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2019-11-15 19:18:24 UTC









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Tom Ryszka

44-300 Wodzislaw Slaski
Poland, Slaskie

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Call data

Last update:2019-03-23 09:05:18
QTH:Wodzislaw Slaski
Main prefix:SP
Federal state:Slaskie
DXCC Zone:269
ITU Zone:28
CQ Zone:15

Most used bands


Most used modes


QSL dataUp to date!

Last update:2019-01-23 16:42:11
Polish OT:OT-31
Bureau QSL:YES
Direct QSL:YES


I promote the use of CW (although I am not very good at it). I'm spending most of my time exclusively on A1A mode and prefer friendly QSOs with rag chewing more than just "599 TU". I will not join the ranks of the 599ers. Unfortunatley good CW conversation and good manners are in the minority. Don't get me wrong, I like new DXCC collecting as we all and I now that simply "599" it's sometimes nessesary. Some would have you also belive the only way forward is contesting. I do not prescribe to this idea. You won't find me in many contests exept SPDX, FISTS, EuCW, and some CWops activities. I have always admired the professional operators, you know the guys who makes CW sound like music. I hope I'll sound like them someday.

I was born in 1983 and have been QRV since 2000 on my own call. I begin in the field of communications as a hobby at the age of 14 yrs old (1997) as a short wave radio listener (SP9-31016) and SP9PZD Radioclub member. SP9PZD’s crew was the first guide to inspire me in a deep exploration and the fascinating world of advaced electronics and communications.That fueled my eventual studies in electrical engineering, culminating in a masters degree. I thought I would pass the code at 12 WPM and from then on spend the rest of my amateur days on the mike using SSB. Finally I've spent about 2 hours on the microphone and then got the key out and threw away the mike. I've found very fast difference between being able to copy contest exchanges at 35WPM versus having a conversation or passing traffic at 20WPM. Contesting is fun. I enjoy it. But, as I discovered, don't fall into the trap of thinking your Morse Code proficiency is 35WPM based on contesting skills.

Now I use simple wire dipoles & a vertical antenna 40-6m. Those are my only weapons in my restricted 20m x15m plot. I have limited free time to operate due to work and other commitments but try and get on for a few minutes each day. I frequently operate using low power. It is fun and sometimes challenging. If you have never tried it you may be surprised to discover the enjoyment of making contacts with less power than a child's night light.
Most of my time I spend on 160-20m bands (depends of propagation). Except when she who must be obeyed says I can't of course hi hi. On other bands I may be found occasionally, too. As a general rule I try to respect others by using as little bandwidth as possible. I tend to adapt power frequently to existing condidtions. For the sake of power amplifier and power supply life times I hardly ever use the full power offered by my rig.

Nowadays I work mostly on FTDX-3000. Very good performance on CW. As secondary transceiver I have IC-7300 and K-2 for QRP operation and several keys. For me keys are like bicycles. I always want one more than I have and my XYL wants me to have one less than I have hi hi. Everyone had a unique keying style. Many times I would know the operator before he signed his call just from the way he keyed.

Since discovering SOTA I am to be found hiking around south Poland most weekends, even (or especially) when I should be doing something else.

Many thanks for reading my page, if we have worked, then I am sure you will have received my QSL card via the bureau, if not, I will make sure I send you one soon.

If anyone would like, or needs my square confirming, then please feel free to write to me or email me, and I will do my best to help.

I'm proud member of:

PZK (Polish Amateur Radio Union) since 1997

SP9PZD Radioclub since 1997

CWops #2240

FISTS # 19034

SKCC # 20029

CTC # 422

NAQCC #9853

AGCW-DL #4077

A1 CLUB #3496

Flying Pigs QRP Club #4131

Skill, Manners and Etiquette make for good CW.....not Prima Donnas.

See you on air!


Worked DXCCs:


Trcv: K-2; IC7300; FTDX3000D;
Ant: Cushcraft R7000; Dipole 160-80-60m


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