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2022-08-19 07:38:00 UTC









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OH3R memorial amateur radio station

Finland, Southern Finland


Call data

Last update:2014-05-05 23:25:46
Main prefix:OH
Class:perusluokka or yleisluokka
Federal state:Southern Finland
DXCC Zone:224
ITU Zone:18
CQ Zone:15

QSL data

Last update:2014-05-11 16:07:33
Bureau QSL:no
Direct QSL:no


OH3R "Arvi Hauvonen's memorial amateur radio station - Arvo Hauvisen muistoradioasema" is named after mr. Arvi Hauvonen, who was one of the leading experimental radio amateurs in Finland in the 1920's. Later he became the chief engineer of the Yleisradio high-power radio broadcast station and served there until retirement. His idea was to preserve some of the radio history in Lahti. Based on his idea the radio and television museum was opened in the late 1990's as the remaining transmitters in Lahti were closed already in 1993.

The radio and television museum has forgone a large repair period, but is open temporarily in summer 2014.

Arvi Hauvonen's memorial amateur radio station is open occasionally for the short periods of time and it is operated by the members of Lahti Radio Amateur Club (Lahden Radioamatöörikerho ry), OH3AC, , which has its main radio station near the Radio and television museum (Lahti broadcast station 1935-1967/1993, 60.979218,25.648824 ) on the first Lahti broadcast station (1928-1935, 60.979273,25.646075 ). This old Lahti broadcast station is not an open museum, even though also it is preserved as a museal object.

Many amateur radio transmits in the southern Finland can be monitored with Kuido Lehtmetses web software designed radio receiver from Estonia with a browser added with Java . Every single Web SDR must be added to Java as a separate exception for the security and it must be done from the Java progremme, not the browser itself.

The frequencies used as almost regula "channels" for discussion in Finland are 3699 MHz, the notorious "99" ninety-nine and 1843 MHz. The radio-amateur bulletins are broadcast at 3685 MHz. Apart from 3699 MHz almost around the clock, 3680 MHz is used for morning discussion ring at dawn, usually from 6 AM (EET) to 7 AM (EEST). It is usually started by OH6LZG Samuel.


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