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2020-08-06 13:00:20 UTC









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Morgan Hill 926775536
United States, CA

united states
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Call data

Last update:2020-08-01 07:51:09
QTH:Morgan Hill
Main prefix:K
Federal state:CA
US county:Santa Clara
DXCC Zone:291
ITU Zone:6
CQ Zone:3
ULS record:839767

Most used bands


Most used modes


QSL dataUp to date!

Last update:2020-08-01 06:57:25
Bureau QSL:no
Direct QSL:YES


I have been licensed since 1977 and I am amazed and delighted with the changes that I see when I compare then and now. Today we have the ability to experiment with many possibilites from long wave through millimeter waves. I feel that the many digital modes and creative integration with the internet is very important to get and hold the interest of new comers to Amateur Radio today.

The MF and HF frequency bands are covered by TenTec Scout 555 and my 450 foot end fed long wire antenna that is very stealthily hidden under my home's overhang. This is matched to my TenTec Scout 555 using LDG Z-11 Pro with their RU 9:1 UNUN.

Fortunately, I do not have a home owners' association but if I did, this one would cruise under their radar and I still work the world with only 50 watts! I hope I inspired some thought here.

I also use a Spilsbury STR-201 receiver, former Canadian Coast Guard receiver, to receive the Saturday CW broadcasts from KPH on 426 kHz. (Temporarily suspended due to COVID-19 shutdown.) You can communicate back to the people at KPH via K6KPH on multiple Amateur Radio bands. To learn more, please visit,

Can't copy code at 18 wpm? I can't do that either. The best I was ever able to do was 8 wpm. Fear not, we have FLDIGI to make it both doable and very enjoyable. If you are visiting Silicon Valley, a trip to KPH on a Saturday when they are open is well worth the visit!

UHF and VHF operation is from a wide band discone antenna in the garage, as well as, a 6 dB vertical on 900 MHz in the garage as well. A Motorola GTX 900 does the trick for the radio.

I am also active on 2.4 GHz running ARDEN Mesh from a Ubiquiti Bullet M2 into a 15 dBi vertical. This is a wide band digital mode that behaves similar to an Internet connection.


No, this is not expensive and you do not need to be a microware RF engineer either. Please visit for more information. Most of the equipment can be purchased on Amazon for less than $100.

I love digital modes! Packet came first in the mid 1980's followed by APRS.

Today you will likely find me on 20m running FT8, FT4 and will run PSK31 from my Small Wonder Labs QRP radio once the band picks up. For now it takes 50 W from the TenTec Scout 555.

On 440 MHz UHF, I run DMR from the TYT handheld.

Lastly, when I get the urge for adventure, SOTA activations have caught my eye. My very first was here on Mount Umunhum,

Since this was a former military site, I thought it would be very fitting to bring my PRC-127A, a former U.S. Army handheld radio, and operate 2m FM on 146.52. In an hour, I logged 10 contacts using only 3 watts and the stock antenna for the radio. The most distant contact was in Hayward, CA almost 50 miles away and the signal was full quieting both ways!

So not quite DC to light but I'll keep trying for that smiley and I love the variety of possibilities!




Membership in: ARRL, AOPA, IEEE

P.S. I prefer and LoTW for confirming contacts but will do eQSL and paper as well.


NOTE: Regarding paper QSLs to international addresses, there are many places where USPS simply cannot accept mail due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Please look here for more information --

Worked DXCCs:


TenTec Scout 555 - 450 foot end fed long antenna - LDG Z-11 Pro with their RU 9:1 UNUN

Multiple Small Wonder Labs QRP radios - 20 m

Spilsbury STR-201 receiver (MF Marine and 630 m band)

AN/PRC-127A VHF 2m former US Army handheld

TenTec 526 - 2 and 6 m all mode - wide band discone antenna

TYT handheld MD-380 UHF DMR

Motorola GTX 900 (handheld and mobile)

Motorola MTX-9250 900 MHz handheld

Ubiquiti Bullet M2 into a 15 dBi vertical - 13 cm - 2.4 GHz band

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