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2018-11-15 18:00:45 UTC









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Alberto Sciortino

France, Var, 83

image of f1vjt

Call data

Last update:2018-11-15 08:38:06
QTH:Flassans sur Issole
Main prefix:F
Federal state:Var, 83
DXCC Zone:227
ITU Zone:27
CQ Zone:14

Most used bands


Most used modes


QSL dataUp to date!

Last update:2017-11-23 14:10:14
Bureau QSL:no
Direct QSL:YES


I'm born in Italy (Savona) in 1976.
My first QSO was with a simple 23 channel AM CB radio founded in my father cellar in my early age of 12....
I toke the "virus" after my first DX with USA in AM mode, 5 W and a mobile antenna temporarily installed out of my room window!
From 1988 to 1998 I worked many country in the 27MHz band (SSB mode) then, in 1998, I passed the OM licence with the callsign IW1RCT. F1VJT is my callsign since 2004, year when I leave Italy from France.
Actually I work from 80 to 10 meter band in SSB or CW, no digital mode.

I'm learning CW....OM be patient, I'm still QRS!!!

I have assembled many QRP CW transceivers (SWL Rockmite20, Hendricks DC20, Forty 9er and Pixie kits for 40 meter band) and, the last arrived, a µBITx (HF all mode, 10W)
I have added a DDS VFO into my DC-20 and Rockmite transceivers. A PA of 20W have been installed in the DC-20 enclosure (high power is used only when powered by a power supply or big battery); the power is switchable between 20 and 1W for QRP operations.
My Rockmite it have about 1.5 Watts (@13.8V).

I manage two Beacons

The 10 meter beacon:
The 6 meters beacon:

I manage alsoo:
F1ZHI VHF repeater in JN33EO:
F1ZHR UHF repeater in JN33GE:
F1ZLY UHF Repeatrer in JN23XI:
F1ZHN transponder in JN23XE: (actually OFF)

My Echolink gateway (198079) is actually OFF.
My Zello username is F1VJT

I founded my radiocommunication company (VJT Radiocommunication) in avril 2014 and I love my job!!

My hobbyes are photography (beginner) and play electric guitar (rock/blues).

Worked DXCCs:


@ home:
Icom IC-730
Yaesu FT-77
Daiwa CNW418
Diamond CP6 (80-10 meters)
Clansmann vertical key
Yaesu MD-100
Turner +3B
Astatic 575-M6
Astatid D104-M6B
Behringer FBQ800 (audio equalizer)
Vertex VX-1700 + FC40 and 9 meter wire antenna

Motorola DM2600 VHF
Talco CS3 66-88 MHz(Job and HAM frequencies RX)
Motorola GM360 UHF
Yaesu FT-290R (VHF All mode)
VHF linear amplifier SSB Electronics TLA144-200

Colinear VHF/UHF antenna (2.5 meter long)

@ /P FM:
Yaesu FT-60 (VHF/UHF FM)
Baofeng UV-5R (VHF/UHF FM)
Motorola GP-380 (29MHz FM)
Motorola GP-380 (50MHz FM)
Vertex VX-921 (70 MHz FM Job and HAM frequencies RX)
Icom IC-F31G (70 MHz FM Job and HAM frequencies RX)
TP Radio TP8000 (70 MHz FM Job and HAM frequencies RX)
Motorola DP-4800 VHF (DMR - Job and HAM frequencies)
Motorola DP-4800 UHF (DMR - Job and HAM frequencies)

QRP, @ /P and/or @ home
Hendricks DC20 with DDS VFO (TX 14.0-14.35 MHz CW, RX 14.0-14.35 MHz DSB, 1/20W)
Rockmite 20 with DDS VFO (TX 14.0-14.35 MHz CW, RX 14.0-14.35 MHz DSB, 1.5W)
µBITx (HF all mode QRP, 10W) with backpack
Pixie 40M (TRX 7023 CW QRP, 1W)
Forty 9er (TRX 7030 CW QRP, 2W)
Antennas @ /P: Miracle Whip, dipole for 14 MHz band, 14MHz whip, Outback 80-6 m, Windom 40-10m
Energy: Rechargeable lithium battery (12V 1.8, 3, 4 and 12 Ah), 9V battery for the Forty 9er and Pixie

@ /M:
Yaesu FT-100
Yaesu FC-30 (Antenna Tuner)
Motorola DM2600 VHF
Outback antenna (80-6m)
1/4 lambda VHF/UHF

@ Emergency or Field-Day:
Vertex VX-1400 (100W HF AM/SSB/CW)
Diamond CP-5H (80 to 10 meters) with 4 meter free-standing mast
Windom antenna (80 to 10 meters)
12V 80Ah lead-gel battery

Other images

second pic
F1VJT / My little radiostation

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