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2021-11-27 03:01:12 UTC









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Brazil, Paraiba

image of pr7cpk

Call data

Last update:2021-07-16 00:01:34
Main prefix:PY
Federal state:Paraiba
DXCC Zone:108
ITU Zone:13
CQ Zone:11

QSL data

Bureau QSL:YES
Direct QSL:YES


EDMILSON RODRIGUES DO Ó, "Ed", PR7CPK. Born July 6, 1937, in Aguas Pretas Farm, Pocinhos - PB, Brasil. Married since 1957 with Nazareth; 3 daughters and 4 sons, including Franklin, PR7FRO.

RADIO OPERATOR in Brazilian Army 1956 and 1957 with call 3BF/7RM.

PY7CPK, 1972. PR7CPK, 1976. Reciprocal amateur operations PR7CPK/W3 1976-78 in Wheaton, Maryland, near Washington D. C., and PR7CPK/KH6 1978/82 in Honolulu, Hawaii, with operations in the hawaiian islands Kauai and Oahu, OC-019.

Member ARRL # 8069611 since 1975; AMSAT member # 1892 since 1974 and LM-543 since 1976.

AMSAT Area Coordinator for Brasil since 1975.

First brazilian station to work Oceania via satellite, in nostalgic and historic contact between PR7CPK, Brasil, and KH6IJ, Katashi Nose (SK), Hawaii, via AO-7, 1976, on the golden years of amateur radio via AMSAT-OSCAR satellite program. Later, I has contacted also some other Pacific areas.

I have now, all SSB 14 MHz, the following awards:

Worked all PY - WAPY # 2224, (Brasil); Bicentennial Certificate, (U. S. A.); W3USS - U. S. Senate - Capitol Station # 05794 (U. S. A.); Diploma Leonardo da Vinci # 60 (Italy); Islas Canarias # 579, (Spain); National Capital Award # 3010 [First to Brasil], (Canada);Worked All Continents - WAC, (U. S. A.); Worked All Continents - P6K # 1261-SSB, (U. S. S. R.); Worked 100 Differents Oblasts - P-100-O # 2236-PH, (U. S. S. R.); Worked 100 Differents Russian Stations - W100U # 3501-PH, (U. S. S. R.); Worked All Russian Areas - P-10-P, # 2819-PH, (U. S. S. R.); Worked All 60 Countries of Atlantic Border - EPAA, # 261 (Brasil); Canadian Islands Award # 078 - [First to Brasil], (Canada); DX Century Club - DXCC # 13730, (U. S. A.; Diplome des Ameriques Françaises # 638, (Canada); Trans Pacific Award - TPA # 819, Japan); All Japan Districts - AJD, # 7899, (Japan); Islands of the World - ITW # 73, (U. S. A.); Worked the Caribbean - WTC # 65, (U. S. A.); Worked 150 Confirmed Countries - P150C # 523-PH, (U. S. S. R.); International Airport Award - IAPA # 1566, (Germany); The Wireless Institute of Australia - WIA-DXCC # 239 , (Australia); IARU Region III # 1773 - [First to Brasil], New Zealand; Islands On The Air - IOTA # 562, [# 3 to Brasil and # 5 to South America], (England); WORKED ALL ZONES - WAZ # 937, (U. S. A.); The Golden Award of the Eternal City of Jerusalem # 898, (Israel); "CATCH 22" Award # 460 (Hong Kong); Worked-DIG-Members - W-DIG-M # 3594, (Germany); Two Modes Award - TMA [50-SSB/50-CW)# 989, (Germany); Diplom Interessen Gruppe - DIG # 5382, (Germany); Asian DX Award - ADXA # 3047, (Japan); WORKED ALL STATES - WAS # 48686, (U. S. A.); Diploma Ilhas Brasileiras - DIB # 065, (Brasil); Worked Antarctic Bases Award - WABA # 211, (Italy); Diploma Farois Brasileiros - DFB # 009, (Brasil); The Galápagos Islands Award # 053 - [# 1 to Brasil and # 6 to South America], (U. S. A.); DXCC Millenium Award, (U. S. A.); Greenland Award # 230, (Denmark); WORKED ALL JAPAN PREFECTURES AWARD - WAJA # 2308, (Japan); WORKED ALL ZONES - WAZ (CW) # 209, (U. S. A.); Worked Guam Award, (Guam); DIPLOMA GUGLIELMO MARCONI - ARI-D-GM # 459, (Italy); FRANZ JOSEF LAND - FJL # 030/III, (Russia): Russian Antarctic Bases Award - RABA # 52/III, (Russia); Russian Arctic Stations - RASA # 019/III, (Russia); Russian Arctic Stations - RASA # 011/II, (Russia); Russian Arctic Stations - RASA # 039/I, (Russia);Russian Ribinson Award - RRA # 230/III (Russia); Russian Robinson Award - RRA # 221/II, (Russia); Russian Lighthouse Award - RLHA # 025/III (Russia); Russian Lighthouse Award - RLHA # 010/II, (Russia); DIPLOMA GUGLIELMO MARCONI CENTENARY - ARI D-GM-C # 7, (Italy); The Orient Express Award # 449/9, (Greece); United States County Award - USA-CA # 3574, (U. S. A); Arecibo Observatory, KP4AO, (Puerto Rico);Worked ITU Zones - W-ITU-Z # 58 (England); Worked All Brasil - WAB # 0613-A (Brasil); Gold Award Worked All Continents ARLHS #005 (U. S. A.);OOOTC #38 U. S. A); Many awards of special events in the historic and legendary U. S. Route 66, and more.

Currently, member LIGA DE AMADORES BRASILEIROS DE RADIO EMISSÃO - LABRE # 28733 since 1973, later LM-093 since 1998; CLUBE DE RADIOAMADORES DE CAMPINA GRANDE since 1972 (Life Member since 1975); Northern California DX Foundation - NCDXF # 5186; International DX Association - INDEXA # 3335; Diplom Interessen Gruppe - DIG # 5382;THE OLD OLD TIMERS CLUB - OOTC # 3861; ORDEM DE RADIOAMADORES PADRE ROBERTO LANDELL DE MOURA # 0163BR; Honolulu Amateur Radio Club - HARC; Heard Island DX Association # M-1168 (Norfolk Island); Russian Robinson Club - RRC # 668 [First to Brasil]; Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society - ARLHS # 1878, and many others amateur organizations around the world.

49 years of continuous DX operation!

The year 2006, my ham golden jubilee. Middle century of 2-way radio operation.

I am have today 345 confirmed countries in SSB 14 MHz only and 139 in CW; 550 IOTA groups; 917 world islands; and 230 lighthouses situated in 52 countries of the six continents. (all in paper QSL card only).

At this time I have high interest to contacting operations "air mobile", "maritime mobile",lighthouses and also any stations situated behind the arctic and antarctic circles and also in the exotic areas of the earth in the places called as "the lost lands".

However, I will be continue active on the air now and forever more.


The picture is part of my shack showing my complete line Trio-Kenwood TS-510 of 1970 and one transceiver Delta DBR-550, also one historic telegraphic key used on the railroad of old steam times of Great Western Railway and by the Post Office. Using this key I have confirmed 139 countries around the world and make the WAZ. These are part of my loved and historic ham collection.


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