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2019-08-19 22:13:50 UTC









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Australia, international

image of vk2spb

Call data

Last update:2019-04-17 21:19:56
QTH:Lake Haven,Central Coast of NSW
Main prefix:VK
Federal state:international
DXCC Zone:150
ITU Zone:59
CQ Zone:30

QSL dataUp to date!

Last update:2019-05-21 05:45:15
Bureau QSL:no
Direct QSL:YES
Extra QSL Info:DIrect no money required for return postage or OQRS (2 USD for postage required). My log is uploaded to LoTW every 10th QSO


Hi there fellow ham, thanks for looking me up on live in Lake Haven about 100 Km north of Sydney but my QSL address is in Mittagong which is south of Sydney.I was a novice then full call ham from 1977 till 1981 using the call signs of VK2NFI and then VK2DDH.Then I became inactive Ham wise till November 2015 when I got the call VK2SPB.A lot has changed in Amateur radio in the mean time !.Back then there was only AM,FM,SSB ,CW and RTTY !.I like to explore the digital modes and can mainly be found on FT8 on 40 M and 20 M.I'm also active on Dstar and echolink and JS8.I have had QSO's on the FM satellites but find it a bit of a hassle setting up my 2M/70Cm yagi on a tripod outside for each pass....My antenna for HF consists of an Inverted Vee for 20M up about 30 feet at the apex and another Inverted Vee for 40M up about 26 feet at its apex.I use 7 turns of coax wound around a 2 Litre softdrink bottle for the 20M RF choke.The lower 40 M antenna has a 1:1 balun at its feedpoint.The antennas can be seen in the picture below....I love to collect QSL cards.If you would like to QSL me don't bother sending greenbacks or IRC's,I will pay for return postage.My pleasure.Alternatively you can use OQRS but it will cost 2USD.....I use Clublog and LoTW.I upload to LoTW after about every fifth QSO...If we have had a QSO,thank-you and I look forward to our next contact.Thanks for taking the time to check out my qrzcq page.73.


HF rig: IC7300
Dstar rig: ID51A plus 2
2M FM rig: Baofeng GT3, UV5R
40M CW QRP transceiver:Cub 40
Tecsun PL660 Receiver

RM Italy ,KL 505 V Linear Amplifier (200 W Digital)

Computer:Presario CQ60 HP laptop. Brother printer.

Antennas:40M Inverted Vee up 27 feet at apex
20M Inverted Vee up 30 feet at apex
30 foot longwire with 9:1 Unun for Tecsun radio
4 element 70cm yagi and 3 element 2M yagi on the same boom.Mounted on
camera tripod for satellite work.

Other images

second pic
VK2SPB / Pic 2

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