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2019-09-17 05:47:26 UTC









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Tadeusz Podrzycki

70-781 Szczecin

image of sp1cvp

Call data

Last update:2016-01-24 11:21:21
Main prefix:SP
DXCC Zone:269
ITU Zone:28
CQ Zone:15
Skype:tapod1 or Tadeusz/SP1CVP

QSL data

Last update:2016-01-24 11:15:35
Polish OT:14
Bureau QSL:YES
Direct QSL:YES


Licenced & started on air in 1969 with callsign SP1CVP, QTH: Szczecin, Milewskiego 10.
Between 1980 April - 2008 April QTH: Police.
Since 2008 May agn QTH: Szczecin (other street: Fioletowa 30/9).

73's - SP1CVP op. Ted(Tadeusz) web: more info on QRZ.COM


Main stn:
Trcv IC-703/max PWR10W (250Hz RF CW Filter & DSP UNIT) at home QTH
& antenna Vee Dipole 2x10m, powered via BALUN 1/1 with 2 separated Inductors, from balcony 15 mtrs up. above GND (ASL=60 m), small hill.
Antenna Tuner: Manual MFJ-948 > Autotuner LDG_AT-600ProII > next coax 14 mtrs feedline to External CG3000 Autotuner.
Audio circuits: MFJ-781 Multi-Mode DSP filter (500-200-100-50 Hz for CW)
& home brew CW RESTORE UNIT with speaker/headphone PA.

For family garden using:
Italy RM factory PA: HLA300Vplus & PWR SUPPLY GZV6000, & home brew Antenna:
Horizontal Rhombic system 6 DIR x 60 degr (F/R = 5-7S = 30-42dB)
( 3x 2x 42m on triangle 3x 60degr place, with switched R 50 Ohms/300W ),
and Car Roof Antenna: Vertical Vee-Dipole 2x 10,5m, based on 2 fishing rods.
Newest made in 2013 Summer season:
Phyramide 2x Loop 28m = 58m total for car roof with 4x7m fishing rods & center rod 10,5m. Two phases changing with one relay remoted from main rack with 13,8V-DC.

Other home brew new antennas testing on garden in spring/summer seasons.
For 2012 spring I'v made all parts for two new antennas:
1: Fractal Mode Phyramide 4x 21m loop = 84 mtrs loop with switched phase,
2: Triangle LW 3x42m System 6 DIR x 60 degr with switched R 50 Ohms/300W.
Changed to RH4x42m 2013 summer: RH4x42m=168m, main dir = EAST, wkng for WEST so,
2013 summer add New Rh4x21m main dir NW & so wkng for reverse SE dir.
2013/Atumn-Winter/2014 still serching better antenna for home.
I'm looking on place over my balcony/windows, how made full size Loop 84m.
I hope, that it can be done as soon as, before Spring season.
73/QRX with QRQ/QRS CW Mode on 3,5MHz-50MHz =
SP1CVP/Ted (Tadeusz, Tadek) QTH: Szczecin /upd. 2016-01-24/

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