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2019-03-23 05:31:36 UTC









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Call data

Last update:2019-03-22 06:39:13
Main prefix:V5
DXCC Zone:464
ITU Zone:57
CQ Zone:38

QSL dataUp to date!

Last update:2019-03-22 06:11:44
Direct Manager:PA3249
Bureau QSL:no
Direct QSL:YES
Extra QSL Info:PA3249


For All paper QSL's please Follow this link >>>
Harry, PA3249, my QSL manager surprised me with a campaign to gather some items for my ARS so I can enjoy DX and the best hobby again, he asked me to add this link to my page....Thank you Harry.. fantastic Qslm.

From around October 2018 until march 2019 My station suffered very serious RF and some Bad luck into the shack that have caused MAJOR failure of my old icom ic730 transceiver , my 20A station PSU and also my MFJ949e SWR meter / tuner ..DAMAGED. ...I have to start all over again.:-(
I managed to make a new Inverted V antenna (17.03.2019) for resonance on 20M band only.
Thank you to all for your patience and your inputs and advice...My QSL manager will answer all QSO's ,QSL's via the preferred method, just email me & my QSLM Harry the QSO details...Shalom to ALL ,new DX, fellow friends and those special ham friends I made along the exciting waterfall waves of FT8...So Long.. Mike...

Please DONT stop sending the QSL's to the best QSL manager I have met...SWL PA3249 Harry from Netherland.. he is fantastic and absolutely trustworthy...if U need a QSL manager.. talk to Harry > Link on the first line will get you to his page.. Aloha !!
My ham History

Dear Fellow Radio Friends
I have been an Amateur Radio Operator Since January 1986 and held the call sign ZS3MA before Namibia became Independent on 21 March 1990.As a ham operator who love this hobby I did my "Morse code" (CW) test with allot of nervous fear as it was a "live" QSO to determine the "Pass or Fail" not to see if I can dah di dah , but to look at my ethics of becoming a fully licensed "ham" radio operator.
The wait for the results felt like an eternity, but boy were I glad to get the congratulations from the post master that my license has been issued with a FULL license "ZS3MA"...I felt like a promoted sergeant... :-)
I have been ham radio'ing ever since but lost most of my equipment during a QTH move and very difficult illness & financial circumstances. I never realy had an opportunity to replace the equipment. I only started to look for some ham radio equipment again during 2010/11
During the month of May / June 2013 I was diagnosed with a stage IV Malignant Melanoma cancerous tumor that took my life to the extreme edge as major surgery were needed to remove the tumor. There after I were treated with chemo therapy by means of injections 3 x per week with interferon ALFA-2B which took my system to its lowest level in 40 years. During this period, I took several options of fighting the melanoma cancer disease and August 2014 diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis. In 2014 I had my second lower back surgery again due to nerve down my left leg getting tension on L5 S1 between the vertebra..(The cushion was behaving like a minion on it own mission but have been repaired) It is going well at the moment as I manage some challenges with natural anti-inflammatory and pain remedy using herbal plants and very healthy diet. We are living gracefully at the moment under some difficult economical & challenging times and very grateful that God saved me from death during this severe illness period. I now live with spiritual believe and hope, thankful for every new day of being alive with absolute minimum basic income living in an above average and very expensive city - Windhoek Namibia.
Anybody willing to donate or gift non used equipment towards my Namibia Amateur Radio Station or contribution is welcome, you may contact Harry my QSLM and may God Bless you too

My Current QTH is based in Windhoek, Capital city in the Republic of Namibia, (very expensive place to live)
Namibia have now around 2.5 Million people, very beautiful dry and somewhat desert landscapes with a diverse wonderful friendly and easy going somewhat laid back population. Namibia's celebrate Independence on 21 March since 1990. 29 Years of independence!! It is still a very nice country yet it becomes more difficult every year for life due to increased crime and African economy in trouble.

May I meet all you Good Ham friendly spirit, making new ham family friends on the bands...dah di dah >>> 73's de V51MA - Mike

Africa DX net QSL's
If you made a QSO on AfricaDxNet freq 14.260 and want a paper QSL, please email me , ALL AfDxNet QSL's go directly to V51MA via Mike P.o.Box 31410 Pionierspark ,Windhoek 9000 Namibia..or Any contribution..Thank You !!
Visit our website at (Constant updates and improvements will be done on the site)
For normal DX QSL's >> NO IRC's please !! My QSL Route is via SWL PA3249 > see details on QRZCQ.COM

Happy DX .........Good Luck>>> Mike de V51MA I SUPPORT THE DX CODE OF CONDUCT 100%

Email me >>> v51mick at gmail dot com / and Harry >

Shalom Shalom..Take Care.
Mike - V51MA....Ciao Ciao

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