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2021-02-26 06:46:56 UTC









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Gerry E


image of g3ms

Call data

Last update:2019-05-21 12:21:30
Main prefix:G
DXCC Zone:223
ITU Zone:27
CQ Zone:14

QSL data

Last update:2019-04-12 12:50:52
Bureau QSL:no
Direct QSL:no


Ex Royal Navy, Wireless Telegraphist. 1960 to 1972, Last used morse "live" on a transmitter, in 1968.

Found a program called CWCOM, about 6 years ago (2013) Can use it for "live" qso`s over the internet, with anyone who likes morse. No licences required.... No rig, ..... No Antenna.... No Logging in.... No Registration,... and best of all... NO FEES... it is absolutely FREEEEEE !.

There are a couple of sites listed, for downloading the program, on the blogsite.

I have been on CWCOM everyday, ( I monitor Channel 1000 (default channel) from about 13:00 G.M.T until about 22:00 G.M.T. ) and helped many new users, and struggling morse users!..
so much so, that I have written a blogsite, with pages of helpful information, and step by step instructions for all aspects of the program... INCLUDING... how to attach an external key to your computer, or laptop....

The program was originally written for WINDOWS 95... however, I have written a page so that it can be used on LINUX MINT ( and probably other linux distros )..

There is also a page devoted to MAC USERS.

Both pages have been proved to work... so you ahould have no problems, however, If you do, you can always contact me, there is a contact me email address, or you can use CWCOM, and check me out on channel 1000 callsign G3MS.

Note... Just because you are learning, or only doing 5 wpm.... do not be frightened off...

You need to have someone who will guide you and help you gain "key confidence" and then you will improve your speed and accuracy, before going "live" on air...



I use only STRAIGHT morse keys....

I have a collection of interesting keys, I have 15 keys attached to my laptop with interesting stories attached to each one.

I write a blog about the keys I buy from Ebay , and refurbish them, to bring them back into use on CWCOM.. you can read about them, and some projects for making keys, and a sounder, on this blog.

Check out the archives on the left of the main text, and watch a short video at the end of each story, of the key in action.


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