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125-0054 TOKYO

image of ja1atr

Call data

Last update:2018-04-25 16:02:33
Main prefix:JA
DXCC Zone:339
ITU Zone:45
CQ Zone:25

QSL data

Last update:2015-07-15 16:23:34
Bureau QSL:YES
Direct QSL:YES


Welcome to my page!!

I was born in a place called FUKUSHIMA of north Japan in Jan.1963.

In the days of 6 years old,it was a favorite boy to play with the transceiver of the toy.

In the days of 10 years old,I was interested in wireless communication using CB.It was the output of just 0.5W in japan.I was surpurised at that I could tell that about 300~600km occasionally left it though only a neighboring friend could talk all the time very much.

I heard that older brother of the classmate did amateur radio communicatons,and oneself wanted to begin it afterwards.

I acquired the license of amateur radio communications at 13 years old(1976).The call sign is JH7UBO.

My 1st QRV was 50MHzBAND.It was only 1.5W in 6mSSB.Allmost everyday,I contacted with local station.But I have been completely fascinated as I was said to be a Magic Bnad .Because it was possible for DX QSO(DU,KG6,HL9 e.t.c.) with this small power.

Of couse,I wanted to QRV for HF Bands,but was not appeared without buying RIG with boys pokect money.

In the days of 15 years old(1978),I made 50MHz Linear Amplifier with vacuum tube(6JS6) from failed TVset.It power was about 10W.I was change a D.P. anntena to 6elements yagi anntena.It had not a rotator.I was changed it the direction at my hand power!This equipment could able to QSO with W and

In the days of 19 years old(1982),I moved to Tokyo.I was able to hardly communicate for the house environment that was not good.I used D.P.anntena in the room.hi.

Then it continued for a long long time the number of the contact station was 0 or 10 par a year. It is approximately equal with having stopped amateur radio communications the other day.

In the days of 40 years old(2003),I acquired a callsign JA1ATR.

In the days of 52 years old(2015),I thought that you should have an anything hobby for prevention of senility with free time increasing if I retired. Therefore I thought to do the amateur radio communications that I liked in one's youth. If anything, I was an office worker of the low income, but I thought to purchase a radio machine usable throughout the life and tried it hard and obtained Kenwood TS-990.

I used only 6mBAND, but I thought to appear in HF-BAND with much effort and installed an antenna of the multiband groundplane(DIAMOND CP-6) till then.I am living apartment house of 7th floor.This anntenna installed in my balcony.It is about 20mH from the earth.

The Japanese apartment house has various limitation. I need the resolution of the management union based on an apartment management agreement to install this antenna. It took several years to take the approval to set up this antenna.

After making its debut for the first time in life in the 21MHZ band, the first communication was 5,800 miles away Croatia 9A2YM. When the short wave arrived so far and wide, I was surprised and came to like this band.

25, Feb. 2017

I was able to install hfband antenna with a rotator which was the dream since the days of the child in the roof of the apartment house.
There were various problems with this. There are clearing Building Standard Act in particular by a law of Japan and thunder and strong wind measures. The approval of the apartment house management union is newly necessary, too. I solved those problems one by one, and I did it.

Top of the mast Like a ball is PDCE(Lightning suppresion system) about 29mH.

8element HB9CV for 50MHz 28mH : MINIMULTI HB068DXC B9.0m E3.02

4element Dual drive YagiAnttena TRIBANDER(14,21,28MHz) : NAGARA TA-341 B4.56m E7.54m

My RIG is KENWOOD TS-990 bear foot.It's only 200W


HF MultiBand Ground Plane Antenna about 20mH It's installed in a roof in the apartmenthouse.
6m 2ELE HB9CV 22mH

RIG: JRC JST-245 150W
Kenwood TS-990S 200W

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