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2023-09-29 12:56:18 UTC









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Wojciech Miksiewicz


image of sp8-123-rz

Call data

Last update:2023-09-26 13:17:34
QTH:loc. KN19aq
Main prefix:SP
Class:Member PZK
DXCC Zone:269
ITU Zone:28
CQ Zone:15

QSL dataUp to date!

Last update:2023-05-17 04:05:15
Polish OT:OT-18
Bureau QSL:no
Direct QSL:no
Extra QSL Info:I am sending email eQS, received some amateur station.


My name is Wojciech (Wojtek). I am 58 years young as of this posting,
my marital status is: Married. Electrician, DIY enthusiast, has been listening to amateur stations SW bands for 40 years, SWL license for one year, always using his own equipment home made.
Thanks for visiting my page on QRZCQ, 73.


Radio equipment it: 2 multi-band SW SSB receivers and 2 antennas, one antenna as designed G5RV, and second, long wire + antenna tuner, all home made.
Baofeng UV5R, listening higher amateur bands, FM.
Test new antenna, 2x3.5m horizontal dipole for 15m band.
Favorite SW amateur bands: 80m, 40m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 10m, PHONE LSB, USB.
NO FT8. SWL - Short Wave Listening Hobby.

Why this equipment.

LIST of some amateur stations. This is not a LOG BOOK. Listening of year 2022, 2023, (search, browser use edit/find.....):
January - Styczeń St2022

TI5CF Costa Rica 40m LSB 1St22
I5ZSS Italy 40m LSB 1St22
RA22NY E.Russia 40m LSB 1St22
9A3NS Croatia 40m LSB 1St22
F6BCC France 40m LSB 1St22
TX60CNES New Caledonia 20m 1St22
HL4CAF South Korea 20m USB 1St22
SV5BYR Dodecanese 20m USB 1St22
RL22NY A..Russia 20m USB 1St22
IZ7DOK Italy 20m USB 1St22
PB5X Netherlands 20m USB 1St22
ZL3JAS New Zealand 20m USB 1St22
9Z4Y Trinidad & Tobago 40m LSB 2St22
LZ2VU Bulgaria 40m LSB 2St22
ZT1T South Africa 40m LSB 2St22
UO2022HNY Kazakhstan 20m USB 3St22
PY4JW Brazil 20m USB 3St22
N2HFO NY USA 80m LSB 4St22
PY6HD Brasil 20m USB 4St22
SY8DQX Grece 20m USB 4St22
6Y5HM Jamaica 17m USB 4St22
MI0AIH Northern Ireland 17m USB 4St22
VE9FI Canada 20m USB 4St22
N4RO USA KY 20m USB 4St22
SP6FEK Poland 20m USB 4St22
JH3NGD Japan 40m LSB 4St22
A41KJ Oman 20m USB 5St22
5B/4X6TT Cyprus 20m USB 6St22
AA1BU USA MA 40m LSB 7St22
SX1CAF Grece 20m USB 7St22
HZ1SM Saudi Arabia 17m USB 7St22
KL7DTH Alaska 20m USB 8St22
SU9VB Egypt 20m USB 8St22
Z62FB Rep.Kosowo 20m USB 9St22
IS0BQE Sardynia 20m USB 9St22
ZL3JAS New Zeland 20m USB 10St22
ZL1BBW New Zeland 20m USB 10St22
ZL2UO New Zeland 20m USB 10St22
VK4KA Australia 20m USB 10St22
CE3KEY Chile 20m USB 10St22
4L1BB Georgia 20m USB 10St22
NU1O USA MA 20m USB 10St22
FP5CJ St. Pierre & Miquelon 20m USB 10St22
W4UW USA TN 17m USB 10St22
YB0TOP Indonezja 20m USB 10St22
YC1DIU Indonezja 20m USB 10St22
VK2DG Australia 20m USB 10St22
PY6RT Brazil 20m USB 11St22
PY6HD Brazil 20m USB 11St22
5X6TT Uganda 20m USB 11St22
VK5IR Australia 20m USB 11St22
LU7YZ Argentina 40m LSB 12St22
S79VU Seychelles 20m USB 12St22
VK3OCD Australia 20m USB 12St22
ZP5VIA Paraguay 40m LSB 13St22
VK3XXY Australia 20m USB 13St22
OY/YP5C Faroe Islands 20m USB 13ST22
VE3VEE Canada 20m USB 13St22
AA1BU USA MA 40m LSB 14St22
YI1WWA Iraq 20m USB 14St22
9H5BZ Malta 20m USB 14St22
ON75RCN Belgium USB 14St22
PY6HD Brasil 20m USB 14St22
WS7X USA FL 17m USB 14St22
JG2MQM Japan 20m USB 15St22
VL6C Australia 20m USB 15St22
9A3VM Croatia 40m LSB 16St22
CE3KEY Chile 20m USB 18St22
4I1EBD Philippines USB 20m 18St22
VU2MTM Indie USB 20m 18St22
ZF2PG Cayman Islands 40m LSB 19St22
8P6ET Barbados 40m LSB 19St22
8R1AK/P Guyana 40m LSB 19St22
VK9DX Norfolk Island 20m USB 19St22
CE3KEY Chile 20m USB 19St22
VU2MJE Indie 20m USB 19St22
NU1O USA MA 20m USB 19St22
VK4KA Australia 20m USB 19St22
PY6HD Brasil 20m USB 20St22
9H/4X6TT Malta 20m USB 20St22
G4AKC/BM England 20m USB 21St22
YI1WWA Iraq 20m USB 21St22
EP2ABS Iran 20m USB 21St22
VK2GND Australia 20m USB 21St22
VK4KA Australia 20m USB 22St22
C31LK Andorra 20m USB 22St22
GD1JNB Isle of Man 20m USB 22St22
JA2GPR Japan 20m USB 23St22
FK4QX New Caledonia 20m USB 23St22
KP4YWG3 Puerto Rico 17m USB 23St22
WG4C USA FL 17m USB 23St22
9H1TT Malta 17m USB 23St22
5B4VL Cypr 17m USB 23St22
MI0SAM N. Ireland 17m USB 23St22
N4WFU USA NC 17m USB 23St22
ZD7FT St. Helena 20m USB 24St22
GW0WPO/P Wales 20m USB 24St22
VK9DX Norfolk Island 20m USB 24St22
NP2AR US Virgin Islands 20m USB 24St22
KM9E USA IN 17m USB 24St22
LU7YS Argentina 40m LSB 25St22
JR3AAZ Japan 20m USB 25ST22
JY5HX Jordan 17m USB 25St22
E29TGW Thailand 17m USB 25St22
S79KW/M Seychelles 20m USB 25St22
YB0AR Indonezja 40m LSB 25St22
TM2ENB France SC 20m USB 26St22
FK4QX New Caledonia 20m USB 26St22
ZL1BBW New Zealand 20m USB 26St22
NP2AR US Virgin Islands 20m USB 26St22
ES1BH Estonia 20m USB 26St22
ES5TTT Estonia 20m USB 26St22
KP2B US Virgin Islands 20m USB 26St22
II7WRTC Italy 20m USB 27St22
3B9FR Rodriguez Island 17m USB 27St22
EB6ADS Balearic Islands 17m USB 27St22
KP2B US Virgin Islands 40m LSB 28St22
4K3ZX Azerbaijan 40m LSB 28St22
MM0HCD/M Scotland 20m USB 30St22
YM1KE Turkey 20m USB 30St22
ON75HCC Belgium USB 31St22
4S7JL/MM Sri Lanka 20m USB 31St22

February - Luty Lu2022

VP8LP Falkland Islands 17m USB 1Lu22
W2RE USA NY 20m USB 2Lu22
ZF2OO Cayman Islands 20m USB 3Lu22
NP4A Puerto Rico 40m LSB 4Lu22 Super+
ZD7FT St Helena Island 20m USB 4Lu22
SP5INQ Poland 20m USB 4Lu22
4I1EBD Philippines 20m USB 4Lu22
5LU22 Eurasia Championship
TI5CDA Costa Rica 40m LSB 5Lu22
TI5VMJ Costa Rica 40m LSB 5Lu22
SQ9LOM/P Poland 40m LSB 5Lu22
YT1A Serbia 20m USB 5Lu22
FM5X Martinique 20m USB 5Lu22
UP7L Kazakhstan 20m USB 5Lu22
YT3X Serbia 20m USB 5Lu22
JH4UYB Japan 20m USB 5Lu22
9A1RBZ Croatia 20m USB 5Lu22
DL0LK Germany 20m USB 5Lu22
HZ1BL Saudi Arabia 17m USB 5Lu22
UA6UCW Ukraine 17m USB 5Lu22
JT1BV Mongolia 20m USB 5Lu22
HZ1HZ Saudi Arabia 20m USB 5Lu22
CE2ATS Chile 40m LSB 6Lu22
EA2AFV Spain 80m LSB 6Lu22
F4AIF France 40m LSB 6Lu22
T77LA San Marino 20m USB 6Lu22
HG5A Hungary 20m USB 6Lu22
OH8CW/P Finland 17m USB 6Lu22
HZ1MD Saudi Arabia 10m USB 6Lu22
ZD7FT St. Helena 20m USB 7Lu22
ZL3CW New Zealand 20m USB 7Lu22
TM19AAW France 20m USB 7Lu22
GW3UZS Wales 17m 7Lu22
7X2ARA Algeria 40m LSB 7Lu22
HB9HLM Switzerland 40m LSB 7Lu22
YB0AR Indonesia 40m LSB 7Lu22
VK3EY Australia 20m USB 8Lu22
FK4QX New Caledonia 20m USB 8Lu22
VK2BY Australia 20m USB 8Lu22
A71JK Qatar 20m USB 8Lu22
K9RX USA SC 20m USB 8Lu22
TU5PCT Côte d'Ivoire, DXpedition Ivory Coast 40m LSB 9Lu22
N3MZL USA PA 20m USB 9Lu22
9K9NLD Kuwait 10m USB 9Lu22
CU8AI Azores 17m USB 9lu22
HC5DX Ecuador 40m LSB 10Lu22
YN1ZOJ Nicaragua 40m LSB 10Lu22
SP6TGI/6 Poland 80m LSB 10Lu22 special call
VE9ZY Canada, NB 20m USB 10Lu22
N3EON USA MD 17m USB 10Lu22
SP??? 3.722MHz 80m LSB special call??? 11Lu22
VK2CIA Australia 20m USB 11Lu22
9K9NLD Kuwait 20m USB 11Lu22
SU9VB Egypt 40m LSB 11Lu22
8Q7AH Maldives 40m LSB 11Lu22
TI2CF Costa Rica 40m LSB 12Lu22
DF2BO Germany and group, I5ZSS, ON7WM 80m LSB 12Lu22
ZL1BBW New Zealand 20m USB 12Lu22
ZL2SP New Zealand 20m USB 12Lu22
VK2YI Australia 20m USB 12Lu22
HF80AK Poland 80m LSB 80r.AK 12Lu22
LZ1EV Bulgaria 40m LSB 13Lu22
5Z4BU Kenya 20m USB 13Lu22
BG0BWG China 20m USB 13Lu22
JL8PZO Japan 17m USB 13Lu22
RO9O Asiatic Russia 17m USB 13Lu22
7X2ARA Algeria 20m USB 13Lu22
TI5VMJ Costa Rica 40m LSB 14Lu22
AE7KI USA TN 40m LSB 14Lu22
OD5US Lebanon 40m LSB 14Lu22
KK6BT USA SC 17m USB 14Lu22
5B4VL Cyprus 40m LSB 15Lu22
ZL1AC New Zeland 20m USB 15Lu22
VK2CIA Australia 20m USB 15Lu22
VK4KUS Australia 20m USB 15Lu22
FK8HA New Caledonia 10m USB 15Lu22
M0XTG England 17m USB 15Lu22
6Y5EH Jamaica 40m USB 16Lu22
8R1AK/P Guyana Leguan Island 40m LSB 16Lu22
ZS6CCY South Africa 40m LSB 16LU22
9H5JO Malta 20m USB 16Lu22
OK4YL Czech Republic 17m USB 16Lu22
A61QQ United Arab Emirates 17m USB 16Lu22
KD4OFM USA KY 40m LSB 17Lu22
Z60ID Republic Of KOSOVO 80m LSB 17Lu22
AL1BB Alaska 20m USB 17Lu22
VP9KD Bermuda 20m USB 17Lu22
SO200IL Poland 80m USB 18Lu22 200th birthday -
-Ignacy Łukasiewicz - inventor of the kerosene lamp.
CU2YK Azores 20m USB 18Lu22
IS0IYM Sardinia 17m USB 18Lu22
BY1CRA/WO22 China 40m LSB 18Lu22
WA5FWC USA TX 80m LSB 19Lu22
IK4GRO Italy 40m LSB 19Lu22
K1DDA USA VA 40m LSB 19Lu22
9A2JG Croatia 40m LSB 19Lu22
J88CU St. Vincent 40m USB 20Lu22
6Y5EH Jamaica 40m LSB 20Lu22
KP4FRA Puerto Rico 40m LSB 20Lu22
ZS1PZ South Africa 40m LSB 20Lu22
N8QS USA MI 17m USB 20Lu22
WA1WRS USA ME 17m USB 20Lu22
ON6EF Belgium 20m USB 21Lu22
W2ZQ USA NJ 20m USB 21Lu22
SQ2EEN/MM M.Adriatyk 20m USB 21Lu22
W1IP USA CT 20m USB 21Lu22
W0JH USA MN 20m USB 21Lu22
LU7YZ Argentina 40m LSB 22Lu22
8Z3FD Saudi Arabia 17m USB 22Lu22
9X2KP Rwanda 20m USB 22Lu22
4U1UN United Nations HQ 20m USB 22Lu22
W6WWl USA CA 40m LSB 23LU22
W6JCL USA AZ 40m LSB 23Lu22
W2YR USA NJ 20m USB 23Lu22
NR3Q USA DE 20m USB 23Lu22
V31XX Belize 80m LSB 24Lu22
KM2G USA FL 80m LSB 24Lu22
VP2MNI Montserrat 20m USB 24Lu22
SP7VC Poland 80m LSB 25LuAM22 and PM 17m
VK2OWD Australia 17m USB 25Lu22
N4WU USA AZ 17m USB 25Lu22
N4WFU USA NC 17m USB 25Lu22
JY5JA Jordan 17m USB 25Lu22
YT1AA Serbia 80m LSB 26Lu22
HP3EFS Panama 80m LSB 26Lu22
FR4KR Reunion Island 40m LSB 26Lu22
WM0G USA NH 40m LSB 27Lu22
K9LOF USA IL 40m LSB 27Lu22
Z62FB Republic of Kosovo 20m USB 27Lu22
BH3EUU China 20m USB 27Lu22
VK2JE Australia 20m USB 27Lu22
FG4KH Guadeloupe 20m USB 27Lu22
HV0A Vatican City 17m USB 27Lu22
K4C USA Antartic activity week 20m 27Lu22
CE5DSQ Chile 20m USB 28Lu22

March - Marzec Ma2022

ZF9CW Cayman Islands 80m LSB 1Ma22
ZL2JL New Zealand 20m USB 1Ma22
VK4IM Australia 20m USB 1Ma22
PZ5GE Suriname 17m USB 1Ma22
SO55K Poland 40m LSB 1Ma22
6Y5EH Jamaica 40m LSB 2Ma22
JR7TGK Japan 17m USB 2Ma22
E20WXA Thailand 17m USB 2Ma22
ZL2UO New Zealand 20m USB 3Ma22
ZL2SP New Zealand 20m USB 3Ma22
EA3BOX Spain 20m USB 3Ma22
ES5TTT Estonia 20m USB 3Ma22
TJ4XV Cameroon 20m USB 3Ma22
CX6DZ Uruguay 20m USB 3Ma22
PJ2/K8PGJ Curacao 20m USB 3Ma22
4S7JL/MM Sri Lanka 20m USB 3Ma22
JY5JA Jordan 20m USB 3Ma22
S79VU Seychelles 20m USB 3Ma22
K9MU USA WI 40m LSB 4Ma22
HK3LRB Colombia 40m LSB 5Ma22
7Q6M Malawi 40m LSB 5Ma22
KH7K Kure Island 40m LSB 5Ma22
AL2F Alaska 40m LSB 5Ma22
9Z4A Trinidad & Tobago 40m LSB 5Ma22
6W1QL Senegal 20m USB 5Ma22
WW4LL USA GA 20m USB 5Ma22
K1DW USA TX 20m USB 5Ma22
AA1K USA 20m USB 5Ma22
N1UR KS 20m USB 5Ma22
CO6HZ Cuba 40m LSB 6Ma22
PT5J Brasil 40m LSB 6Ma22
W9RE USA IN 40m LSB 6Ma22
HH2AA Haiti 40m LSB 6Ma22
HI3LT Dominican Republic 40m LSB 6Ma22
KH7M Hawaii 40m LSB 6Ma22
VP5M Turks & Caicos Islands 40m LSB 6Ma22
V26K Antigua & Barbuda 40m LSB 6Ma22
W3FIZ USA PA 20m USB 6Ma22
KE2T USA OH 20m USB 6Ma22
C37N Andorra 20m USB 6Ma22
K4TT USA VT 20m USB 6Ma22
WQ5L USA MS 20m USB 6Ma22
K9BGL USA IL 20m 6Ma22
D4K Cape Verde 20m USB 6Ma22
N9RV USA MT 20m USB 6Ma22
NC1CC USA RI 20m USB 6Ma22
W1AW USA CT 20m USB 6Ma22
W7WA USA WA 20m USB 6Ma22
KT7E USA OR 20m USB 6Ma22
J72IMS Dominica 40m LSB 7Ma22
5UA99WS Niger 17m USB 7Ma22
4U1A Vienna Intl Ctr 20m USB 8Ma22
JR7TKG Japan 17m USB 8Ma22
VK4SX Australia 20m USB 9Ma22
W4CVP USA NC 40m LSB 10Ma22
VK3YFT Australia 20m USB 10Ma22
8P6NW Barbados 20m USB 10ma22
3V8HP Tunisia 20m USB 11Ma22
YB0JVZ and group Indonesia 20m USB 11Ma21
JH1GEX Japan 20m USB 11Ma22
KC4I USA GA 40m LSB 12Ma22
ZL3JAS New Zealand 20m USB 12Ma22
MP7DX Guernsey Island 20m USB 12Ma22
TI5VMJ Costa Rica 40m LSB 13Ma22
AG5XF USA OK 20m USB 13Ma22
3B9FR Rodriguez Island 17m USB 13Ma22
A55HC Bhutan 20m USB 14Ma22
E20WXA Thailand 17m USB 14Ma22
IC8/VA3ITA Ischia Island 40m LSB 15Ma22
JR7TKG Japan 17m USB 15Ma22
4L1WW Georgia 20m USB 16Ma22
VE9FI Canada 20m USB 16Ma22
AP2SD Pakistan 20m USB 16Ma22
9N1CA Nepal 20m USB 16Ma22
JY5MM Jordan 40m LSB 17m22
ES5TTT Estonia 40m LSB 17Ma22
XV1X Vietnam 17m USB 17Ma22
II2WRTC Italy 20m USB 31Ma22
RO9O Asiatic Russia 17m USB 31Ma22
OR100RCBE Belgium 20m USB 31Ma22
YB0AR Indonesia 40m LSB 31Ma22
EX0DX Kyrgyzstan 40m LSB 31Ma22

April - Kwiecień Kw2022

VP2EIH Anguilla 40m LSB 1Kw22
6Y5EH Jamaica 40m LSB 1Kw22
J88NEL St. Vincent 40m LSB 1Kw22
CR8ACL Azores 40m LSB 1Kw22
SY8DQX Greece Lesvos Island 20m USB 2Kw22
A41DX Oman 10m USB 2Kw22
N4WFU USA NC 40m LSB 3Kw22
PD4US/M Netherlands 20m USB 3Kw22
PA/SQ8NOD Netherlands 20m USB 3Kw22
II5WRTC Italy 40m LSB 3Kw22
WW0CJ USA TN 20m USB 3Kw22
PJ5/SP9FIH Saba & St. Eustatius 20m USB 3Kw22
YB1KI Indonesia 20m USB 3Kw22
TO1Q Guadeloupe 20m USB 3Kw22
N4GNR USA GA 20m USB 3Kw22
VE9FI Canada 20m USB 3Kw22
PV8AL Brazil 20m USB 3Kw22
HP3BSM Panama 40m LSB 4Kw22
VP2EIH Anguilla 80m LSB 5Kw22
VE3DDU Canada 40m LSB 5Kw22
DF2BO Germany 40m LSB 5Kw22
WG3C USA MD 40m LSB 5Kw22
A65HC United Arab Emirates 20m USB 5Kw22
OH6LHB Finland 20m USB 5Kw22
OY1R Faroe Islands 40m LSB 5Kw22
PZ2YT Suriname 20m USB 5Kw22
HK3C Colombia 20m USB 5Kw22
TI2SD Costa Rica 40m LSB 6Kw22
6Y5IC Jamaica 40m LSB 6Kw22
ZF2OO Cayman Islands 20m USB 6Kw22
WA1P USA CT 20m USB 6Kw22
S51DX Slovenia 20m USB 6Kw22
VK4KA Australia 20m USB 7Kw22
YB0AR Ind. Jakarta 20m USB 7Kw22
VE9FI Canada New Brunswick 20m USB 7Kw22
M0FXP Jarek England 20m USB 7Kw22
OK2SAI Henryk Czech Rep. 20m USB 7Kw22
CO6HZ Cuba 40m LSB 8Kw22
PJ2MAN Curacao 20m USB 8Kw22
VK2GM Australia 20m USB 8Kw22
VK3XXY Australia 20m USB 8Kw22
JH1GEX Japan 20m USB 8Kw22
ZS1OPB South Africa 20m USB 8Kw22
DV1IIW Philippines 20m USB 8Kw22
CR8ACJ Azores 20m USB 8Kw22
OA4DVC Peru 40m LSB 9Kw22
HZ1SM Saudi Arabia 40m LSB 9Kw22
CO8NMN Cuba 40m LSB 9Kw22
WA2AC NY USA 40m LSB 9Kw22
WC1X USA WV 40m LSB 9Kw22
ZL1SLO New Zealand 20m USB 9Kw22
LA1K Norwegian Radioklubb 20m USB 9Kw22
4O6ATU Montenegro 20m USB 9Kw22
K8NY USA WV 40m LSB 10Kw22
J88NEL St. Vincent 40m LSB 10Kw22
K3EDP USA PA 40m LSB 10Kw22
WA4HUG USA GA 40m LSB 10Kw22
EA7JWF Spain 17m USB 10Kw22
JX/LB4MI Jan Mayen Island 17m USB 10Kw22
N4WFU USA NC 40m LSB 11Kw22
9H1US Malta 20m USB 11Kw22
W1IP USA CT 20m USB 11Kw22
WA3FET USA PA 40m LSB 12Kw22
K3CR USA PA 40m LSB 12Kw22
AC3SS USA MD 40m LSB 12Kw22
6Y5BB Jamaica 40m LSB 12Kw22
OA4GL Peru 20m USB 12Kw22
L1BB Argentina 20m USB 12Kw22
Z62MM Republic of Kosovo 20m USB 12Kw22
9M6TMT East Malaysia 20m USB 12Kw22
6D3A Mexico 40m LSB 13Kw22
VP2EIH and group Anguilla 40m LSB 13Kw22
A41NN Oman 40m LSB 14Kw22
MM3IBM Scotland 40m LSB 14Kw22
TI2VVV Costa Rica 40m LSB 14Kw22
MI6OLJ Northern Ireland 40m LSB 14Kw22
K1WMS USA CT 40m LSB 14Kw22
IS0BWM Sardinia 40m LSB 14Kw22
JA5CIC Japan 40m LSB 14Kw22
TI5VMJ Costa Rica 40m LSB 15Kw22
HA2PP Hungary 40m LSB 15Kw22
4X0T Israel 40m LSB 16Kw22
VU2DED India 40mLSB 16Kw22
ZF2RX Cayman Islands 40m LSB 16Kw22
LZ1EV Bułgaria 40m LSB 16Kw22
VK2GJC Australia 20m USB 16Kw22
JJ0PKS Japan 17m USB 16Kw22
EI4IB Ireland 17m USB 16Kw22
BD7DT China 20m USB 16Kw22
W3MLJ USA PA 40m LSB 17Kw22
WA8Y USA MI 40m LSB 17Kw22
VA3ZV Canada ON 40m LSB 17Kw22
VK4KA Australia 20m USB 17Kw22
JR7TKG Japan 17m USB 17Kw22
9K2JJ Kuwait 17m USB 17Kw22
OH/S56NE Finland 20m USB 17Kw22
M0GLV Marcin England 20m USB 17Kw22.
ZS1OPB South Africa 20m USB 17Kw22.
VA2DOM Canada 40m LSB 18Kw22
TX5N Austral Islands 20m USB 18Kw22
TF3WARD Iceland 20m USB 18Kw22
VK7RG Australia 20m USB 18Kw22
W3MLJ USA PA 40m LSB 19Kw22
TI5VMJ Costa Rica 40m LSB 19Kw22
VE5V Canada 40m LSB 19Kw22
FK4QX New Caledonia 20m USB 19Kw22
VK4KUS Australia 20m USB 19K22
P4OH Aruba 40m LSB 20Kw22
K1HL USA CT 40m LSB 20Kw22
T2DE Tuvalu 40m LSB 20Kw22
VA3SDO Canada 40m Lsb 20Kw22
VK2OO Australia 20m USB 20Kw22
LA6KOA Norway island Rolla 17m USB 20Kw22
PT2ZDX Brazil 40m LSB 21Kw22
PY3RS Brazil 40m LSB 21Kw22
KR2N USA NY 49m LSB 21Kw22
9Z4Y Trinidad & Tobago 20m USB 21Kw22
JW0X Svalbard 17m USB 21Kw22
N8ACP USA OH 40m LSB 22Kw22
9A3NQ Croatia 40m LSB 22Kw22
HK3FJ Colombia 40m LSB 22Kw22
KI5E USA LA 40m LSB 22Kw22
VK3DXJ Joseph Australia 20m USB 22Kw22
VK1AD/P Australia 20m USB 22Kw22
EP5CZD Zahra from Iran 20m USB 22Kw22
9K2JJ Kuwait 17m USB 22Kw22
W2RTM USA NJ 40m LSB 23Kw22
K1PCN USA CT 40m LSB 23Kw22
TI9CF Cocos Island 40m LSB 23Kw22
JH3NGD Japan 17m USB 23Kw22
On the name-day, as I planned, I finish writing.
I will add if I hear someone special.
Thanks, 73.

KL7TC Alaska AK 20m USB 26Kw22
PD/DO1BEN Texel Island 20m USB 27Kw22
5B4AIX Cyprus 17m USB 27Kw22
8P6NW Barbados 20m USB 28Kw22
B0CRA China 17m USB 4May22
9P4A Dem. Rep. of the Congo 40m LSB 10Ma22
A85A Liberia 20m USB 10Ma22
V85A Brunei 20m USB 10Ma22
YS1YCH El Salvador 40m LSB 11Ma22
LY5A Lithuania 20m USB 11Ma22
US0IU Ukraine 40m LSB 12Ma22
JT5DX Mongolia 20m USB 14Ma22
V44MS St. Kitts & Nevis 40m LSB 17Ma22
CX1UI Uruguay 40m LSB 23Ma22
E51DOM/MM South Cook Isl. 20m USB 23Ma22
5X4E Uganda 20m USB 13Cze22
FS4WBS St. Martin 20m USB 13Cze22
KL7KK USA Alaska 20m USB 24Cze22
Z21RU Zimbabwe 17m USB 26Cze22
ZP6SKY Paraguay 40m LSB 27Cze22
CT9/HA2KMR Madeira Islands 20m USB 28Cze22
7V60I Algeria 20m USB 4Li22
5R8BM Madagascar 20m USB 5Li22
FY5FY French Guiana 20m USB 10Li22
HB0/LB0OG/P Liechtenstein 40m LSB 11Li22
9M2SAF West Malaysia 20m USB 13Li22
SV9IOI Crete 20m USB 13Li22
VK0WN Antarctica 20m USB 17Li22 Casey Station
ST0HQ Sudan 20m USB 18Li22
SN100PSK Poland 17m USB 23Li22
AO1XCI Spain 20m USB 24Li22 DXCI
AO2022XAC Spain 40m LSB 25Li22 DXCI
OJ0DX Market Reef 17m USB 26Li22
J28HJ Djibouti 20m USB 6Sie22
ZA/OE8NDR Albania 20m USB 9Sie22
4K6AG/P Azerbaijan 40m LSB 10Sie22
TG9NT Guatemala 40m LSB 27Sie22
E7DX Bosnia-Herzegovina 40m LSB 10Wrz22
OM7M Slovak Republic 40m LSB 10Wrz22
C91CCY Mozambique 40m LSB 16Wrz22
RY0A Asiatic Russia 10m USB 18Wrz22 ARKTIKA-SPRING
5K0C San Andres/Providencia 40m LSB 19Wrz22 DXPEDITION San Andres Island
TZ4AM Mali 17m USB 19Wrz22
EA8DMF Canary Isl. 40m LSB 22Wrz22
J69Z St. Lucia 40m LSB 15Wrz22
VR25XMT Hong Kong 17m USB 30Wrz22
5W1SA Samoa 20m USB 1Pa22
YO7MPD Romania 40m LSB 2Pa22
4U1A Austria UN Vienna 40m LSB 3Pa22
3A2OD Monaco 20m USB 10Pa22
D60AE Comoros 17m USB 13Pa22 F6KOP DXpedition 2022
ER3CT Moldova 20m USB 16Pa22
TY0RU Benin 20m USB 16Pa22 DXpedition
OH0BHU Aland Islands 20m USB 18Pa22
E51JD South Cook Islands 20m USB 18Pa22
UN7TX Kazakhstan 20m USB 20Pa22
TZ4AM Mali 10m USB 22Pa22
BX5AA Taiwan 10m USB 23Pa22
TY0RU Benin 10m USB 23Pa22 DXpedition
YN2N Nicaragua Granada 40m LSB 25Pa22
EY7AD Tajikistan 10m USB 26Pa22
P29RO Papua New Guinea 17m USB 27Pa22
YJ0CA Vanuatu 20m USB 28Pa22
FM5KC Martinique 80m LSB 29Pa22
AH2R Guam 20m USB 29Pa22
9N7AA Nepal 10m USB 30Pa22
D4Z Cape Verde 20m USB 30Pa22
J28MD Djibouti 20m USB 31Pa22
5V7RU Togo 10m USB 2Li22 Russian DXpedition Team
VR2UNG Hong Kong 10m USB 11Li22
FP5AC St. Pierre & Miquelon 10m USB 25Li22
C5YK The Gambia 17m USB 29Li22
S21DX Bangladesh 20m USB 13Gr22
VK9WX Willis Island 20m USB 19Gr22
TR8CA Gabon 17m USB 24Gr22
GJ5WS Jersey 20m USB 28Gr22
YL4WRTC Latvia 20m USB 10St23
EK6GR Armenia 10m USB 14St23
TF3T Iceland 10m USB 15St23
FG5GP Guadeloupe 10m USB 15St23
OX3XR Greenland 10m USB 15St23

My 59th birthday January 2023

UP7WRTC Kazakhstan 15m USB 20St23
JJ0AWX Japan 15m USB 21St23
VR2XAN Hong Kong 15m USB 21ST23
VE9FI Canada, ZS1OPB South Africa 20m USB 25St23
Z36T Macedonia 40m LSB 30St23
Z3151DELCEV North Macedonia 40m LSB 2Lu23
OM3JW Slovakia 10m USB 5Lu23
RI30ANT Vostok Base Antarctica 20m USB 5Lu23
TK4UD Corsica 40m LSB 6Lu23
EK6TA Armenia 40m USB 7Lu23
J52EC Guinea-Bissau 10m USB 8Lu23
AP2N Pakistan 10m USB 9Lu23
CN8YZ Morocco 15m USB 14Lu23
MD0CCE Isle of Man 15m USB 14Lu23
YE9PBZ Indonesia 15m USB 15Lu23
OX5DM Greenland 15m USB 15Lu23
4UNR ITU Geneva 20m USB 17Lu23
ZA/OE8NDR Albania 40m LSB 20Lu23
3B7M Agalega & St. Brandon 10m USB 26Lu23
HD8M Galapagos Island 40m LSB 4Mar23
4S7JL/MM Sri Lanka 40m LSB 14Mar23 Cargo ship 16 31N 071 20W
JT1CO Mongolia 10m USB 16Mar23
OY1OF Faroe Islands 12m USB 21Mar23
9X5RU Rwanda 12m USB 24Mar23
PJ4R Netherlands Antilles 40m LSB 25Mar23 and 10m USB 26Mar23
J68HZ St. Lucia 40m LSB 26Mar23
CY0S Sable Island 80m LSB 26Mar23
4K6FO Azerbaijan 10m USB 26Mar23
CO2VDD Cuba 10m USB 26Mar23
V26EI Antigua & Barbuda 40m LSB 28Mar23
4W1A Timor-Leste 20m USB 13Kw23
E51WEG South Cook Islands 17m USB, QSB 19Kw23
5U1A Niger 20m USB, QSB 1Maj2023
A92HK Bahrain 10m USB 1Maj2023
V85AHV Brunei 15m USB,QSB 1Maj2023
JH5MXB Japan 15m USB 5Maj2023
OA4DAG Peru 20m USB 7Maj2023
W1DED USA ME 15m USB 7Maj2023
HB0/PHONO/P Liechtenstein 40m LSB 12Maj2023
MR0IQD Gibraltar 20m USB 24Maj2023
JY7RW Jordan 20m USB 1Cze2023
HL4SF South Korea 15m USB 14Cze2023
HV0A Vatican City 15m USB 26Cze2023
4L8A Georgia 20m USB 26Cze2023
E21AZ Thailand 15m USB 5Li2023
S77SARA Seychelles 15m USB 7Li2023
GB5IG Guernsey 20m USB 8Li2023
9Q1AA Dem. Rep. Congo 15m USB 9Li2023
JF1EHM Japan 15m USB 9Li2023
E7TESLA Bosnia-Herzegovina 40m LSB 16Li2023 "Nikola Tesla" Radio Club E74BYZ
IT9ABY Sicily 20m USB 18Li2023
9G5AF Ghana 15m USB 21Li2023
9A/S53ZO/MM Croatia 20m USB 23Li2023
9W8ZZK West Malaysia 15m USB 25Li2023
1A0C Sov Mil Order of Malta 20m USB 27Li2023
AP5ARS Pakistan 15m USB 30Li2023
SU0ERA Egypt 20m USB 30Li2023
OH0/CS8ABG Aland Islands 20m USB 3Sie2023
9W8ZZK East Malaysia 15m USB 7Sie2023
OD5VB Lebanon 15m USB 7Sie2023
YC9CYN Indonesia Bali Isl. 15m USB 9Sie2023
DU3/F4EBK Philippines 15m USB 10Sie2023
OJ0JR Market Reef 17m USB 23Sie2023
FO4BM French Polynesia 20m USB 25Sie2023
9Q2WX Dem. Rep. of the Congo 15m USB 25Sie2023
HB3YRZ Switzerland 15m USB 28Sie2023
9V1YC Singapore 15m USB 1Wrz2023
CT9/UR9IDX Madeira Islands 10m USB 26Wrz2023

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