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2024-07-13 16:15:04 UTC









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Wilhelm Elofsson

SE-52156 Floby

image of sa6bet

Call data

Last update:2020-02-29 20:47:00
QTH:Middle of West Gothia
Main prefix:SM
Class:Full HAREC
DXCC Zone:284
ITU Zone:18
CQ Zone:14

QSL data

Last update:2020-02-29 20:33:43
Bureau QSL:no
Direct QSL:no
Extra QSL Info:Only LOTW atm. later also direct/Bureau when I get my QSL-cards.



QSL MANAGEMENT: QSLs are at the moment ONLY accepted via LoTW. This is because I don't have any paper QSL-cards printed atm.

BIOGRAPHY: I'm a guy from a town in middle Sweden named Falköping (at the bottom between the two big lakes Vänern and Vättern). I passed my ham exam 2009, and the guy who brought me in to this is my uncle Magnus (SM6WET). I like much Contesting and hunt countries. I am also very intrested in electronics and electrics and I like to build things of my own. I'm active on the HF bands but also some contesting on VHF. Right now I'm working as a fiber optic networks planner at the local powergrid company.

YOUTH ACTIVITIES: Right now I'm active in the Swedish youthboard for SSA and working to getting more youngsters in the hobby. I have entered two YOTA camps in 2018-South Africa and 2019-Bulgaria and Friedrichhafen camp. I also have entered two NOTA (Nordics On The Air) Camps and YOTA December Month (DYM). If you are interested in the hobby, don't hesitate to ask me!


Radio shack and antenna park: I am slowly building my antenna park and shack up. Now I have erected my 12m tower and mounted a Quad for 6-10-12-15-17-20mb with seperated feeders. At the bottom of tower I will have a coax switch where I also join coax for 160,40 and 80m antennas. Between tower and shack (25m) I have dug down two pipes, a 110 for 1/2", RG213 and RG58 coaxes, and the 50mm for Rotor, antenna-switching, 230V and LAN cables.

At the radioshack I have a L-shaped desk that is raisable to fit both standing and sitting positions hihi. On this I will build shelfs for the Equipment.

Mobile HAM Radio Station: I am building a mobile HAM radio contest station. Originally it is a caravan Sävsjö Sport 460 from 1981. Which I am renovating the whole outside with new paint and resealed windows, rails e.t.c. The inside I'm making a big desktop for two operator seats in the back and there will be a telescopic mast inside it. The main reason i do this is because of the high QRM in my former home in central Falkoping. -The caravan is almost finished but atm I use it as a normal caravan as I don't have use for it atm since I moved to the country side.


-Tower: 12m guyed steel pole tower with HAM-IV rotor, holding a 2+2el Vanderley Quad for 6-10-12-15-17-20mb with seperated feeders @13,5m height.
-1/4wl aluminium tube vertical for 40mb.
-1/4wl wire vertical for 80m - 20m up in a pine-tree and sharing radials with:
-Inv-L for 160mb 20m up and sloping.
-Plans for beverages later.

All antennas except 6mb will be connected by RG213 to antenna switch at bottom of tower, from there will be a 1/2" cable to the outside of shack where lightning protection will be. The 6mb antenna goes directly by it's own 1/2" feeder to the shack.



-Yaesu FT-1000MP - Primary HF-radio
-Yaesu FT-650 - Primary for 6m
-QRP labs QSX - A kit i'm building
-Anytone D868 - 2/70 DMR
-Kenwood TM-231E 2m mobile radio

-Modified Drake L4 with tuner from a ship and external 400V transformer all in a 1,5m high 19" floor-rack
-SB-220 modified with bigger fan for contest use


Logitech G35 Headset, Signalink USB, Winkeyer, Daiwa CN-101L SWR-meter, RS-1000 SWR-meter, Pro Power PS1320 PSU, Weller WECP-20 solder station, Cantenna Dummy-load,

For pictures on projects e.t.c. please click on the facebook link above.


73 and see you on the bands!
/Willie, SA6BET

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