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2018-07-19 04:17:21 UTC









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Chris Morrison

RG18 3PD Thatcham
England, Berkshire

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Call data

Last update:2017-08-11 23:01:05
QTH:West Berkshire
Main prefix:G
Federal state:Berkshire
DXCC Zone:223
ITU Zone:27
CQ Zone:14

Most used bands


Most used modes


QSL data

Last update:2016-05-22 13:04:16
Bureau QSL:YES
Direct QSL:YES


Please QSL via LOTW can automatically QSL via LOTW and eQSL for you, therefore you only need to upload your log once. If you use JTalert with JT65/JT9 it can automatically upload your completed contact to which then forwards the log to LOTW and eQSL.

I am mostly active on data modes, mainly JT65, JT9 and now FT8. I will normally be using a Flex 6300 for 160m-10m and an Icom IC-7100 for 6m and 4m.

The antenna I normally use for HF is a single wire element tuned by a SGC SG-237 remote coupler. The wire configuration can ranging from a 40m delta loop, an Inverted-L to an Inverted-V doublet. The apex of the wire is usually about 10 meters above the ground. For 6m and 4m I am using the Alton Antenna Arrays 642MCA (6m, 4m, 2m dipole).

Worked DXCCs:


Flex 6300 with internal ATU
Icom IC-7100
Yaesu FT-817ND
Kenwood TM-D710E
Kenwood TM-241A
Tait T2010 - VHF Highband
Kenwood TH-F7E
Kenwood TH-D7E
Yaesu VX-2E
ComTalk 2 channel 2m hand held
Binatone MR300 x2 (8 channel 446 PMR)

Heathkit SB-200 - HF linear Amplifier
Microset VUR-30 (Dual Band full duplex 2m/70cm amplifier)
Tokyo Hy-Power HL-35v (144Mhz amplifier)

Cross Country Wireless SDR-4+ (HF SDR Receiver)
Realistic DX-394 (B)
Realistic PRO-2025
Sony ICF-SW7600
R820Tv2 (USB SDR dongle)

Signalink USB
Kantronics All Mode Plus (KAM-Plus) v8.2
Kantronics All Mode (KAM) v6.1
Kantronics All Mode (KAM) v2.85
Kantronics Packet Control 3 (KPC3) v8.2
Paccomm Tiny-2 MK-II v3.1 - with open squelch board
Byonics TinyTrak 3 plus (TT3+) with puck GPS
Avmap Geo-Sat 5 APRS

SGC SG-237
LDG Z-100Plus
Array Solutions Power Master II
Daiwa CN-801HP
Avair AV-601
Avair AV-600
Avair AV-20
MFJ 259B with MFJ-29C soft case
Bird Thruline Model 43 (500H, 250H and 50H inserts)
Bird Thruline Model 43 (50C, 10C, 5C, 50D, 10D and 5D inserts)
Bird Termaline Model 67 (500w dummy load and 30-500MHz wattmeter)
Hansen DL-20 (15w dummy load)
Large Dummy Load (unknown spec, N-Type socket)

Manson EP-925
Sharman PS-30M
Watson Power mite
Sotabeams Fuser-6

Kenwood SMC-34 (Speaker Microphone with Volume)
Yaesu MH-34B4B (Speaker Microphone)
Heil Proset Plus! (HC-4 and HC-5 elements)
Heil AD-1-Y (Yaesu 8-PIN - Yellow)
Heil AD-1-iM (Icom Modular - Blue)
Heil AD-1-YM (Yaesu Modular - Yellow)
FS-50A Foot switch
PTT hand switch (Home brew from Pye Shaver Mic)

Watson W2000 (VHF/UHF Vertical - 1/2 wave @50MHz, 2x5/8 wave @145MHz, 4x5/8 wave @440MHz)
Watson W2000 (VHF/UHF Vertical - 1/2 wave @50MHz, 2x5/8 wave @145MHz, 4x5/8 wave @440MHz)
Watson W300 (VHF/UHF Vertical - 2x5/8 wave @145MHz, 5x5/8 wave @440MHz)
Jaybeam (144MHz 5 element with folded dipole driven element)
Watson WVB-70 (4m 1/2 wave vertical)
Alton Antenna Arrays 642MCA (6m, 4m, 2m dipole)
TGM Communications MQ-1 (4 band hybrid quad beam antenna - 20m, 15m, 10m, 6m)
G3TPW CobWebb
Cushcraft R7 (7 band 1/2 wave end-fed Vertical)
Moonraker EVX4000 (Trapped 1/4 wave Vertical for 40m, 20m, 15m, 10m)
G5RV (Half Size)
M0CVO HW-20 (20m OCF dipole)
M0CVO HW-40 (40m OCF dipole)
80m Isotron Antenna
Cross Country Wireless HF Active Antenna
5/8 wave @ 1090MHz Vertical

Watson W-770HB (Dual Band mobile whip -1/2 wave @145MHz, 2x5/8 wave @440MHz)
Diamond MR-77 (Dual Band mobile whip -1/4 wave @145MHz, 5/8 wave @440MHz)
Diamond SRH779 2m/70cm Handheld Antenna
Nagoya NA-771 2m/70cm Handheld Antenna
Comet CH-32 2m/70cm Miracle Baby Handheld Antenna
Watson WHF-80 (80m Mobile whip)
Arrow II 146/437-10WBP (Satellite Antenna)
1/4 wave 145MHz mobile whip and mag mount (Homebrew)
1/4 wave 70MHz mobile whip and mag mount (Homebrew)

102ft Doublet (Homebrew - Multi-stranded Copper wire)
80m 1/2 wave dipole (Homebrew - Hard drawn Copper wire with G-Whip dipole centre)
40m 1/2 Centre fed dipole (Homebrew - shorted RG-58 elements with G-Whip dipole centre)
40m Delta loop (Homebrew - Hard drawn Copper wire with LDG 4:1 Balun)
80m/40m Trapped Dipole (Homebrew - Multi-stranded Copper wire for element and Hard drawn Copper wire for the traps)
Fullsize 30m skyloop (Homebrew - Multi-stranded Copper wire)

50MHz 2-element Moxon (Homebrew)
70MHz 2-element Moxon (Homebrew)
144MHz folded Dipole (Jaybeem driven element)
145MHz Slim Jim/J-Pole (Homebrew from 450 Ohm twin feeder)
145MHz Quadrifilar Helix (Homebrew - ISS SSTV and APRS packet downlink antenna)
137MHz Quadrifilar Helix (Homebrew weather satellite antenna)

Diamond MX-62m Duplexer
Cross Country Wireless 6m/4m Duplexer
Watson CS-600 (2-way Coax switch)
MFJ 1704 (4-way Coax switch)
Homebrew 2-way Coax switch

Watson W-300 Tri Magnetic Mount
Diamond K-400 Hatch/Boot Mount with Watson W-3CK cable kit
Watson W-3HM Hatch/Boot Mount with W-3CK cable kit
Watson SP-2000 sun visor speaker
Pye Mobile Speaker *3
PMR-712 Mobile speaker

Watson Weather station (Fine Offset WH1080)
Micronta Radio Timed Clock (Oregon Scientific RM-913 copy)
Behringer CMD micro (USB DJ controller with 2 VFO for SmartSDR control)
Contour ShuttlePRO (USB controller with shuttle jog VFO)

MM0CUG 10m aluminium tilt wall mounted mast


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