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2018-12-16 07:16:47 UTC









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image of g8lzi

Call data

Last update:2018-11-20 12:50:41
Main prefix:G
DXCC Zone:223
ITU Zone:27
CQ Zone:14

QSL dataUp to date!

Last update:2018-06-16 15:53:45
Bureau QSL:no
Direct QSL:no
Extra QSL Info:.


Thank you for looking up c/s G8LZI ...

My name is Chris and I gladly answer to “krissy” - I am only called Gregory, or Greg, by people who don’t know me!

I originally hail from South London, but have spent most of my life living in, and around the Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire borders.

In 1976, while at school in South London, I “did” the RAE and was issued the callsign G8LZI

Prior to that time I was one of the operators of callsign 20̷A (previously 37C)

Leaving school in the late 1970’s, I did all sorts of different jobs in different locations around the UK. Finally in the mid 1980’s, i got a sensible head on, and started a “proper” job, working in the transport industry, and only returned to London when work demanded it ... which it did :-(

For thirty something years I had a privileged working life - most of the time I would be out and about at times when most folk would be tucked up at home. Despite never admitting it at the time, I really, really loved the job i was doing. Strange though it might seem, I would particularly look forward to being at work on Christmas day or Christmas night!

So, it was with heavy heart that I took premature retirement a couple of years ago so that I could look after an infirm family member in the manner that I wished they be taken care of. Most of the time my charge needs constant attention. Fortunately, when I’m not actively involved in the nitty-gritty bits of “caring” I can play ham radio. However, I do need to be able to stop whatever it is that I’m doing on the radio and respond to their needs straight away. Even if I don’t get to make many contacts myself, I do get to enjoy an underrated and under appreciated side of the hobby, that is, “spotting” of other stations. My spots are uploaded via VK3AMA’s Hamspots pages (thank you Laurie) I tend to lurk on the Olivia spot/chat/sked page.

I don’t make very many contacts, but when I work you, dear radio friend, I WILL cherish our QSO, thank you.

Cheers ... chris E


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