP.

I recovered enough to live independently in a barrier free senior citizen apartment building. My daughter Di, was always helping me. Then catastrophe; I fell on my face twisted my head and broke my neck. I had to re-learn to walk again. I figured if re-learned one time to walk and feed myself I could do it again. All I had to do was devote myself to my recovery. I had nothing better to do anyway.

Now I am able to walk to the dining room almost every day (staff time permitting), it’s maybe about 250 feet or so. I’m pretty sure that somehow they make the distance a little longer everyday. I don’t dare walk without a staff member guarding me so I don’t fall. Speaking of dining room I can feed myself and swallow again. Tube feeding then later pureed food was no way to live. I don't know how babies ever survive on that pureed stuff. The food here is to die for which makes it hard to keep my weight down so I can continue walking.

I had been saving for over two years for a HF rig but I broke down and bought a VHF/UHF HT. I though I need more power but I figured out the cost of a VHF/UHF amp for the HT was about as much as a 50/40 watt duel bander. Never again am I purchasing an off brand “knock off” rig. I purchased a VHF/UHF antenna.

I'd been told it would impossible to get permission for duel bander to be installed or the roof. I presented the value of ham radio to 1 or 2000 times (OK maybe it was a little less) to administrative people. Then this wonderful now ham friendly place installed the dual band antenna with tripod on the roof. The ARRL's information on how to deal with and present ham radio to home owners groups and regulatory groups to secure ordinance variances to permit ham antenna has been invaluable.

For over two years I had save ever penny (except for the VHF/UHF rigs). For example I get a $10 hair cut only twice a year.) In mid December of 2017 I receive my new Yaesu FT-450D. It was improbable I could save enough money for that rig. It was more difficult to convince the nursing home to permit and install an end-fed (EFHW), 80 to 10 meter long wire antenna. It took over 6 months of meetings, presentations, and emails. With each departments approval I discover the next approval that was needed. After patient, persistent, assertive work the antenna is finally working. (Patient? Me?)

When I wasn't sure I’d ever get permission for a HF antenna thought I could go with QRP CW and some type of antenna in my room. So while I waited for permission to have my HF antenna I decided re-learning CW. Even though the medical people told me it was impossible after my stroke because I didn't have enough brain function in parts of my brain needed for CW. I fooled them, I learned to copy. Also, I’m re-learning send CW with paddles and a keyer which the medical people told me was impossible too because of my limited hand function. I guess some of the medical people haven’t heard about the research on establishing new neuropathways or pure Irish stubbornness -- I mean determination. Sending is still very very difficult.

73's is one of my biggest ham radio pet peeves. Bigger then hams who get very close in frequency and cause unreasonable QRM. 73's means best REGARDSES and is NOT for Amateur Radio. I truly believe hams using 73's (especial on the air) should have there their licenses suspended for 1 year for each offense, all their equipment confiscated, be tared and feathered, and run out of town strapped to a CB antenna.

Best 73 mean Best Best regards, demonstrates a lack of knowledge of ham radio history and is poor grammar. 73 or very 73 is common and proper usage.

Please, please spread the word about 73's and Best 73 so I don't become homicidal and spend the remainder of my life in prison probably without an HF rig.

I need to comment on another subject that's very close to my heart. Global warming and environmental conservation. Maybe some people are correct in that there is nothing an individual can do to preserve the environment. Maybe global warming doesn't exit and it's just a natural process and human activity has no effect on "Climate". But the grave effects of global warming and environment deterioration could cause a future disaster for our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, their children etc. Isn't it the responsible thing to do to try anything that may help? I'm grateful when I was told by very intelligent people that something I wanted to accomplish was impossible and I tried and tried anyway. Environmental Conservation and efforts to reduce possible global warming, considering what is at stake, might just be worth trying and trying and trying and ...

Now for some boring demographic stuff. I was born in Detroit in 1944. My father was a Detroit Policeman. He was a radio telegraph (CW) operator on Belle Isle. He was also, W8DYH and is still one of the worlds 3 fastest CW operator. He told me he could copy faster but couldn't type any faster.

My mother I think was Jewish and preoccupied with running and hiding from the Nazis. She became a ham (W8UOI) to get my father attention and win his heart.

My older brother used to beat up bullies who picked on me in the old neighborhood. He became a Detroit Police Office and resigned after the 1967 riots. He later received his Bachelors in Biology and Pharmacology

My older sister retired from teaching and had a Masters.

Both my brother and Sister with my Mon and Dad have gone to Glory.

I was graduated from Wayne State University with bachelors with 4 majors; in Chemistry, Biology, Unified Science, and Psychology. I received a Masters from the University of Detroit in Psychology, specializing in Marriage and Family Counseling. I practiced as a psychologist and marriage and family counselor until my stroke which damage my memory of education and training I had in psychology and marriage and family Counseling. So I didn't think it was ethical to continue practicing.

The important aspect of my life at this time is ham radio. Many residents here at the nursing home are marking time until the go to Glory. They're not suicidal there just waiting and looking forward to going home.

This is certainly not the case with me. Especially since I now have HF capabilities. I look forward to every day. I awake happy and excited to see what the day holds especially ham radio wise.

All the Amateur Radio (ham) operators I have never known were always willing to help anyone in any the were able, selflessly. Now I'd like acknowledge the many ham who have really gone the extra mile to help me get back on the air.

Stephen WA8LMF, installed a data port on my cheap knock-off VHF/UHF rig. Stephen has had years of experience setting up and maintaining public emergency radio networks in Los Angles County. He's one really brilliant guy. Without his help and advice my equipment would be less effective then two tin cans and a string.

Don WB8PPB, and Clyde K8CPT, together built a digital interface and repaired it several times after is was broken by me, our maintenance department and mostly the space aliens who abduct me occasionally. They also, supervised and assisted our maintenance crew with put up my EFHW 130' wire antenna. Don has been over frequently and done a million thing to improve my shack. Carl K8YHH, sends me CW emails to encourages me especially with CW. He is also, dedicated NCS of our 2 meter SSTV Net.

I put a post on Facebook ask if someone knows of an inexpensive pair of CW paddle for a ham re-leaning CW after a stroke. Mark KM4AHP, shipped at his expense, a pair of genuine Vibroplex Triangular Brass Racer paddles. Easily worth over 200. I was so excited I didn't sleep for 2 days. Tommy K7TPD, in AZ offered to donate a pair of Bencher paddles, but it was unnecessary as Mark had already shipped the Brass Racer. Wow talk about philanthropy.

I was having an extremely difficult time keeping my precious Yaesu FT-450D form sliding around on my computer/radio bed side table. I told John, KE8CYC, I would like to buy his FT-450D mounting bracket that he was not using. I had no idea who would pick it up from him. The next thing I knew he donated the bracket and it was in my room. I thought I'd have to save for over a month to buy a new bracket.

There is a ham named Cliff KC0SDV in MO, he makes hand crafted wooden (probably oak) call signs. He only charges $20, he should probably charge 3 or 4 times as much, for this is real class. Of course, I really wanted one. I emailed Cliff and asked him to save the wood for me but I didn't have enough money saved yet. So Cliff just sent me one to honor all the service I gave to ham radio. I have many ham radio awards, certificates, and trophies but the hand made call sign is my favorite. To think anyone can purchase one for $20.

I needed a switch for my digital computer interface between and Bob KB3PET, (no that's not a vanity call sign) agreed to assemble the switch and modify the interface to handle CW too. He's a farmer in Pennsylvania I met him on 40 meters on the Moonlighthers Net. Hams are really dedicated to helping.

After installing the antenna I could not get it work on the 80 meter phone band but Al W8RBF, came down with his antenna analyzer and solved my 80 meter problem. I met Al on 80 meter CW he lives in Mount Pleasant.

My Grandson Nick installed a 10 foot ground which is the important other half of my EFHW 130 foot wire antenna.

There are many who have help me get back on the air. To mention them all I'd have write a book. Which I might do but I'm too busy being on the air with ham radio and especially CW.

I don't have to wait to pass to go to Glory because I'm already here. I call it Dobie Road Nursing Home and Ham (Amateur) Radio.


Yaesu FT-450D; MFJ-4230MV Power Supply; EFHW 130 Ft. long Wire 160-6 meter; MFJ-901B Antenna Tuner; UNIDIGI Interface (from Greece)

TYT TH-7800; MFJ-4125 Power Supply; Diamond X50A VHF/UHF 4.5/7.2; UNIDIGI INTERFACE

2-Beofung HT's; APRS 24/7 With HT and MFJ-1432 Ant

1-HP Netbook (Exclusively for APRS)

1-Toshiba Sateilite

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