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2020-07-08 11:28:49 UTC









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Salvatore Canino
via Trento, 25
95010 Dagala del Re
Sicily, Italy

image of it9suq

Call data

Last update:2019-05-11 08:54:23
Main prefix:IT9
Federal state:Italy
DXCC Zone:248
ITU Zone:28
CQ Zone:15

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QSL data

Last update:2019-05-11 08:53:55
Bureau QSL:no
Direct QSL:YES


Welcome to my page
Who is IT9 SUQ ?
Salvo was born a small village in the municipality of Piedimonte Etneo , Province of Catania.
- Work
He obtained a Diploma in Industrial electrician in the school.After a few years of waiting, he began working in a sector other than that of his specialization , but just as interesting : The Heat engineering . The important thing was to work with.
Start making the drafter of plumbing, heating , air-conditioning and sanitary both domestic and industrial . This activity lasts for about ten years.
Gained more experience, he was hired by another private company , with the qualification of thermal engineering designer , and he was given the job of planning and execution of mechanical systems engineering of a large complex of buildings within the Presidio Hospital " Cannizzaro " in Catania , where it remains for an additional ten years.
- The family
Married to Sarah, lives in Dagala of the King , in the municipality of Santa Venerina in Catania province , a small town of about 1200 inhabitants , on the slopes of Etna.
Rosario was born in 1988 , graduated Computer Expert , attended the Faculty of Computer Science at the University of Catania
- The hobby
At 12 years,makes the first experiments with electricity in DC performing small circuits .
The experiments continue , and taking a cue from the various journals of that period , construct a multiplicity of circuits transistors mounted on bases breadboard .
By obtaining the license and the license then in 1975 , he began his amateur radio . The first RTX was a portable VHF TOKAI , 5 watts , 5 channels of which only one quartz , ( while the rest of the crystals relative to the channels was completed later).
The Tokai, was a true brick weight of 2.2 Kg !
The first serious DIY , dates back to 1976 , an AM transmitter with VFO GELOSO, 6v6 and 807 final modulated controlled carrier and the modulator had a ECC83 as a microphone preamp and driver for the EL84 . The receiver was a Magnadine that still keeps working perfectly. The task of self-construction , continued over the years , during which come to light , super receivers reaction , super terodina, BF amplifiers , RF amplifiers , antennas etc. .
The greater your interest , it remains the design, construction and testing of the antennas.

P.S. The exchange of QSL card is possible in these ways:
1) eQSL
2) LoTW
3) Direct qsl request - remember that:
New postal rates in Italy from 24.12.2012:
0.85€ for Europe;
2.00€ outside Europe;
2.50€ Pacific ( VK-ZL-ecc.);
for a lightweight letter max 20 grams
Should you want to receive a direct please include:
1 USDfor Europe + SAE
3 USDsoutside of Europe + SAE
4 USDsVK-ZL Pacific Area + SAE
Before sending the QSL make sure that the value sent to the response actually corresponds to the level necessary declared above

Worked DXCCs:


HF Rig.

Yaesu FT-2000 + DMU + Rotator G-1000DXC
Linear: Drake L-4B 1,5KW mod.
Antenne:3,5 Mhz Inverter V dipole
7,0 Mhz Inverter V dipole
7,0 Mhz Rigid Dipole orizontal
18-24 Mhz Rigid Dipole orizontal
14-18-21-24-28 MHZ Vertical 1/2 Full Size "LZAV-5B"
14-21-28 Mhz Spiderbeam Home Made Directive Full Size
3El x 14-21 Mhz 4El x 28 Mhz
Collinear: 50 - 144 - 430 Mhz
Icom IC-7300 - 01/06/2016
Kenwood TS-930S - Aprile 2017

MY COLLECTION RADIO (see foto on --Grundig Satellit 3400,Grundig Satellit Professional 650,Grundig Satellit 1400SL,Grundig Satellit 2000+BFO SSB,Panasonic DR49,Sony ICF 6800W,Pancrusader X,Globe ICF 2002,Pancrusader XK,Siemens RK16,Basf D 2100, Grundig 3100CD,Telefunken Studio 1M HIFI,Rising Boombox, Elton E5.
To see photos on

Note: OM, doing activity in JT65, are requested to leave the signal "db" - RRR, is not a relationship, otherwise the QSO and the QSL, it will be confirmed without "db"

Those who want confirmed QSOs on QRZ.COM, the request must be received within the year when it was run.
Thank you

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DX Code Of Conduct

dx code of conduct small logoI support the "DX Code Of Conduct" to help to work with each other and not each against the others on the bands.

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