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2018-01-20 06:43:59 UTC









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Daniel Higman

V6V 2E5 Richmond
Canada, British Columbia

image of ve7hwd

Call data

Last update:2017-09-29 03:39:12
Main prefix:VE
Federal state:British Columbia
DXCC Zone:1
ITU Zone:9
CQ Zone:5

QSL dataUp to date!

Last update:2017-04-11 11:25:09
Bureau QSL:no
Direct QSL:no


My name is Daniel. My Amateur radio callsign is VICTOR ECHO SEVEN HALF WAVE DIPOLE. I've fully enjoy ham radio. I also enjoy playing around with my SDR - RTL receivers. My first handheld was a ICOM-02AT and my first HF rig was a KENWOOD TS-820. I have a YT-100 antenna tuner for my Yaesu 857D HF rig. My Kenwood has the built in tuner. Now all I need is a Yaesu isolated USB CAT cable for SSTV and PSK31..... The F1001 CAT fuse on my Yaesu FT-857 blew on 19th of April 2017. Now the SMD fuse is removed from the board. There are new wires and inline fuse in it's place. Never unplug the CAT cable when radio is turned on and YT-100 tuner connected. All is well with new fuse in radio and the tuner working again. Just ordered a new tuning knob for the Yaesu FT-857. The old knob would not stay on the shaft and allen screw was seized up. I was fiddling around with JT65 and downloaded Dimension 4 for soundcard correction. Looking for more digital modes to try. IF shift comes in handy at times. Just got the new tuning knob April 5th 2017. Sure makes the radio look better. Now my Yaesu FT-857 is almost like new again!

My Kenwood TS-690S

My Yaesu VX-8

I am going to get a bunch of SO239 Chassis connectors for making 1/4 wave for 2 meters, 1.25 meters & 70 centimeters. We finally soldered the coat hangers onto SO239 chassis mount.Got a perfect SWR on 146.52. We are hanging it from the ceiling.

Got the new Select Encoder for Yaesu FT-857

I dug out my dusty old 160 watt Daiwa LA-2180H vhf amplifier from storage. Would like to try it on 2 meter SSB.Have not hooked up VHF amplifier yet...

with new UNIDEN BCD436HP digital scanner

I got a BLW91 9:1 UNUN in the mail on September 7th 2017. Have to look for some short coax to go from tuner to UNUN. This long wire setup seems to work real good!


Icom IC-92AD

Icom IC-80AD

Yaesu VX-8

Yaesu FT-530

Yaesu FT-857D

Kenwood TS-690S

YT-100 Antenna tuner

Daiwa NS-660A SWR & Power Meter

Daiwa LA-2180H VHF Amp

Buxcomm BLW91 UNUN 9:1 [1.5 to 30 mhz]

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second pic
VE7HWD / operator not seen, monkeys taking over station

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