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2021-12-04 23:44:04 UTC









Active user

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Adam Pietruszko

07-210 Chrzczanka-Folwark
Poland, mazowieckie

image of sq5vco

Call data

Last update:2021-10-09 17:02:09
Main prefix:SP
Federal state:mazowieckie
DXCC Zone:269
ITU Zone:28
CQ Zone:15

QSL dataUp to date!

Last update:2021-10-09 16:57:40
Polish OT:37
Bureau QSL:YES
Direct QSL:YES
Extra QSL Info:via PZK OT-37


Hello! My name is Adam. My station is located in Chrzczanka Folwark, north-east from Polish capital city, Warsaw. I got licensed in February 2020. When me and my wife built the house in the countryside, I considered looking into radiocommunication, as part of the romantic vision of living remote and a little prepper mindset. So, my first thought was emergency communications. But as I read a bit about the hobby, Morse code sparked my interest. The idea of communicating around the world, using this minimalistic mode and with a piece of wire in the backyard ignited my imagination. I knew I was going to get licensed to do CW! The purity of the mode and the effort needed to hone the skills is something that speaks to me deeply. My main interest in CW is ragchewing and DXing, but I'm looking to explore POTA and since I enjoy biking, hiking and horseback riding, I think I'll enjoy operation portable.

I’m an audio engineering teacher and a sound designer, specialising in synthesizers and electroacoustics, so understanding filters, signal paths, VFOs was a breeze, although learning about ham radio made me dive into the basics of electronic circuits, something I always wanted to do, but never had the time and reason to learn the basics properly.

Coming from the music technology background, in the same way, as analogue synthesizers paid tribute to the dawn of electronic music, keeping morse code alive is paying respects to the pioneers of radio, so it feels right at home. After 11 months of hard work I fulfiled my dream of joining CWops (#2781) and I'm also a member of FISTS CW Club (#20261). I'm also a member of MASR Polish Emcom and a local SP5KVW "Baza" ham club. Currently 99% of my contacts are CW. I also enjoy SWLing and listening around for interesting things on the air

I love paper QSLs and will respond via Bureau to all QSLs received. I upload all my contacts to LOTW daily. I’m looking forward to meet you all on the air! 73 de SQ5VCO


QTH HF Setup
RIG: FT-891 with ATU-100( N7DDC) tuner.
ANT: EFHW for 80-10m (3xFT240-52)
KEY: Prector by SP2SWT

Portable HF Setup
ANT: EFHW for 40-20m (2xFT240-43)
KEY: 3D printed from Ercomer

Mobile/QTH: Yaesu FTM-300
QTH ANT: Diamond X510
Mobile ANT: Diamond NR-770
Portable: Anytone D878UV

My WX Station

ADS-B Receiver

RSP1A on Raspberry Pi 4
HamClock on Raspberry Pi Zero
Morserino-32 V1


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