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2018-05-23 22:29:02 UTC









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Eddie Smallcock


image of g1xns

Call data

Last update:2017-07-30 22:33:51
Main prefix:G
DXCC Zone:223
ITU Zone:27
CQ Zone:14

QSL data

Bureau QSL:no
Direct QSL:no


Well, you've found us & I am sure it was not worth it!

'G1XNS, from the worst part of Harrow'

I'm currently helping stations to improve their transmission distance to more than 100 meters & hope to report good news for the first station, G1XNS!

I've been using Radio since 1979 & still have not worked out which side of the mike to talk into yet! I've never recovered from this illness & there seems to be a number of other people like me out there. The illness started when I was 10 years old, other people falling asleep while talking to me on a 40 Channel AM CB radio known as the Jaws yawn.

The sound/ambience can be compared to 'Ghosts' from the old wave group known as Japlan, one of their finest tracks and is at the link below for your listening horror

Anyhow, The main equipment comprises of the following (with no other electronic equip/junk to admit too)

Radio for Hf & Vhf

Icon 700 / with poor Microphone modification

DMR - CS100

Transverter Microwave Oven for 23cm

CB Radio's - yep, there's still a few around to look at. I often look at the Jaws yawn radio's in my possession. If you have a Jaws yawn in the attic/garage/box/ and you'd be happy to feed my illness then please feel free to say so. There's no pressure if you cannot part with it, I have that problem. I would gladly provide a happy home - even if the radio is not very well like me.

ok, the mental bits up in the air that do the magic....


Extendable mag mount, see the picture above.

Piece of wet string.

Hf - Longer piece of wet string.

The X7 is currently a dream, due to its size it will not fit in my shoebox. Maybe one day it will grace the skies or be used in the next Holy Grail Antenna yet to be day-dreamed by yours truly.

Yahoo Group joined - None, they don't want me!

I generally linger (like a bad smell) on the Vhf bands in the South East and talk to anyone that will stay long enough to listen to my dribble & drop in on Hf from time to time if the wind is blowing in the right direction.

3.697 Mhz midnight onwards is a favourite through the night to get me to sleep.

Generally listening around the bands / tinkering with old equipment & electronic junk, yes junk!

I hope the above provides adequate information of the set-up here which is garbage.

Thank you for looking us up - feel free to drop by anytime if you want a good laugh at my setup.

Until next time, It's bad night from him

It's bad night from me.



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