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2024-07-19 21:36:53 UTC









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Krzysztof M.

Poland, Małopolska

image of sq9oyp

Call data

Last update:2022-10-23 15:51:06
Main prefix:SP
Federal state:Małopolska
DXCC Zone:269
ITU Zone:28
CQ Zone:15

QSL data

Bureau QSL:no
Direct QSL:no


Generally I'm more interested in broadcast FM dxing, programming and IT stuff. I love digital modes, including ft8 which is great for QRP operation or with challenging tropospheric conditions. I'm also way more interested in SSB on 2m.


Radios and transceivers:
- Xiegu X6100 HF+50MHz 10W transceiver
- Yaesu FT480R (SSB, CW, FM, max ~23W TXP)
+ Self made microphone/pc adapter for digital modes based on CM108B soundcard chip
- Wouxun UV6D handheld radio
- Radioditty GD77 DMR handheld radio
- Lime SDR Mini for random tests and projects

Currently used antennas:
- 80m band, long wire antenna
- 30m band, dipole
- 2m/70cm/23cm ground plane
- 2m horizontal halo loop
- Diamond MR-77

Other antennas:
- 1m aluminium offset dish with 5GHz ldf5 antenna
- two 90cm dishes with ku-band LNBs for 9+10°E, 13°E, 16°E, 19.2°E, 23.5°E and 28.2°E
- 13cm ground plane antennas
- 2.3 and 5GHz equipment
- Broadcast FM and DAB+ antennas
and many more

SDR receivers:
- Airspy HF+
- Airspy HF+ Discovery
- SDRplay RSP1
- multiple R820T2 SDR's
- Malahit SDR clone

Tecsun PL-880: 100kHz-30MHz AM, SSB + 64-108MHz WFM
XH DATA D-808: 150kHz-30MHz AM, SSB + 64-108MHz WFM & RDS + 118-137MHz air band
Dual Dab 4: 87.5-108MHz FM, 174-240MHz DAB+ with BNC antenna socket mod
Various Mikrotik & Ubiquiti 2.4/5GHz antennas, wifi and network equipment.

Pro tip 1: (rigcontrol @ linux)
If you are trying to set PTT using CM108 chip's GPIO pin with no effect, try "-C ptt_bitnum=" parameter with matching number. For example: rigctld -v -p /dev/hidraw0 -P CM108 -C ptt_bitnum=2

Pro tip 2: (Xiegu X6100 @ linux)
When you connect your radio to the PC, it will show up as a soundcard and a serial device. On linux you need to download "ch343ser_linux" kernel module from github and compile it. If there are any compilation errors related to "incompatible pointer type", find "ch343_tty_write_room" and "ch343_tty_chars_in_buffer" functions and insert "unsigned" between "static" and "int" return type definition (just before function name). Now your ch343 (ch342 supporting) module should compile using "make" command, then execute "sudo make load" and later "sudo make install" when you are sure ch343 module works correctly.

Radio configuration in WSJT-X is straightforward. Simply select "Xeigu X108G" rig from dropdown menu, select serial port which should be named like this "/dev/ttyCH343USB{number}", set baudrate to 19200 and remaining settings to default. On the right side switch PTT to CAT, set mode as USB and split operation to None. "Test CAT" button should pass the test and change it's color to green. If that works, now you are ready to go. Have fun with digital modes.

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