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2019-02-20 02:26:59 UTC









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Dennis Gray Sr

Durand 61024
United States, IL

united states
image of n9xkh

Call data

Last update:2016-02-27 04:02:07
QTH:100 mi NW of Chicago on IL/WI border
Main prefix:K
Federal state:IL
US county:Winnebago
DXCC Zone:291
ITU Zone:8
CQ Zone:5
ULS record:766010

QSL data

Last update:2014-05-16 17:05:58
Bureau QSL:no
Direct QSL:YES


Electronics history- started out repairing TV's and Fire service radios in the mid 70's, (tube radios were easy to fix) along with SWL and ham radio. Took my Novice class in 1976. In the mid 90's put up a 140' tower for VHF contests which were enjoyed by the team of KB9MJG, AA9KX and myself. Unfortunately we were not in a good locations. Same team also loved foxhunting. For a short time also had a rover station running 6, 2, 220, 430.

I have had a farm on one of the highest hills in the area for years but only enjoyed the view. Life kept me out of rdio and the contests for a while. Finally I have set up a modest antenna farm to get on the air with more to come.

Currently I farm and work in the IT department for a local college.
You can find me with radios monitoring (they are on 24/7, IF I am in the house I will hear the activity) 28.4, 50.125, 144.2 SSB and several FM radios on simplex 52.02, 146.52 and two local repeaters. 147.150 Madison and Monroe @ 145.11 both are workable on a HT from this hill in Illinois.


Temporary towers are 25 & 40 feet. SSB Antennas currently included 6 el @ 10 meters, 6 el @ 6 meters (soon to change), 17b2 @ 2 meters and an m2 beam on 432. FM station includes several ground plane antennas along with beams for 2, 220 & 440.

A 110' rohn 25 tower for 6 meters using a a 6M9KHW and a Diamond cp6610 ground plane. Until the big tower goes up I will add a 13b2 and a 719b which will be rotateable between horizontal and verticle.

Radios are
Yaesu FT-847 for 2 and 432 SSb, with TE sys 11452g for 2 and a home brew kw on 432.
IC-706 and SB-220 for 6 SSB,
Yaesu FT-767GX for 10 meters,
IC-251a for 2 SSb,

Yaesu FT-8900 for 6, 440 FM,
Icom IC-2330A for 220,
IC-2100 for 2 meters FM simplex,

IC-2000 for Madison Repeater,
IC-200 for Monroe repeater,
FT-8100 for cross band repeater
plus more.

Long term plans include:
110' rohn 25 for 6 meters (almost done)
160' rohn 55g tower for 2, 220 & 430 EME and contests; with microwave as well.
50' 10 meter tower, and
80 foot rohn 25 for the VHF FM beams.
When I win the lottery, hihi, I would like a rohn 65/55 crank up 50' for 6 EME.

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