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RAEM 110 Memorial Station

European Russia

european russia
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Call data

Last update:2013-12-17 18:30:47
Main prefix:UA
DXCC Zone:54
ITU Zone:29
CQ Zone:16

QSL data

Last update:2013-12-11 15:31:00
Direct Manager:RT2Y
Bureau QSL:YES
Direct QSL:YES


01 dec 2013 - 31 dec 2013 Special Event Call.
All info on:

Activity Days in Honor of the 110th Anniversary of the Birth of E.T. Krenkel

December 24, 2013, is the celebration day of the 110th Anniversary of the Birth of Ernst Krenkel, a legendary polar radio operator, the first President of the Federation of Radio Sport of the USSR and a Hero of the Soviet Union. To commemorate this event, the Amateur Radio Union of Russia (SRR) intends to organize and carry out the RAEM Activity Days.

The Activity Days will be held from 00:00 UTC on December 1 to 23:59 UTC on December 31, 2013.

Amateur radio clubs, operators of individual amateur radio stations and SWL’s around the world are welcome to participate.

The following special event-stations will be on the air from various regions of the Russian Federation during the Activity Days:

R110RAEM Novosibirsk Region (Asiatic Russia)
RA110RAEM Irkutsk Region (Asiatic Russia)
RB110RAEM Zabaykalskiy Territory (Asiatic Russia)
RC110RAEM Khabarovskiy Territory (Asiatic Russia)
RD110RAEM Krasnoyarskiy Territory (Asiatic Russia)
RG110RAEM Chelyabinsk Region (Asiatic Russia)
RJ110RAEM Bryansk Region (European Russia)
RK110RAEM Arkhangelsk Region (European Russia)
RL110RAEM Moscow Region (European Russia)
RM110RAEM Lipetsk Region (European Russia)
RN110RAEM Krasnoyarskiy Territory (Asiatic Russia)
RO110RAEM Nizhny Novgorod Region (European Russia)
RQ110RAEM Tomsk Region (Asiatic Russia)
RR110RAEM Tyumen Region (Asiatic Russia)
RS110RAEM Volgograd Region (European Russia)
RT110RAEM Adygeya Republic (European Russia)
RU110RAEM Bashkortostan Republic (European Russia)
RV110RAEM Moscow City (European Russia)
RW110RAEM Sakha Republic, Yakutia (Asiatic Russia)
RX110RAEM Samara Region (European Russia)
RY110RAEM Komi Republic (European Russia)
RZ110RAEM Murmansk Region (European Russia)

Plaque RAEM The Amateur Radio Union of Russia will issue the Award commemorating the 110th Anniversary of the birth of Ernst Krenkel to operators and SWL’s around the world participating in this event. To obtain an Award, collect 110 pts for QSO’s with or HRD’s of the special-event stations, from December 1 to December 31, 2013, as follows:

R110RAEM - 10 pts. RAEM (only during the RAEM Contest on December 29, 2013) - 10 pts. Any special-event station from the series of RA110RAEM-RZ110RAEM, or any other station using RAEM in its suffix - 5 pts. You may repeat QSO’s on other bands or with other modes: CW, SSB, or DIGITAL (any type). One may obtain four versions of the Award: MIXED, CW, SSB, and DIGITAL. The Awards will be numbered separately in each version.

All electronic Awards are free of charge.

Send you application in the form of an extract from your log (any format) by e-mail to our Award Manager, Aliy Kuysokov: Paper applications to: P.O. Box 45, Maikop, Republic of Adygeya, 385000, Russia.

We also recommend filling out an application form on the special Activity Days’ website at

A special Plaque will be issued for a fee of USD 45 to those who either earn four Awards, or contact all special-event stations from the RA110RAEM-RZ110RAEM series (21 stations) in a single mode. One missing contact can be replaced by a contact with RAEM or R110RAEM.

Send your log extract to and ask for payment information from Alex UA9OA Sample of the Plaque is displayed here:


Kenwood TS-570D + Russain Military Аmplifier (1000 watts)

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