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2020-06-05 13:31:15 UTC









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Eric Kramers

4817JE Breda, The Netherlands
Netherlands, Noord Brabant

image of nl6777

Call data

Last update:2020-05-30 15:48:04
QTH:Breda, The Netherlands
Main prefix:KL
Federal state:Noord Brabant
DXCC Zone:263
ITU Zone:27
CQ Zone:14

QSL dataUp to date!

Last update:2019-11-30 13:56:39
Bureau QSL:YES
Direct QSL:YES
Extra QSL Info:veron


Hello, and thanks for stopping at my shack!!!

My name is Eric,and I was born in 1957 at Breda in the south part of The Netherlands
SWL for about 49 years now, and still going strong.

I got my first receiver when I was 14 years old. It was the Cuna Search 9 and two years later my first HF receiver the Realistic DX 160.

Now I use the NRD 545 - Perseus - Icom R 9000 and the good old Siemens 311e. I love Tube receivers.

I am a member of the radio amateur club VERON. ( )

I am a member of the Benelux DX Club. ( )

And i am on Hamsphere call 19HS2329.

And remember: YOU DON'T HAVE TO SCREAM...... I HEAR YOU ANYWAY !! :)

Best 73's from The Netherlands and i hope to hear you on one of bands.

Eric Kramers


I use the following equipment:

HF Bands:

FlexRadio FLEX-6500 + FlexRadio Maestro.

FlexRadio FLEX-1500.

JRC NRD-545 All band receiver.

JRC NRD-515 All band receiver.

JRC NRD-92 All band receiver.

RFT EKD-514 All band receiver. ( with EZ101 )

RFT EKD-315 All band receiver. ( with EZ 100 )

RFT EKD-100 All band receiver.

Siemens-311e All band receiver ( old boy )

Microtelecom Perseus SDR receiver.

JRC NRD-220 MF/ HF DSC receiver.

FDM-S2 SDR receiver (ELAD).

Tmate 2 USB tuning system (ELAD).

HackRF One+Portapack, 1-6000MHz.

Network Radio :

Anysecu W2 plus network radio (Zello, TeamSpeak3 and Echolink).

Inrico T320 network radio (Zello, Teamspeak3 and Echolink).

VHF / UHF Bands:

Icom IC-R9000 with the HP 8591E spectrum analyzer.

Icom IC-R8600 + SP-39AD. 1kHz-3GHz receiver with DSTAR.

Icom IC-R8500.

Icom IC-R30, communications receiver.

AOR AR-5000.

Signal R-535.

Signal R-532.

Uniden-Bearcat UBC-780XLT.

SDRplay RSP DUO, SDR receiver 0-2000 MHz ( for Inmarsat air Comm. ).

SDRplay RSP2 pro ( for Inmarsat Sea Comm. ).

RFT 2170 BE.

AOR AR-DV1. ( Butel software Pro )


Radarcape Beast + 3 pole filter(1090MHz)+ A3 ADS-B Antenna.

2 x Jetvision Radarcape + 3 pole filter(1090MHz)+ Active Diapason Antenna.

Jetvision Air!Squitter, ADS-B/MLAT/FLARM receiver + 1090 MHz Antenna ADS-B GPS combined

antenna + active Diapason Antenna (868Mhz).

Airnav Radarbox + Uputronics pre amp/filter for 1090MHZ.

AirNav RadarBox X Range + AirNav antenna and AirNav Pre amp/filter.

Kinetic SBS-S3 + DPD ADS-B antenna + Uputronics pre amp/filter for 1090MHZ.

SBS 1 A3 ADS-B Antenna + Active Display + Uputronics pre amp/filter for 1090MHZ.

Planefinder Radar ADS-B Antenna + Active Display + Uputronics pre amp/filter for 1090MHZ.

2 x RTL-SDR R820T2 RTL2832U 1PPM TCXO SMA DONGLE + Raspberry Pi V3 + •1090MHz

3-ADS-B antenna (+ 5 dBi) + Uputronics pre amp/filter for 1090MHZ.


FleedMon R-400N Ship Location Receiver.

Comar SLR200 Ship Location Receiver.

Comar Systems AV400 Fibreglass VHF AIS Antenna.

Procom CX4 VHF AIS Antenna.


Kenwood TH-D74E Dstar, 2/70.


Hytera PD785G porto (UHF DMR).

Yaesu FT-70DE (YSF).

AOR AR8600 MK2 - AOR ARD300 Multi-Digital Voice Decoder.

2X myDV-Nano OpenSpot + 2x Nextion 3.2"screen.

DVmega on Raspberry PI 3B + Nextion 2.4"screen.


RF-Systems DX One Pro.

RF-Systems T2FD.

Elad - ASA 15 Antenna splitter.

Elad - ASA 62 Antenna splitter.

Home brew discone’s for Mill. Freq’s.

DPD Productions Air Omni UHF/VHF Base Antenna (225-400, 118-137 & 138-140 MHz).

Procom CXL 3/1 LW ( airband ).

Procom CXL 225 - 450 C ( Mill. airband )

1.40 Mtr. Dish ( for Inmarsat Jaero Voice ).

L-Band LNA & Air Gap Patch Antenna RHCP ( for Inmarsat ).

L-band Inmarsat antenna Nooelec.

Sailor Inmarsat dish antenna ( for Jaero Voice ).

RFT Antennen verteilersystem AVV 01.

Wellbrook ALA 1530LNPro IMPERIUM.

Wellbrook ALA 1530LN.

Wellbrook ALA 1530 Indoor.

MFJ-1886X RX Loop.

MCA 208 M Multi Coupler VHF/UHF.

Rohde & Schwarz UHF Multi Coupler NV 5/400.

Rohde & Schwarz HF Multi Coupler NV 4/60.

Rohde & Schwarz HK 001 for Mill. Freq’s.

Rohde & Schwartz HE011 Active Antenna.

Geochron Digital Worldmap 4K UHD V2.

My Davis weather station is online:


Hamsphere 4.0

Ham Office. ( callbook and Logbook )

SmartSDR by FlexRadio Systems.


SDRuno 1.1 (SDRplay).

SDR-Console V3.


Jaero. ( Inmarsat ).

Std C Decoder v1.5.20 ( For Inmarsat very nice software ).

DX Atlas 2.4


YaND 6.5 Navtex decoder.







DSDPlus (DMR decoder).

ARC DV1 by Butel,for AOR AR-DV1.

YaDD 1.7.1 DSC decoder.



DX Code Of Conduct

dx code of conduct small logoI support the "DX Code Of Conduct" to help to work with each other and not each against the others on the bands. Click here and find out more about the project and how you can endorse it.

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