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2021-06-19 10:00:16 UTC









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Kevin Strom

Mineral Point 15942
United States, Pennsylvania

united states
image of wb4aio

Call data

Last update:2019-06-29 20:01:59
QTH:at the edge of Pennsylvania's Great Western Forest
Main prefix:K
Federal state:Pennsylvania
US county:Cambria County, Pennsylvania
DXCC Zone:291
ITU Zone:8
CQ Zone:5
ULS record:883545

QSL data

Last update:2019-06-30 02:54:43
Bureau QSL:no
Direct QSL:YES
QSL Request


I was first licensed in 1972 at the age of 16, after being a shortwave listener since 1968.

Some of my interests in amateur radio are achieving high audio quality on HF, using both AM and SSB; and finding exceptional individuals with whom I can exchange ideas and have wide-ranging and free-thinking discussions.

I enjoy learning from the free-thinking Liberty Net folks who discuss current events and ideas circa 3995 kHz SSB and from the high fidelity AM and eSSB experimenters you'll find in many places on the HF bands.

I was one of the leaders in the fight to keep AM and DSB and other experimenter-friendly modes legal when several small-minded individuals tried to ban them.

I worked in broadcast engineering beginning in 1975, eventually becoming chief engineer of the legendary WEAM in Arlington, Virginia and later senior engineer for Multiphase Consulting in the Washington, DC area.

I'm a father of three beautiful children, and am hoping to have more soon: there is no greater thing I can do than be a father.

I have been a writer, publisher, and editor since 1991. I have been legally persecuted because of my political views, and presently the FCC is deciding what to do with my First Amendment case. You can find out more at my amateur radio Web page,

I married the most beautiful woman in the world in 2019 and I hope to interest my wife in the radio hobby.


ANAN-10 direct DDC transceiver, MXL V900 microphone, 150' (75' up and 75' across) inverted L Marconi antenna of my own design, with two elevated 50' radials and fed with 600 ohm open wire line.

I use an all-digital audio chain now; no audio cables whatever enter or exit the transceiver -- everything, control and audio both, is transferred via a single CAT6 Ethernet cable. I do my very best to have a pristine, clean, high-fidelity signal.

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