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2021-10-18 09:41:52 UTC









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Jan Govers

4694ed Scherpenisse
Netherlands, Zeeland

image of pd3jag

Call data

Last update:2021-09-26 08:38:44
Main prefix:PA
Federal state:Zeeland
DXCC Zone:263
ITU Zone:27
CQ Zone:14

Most used bands


Most used modes


QSL dataUp to date!

Last update:2021-09-25 06:27:09
Bureau QSL:YES
Direct QSL:YES
Extra QSL Info:Direct to: J.A.Govers PD3JAG -- Willem Alexanderplein 6 4694ED Scherpenisse Netherlands.


Hello OM / (X)YL:

Jan PD3JAG here Thank you for search me on QRZCQ.COM.

Hi welcome to my page on

My name is Jan Govers PD3JAG A little NOVICE station in the south-west part of the Netherlands. I'm living in Scherpenisse .

As a NOVICE I can work on Vhf/Uhf and HF -bands, I be active on HF on 40 mtr - 20mtr - 10mtr .

From 18 Juni2021 there are some changes now we can:

40 Mtr 7.000 -- 7.200 20Mtr 14.000 -- 14.350 10Mtr 28.000 -- 29.700 . PWR :100 W

And on Vhf/Uhf on 144mhz and 430mhz ( vhf : 144.000 -- 146.000Mhz ) (uhf : 430.000 -- 440.00Mhz). PWR : 25 W

Most of the time in SSB but also you can find me on Digi-modes, And sometimes in CW .

Most of the time only on HF from my home station or from a Flora Fauna ref.

Also start on FT8 &FT4 again on HF only use 25 Watt in this mode sinds 22-03-2021. ( ft950 - HyEndFed 40/20/10 mtr - Gridtracker - JTDX )..

More info you can find also on my blog , PD3JAG Hamradio

73'Jan PD3JAG

We will not allow ourselves to be dismissed as liars . Hope this remains clear and stay clear.

Yes I hope it downs on people, seen they are afraid of some persons or the foundition BoZ , but liars first class.

It is also thought that WE should be happy that WE can use the repeaters , But it must be: THEY must be happy that it is be used .

The story on the site is not at all the reason that PI1ZWN was out of the air but this was due to the intervention of a LAWYER, because they did not respond to previous questions to return the repeater ,because according to them it did not meet the standard at the time.

Later of there own accord they were asked on their site for a donation for a filter without consulthing it with us

We knew nothing about it and did not want any other or donation for a filter ( was project of 3 amateurs ,but now only 2 amateurs). the foundition only facilitate it notthing more.

And I'm going to tell you that, that's going to be okay,and we just pay that 79 Euro that is now being asked extra by Agentschap Telecom.

Because you now that for when you want to play with repeaters that it cost money. otherwise you should not start it and certainly not 4 or 5 .

Worked DXCCs:


My little station setup :

For HF :

Yaesu FT 950 and Yaesu FT847 .

Yaesu FT847 most of the time portable for WWFF activations.

Antenne = Hygain AV620 vertical and FD3 from Fritzel.

HyEndFed for 10-20-40 Mtr and HyEndFed for 10 -15-20-40 Mtr.

Also actief as WWFF-station, see my pd3jag/p page, for al info about that.

backup radio for HF : Icom IC765 // Yaesu FT847

For Vhf/Uhf :

Tytera MD 380 for DMR.

Yaesu FT 847 for the Birds and SSB, on 144/435 MHz.

Yaesu FT290 R II allmode 2mtr Antenne = Comet GP1 mostley on 145.250 fm .

Icom IC2730 for the local repeaters in Analog Mode. PI3GEO & PI1ZLD

Yaesu FTM 400 XD , FM and C4FM with HRI-200 Room id : # 67950 SNURKERROOM.

Yaesu FTM 100 DE , C4FM running PI-Star /MMDVM in room: NL-CENTRAAL.

Yaesu FT70 DE , FM and C4FM, in combination with my hotspot,or HRI200.

ICOM ID51E for 2/70 D -Star and Analoog. On D-star normaly on DCS710R.

Yaesu FT 2D, for 2/70 FM & C4FM , but most of the time only in C4FM both vfo's ( hihi)

Wires-X box HRI 200 and MMDVM Jumbo spot ( PI-Star) . Raspberry PI zero W and PI3B+ and a DV4Mini ,

C4FM is verry nice to do , and we are some times with a few people actief on 144.950 or 434.625 Simplex.

QRZCQ Awards

DXCC 150
ITU 50
CQ 40
IOTA 100

DX Code Of Conduct

dx code of conduct small logoI support the "DX Code Of Conduct" to help to work with each other and not each against the others on the bands.

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