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2021-02-27 15:42:08 UTC









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Markus Lambers

54456 Tawern
Germany, Deutschland


Call data

Last update:2020-07-31 23:41:11
Main prefix:DL
Federal state:Deutschland
DXCC Zone:230
ITU Zone:28
CQ Zone:14

QSL data

Last update:2018-07-03 21:55:20
German DOK:K10: Rheinland-Pfalz Trier
Bureau QSL:YES
Direct QSL:YES


Name: Markus M. Lambers -
Call-sign: db9pz -
Born: 5th of October 1962, in Trier / Germany.

Education: School of further Education. Profession: Electrician technician (graduated). Hobbys: electronics (homebrew). Amateur-Radio. Reading books. My family!

Married: with Silvia (* 1962),
Children: Sabrina (* 1992), Maximilian (* 1995).

Member of: DARC (German-Amateur-Radio-Club), Ortsverband (Chapter) K10 (Trier) ;
DL-QRP-AG (German-QRP-Ass.)

I was interested in radio and electronics since I was child.

One of my neighbours was a HAM-radio-operator! I visit him, and his shag under the rooftop of his house, often! He showed me " how to do real Amateur-Radio " ! Since that time, I have been infected! The virus grows slow, but constantly! A long time later, when I finished my professional training as an apprentice, I took time to learn more about Amateur-Radio, and got my license in May 1989! Limited class; all above 144MHz without CW! In the Summer 2004, I shifted to unlimited Class, because of altered statutes in our country!

We are now living for more than 25 years in a small village called Fellerich, 5 km/3 miles east of LX. Next big city in DL is Trier. Lovely country, a lot of cows, sheep, cats & dogs, and of course, a lot of good & sweet tasting wine ! (Mosel & Saar; Elbling, Riesling, Mueller-Thurgau, Withe-Burgundy)

Locator: JN39fq - 130m east of my house JN39gq will started!

I am working from 80m to 23cm in SSB, FSK, SSTV, PR, ATV, RTTY and also in CW (a special challange for me, I have never learned this, ... I do it for my own interest! A step forward! Not only "Old-Fashioned" !) I am the proud owner & user of a Schurr-Squeeze-keyer! I love CW!

My interests are, " having a talk about the weather ",..., rag-chewing, and also contesting in sw/vhf/uhf! No limits, nothing to prefer, just making contacts in Amateur-Radio. Speaking, listening, reading & writing, to HAM-friends... all over the world!

Equipment: By the moment I use different Yaesu / Vertex / Standard - Amateur-Radios.

The eldest: Sommerkamp FT-277 E / Yaesu FT-101 E; built in approximately 1976; only with the "standard"-HAM-bands: 160/80/40/30/20/15/(11)/10m. I got this old "Darling" from an OM who brings me to the radio-hobby, in the late 80´s, as a gift, shortly later he was "silent key",...! (Thank you Karl !)

The first I bought by myself: FT-736 D (2m/70cm/23cm/6m) wonderfull vhf/uhf/shf-radio. In the late 80´s, beginning 90´s, the best you can get, for your money, during this time! This Radio is full equiped with all four band-modules (2m/70cm/6m/23cm) a CTCSS- En- De-coder! Equipped with an additional 300 Hz-CW-Filter. I have got one of the latest, with the buildt-in power supply.

Very small hand held Standard C-710 D (2m/70cm/23cm) up to 3W FM.
Additional handheld C-178 , 2m max. 5W and 70cm (Sub-TRX) 100mW.

First small & universal portable Radio: FT-817 D only 5W output, but the first I can use from 160m to 70cm. (including WARC-bands) First steps on the crowded SW-Bands! For a long time my prefered portable and 'back-up' radio!

Also: FT-897 D with all built in & additional IF-filters (2.4KHz/300Hz),TCXO and AF-DSP, max. 100W. I added two groups of 11 Ni-Mh C-cells / 4200mAh ( A & B ), with max. 20Watt RF output for /p operation or emergency needs! I reset that cells for two LiPo´s 14,2V / 5500mAh. They last much longer, no memory-effects anymore, much lighter in weight. With the additional MH-59 DTMF-electred-microfon the radio can be fully remote controlled.

I updated my main-antenna system. A Hummel-tower (12.5m) in the garden, a Fritzel FB-DO 505 (yagi-type, 2 ele. for 12/17m, and 3 ele. for 10/15/20m), the Konni 4ele (6m) over the Fritzel, and a 9ele. Flexa-yagi (2m) all above! The 'More-Gain'-Antenna and the 60/30m-duoband-dipole are also fitted on the top of the tower.

Because 'live is to short for QRP' (HI HI) I thought to buy an old FL-2500Z, and sometimes I really use this old 'darling' to producce about 400 to 500 Watts (pep) but only, when it is absolutely necessary,...! I also added an 'Anneke-Ultra-Transmatch 2kW' for a good matching of my 80m-antenna. (only needed on this band, for CW or DX-ing - at the very beginning, and at the end of 80m-band.)

Antennas I use:

2 x 9ele. Yagi vertical F9FT (Tonna) for 144-146MHz

2x 19ele. Yagi vertical F9FT (Tonna) for 430-440MHz

2x 35ele. Yagi horiz. F9FT (Tonna) for 1240-1300MHz

Rotator Yaesu KR 400/600 azim./elev. for O.S.C.A.R. , E M E , Tropo , TEP and others,...

4ele. horiz. Yagi (Konni) for 50MHz

Diamond X-5000 2m/70cm/23cm vertical, non directional

A homemade J-pole duo band (2m/70cm) antenna, made of 300 Ohm ribbon-cable and a PVC-tube, as backup for DIGITAL, or my homebrew SDR (DVBT-Stick (21 MHz to 1.950 MHz, with up-converter also for SW!)

Grauta FD-3, (short version of the famous FD-4 invited by Fritzel), good for: 40m/20m/(17m)/(15m)/(12m)/10m/6m (only with ATU) .

Morgain-antenna, homemade for 80 & 40m, small, silent, less QRM on 40m, and up to 3-6db more gain than the FD-3. Good preformer on 80m also! Surpringly good for inner-country contacts (Germany), and the continent (Europe).
In the night-time you can hear, US-American-stations loud and very often! The best you can buildt, for a limited space;.... Try it!

LDG RT-11 Automatic-Tuner (a kit, built at home!), good for 1,8 - 50MHz and max.125Watts for an indefinitely antenna. I want to have better sw-areals but there is not enough place on the ground where our house is standing,...

I use different home-brew/ -build modems & interfaces, by an example: the Nue-PSK-Modem, no PC required for PSK31 & RTTY (CW is now added! Very interesting!) - Please take a look at: - , an isolating soundcard / seriell / USB / interface, big "S-Meter" for additional infos of the FT 897D. (deviation in FM, DC-Voltage from psu, swr, power-output, ...) A K-40 CW/RTTY De-/En-Coder by K1EL, with an additional PC-Keyboard (PS-2 Style)
Very often, I use my home-brew/built 30/40m
"1-Watter's" (CW superhet-TRX, with not more than 1W output!) in QRP-challanges. On 80m I use my MFJ-Cube for that. (Also CW - apprx. 2Watt output)

There are some others devices, I not frequently use: T7F (homebrew!), Packet-Radio-TRX, 9k6, 7 Watt, 70cm; Baycom TNC-2X-Controller (homebrew!) , 9k6; Fax/SSTV comparator-type modem (homebrew!), different 23cm ATV TRX (homebrew!) FM, up to 25W output (with PA, homebuilt!).

Looking also for QO-100, the new geo-stationare satelitte, I will use a 90cm offset-dish, a modified 25MHz-LNB (extern stabiliesed TCXO !), and a POTY-antenna-element, and a W-LAN amplifier, for the SAT-service via "Quatar-O.S.C.A.R. 100". - All parts are here, only to install and aglien the hole stuff! - would be a new challance for me to handle, ... ! -

For PC based Programs & Internet, I use a small, power-saving, but very fast Net-Book, Toshiba NB510, 11.2 inch LCD-LED-Display. I screwed it up a little bit, with 2GB DDR3-RAM at 1.6GHz Intel Atom Dual-Core N2600 Processor inside, 320GB SSD & wireless LAN, draft-n up to 800 Mbit. Dual-boot Linux-Ubuntu (64-bit) / Windows 7 (64-bit) Home-Edition. An additional external Soundcard (USB) for different applications, like HRD and DM780 & a software defined RX (20KHz up to 210MHz, the famous "Papp-Radio" = Paper-radio) Please take a look at: Also up to 3 different RTL-Stick's, for SDR-receiving tests!

By now, we have a fast Internet cable available here in our small village! A 16-Mbit connection I have now! Living here is easy for listening on SW-Frequencies (nearly no man-made-noise!), now the "future" has come to us here, we have been waiting nearly a decade of years for an ADSL+ connection.

A-DSL is now now here! We have a 100MBit Data and VoIP-line ! I can run different TV-sets and the whole Internet-Trash at the same time, without any problems! Future hast begin here! (fiber-wire)

please visit also: or e-mail to:

73 de Markus ; db9pz

Markus M. Lambers
Moselstrasse 17

54456 Tawern




Yaesu: FT-817,FT-897D,FT-991,FT-736R,FT-101E(Soka FT-227E,1976)
Kenwood:TS-130V (QRP,10W),
Standard: C-528,C-710,C-178,C-5200,
Baofeng handheld UV-5R, 2x UV-3R,
Icom IC A20 (RX only!!! fr WX-info)
More-Gain-Antenna,homebrew,duoband 80/40m,
Fritzel FB-DO-505 yagi fr 20/15/10m (3el) and 18/12m (2el)
Konni-Yagi 4el/50MHz,
Flexa-Yagi 9el/2m
Dipole fr 30m inverted-V,
and a lot more,...

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