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2019-04-26 00:51:22 UTC









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Jorge Rodriguez

46730 Playa de Gandía
Spain, Provincia Valencia

image of ea0021swl

Call data

Last update:2019-04-13 15:22:24
QTH:Comarca La Safor
Main prefix:EA
Federal state:Provincia Valencia
DXCC Zone:281
ITU Zone:37
CQ Zone:14

QSL data

Last update:2017-12-24 19:38:20
Bureau QSL:no
Direct QSL:YES


Hello and thanks for visiting my profile!.

Brief History:

It all started on a Sunday 1 April evening in 1984. My first SWL callsign choice is CX-021 and got interested in DX early on. I spent the first year listening to international broadcasting using a Phillips AR-508 with three bands, MW, SW, FM. The firsts signals I picked up are the Radio Moscow, BBC and VOA, same evening, and I was fascinated that I was receiving a broadcast very strong from the other side of the world on the shortwave channels. This was before the internet existed and cable TV, so getting live news and programming directly from the other side of the world was uncommon. Later in 1985 I moved to listening to HAM radio bands.

First SWL call sign as CX-021 1984. In 1996 became to CXA6-700. My new SWL call sign changed to CX0021SWL (SWARL #3625). I heard HF 100% only in SSB and CW (sometimes some V/UHF). Primary interests: Searching for far DX stations, DX-peditions and contests.

I had a long period of inactivity from late 2000 to late 2013 while I was in USA, start again in 2013, so, I lost many DX-peditions for years, and would probably need to stop listening again if I move back to Spain for some time. USA call sign WA4053SWL (SWARL #0267, e-QSL 110 Countries mixed CW/SSB as WA4053SWL and CX0021SWL).

---> October 2017. I moved to Gandía, Provincia Valencia - Spain

---> December 2017: New SWL callsign from SWARL -EA0021SWL- #S9334

---> Email contact:


CX0021SWL - SWARL (Short Wave Amateur Radio Listening) Registered Calls #3625, since 2013.

Member of: GUCW #001 (Uruguayan CW Group) - GACW #441 (Argentine CW Group) - UDXG (Uruguayan DX Group)- NAQCC #6939 - Brave Radio Friends (BRF) #306.

Some Awards: 43nd European DX Contest (WAEDC) SSB 1997 (Winner) and 44th (WAEDC)1998 SSB (South America Continental Winner) * Scandinavian Activity Contest SSB * La Palma Isla Bonita HF SSB Contest (Spain), and others contest, more Certificates, Diplomas, Trophies and Medals.

* Updated DXCC list June 2018 edition (340): My current DXCC list show that I now have 323 entities confirmed mixed SSB/CW, plus a handful of entities deleted.

* I need QSL confirmation for sure as an ATNO: 3Y (Bouvet), 9U, BS7, CE0 (SF & SA), EZ, FT/G, FT/X, HK0 (Malpelo), JX, JY, KH8 (Swains I), KP5, P5, PY0S, VK0 (Macquarie I), VQ9, YV0 .-.

*** Contests and special events corner ***

2014 - Olympic Games Sochi 2014: Gold, Silver and Bronze Diplomas (CW)

2014 - 28 MHz SWL Contest, first place (Phone only)

2015 - HA-DX Contest, third place (Phone only)

2015 - UBA DX Contest, first place (Phone only)

2015 - PACC Contest, fourth place (Phone only)

2015 - REF DX Contest, first place (Amerique du Sud) (Phone only)

2015 - Russian DX Contest, second place (Phone only)

2015 - SP DX Contest, first place (Uruguay) (Phone only)

2015 - Holyland Contest, second place (Phone only)

2015 - Helvetia Contest, first place (Phone only)

2015 - ARI INTERNATIONAL DX Contest, sixth place world (Phone only)

2015 - CQ-M International DX Contest, second place (Phone only)

2015 - UN DX Contest, third place (Phone only)

2015 - IOTA SWL Contest, first place single, fourth place world (Phone only)

2015 - Oceania DX Contest, first place continent, second place world (Phone only)

2015 - LZ DX Contest, third place (Phone only)

2016 - Olympics Games Brasil 2016: 'R31RIO' (Special Callsign) - Gold, Silver and Bronze Diplomas - (Phone/CW)

2016 - IOTA SWL Contest, third place single, seventh place world (Phone only)

2018 - SP DX Contest, first place (Europe) (Phone only)

2018 - OK-OM DX Contest, first place (Phone only)

2018 - Holyland Contest, first place (World) (Phone only)

2018 - Helvetia Contest, first place (Phone only)

2018 - ARI INTERNATIONAL DX Contest, first place world (Phone only)

2018 - CQ-M International DX Contest, second place (Phone only)

2018 - Football 2018 Russia - Diploma #1089 (CW)

2018 - WAG Contest, sixth place (Europe) (Phone only)

2019 - HA-DX Contest, fifth place (Phone only)

2019 - UBA DX Contest, ... (Phone only

2019 - PACC Contest, ... (Phone only)

2019 - SP DX Contest, ... (Phone only)


Any organization that excludes SWLs from the definition of "Amateur Radio" is, firstly incorrect and secondly extremely shortsighted. Amateur radio isn't just about transmitting, it is about radio in all it's many forms.


> HF Base Receiver:

Icom R-75

Grundig Satellit 650

> Portable Receiver:

Sony ICF-2010


Radio Shack PRO-2030
Moonraker Pre-Amp MRP-2000 MK2


Wellbrook Active Loop Antenna ALA1530 - PA0RDT Mini-Whip Antenna - RX Antenna Matching
Transformers from ON7FU (Long Wire Antenna) - DoxyTronics 8020CA Loop Antenna.


N9TAX VHF/UHF Slim Jim J-Pole Dual Band 2m/70cm.

> Sony MDR-V6 headphones

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