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2019-06-20 22:21:36 UTC









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Moto Motoaki Uotome

100-8692 Tokyo

image of ja1gzv

Call data

Last update:2019-04-30 10:36:59
Main prefix:JA
Class:1st. Com.RadioTelegraph Ops'
DXCC Zone:339
ITU Zone:45
CQ Zone:25

QSL dataUp to date!

Last update:2018-06-22 12:53:23
Bureau QSL:YES
Direct QSL:YES


Welcome to the QRZCQ listing for Moto/JA1GZV.

JA1GZV - Callsign Lookup by QRZ Ham Radio -

XQ3CJ 2019 Activity as DX Vacation in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay.

MM0GAA 2018 Activity as DX Vacation in Scotland.

(Glasgow-Fort William-Kyle of Lochalsh-Dunvegan-Portree-Fort William-Oban-Lochgilphead-Campbeltown-Inveraray-Glasgow)

VK8DX 2017 Activity as Commonwealth Contest BERU 2017.

VK8DX/7 2017 Activity as Tasmania DX Vacation. ( Launceston & Hobart )

VK8DX/3 2017 Activity as Victoria DX Vacation. ( Melbourne )

■ QSL Policy : NO BURO request to VK8DX, Please e-QSL or Direct./BURO for JA1GZV.

BV7YA, BW/JA1GZV Visited Kaohsiung in 2016,2017.

高雄業餘無線電俱樂部 BV7YA

Moto, TX6A/TX7A 2015 Activity. (TX6A/TAHITI)

TX6A is currently active from Tahiti Island, as Society Islands. (Not Mayotte Island)

TX7A is currently active from Moorea Island as Society Islands.

■ Note: NOW the prefix for Mayotte Island is FH or TO , not TX

■ The QSL BURO service for TX6A and TX7A was terminated.

■ QSL Policy :NO BURO request to TX6A/TX7A, Please e-QSL or Direct/BURO for JA1GZV.

■ If you need QSL Direct, Please send me your QSL to the P.O.BOX 856, Ginza,

Tokyo, 100-8692, Japan. with SAE + 2 green stamps. (For Japanese: with SAE )

9A/JA1GZV 2014 Activity as DX Vacation in Croatia

(Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Sprit, Plitvice lakes park)

MM0GAA 2013 Activity as DX Vacation in Scotland.

( Edinburgh-Glasgow-Perth-Invernes-Dornie-Broadford-Portree-Kilmaluag-Uig-Seonser-Invernes-Rhynie-Keith-Elgin-Invernes )

HS0/JA1GZV 2012 Activity as DX Vacation in THAI & VK8DX/SYDNEY.

(Past Activities) before 1912.

・ DU/JA1GZV,JA1GZV/DU Philippines.

・ SV/JA1GZV Greece.(Kefalonian IS)

・ 9M2/9M4/JA1GZV Marysia. (Tioman IS)

・ KH0AW/AH0AA Saipan.

・ KH2AW/KH2/W9AW Guam.

・ KH8J/KH8JA American Samoa.

・ NH7AA/WH7J/WH7AA Hawaii.

・ AJ1AA , W3AN NY/Washington DC (ARRLDX,WW DX).

・ CX2BP Montevideo Uruguay.

・ CE3CJ/LU, LU/CE3CJ Buenos Aires Argentina.

・ CP1/JA1GZV Lapaz Bolivia.

・ OA4/JA1GZV Lima Peru.

・ ZP5/JA1GZV Asuncion Paraguay.

・ XQ3CJ/CE3CJ Portale 0~8 Area in the Chile.

・ Others: ZL/JA1GZV, F/JA1GZV, G/VK7MU, KR6CW etc.


■ A ham life, mostly on CW, since 1963.

■ I have a genuine love CW. and through on the air, to keep the social friendships with Ham's who love I the CW around the world.

■ The digital mode, human does not intervene as PC processes QSO. It is good tool to pursue the number of QSOs, but , there is no human conversation there, which is boring for me. It is interesting that CW is technology which utilizes the human five senses as well.

■ Today CW is spreading QSO of 599BK style, such as daily QSO and DXCC etc. These are "a kind of game."
I am not interested in like this and think again about the conversational QSO and the essence of CW.

■ A Pilot ( aircraft ) activity on the Sky since 1973 as hobby. (The first maneuver is in RJOY / YAO)

■ Current licenses held:

● Aviation English Language Certificate of Proficiency( JCAB / FAA under the ICAO Annex 1 Standard ).

● Flight Crew licenses & certificates are under the authorization of the JCAB, MIC, FAA, FCC, CASA Australia, DGAC and Aviation Medical Certificate.

● First Class Commercial Radio Telegraph Operator's Certificate of Proficiency under the Radio Law & RR of ITU.

● GMDSS First Class Radio Electric Certificate of Proficiency under the Radio Law & RR of ITU.

● First Class Radio Engineer's Certificate of proficiency under the Radio Law for the TV & Broadcasting Services.

● Amateur: JA -First class, US-Extra, UK-Full, Australia-AOCP(A), Chile-Superior, Uruguay-Superior.

● Chief Telecommunications Engineer's Certificate of Proficiency of TRANSMISSION, EXCHANGE and LINE system for the Telecomm's Carrier's Netwowks, under the Telecomm's Business Law.

■ Former: As Manager & Qualification Examiner of Japan Radio Institute. I was Conducted the National Exam (Theory, Regulations, A skill of Morse Telegraphy etc. ) for Commercial Radio Telegraph Operator's Certificate of Proficiency as provided for in the Radio Law and Radio Regulations annexed to the Constitution of International Telecommunication Union ( ITU ).

■ Former: Executive director of NICT collaborative Research center.

■ Currently, I am a part time Professor in charge of Telecommunications field at University.

■ Past operative activity : ( from 1970's )








CWops #1014, A-1 Op (Join1975), FOC #2053, HSC #1953

See you on the air soon. 73+88 (161) Moto JA1GZV

・ In 1990's, I was a resident of south america. for technical cooperation from Japan. Mr. Reginald Louis Varney CX5RV / G5RV ( SK, FOC#7 ) since lived in Uruguay at that time, I visited him often. aspects at different times, with his wife Nelida, always warm, he gave in response kindly with a friendship.

In 1970's, he was operationg in VK9LV to stay in Papua New Guinea in the work of the PTT. I was beginning to have a friendship through CW ragchew with him, from since.

Those are great memories for me, and friendship with him will not be able to never forget.

Summary of the life and times of Louis Varney ( by Mid-Sussex Amateur Radio Society )
Reginald Louis Verney, Born 9th June 1911 Died 28th June 2000 aged 89


Call Signs Used. 2ARV (1927) - VP4RV - VP5RV - VP6RV - VP7RV - PJ5AA - PJ5CA - PX1RV - EP2RV - ON8RV - 9Y4RV - 8P6DF - VK9LV - YJ8RV - FO0RV - CX5RV - PY1ZAR - TU4AJ - EI2VPL - G5RV/GC - GI - GM - GW - F7 - PA0 - IL - IT1 - LA - SM - OZ - DL - CT1 - EA8 - VP9 - W2 - VE3 - XE1 - TG9 - YS - TI2 - HP1 - YV5 - HK3 - HC1 - OA4 - CE3 - LU - 9G1 - 5N2 - 5Z4 - 9J2 - 5U7 - XT2 - OD5 - VS6 - VK2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - ZP5. (Total of 60)

Inventor of the world-famous G5RV Antenna, and Member of the RSGB for74 years. He moved to Burgess Hill in November 1968. At the January 1969 AGM of the Mid-Sussex Amateur Radio Society (MSARS), Louis was made President. At the January 1977 AGM Louis was voted ‘Life President’ of MSARS (23 Years).

While with the Marconi Company he was a ‘Technical Representative’ for Venezuela Marconi, including traveling to Peru and the Caribbean. He was then ‘Head-Hunted’ by Preece, Cardew & Rider, to install and commission radio stations, as a Consultant Engineer for NATO in Paris, Europe and Middle East etc. Occasionally he returned to the stations to confirm their operation. Whilst Louis worked for the ‘Marconi’ company he shook hands with Mr Marconi*.

Portrait of Louis Varney Commissioned by MSARS (Artist Ken Farmer), unveiled on November 9th 2001 at Marle Place but now hangs in the radio shack at Cyprus Hall.

Louis was a delightful man, and a great personality, his G5RV Licence was granted to MSARS by his wife Nelida Varney. More information on Louis Varney is given in the Mid-Sussex Amateur website

・ I have a long experience in the eng. field of TV & MF/HF Broadcasting services, Land, Satellite Communications services, Radio Relay Systems, Aeronautical Fixed and Mobile services, Radio Navigation services (NDB,VOR/DME/TACAN, Radar systems etc.), Maritime Mobile services. ( Ship Radio Stations & Coast Radio Stations on MF/HF band CW, and GMDSS systems), HF band AM/CW Experimental Radio Station JG2XA (Currently UEC, NOT MIC) by IICP, MIC, from 1951 to 1980's.

Since 1999, Most of Coast Radio Telegraph Stations around the world were closed by the introduction of the GMDSS.

( Closedown of NTT Choshi and Nagasaki Coast Radio Stations JCS/JOS-JPN )

( Closedown of Portishead Coast Radio Stations GKA/GKB/GKC/GKL/GKV-UK )

( Closing message of San Francisco Coast Radio Stations KPH/KFS/KSM -US ) KSM Operations

NW Please join us for the traditional closing message =

Dear goddess the members of the maritime radio historical society are your humble servants and we thank you for protecting us this past year as we continued our stewardship of the stations KPH and KSM the music of morse has gladdened the hearts of many as we have crosseb the barriers of time and space we ask your aid and guidance in our decisions and actions during the coming year that we may be worthy of the equipment and tradition that has been entrusted into our humble hands bless also the ears around the world that share the fruits of our labours z u t 73/88 DA de KPH/KFS/KSM CL AR "

( My favorite words )

" Youth " Samuel Ullman (1922)

Youth is not a time of life -- it is a state of mind; It is a temper of the will, a quality of the imagination, a vigor of the emotions, a predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite for adventure over love of ease. Nobody grows old by merely living a number of years; people grow old only by deserting their ideals.

Years wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul. Worry, doubt, self-distrust, fear and despair -- these are the long, long years that bow the head and turn the growing spirit back to dust.

Whether seventy or sixteen, there is in every beings' heart, the love of wonder, the sweet amazement at stars and the starlike things and thoughts, the undaunted challenge of events the unfailing childlike appetite for what next, and the joy and the game of life. You are as young as your faith, as old as your doubt; as young as your self-confidence, as old as your fear, as young as your hope, as old as your despair.

So long as your heart receives messages of beauty, cheer, courage, grandeur and power from the earth, from man and from the Infinite, so long you are young. When the wires are all down and all the central place of your heart is covered with snows of pessimism and the ice of cynicism, then you are grown old indeed and may God have mercy on your soul.

( 邦文訳 : 岡田義夫 )


人は信念とともに若く、疑惑とともに老ゆる。 人は自信とともに若く、恐怖とともに老ゆる。 希望ある限り若く、失望とともに老い朽ちる。

これらの霊感が絶え、悲歎の白雪が人の心の奥までもおおいつくし、 皮肉の厚氷がこれを固くとざすに至れば、この時にこそ人はまったくに老いて、神の憐れみ

Samuel Ullman Museum

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■ Rigs:200W Bare-footed.TX antennas: Zepp(2×50m Long), Dipole(82m Long), Delta Loop(43m Long).

Antenna height 20m. (Rigs-antennas: fed with 450/600 ohm ladder line, I use on all bands 160 to 10m.)

(RX antennas) 160m to 80m : Beverages and Flag + LNA.(Low bands receiving only)


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