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2019-11-22 01:13:35 UTC









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Dirk Hendriks

1911XA Uitgeest
Netherlands, Nederland

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Call data

Last update:2018-01-07 12:18:25
Main prefix:PA
Class:F (Full)
Federal state:Nederland
DXCC Zone:263
ITU Zone:27
CQ Zone:14

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Most used modes


QSL dataUp to date!

Last update:2019-11-04 11:12:06
Bureau QSL:YES
Direct QSL:YES
Extra QSL Info:Log's will be uploaded to - - -


First of all: BUREAU, LOTW, eQSL, HRD-log, DIRECT, all QSL's will be answered.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Dirk and my callsign is PA3FMP. I'm born in 1951 and got my first licence (novice - PD0NWI) in 1983. The infection with the radiovirus i've got from my father in law and started in 1976 when i got married.

Started as SWL (NL9382) and in the early 80's i became a novice (PD0NWI), after 6 months i upgrade to a technical licence (PE1JXK). Became father of a boy and a girl and then after passing the CW exam at the end of 1989, i've got my full licence (PA3FMP). During those years i build up my station and made my own 12 meter high tower, wich supported all kind of antennes during the years, but most succesfull ware the TH3jr from Hygain and the Alpha-Delta DXCC wire dipole. My rig's ware in the beginning a rebuild all-mode CB-transciever to 10 meter (12 watt) and a Yeasu FT480R for 2 meter. Later it became a Kenwood TS-680s (HF+6mtr) and after some years i sold the FT480R and i've got a Icom IC-706. I made a lot of home-brew equipment, such as power supply's, modems for RTTY - packet and SSTV, microphone unit wih build in call generator/compression/multi gear output/foot switch. Also a multimode transvertor for 70cm with poweramplifier (35 watt) wich was driven from the 10 mtr transciever. On HF was my favorite activety, working SSTV and in that mode i had very good DX from here, like VK, ZL, Alaska and Hawaii.

Than at okt 1999 i've got a managers job and the hobby disappeared on the background. In 2001 my wife got sick (cancer) and because we had 2 kids, there was no time left for a hobby. Then in 2009 the wife passed away, i spend all my time in my work untill early 2014 i got retired. The kids ware married and having there own live, so there a had again time for the hobby's. I'm trying to build up my station again, but doing it step by step, i don't have the real DX spirit yet, but started with learning to understand what is changed in all those years.

At first i bought a MFJ-1786 magnetic loop and give it a place on the attic. Upgrades are coming step by step, some small, some big. Sold my TS680s and i'm now the proud owner of a Kenwood TS2000e for HF/VHF/UHF. For the lowerbands i put up a longwire antenne with a CG3000 ATU. Also bought a digital USB interface and i'm again active in digital modes, mostly with JT65 and JT9.

New toy is a Icom IC7100, wich allow me to transmit on the 4 meterband. Not having a real DX-antenne, but with a 1/4 wave GPA the first DX made was Malta (9H1TB & 9H1CG). Now (may 2016) upgraded to a homemade 8 element DK7ZB Yagi (4 el 50 Mhz & 4 el 70 Mhz).

Biggest UPGRADE is to become grandfather!!, 2 grandsons and 1 granddaughter.

For all those who i have contacted in the past, hope to meet You someday again on the radio, i'll have still the slogan (PA3) For More Pleasure in mind when operating the radio.

73' from Dirk, the one and only PA3ForMorePleasure

Worked DXCCs:


Kenwood TS-2000e - HF, 6mtr, 2mtr & 70cm
Icom IC-7100 - HF, 6mtr, 4mtr, 2mtr & 70cm
Icom IC-706 - HF, 6mtr & 2mtr
Alinco DJ-G7EG - Triband Portofoon 2mtr, 70cm & 23cm (RX 520khz to 1300mhz AM/FM/WFM)
PicoAPRS - APRS Transceiver (1watt)

Antenna's: Alpha Delta DX-B sloper - Longwire with ATU CG3000 - Magnetic Loop MFJ1786 - GPA's for 6, 4, 2 and 70cm - Diamond V2000 - DK7ZB Yagi 4/4 el 50/70 Mhz - Sloping dipole 50/70 Mhz.

On digital modes via 2x MicroHAM USB Interface III and built-in interface IC7100 (SSTV - BPSK31/63/125 - JT65/9 - WSPR2). Very active with WSJT-X on 160 to 4 meter, do enjoy also the new 60 meterband.

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PA3FMP / My pride, joy and travelmate - Meissie

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