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2022-10-06 23:38:49 UTC









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Jamie Ivanov

Milwaukee 53222
United States, WI

united states
image of kc9lfd

Call data

Last update:2022-09-22 14:18:21
Main prefix:K
Federal state:WI
US county:Milwaukee
DXCC Zone:291
ITU Zone:8
CQ Zone:4
ULS record:2895437

Most used bands


Most used modes


QSL data

Last update:2019-04-08 00:01:47
Bureau QSL:YES
Direct QSL:YES


New logbook created after moving to EN53XC.


Yes, I am a LGBT female radio operator and my pronouns are she/her or they/them. If you don't like lesbians or if you can't respect me enough as a person to use my pronouns then don't bother contacting me. If you don't like who I am then don't contact me but do not preach to me about how much you don't like me because I would NEVER do that to another human being.


My voice has been a problem since 2018 when a mospital skewup caused me to stop breathing then aspirate when they tried to bring me back. After a traumatic intubation, a week hooked up to a breathing machine, and the worst pneumonia I could imagine, I was left with lifelong breathing problems, throat damage, and vocal cord paralysis. 

I'm a parent, software dev, freelance journalist, civil rights activist, photographer, fixer of all things, conjurer of intellectual badassery and magical unicorn farts.

After selling most of my gear to escape an abusive situation in EN35HA, I moved to Milwaukee, WI and I'm back on the air with an old radio and a wire in between trees. I'm living with a YL, that I hope will make me the luckiest lady in the world and become my wife, and 3 kiddos. I'm glad to be on the air again and some day I hope to have a nice radio and a nice vertical like I used to have ☺️

Currently I'm using an Icom IC-756 and either a G5RV-Jr dipole or an endfed. The G5RV-Jr is what I'm using currently and it seemed to outperform the mystery endfed I was using but I'm working on building my own random wire and maybe trying to build a EFHW. 

I originally got into amateur radio for public service when I was a youngster and got heavy into HF in about 2018. I love designing and building antennas, playing the game of "will it resonate" to see what I can turn into an impromptu antenna, and I love sharing how diverse and fun amateur radio is. I try to help and encourage folks get started in amateur radio and especially encourage YLs; just ask, I'll find your interests and match it with some part of amateur radio! ❤️

I've never needed more than 100 watts; I'm from the school of maximizing what you have and I've worked over 150 countries on 7 continents with that much power ☺️

While I've done digital on HF for a while, I'm just starting to get into the world of DMR, C4FM, and other digital voice modes ☺️


Follow @VonaviPhotos on Facebook or Instagram for photography and activism media.
Follow @MuffintopBikini on Facebook or Instagram for personal content.

I'm also on LinkedIn:


Black lives matter. Trans lives matter. Asain lives matter. Queer lives matter. All lives can't matter if people are still being killed because of discrimination and prejudice. If you don't agree then be an adult and walk away. End of story.

Worked DXCCs:


Icom IC-756, half working, with a LDG IT-100 tuner connected to a G5RV-Jr, or endfed, in a tree
Yaesu VX-8R mainly an APRS beacon but also VHF/UHF/satellite work

DX Code Of Conduct

dx code of conduct small logoI support the "DX Code Of Conduct" to help to work with each other and not each against the others on the bands.

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