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2021-06-25 07:46:35 UTC









Active user ONLINE

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Jan Andersen

2635 Ishoej

image of oz9qv

Call data

Last update:2019-12-06 20:02:39
Main prefix:OZ
DXCC Zone:221
ITU Zone:18
CQ Zone:14

Most used modes


QSL data

Last update:2019-12-06 20:00:26
Bureau QSL:YES
Direct QSL:no


Licensed since 1973
Interested in VHF and UHF - 6m - 23cm activity, and 10m activity. Worked more than 30 countries on 2m and 25 on 70cm.
After going back to Denmark I have been active on HF bands, primarily 10m, in CW - very few SSB QSOs. Approaching 100 countries on HF bands since Sept 2015, all with simple antennas.

A station for working the QO-100 (geostationary) satellite is in the works. Reception (downlink) works, but can be improved, some work is still needed to get the transmit (uplink) side working.

The logbook only shows QSOs like this:
- All QSOs from 2015 - present. However, it looks like FT8 QSOs are not supported.This turned out to be a limitation in my log program's export function, a work-around is possible.
- All QSOs on 2m and 70cm from 1973 to 1980

I am slowly adding info from the old paper logs, and to me, the VHF/UHF QSOs have a higher priority than HF QSOs.

At some stage I should find out how to upload to other sites like eQSL, LotW, maybe others. eQSL upload is done.

Worked DXCCs:


TRX max 100W (possible 150W with and older marine radio, the IC-M710 TRX)

Antennas :

1) HF multi dipole resonated at 10-15-20-40-80, feed point 3m up hanging NW/SE
2) R6000 antenna (10-12-15-17-20m vertical half wave), feedpoint 6m up
3) 6m/2m/70cm vertical (Diamond V-2000) w/ feed point 6m up (should be optimized on all 3 bands, especially with improved reception for 70cm (and 2m) - the cable is 30m long and, of cuse has some loss)
4) Big Wheel for 2m about 6m up
5) Half wave vertical antenna for 4m, feed point 9m up
6) Half wave vertical antenna for 6m, feed point 6m up
7) 15m long vertical with 2 "radials" useable for 30-40-60-80-160m (not functional at the moment)
8) Half wave vertical, end fed, for 10/11m, feed point 7.5m up

Planned for the spring/summer/autumn Mostly horizontal antennas :
- transmit antenna for 2.4GHz - for the QO-100 satellite
- small quasi-omnidirectional horizontal antennas for 2m, 70cm, 23cm.
- Halo or angeld dipole antenna for 4m, maybe one for 6 as well
- 2 el. Moxon Rectangle for 6 and 4m
- 4 el. Flexa Yagi for 2m
- Short Flexa for 70cm
- Short Flexa for 23cm
- possibly a tiny (12 el ?) for 23cm
- vertical for 2m/70cm/23cm, if I can find space


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