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2022-08-18 22:32:25 UTC









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Wilfried Theodor Eberl

51373 Leverkusen
Germany, NRW

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Call data

Last update:2016-02-27 14:27:43
QTH:Leverkusen (between Cologne & Düsseldorf)
Main prefix:DL
Federal state:NRW
DXCC Zone:230
ITU Zone:28
CQ Zone:14

Most used bands


Most used modes


QSL data

Last update:2014-04-29 19:49:06
German DOK:G11: Köln-Aachen Leverkusen
Bureau QSL:YES
Direct QSL:YES


Dear YL, dear OM

welcome to my little information site!
I was born in 1965 and at the time my residence is Leverkusen, a (hopefully) well known city which is located a couple of kilometers between Cologne and Düsseldorf - the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia. Even if I am eagerly interested in radio electronics since 1972 and have been successfully working (if one can say so) on CB bands between 1981 and 1996, I decided pretty late to become a ham radio amateur.

Unfortunately my profession as driver of a lorry, as well as my other "big passion" (collecting dedicated chess computers and of course playing with them) and my current work on writing two books (a crime story and some scifi stuff), keep my amount of time for working on the bands very few. Therefore my DX experiences are still rare and the annoying circumstances of my antenna's bad situation (beware of the landlord - I'm not allowed to install anything outside the roof!) will not help to improve this within the next future. However, I really enjoy working other countries and will try my very best to get better skills. Below this small introduction of myselfes, you will find a closer description of my station. These informations will always kept up to date whenever something changes.

Hope to hear you (again) some day!
Good luck, best wishes and 73
"Class A" CEPT radio amateur licence (pursuant to CEPT T/R 61-01) since 2012-06-28
Member of the german amateur radio club DARC since 2011
District "G" (Cologne-Aachen) / Local club identifier (DOK) "G11" (Leverkusen)

Additional notes: Besides Lotw and eQSL, I also make use of Clublog, and DCL (DARC Contest Log)

Worked DXCCs:



Icom IC-7400 (main rig for HF operation)
Yaesu FT-7B (only used as third HF receiver)
Yaesu FT-897D (HF operations only during fielddays or as secondary receiver when working at home)


12,5m endfeeded "longwire" (9:1 Unun) & 20,4m Zepp-Antenna (1:1 Unun)
both installed under roof and fed by a LDG Z-11Pro automatic tuner
(Feedpoints approx. 14m over ground)

2x15m G5RV Antenna (with a 1:1 Balun at feedpoint)
also installed under roof, but manually tuned with a DRAKE MN-4
(Feedpoint approx. 14m over ground)

GPA-50, temporarily raised out of the roof window. No 40m wires installed. Week 80m X-values. Works well at 10-15-20m (see my homepage for further explainations). Sometimes "abused" for 12 and 17 by driving it through the LDG Z-11Pro automatic tuner.
(Feedpoint approx. 12m over ground)

Homebrewed lambda/2 Verticals (fed by transforming coax stubs) for 10, 15 and 20m.
Temporarily raised via 12,5m telescopic pole out of the roof window. Wires are perfectly matched for SSB - no tuner neccessary!
(Fedpoints (behind stubs) approx. 14m (20), 16,5m (15) or 19m (10) over ground)

160/80m "Kelemen" dipole, temporarily mounted on a 5,6m telescopic pole (alloy)
installed on westside balcony at the 3rd floor. Wires going down to a wooden fence - looks like a "sloped" Inverted-V.
(Feedpoint approx. 15m over ground)

VHF & UHF & SHF transmitters:

Icom IC-7400 (very seldom used for local VHF operations)
Kenwood TR-9000 (mostly used for common local operations w/o repeaters)
Kenwood TM-G707E (only used mobile in my lorry)
Kenwood TS-790E incl. 23cm option (mostly used for VHF/UHF contests and local 23cm repeater operations)
Yaesu FT-897D (mostly used for local VHF/UHF repeater operations)

VHF & UHF & SHF antennas:

Diamond X-5000 + 5,6m telescopic pole (alloy) installed on westside balcony at the 3rd floor. That way the antenna is fully above the roof top!
(Feedpoint approx. 15m over ground)

2x stacked 10 element Yagi (WISI Hy 12) for 2m, only temporarily raised out of the roof window by using a HEAVY telescopic pole (alloy).
19 element Yagi (Tonna) for 70cm, also only temporarily raised out of the roof window by using the pole mentioned above.
(Feedpoints approx. 16,5m (2) or 17,5m (70) over ground)

Additional notes:

During HF contests (those without "low-power" class) an improved RM Italy KL-500 solid state amplifier (300W up to 400W SSB -depending on the band-, driven by IC-7400 @ 13W input) will be used. In this case all multi band antennas are fed by using an external MFJ 998RT automatc tuner at the feedpoints. Because of the lack of any band filters within this amplifier (shame on RM Italy) i have to insert homebrewed filters into the coax line, which makes bandswitching a bit complicated. As i prefer to work in "low-power" classes whenever available, this amplifier isn't used very often.
During VHF contests an Amplitec UG:2-20/350 tube amplifier (max. 350W on SSB, driven by TS-790E @ 20W output) or a Corona HP-150VDX solid state amplifier (max. 120W on SSB, driven by TS-790E @ 10W output) or a Tokyo Hy-Power HL-160V solid state amplifier (max. 180W on SSB, driven by TS-790E @ 10W output) in conjunction with the stacked Yagis mentioned above will be used.
During UHF contests an improved Ericsson 9000 solid state amplifier (max. 240W on SSB, driven by TS-790E @ 27W output)or a Tokyo Hy-Power HL-90U solid state amplifier (max. 70W on SSB, driven by TS-790E @ 12W output) in conjunction with the 19 element UHF Yagi mentioned above will be used.

Link to Icom IC-7400 (at eHam):
Link to Yaesu FT-7B (at RigPix):
Link to Yaesu FT-897D (at RigPix):
Link to Kenwood TR-9000 (at RigPix):
Link to Kenwood TM-G707E (at RigPix):
Link to RM-Italy KL-500 (at RigPix):
Link to Corona HP-150VDX (at RigPix):
Link to Tokyo Hy-Power HL-90U (at RigPix):
Link to Tokyo Hy-Power HL-160V (at RigPix):
Link to Tokyo Hy-Power HL-160V (at eHam):
Link to Amplitec UG:2-20/350 (at RigPix)- sorry, no pic!:
Link to DRAKE MN-4 (at eHam):
Link to LDG Z-11Pro (at eHam):
Link to MFJ 998RT (at eHam):


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