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2020-07-15 12:31:13 UTC









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Call data

Last update:2020-06-06 18:42:01
Main prefix:V5
DXCC Zone:464
ITU Zone:57
CQ Zone:38

QSL dataUp to date!

Last update:2020-03-21 14:12:05
Direct Manager:PA3249
Bureau QSL:no
Direct QSL:YES
QSL Request
Extra QSL Info:Email V51MA directly


Welcome the ARS of V51MA From Namibia > Africa

All paper QSL's please , Note !!

For paper qsl to me in Namibia via the QRZ address, you can E-mail notify me when you have sent your paper QSL card to Namibia.(please use a dark SASE if you include any FREE DONATION) or via Qslm SWL Harry PA3249 in Netherland that will also distribute my beautifull paper QSL , its much faster from EU..Any Paypal DONATION is welcome but NOT Mandatory..

>> use this link to Harry's QSL route information

You can also have for your "ShackWall" YOUR PERSONAL DX certificate with 3/5/7 or combinations of all bands QSO's worked from my station...Email me the request and information you want on the DX certificate.....view sample on QRZ > V51MA

Please DONT stop sending your QSL's I QSL 100% ,Any PP DONATION is appreciated

THANK YOU...Grazie - Danke - Arigatõ - Spasibo tebe - Gracias - Xièxiè la - Merci - Shukraan Jazilaan - Dziekuje Ci

Please E-mail me QSO details for requesting e QSL or LotW confirmation. My Secondary E-Mail is v51mick at gmail dot com if you receive no response from the primary Email

Anybody is welcome to report any bad FB clutter , false DX cluster announcements / comments originating via DX Clusters / Spotting websites to me directly via email , as I have over 30 years of Amateur Radio hobbyist experience and respectfully adhere to the ethical CODE OF CONDUCT on Amateur Radio ethics and fellowship...SHALOM SHALOM

From around October 2018 until about March 2019 my small radio station suffered some very serious Static perhaps lightning / RF damage ,perhaps some bad luck that caused destructive failure of my equipment.. BUT...I have started all over again...:-) >> I now use a 30W qrp setup for HF Dx and mostly FT8.

I have progressed slowly in rebuilding my station but is active again and still have a little "'WISH FOR - Bucketlist"" that I will not display here as I do not want to express any WISHLIST items to make my radio adventure hobby and my radio station easier and beautifull for me , as a situation of begging or a $$$$ hunting V51 station, thus you are welcome to EMAIL me for more details if you wish to help...!

My Next little Amateur Radio projects & interest in some other DX perhaps also 6m.

I have found interest in the Digital SDR and Amateur radio stuff & SDR software with electronics kitts (raspberry Pi and Arduino)

>>>I am Busy to prepare for QO-100 TX (Thank You CT1FFU -Antonio - Dx Patrol) and to explore the VHF side of amateur radio including the Satelites as well as packet radio with ISS
>>> I am interest in APRS with Arduino / Raspberry Pi (still need some Arduino shield boards and TNC parts and my own Raspberry Pi4 ) and also hope to make QSO with the ISS one day via SSB,FM or VHF digital Packet but I need some advice ,and also more little spare parts and some help!!!

2 HyENDFED antennas from HyEND Company Holland finaly arrived in Namibia and now I can also operate 40/20/10 and 30/17/12 meters on HF. I am very impressed by the outstanding high Quality, easy installation and very nice signal reports through testing & using the EndFed Antenna's. I am not active on 6m yet but hope to explore 6m activity soon.

I still wish for a 160/80m (LIMITED space QTH) antenna though but that is on my future wishlist when I have again financial resources to get homebrew antenna parts or another HyEnd 80m antenna !!!!

I also have a inverted V wire Antenna for 15m to Dx QRP as well.

Thank you to all for your patience and your positive contributions, inputs and emails with advice...I will answer all QSO's ,QSL's and Emails 100% via the prefered method, please email me the QSO details,include the FULL RST sent and received to confirm specialy on QRZ...

Shalom to ALL new DX,fellow friends and those special ham friends I make along the exciting waterfall waves of RF SSB,FT8 digital modes,..So Long..hope to meet you soon on air > de Mike...

Please DON'T stop sending your QSL's , I QSL 100%

Remember to visit AfricaDxNet website > for some great DX and fellowship on 14.260 USB every Saturday starting around 14h00 UTC if band and WX conditions permits DX...!!!

Email me >>> v51ma at africadxnet dot com - Mike - V51MA....Ciao Ciao

All of the BEST for 2020 Stay Safe, fight AGAINST the CORONA and Good luck to all ,Happy DX ,GOOD LUCK in Contests and Good Health to ALL "HAM" radio family..

Shalom Shalom.
Namibia Africa


HyEnd-fed Antennas 40/20/10 & 30/17/12 15m inverted V at resonance

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