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2020-04-09 09:46:14 UTC









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James E (Jay) Langley

Winston 30187
United States, GA

united states
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Call data

Last update:2020-03-29 19:28:27
QTH:Fairplay , Georgia
Main prefix:K
Federal state:GA
US county:Douglas County GA
DXCC Zone:291
ITU Zone:8
CQ Zone:5
ULS record:691050

QSL dataUp to date!

Last update:2019-11-30 23:00:50
Bureau QSL:no
Direct QSL:YES


Former Navy Aviation Photographer. Attended Winona School of Photography then on to undergrad school at Florida Technical University earning a teaching certificate. Upon graduation, I attended and graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in School Administration and Supervision.

I first decided I needed to get into radio during hurricane Donna which crossed our house as my dad continued on the air that night until trees took down several antennas in the yard.
We continued to monitor reports on the storm even though we were off the air. I first sat for the novice when one had to make a specific number of contacts during the licensing period but I was by that time in the Navy and not able to get on the air losing that first ticket. I returned to active Ham Radio in 1985 after earlier holding that novice license. I continued working on morse code earning a new call and the first the full Novice license, then Technician and on to General, Advanced and finally Amateur Extra.

I served as a Red Cross communications officer for East Central Florida and was recognized as Volunteer of the Year in 1995. I was involved in CVAEC and ARRL testing both of which are VE programs. Past president of DBARA for two terms serving 9 years on the DBARA Board of Directors. Past Vice President of the Florida Repeater council and Data Base Manager for Florida. At one time I was also very active with CW, RTTY, and Packet. In about 1987 I found a love for transmitter hunting along with being active on SSB, FM and even AM. While participating in various transmitter hunts I was able to come in first place at the Orlando Hamcation twice placing in other years. I also hunted and won the Melbourne Florida transmitter hunt once and placed numerous times in addition.

I was Scoutmaster for Troop 468 in Ormond Beach, Florida. I was recognized as Scoutmaster of the year in 1999 for the Halifax District part of the Central Florida Council. I am the past Cubmaster for Pack 403 and earned several awards from the Central Florida Council and Halifax District. In 2001 I became the Halifax District Scouting Commissioner and continue to work with Troops, Packs, and Venture Crews in the area. I was awarded the Halifax District Award of Merit in August 2001. Awarded Distinguished Commissioner for Halifax District. In June of 2004, I was recognized with the Silver Beaver award presented by Central Florida Council. In August of 2008, I was called out and became an Order of the Arrow Vigil member for service to Thee Rivers Scouting District and Atlanta Area Council.

In the word of a ham radio operator I acted as Elmer for scouts, scout troops, scouting adults and have conducted classes in Ham Radio for various civic groups including LDS emergency communications classes. In excess of 20 boy and girl scouts are now holding ham tickets as a result of my teaching efforts. Additionally, a significant number of scouting youth have earned their Radio Merit badge with me as their councilor now including both of my grandsons. Additionally, numerous adults involved with scouting have earned licenses as high as Amateur Extra class under both the old rules which included Morse code requirements and the newer rules.

Before retirement in 2005, I was found at work as a past school principal then working as an administrator for the district’s Federal Compensatory Education program for over 30 years in total. The program is also known as Federal Title I. Volusia County’s Title I program serves disadvantaged youth in public and private schools, migrant youth and youth identified as homeless or in correctional programs are also served by this program.


Born January 15 in Orlando Florida I moved to the Daytona Beach area before the age of one where I lived until I retired in 2005. Upon retirement, I moved to the area west of Atlanta, Georgia to be close to children and four grandchildren.

I served in the US Navy during Vietnam. Stationed at NAS Patuxent River, NAS Pensacola, NAS Sanford, Florida, and Albany, Ga when not deployed to various ships. Uss America, Uss Constellation, Uss Saratoga were primary ships. During deployments. When deployed I was attached to the ship's Combat Information Center (CIC) working in the Integrated Operational Intelligence Center (IOIC) handling film and other classified materials. My primary assignment was Resonance Attack Squadron 5 (RECONATKRON 5) working in and with photo intelligence.

I am married to XYL Carolyn. I am proud of my Eagle Scout son Jonathan who these days holds my dad's call, K4MAB.

My adult children are Angela and Jonathan both married and have brought me, grandchildren. The grandchildren include grandsons Caleb and Avery. I am delighted by granddaughters Bailey and Julia.


I became interested in ham radio because of and as Hurricane Donna hit Florida in 1960. My Dad, ED (K4MAB) went on the air with his Mosley TA33 and dipole. We tracked the storm across south Florida into the Golf then continued as it turned over Florida again near Tampa. Next stop Orlando and then Ormond Beach where my house was. The eye of Donna crossed us taking out 9 large pine trees in our back yard, the Dipole a homebrew 20-meter yagi antenna and the Mosley. I learned that knowing where the storm is, is good to know the information. After the storm, my dad went back on the air with a generator offering health and welfare traffic using only the dipole that we had rigged from broken pines. We had no power at the house for over two weeks.

I have no favorite thing as far as a hobby goes. I always liked going out in my boat and then radio entered my life as a hobby. I continue to be dedicated to the scouting movement in America because we absolutely must have trustworthy leaders tomorrow. I don't see upcoming great leaders everyplace but I do see them in scouting. I have helped over one hundred boys earn Radio Merit Badge and I don't even know how many Ham licenses exist because of my efforts.

Today my equipment consists of a TS 520s, TS 430s, and an IC735. About 12 Icom handheld of one type or another. O2AT, 2AT, H16, U16, and others. I can't afford to keep all the batteries so I don't know why I have them except I like them. I don't like the new equipment on the market today because I like to use them without a manual.


I was on the board of Daytona Beach Amateur Radio Association for nine years. Three years as president and held other positions on the board. I worked with the Central Florida Red Cross and law enforcement DFing (Direction Finding) stolen police department handhelds. I built a doppler in the mid-90s and still love to Fox Hunt when I have the time. I did win the Orlando Hamcation event twice and Melbourne once too. These days I don't do much DFing in Georgia where I now live.


In Scouting, I am a past District Chairman, District Commissioner, Unit Commissioner, Venturing Crew Advisor, Scout Master, Cub Master, and a few dozen other things. As noted earlier I was awarded the District Award of Merit, Silver Beaver, Vigil Honor and hold a Ph.D. from the College of Commissioner Science and Vigil Honor with the Atlanta Area Council.


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