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2022-12-01 16:04:18 UTC









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Jurek Polczynski

30-374 Krakow

image of sp9jp

Call data

Last update:2021-12-21 15:18:50
Main prefix:SP
DXCC Zone:269
ITU Zone:28
CQ Zone:15

Most used bands


Most used modes


QSL data

Last update:2021-10-05 15:34:06
Polish OT:OT-50
Bureau QSL:YES
Direct QSL:YES



Thank you for visiting my profile.

I got first contact with the ham radio in early 80's. I was interested in electronics and found scouts radio club in my town. It was SP7ZJK. Martial law introduced in Poland slowed things down; our club license was revoked. However over next few years situation improved and I was able to make many contacts on club radio station. If you had QSO with SP7ZJK it was the most probably me speaking with you, as I was the most active operator for years.

In June 1984 I passed engineering exam (class B licensee - UHF/VHF only). Two years later on 26 AUG 1986, exactly four months after Charnobyl disaster, in a village of Bialka (51.531626,23.0015957) near USSR border, less than 500km (~310 miles) from Pripiat :-(, I passed CW exam and obtained my own ticket to HF bands :-). My call was SP7RJA back then. I constructed few receivers and transceivers. One (based on famous SP5WW circuit) even got it's own enclosure and really looked like radio. I made many QSOs with fellow OM's all over the world.

Then came my University years - I moved to Cracow. This was beginning of a major break in my ham radio activity.
I finished university, found job, got married, raised children ... over 25 years passed and I did not send even single modulated radio wave ;-(. A very few QSL cards survived the test of time. I regret not taking enough care of them.

Finally in spring 2014 when cleaning my basement I found old transceiver I made in summer 1994 (the one based on SP5WW circuit) and Radmor R2432 professional FM radio (formerly used by polish militia and tuned by me to 2m band) - both rusted piece of junk now.
I said to myself - time to get back to the hobby. Within two weeks I bought FT-950, put Carolina Windom antenna on the roof and got in the air.
I made 649 QSOs as SP7RJA/9 .. and my license expired.

It took me almost two months to renew license, things REALLY changed over these 25 years in Poland. Offices and organizations related to radio communication I knew no longer exist.
After intensive "Google'ing", many phone calls finally on April 1st 2015 I received new license. I'm SP9JP since then.

By the way of license renewal, I "infected" my older brother Jacek with ham-radio spirit. He was always with me since my early radio years. He pushed me to the radio, first license, CW exams, but didn't attempt to work himself. Now he passed exams and is also class A license holder, his call sign is SP5JP.

I'm QRV on 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m and 10m band.
My preferred bands are 20m and 15m. I love digital modes, so enjoy PSK63 and JT65 modes mostly.

If you are reading this that the most probably means we did have a QSO. Please QSL - bureau, eQSL, LoTW or direct works for me. I promise to respond to your QSL ASAP.
If it happens that we did not have QSO yet, then I hope to hear you or see you on my waterfall.

Best 73
de SP9JP Jurek

Worked DXCCs:


HF Rigs: Yaesu FTdx-101D, Yaesu FT-950, Kenwood TS-590S, Yaesu FT-107M
U/VHF rigs: Yaesu FT-991A, Yaesu FT-50R, 2x Uniden Force FMH350D, 2x Baofeng UV-82, Alinco DJ-1400
Match box: MFJ-993B
Antennas HF: Carolina Windom inverted V (15, 17, 20 and 30 bands), Home made trap dipole for 80m and 40m, Moxon 6m
Antennas U/VHF: Omni GP, two band Yagi

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