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2019-10-18 15:09:35 UTC









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Thomas Kashuba

Bolton 01740
United States, MA

united states
image of kt1tk

Call data

Last update:2019-04-30 10:06:36
Main prefix:K
Federal state:MA
US county:Worcester
DXCC Zone:291
ITU Zone:8
CQ Zone:5
ULS record:3984642

Most used bands


Most used modes


QSL dataUp to date!

Last update:2019-04-30 10:00:32
Bureau QSL:no
Direct QSL:no
Extra QSL Info:QSL via LOTW and/or QRZ. Only after those, will email tvia Am on all others but only passively.


1960s-Present. Did *many* things.
Designed computers and also HW/SW for remote controlled comm equip.
Created software like "BandView" to control Kenwood + NRD (some awards).
... Some other things ...
1970-1990 Commercial, Fashion, Glamour, Magazine photography
1980-1990 IS, BBS, and Social Media designer, operator, administrator
1990-2000 IT Systems Engineer and National Director
2017-10 Sat for & passed Tech/Gen/Extra exams. Better late than never.
2017-11 My station 1st on air with ICom IC-756 Pro III, AH-4 & 20' wire.
2018-03 Turned 70 so I'm an old newbie scrounging for wire on zero budget.
2018-06 Erected temporary 60' Inverted L Sloper. 22 counties now logged.
2018-06 Got IC-7610. Superb output. 14 more countries in 10 days (36 total)
2019-Q1 Getting better at 7610+60' wire has netted me ...
WASx4, DXCCx155, WACx6, PFXx1000, GRIDx1000, All Canada, All Europe
2019-Q2 AH4 coax shorted so using 9:1 balun replacing AH4
... 7610 tuner rus 160m-6m, except 40m (resonance issue).
relearning connectors, strip, crimp, shrinking to fix AH4.

Voila! Here I am!

Worked DXCCs:


=== STATION RIG(s) ===

Current: Icom IC-7610 (100W) with ICom AH-4 Remote Tuner. It's GREAT!!!!
Icom IC-756 PRO III (100W) with ICom AH-4 Remote Antenna Tuner.

=== ANTENNA(e) ===

... Current Wire ...

Antenna #02a - 60' Inverted-L Sloper. Due South (Current Antenna)
Rebuilt previous mini wire antennas. Extended wire to 60' with 1st leg running upwards for 12' then 48' horizontally sloping up to 30' AGL. GREATLY improved signal. Many QSOs that would have been buried in the mud are now 57 to 59 both ways. Now points South. 00-01 variants ran ESE. 20m Ecuador QSL now a solid 59.

... Retired or Failed Experiments ...

Antenna #01a - Straight Inverted-L. ESE. **Retired**
Straight vertical leg was QRM magnet adjacent to AC power lines. Replaced with #02a" with sloped vertical/horizontal legs for more distance to house AC power lines.

Antenna #00c - "Downward Dog" ESE **Retired**
Another minor upgrade to my Mini Inverted L. Raised vertical leg to 12' and extended horizontal leg to 28' for a total run of about 40'. You can laugh!

Antenna #00b - "Slooper". ESE **Retired**
My next "upgrade" (cue guffawing now) was simply a re-tossing of the same wire up about 10' onto a taller adjacent bush. The wire then became what I call my "Micro Inverted L" which rises 10' up from the AH-4 then across 20' to the bush. Yuck!

Antenna #00a - "Sickly Sloucher". ESE **Retired**
Desperate to get on air as 2017-18 Winter slammed my area, I literally tossed up some rusty speaker wire from the AH-4 below my shack's window to the thin branches of a nearby scrub bush that quickly bent under under the small wire's weight so it ended up being about 5' vertical and 18 feet across in a deeply slouching arc that touched the increasing ground snow's height. And thus was born my "Sickly Sloucher" antenna #00a. Still, it logged me 8 countries in a few DX sessions.

Phase 2 - To get one of the following up.

Antenna #03A - Vertical (Hustler 6BTV) with a few radials. Q2-2019. ^^PLANNED^^
Possibly for DX despite further increasing existing S9+15 QRM levels.

Antenna #04A - Tree/Pole hung dipole variations ...

(1) G5RV 40m 3/2 wave. 102' wires, 35' apex. Q2-2019 ???
Not sure if I'll bother. Trees here are nightmares with hundreds of convoluted branches at all angles. Getting apex up isn't the problem. Extending elements is next to futile w/o hanging over or bending around many branches at odd angles. That, in turn, could start a forest fire!

(2) 1/2 wave Off Center Fed Dipole (OCFD), instead. It may fit between my many trees without touching so many branches and avoid starting a fire!

(3) Double-Bazooka or standard Inverted-V Dipole if previous thoughts fail -and- I can navigate through the 100's of tree branches.

Antenna #05A - Triband 2E Yagi, Hexbeam, or cobWebb ... all of which require a HUGE turning radius, 40' telescoping tilt mast to clear my roof and a lot of planning for 1-man assembly, erection, operation and maintenance. A 600W amp on a G5RV inverted V seems like the easiest way out. Hopefully better than my 60' sloper wire!

Phase 3 - Random dreaming.

Win Lotto. Buy mansion on top of hill with 40 acres.
Pay others to move my house then erect 100' towers with
quad stacked 40-20-15-10m Yagis and techies to maintain it.
And a 95' mid-fed vertical for DX
And a multi-looped full-wave rhombic for 80/40/20M .. for fun.

Then sit back and play with my 7610 along side some higher-end SDRs.
Then die a happy HAM. Yeah, right!

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