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2020-06-03 13:00:52 UTC









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Rohit Rajendra Bhosale

415002 Satara

image of vu2mib

Call data

Last update:2020-03-27 13:15:59
QTH:satara, India
Main prefix:VU
Class:General Grade
DXCC Zone:324
ITU Zone:41
CQ Zone:22

QSL dataUp to date!

Last update:2020-03-14 10:41:42
Bureau QSL:no
Direct QSL:YES
Extra QSL Info:Send QSL card via postal service direct to my address.


Ham Radio and Me...

To introduce myself, I am a Computer Engineer by Education N' Profession..
and a Ham Radio Homebrewer/Operator by Passion.

I cannot remember when I started loving this amazing thing called Radio. If I look back towards my childhood days, during early 90s, I had always been loving radios and I still remember seeing walkie-talkies used by the police used to leave me wonder struck.
I used to dream to possess one of those walkie-talkies. Those were the days when there were no mobile phones and not even in your distant thoughts you could imagine that such a device would come in future to the hands of a common man.

During my childhood days, like to build electronics stuffs like FM radio, transmitters and tape recorded. I love to soldering the electronic boards and I enjoyed it.This gave me a lot of exposure to electronic components, soldering and all those basic stuffs. And all these helped me in doing many hobby electronics circuits myself during my school days. Also I had a chance to build many basic AM,FM receivers and transmitters of low power levels during those days.

And this same love towards electronics and radios took me to pursue my Diploma Engineering in Computers.
Engineering provided me a different perspective of electronics, a mathematical one. Considering today's educational system, an electronics hobbyist and engineer are at opposite banks of a river. But the home-brewing activities and the passion for radio circuits helped me bridge the two.

Even though I never kept away from home-brewing or electronics circuits, I could not spent much time for applying and getting a HAM licence during my college days.
Once I started working after completing my education, I started spending serious time into home-brewing after office hours and took the time out to get my license and thus became a licensed Amateur Radio Operator with the call sign VU3LWD, now i got upgraded to General Grade with callsign VU2MIB in November 2019.
Till I got a license, I never got a chance to meet any HAMs in person. The license gave me a chance to meet and socialize with other Hams.

Following are the special events taken by me.

1. JOTA 2018 - Bharat Scout & Guide & Satara Amateur Radio Association conducted JOTA 2018.

2. ASOC Exam - August 2019 Satara Amateur Radio Association conducted ASOC exam. 31 student enrolled for exam, 27 appeared for exam out of 21 got ticket.


Mr. Rohit Rajendra Bhosale
Founder & President Satara Amateur Radio Association


Baofeng VHF/UHF handy
uBITX HF (homebrew transceiver)
Yaesu FT 450-D HF Transceiver.
TYT TH9800 Quad Band transceiver.

Slim Jim VHF/UHF antenna
Diamond WD330S HF Broadband antenna
Inverted "VEE" Homebrew HF antenna
5/8 λ 2mtr VHF antenna

Other images

second pic
VU2MIB / Pic 2

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